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TODex 3.30 vs Space Wolves (playtest)
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Default TODex 3.30 vs Space Wolves (playtest)

First things first I played this battle against myself and am not that skilled with space wolves so the results might be a bit skewed. (I know I made quite a few mistakes with them I think)
(I'm using a different Chapter for fluff)

I took a Space Wolf list from here http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,92741.0.html

TODEX: Tau Empire 3.30

Farsight’s Outcasts
Commander Farsight 185
2 Crisis Guards Both with Ion Rifle Plasma Rifle Iridium armor Multi-tracker 190

Hazard Commander "Commander Fireblaze" 2 Fusion Cascades Ablative Armour Shield Drone Tech Drone 180


3 XV-9 Hazard Suits “Blinding Spear”: 1 suit with Ablative Armour and 2 shield drones 2 suits with 2 gun drones each 280

3 XV-8 Crisis Suits “Deathrain” TL Missile Pods Iridrium Armour 225

3 XV-8 Crisis Suits “Deathrain” TL Missile Pods Iridrium Armour 225

11 Kroot 77

Fast Attack
8 Pathfinders Shas’ui Battlenet 137
Devilfish Hull Markerlight 2 Burst Cannons Disruption Pod Targeting Array Target Lock 100

Heavy Support
Skyray Seeker Missile Array 2 Burst Cannons Disruption Pod Targeting Array 180

Hammerhead Solid Shot Railgun Disruption Pod Multi-Tracker Target Lock 165

Hammerhead Solid Shot Railgun Disruption Pod Multi-Tracker Target Lock 165

Space Marines of the Shadow Wolves I here by humbly request assistance in the defending my research facility against Tau forces encroaching on the facility.

=I= Inquisitor Lord Zadion
+++++Transmission Ends+++++

====Battlenet Update=====
Gue'vesa outpost has detected.
Orbital scans indicate Tau Prisoners may be held at the facility.
We will free our brothers.

====Battlenet Update=====
Outpost is deploying defence forces.
Based on Headings battle will commence in grid 45-27

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: pitched battle


The Tau get the first turn and the SW fail to steal the initiative.

Tau turn 1

====Battlenet Update====
Seeker Missile launch authorised, Firing.

3 Battlenet tokens are generated.
Missile and Railgun fire result in an effective first turn turn taking 3 vehicles out of action. while seeker missile fire from the skyray and pathfinders take out 8 long fangs

Space Wolf turn 1

Return Fire! Return Fire!

The remaining Long Fangs return fire on the Tau killing one Deathrain squad and destroying a railgun while a lucky plasma shot sees the end of the devilfish and 7 of the kroot in the explosion.
The Tau ''bonus fire' sees the deathrain team and the Hammerhead with railgun firing resulting in a shaken rhino.

Tau Turn 2

====Battlenet update====
Initiate Mont'ka plan 425 Armoured Spearhead

A seeker missile barrage from the pathfinders kills 4 grey hunters, a Railgun slags a rhino while the battlesuits rain death on the wolf guard who break with the help of a bit of markerlight magic.

Space Wolf Turn 2

Commander Tau Xeno's seem to be deploying new technology.
We can't wade through their fire!

The grand total of Space Wolf shooting is a single wound on a crisis suit.
In return the 2 battlesuit squads annihilate a squad of grey hunters and Terminators.

Tau Turn 3

====Battlenet Update====
Weapons Failing estimated time till critical failure 5 minutes.

More Space Wolves fall to the Tau guns from the slowly advancing Tau Battlesuits not much else happens (or the entire game in fact)

Space Wolves Turn 3

They keep firing! Don't they need to reload!?!

Shooting results in killing the previously wounded crisis suit and the offending grey hunter squad.

Tau Turn 4

Brother Gartharion here initiate evactation of Post Gamma. Tau Spearhead has not been stopped, I repeat Tau Spearhead has not been stopped.

All remaining space marines are mopped up this turn with the very last marine falling to Farsight's blade.

3 Deathrain Crisis suits
1 Crisis Guard
7 Kroot
1 Devilfish
1 Gun Drone (to a Dangerous Terrain)

Space Wolves:
Umm... Everything

The "Sio’t’shas – The Aggressive Warrior" Either needs to go or be modified. (only conclusion I can draw from this battle which felt like 7 turns of tau shooting with minor movement and 2 turns of space wolf fire)

Edit: Except maybe a point I made earlier about Tech drones and them making too much of an impact for their points.
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
Not unless the Eldar have an obscure Warrior Aspect that revolves around the complete mastery of the common light bulb.
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Default Re: TODex 3.30 vs Space Wolves (playtest)

Sounds like the TOdex is obliterating everything unmercifully.
If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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Default Re: TODex 3.30 vs Space Wolves (playtest)

I wouldn't say so. He admitted that he wasn't very experienced with the Wolves, and the list was simply taken from someone else on the site, so I wouldn't have expected it to end up any other way.
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Default Re: TODex 3.30 vs Space Wolves (playtest)

Hey that was my list! I won the game I played though..... It is relatively tough to move across the entire board with absolutely NO terrain for cover, especially against the Tau! Poor, poor Wolves....
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