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Luck & Insanity - Space Marines Vs Dark Eldar @ 850pts
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Default Luck & Insanity - Space Marines Vs Dark Eldar @ 850pts

Most of this is from memory, as I had this game around 2-4pm today.

My List
Dracite -Splinter Pistol, Agoniser, Combat Drugs, Plasma & Haywire Grenades, Soul Seeker Ammunition, Animus Vitae, Trophy Rack = 127

Squad 1 [WS1]- (5 Wyches) Blaster, Shredder, Plasma Grenades, Wych Weapons | Succubus - Agoniser, Power Weapon, Haywire Grenades, Archangel of Pain, Trophy Rack = 142
Squad 2 [WS2]- (5 Wyches) 2 Shredders, Plasma Grenades, Wych Weapons | Succubus - Power Weapon, Splinter Pistol, Haywire Grenades, Goblet of Spite = 117

Squad 1 [WarS1]- (10 Warriors) 2 Blasters, 2 Splinter Cannons | Succubus - Power Weapon, Haywire Grenades, Trophy Rack, Vexanthrope, Soul Seeker Ammunition = 160
Squad 2 [WarS2]- (10 Warriors) | Succubus - Night Mare Doll, Trophy Rack = 111

Reaver Squad [RS]
(4 Bikes) Blaster | Succubus - Power Weapon, Haywire Grenades, Trophy Rack, Mask of the Damned

Opponents Space Marine List (From memory)
Chapter Master [CM]- Plasma Pistol, Powerfist

Tactical Squad [TS]- Flamer, Missile Launcher - Rhino (no upgrades)

2 x Scout Squads [SS1&2]- Heavy bolter, and mixed Boltguns/shotguns/bolt pistol&CCW

Ironclad Dreadnought [IrD]- Hurricane Bolter, Chainfist

Assault Marine squad [AMS]- Plasma Pistol, Powerfist


Setup/deployment/first turn
after getting our armies out our respective cases, I started talking to a guy who'd been collecting since before Dark Eldar existed. With my attention mostly on the guy talking about some interesting stuff (with I've now forgoten :P), my opponent decided to raid the scenery box under the gaming table, thus covering the gaming table with buildings and other random shtilk. after about 15-20mins, I realised that the was so much terrain that movement would be nigh impossible, so I just told him so, and removed the two biggest pieces (giving us a no-mans-land as it should be) which he decided to replace with those Aegis defence line barricades.

He ramshackley deployed his forces, making mistakes that noobs make (like thinking a 10man Scout squad can take a second heavy bolter). He set up a 1st Scout squad (which he split from the other after pointing out his mistake) and his Tac squad in as close as possible to the top left table corner. His dreadnought was positioned next to a bastion, next to which was a rhino, next a Scout Squad, with the Chapter master in front, and in the top right corner was his assault marines.

I deployed my forces close to the 12" edge of my deployment zone. From bottom left: Warrior Squad 1 [deployed behind a 40k-chapel-like building], Wych Squad (with Dracite) 1 [deployed between a hill and another building], Warrior Squad 2 [deployed behind a hill], Wych Squad 2 [deployed between the hill and a building], Reaver Squad [deployed between the building and the table edge].

Due to him being a total loon, we (me and the Pre-DE collector) decided it best if I took first turn, mostly because I hadn't placed any scenery.

I rollled for my Combat drugs (and took a swig of Coke myself) giving Wych Squad 1 the 12" assault, Wych squad 2 the +1 Strength, and my Reaver Jetbikes the +1 WS. My Dracite took the same drug as the Wych squad.

DE Turn 1
I moved my [WarS1] between the building it was hiding behind, and another adjacent building, up close to a barricade. [WS1] moved up through a gap between the Hill and building, the [WarS2] climbed the hill, [WS2] charged forward between the hill and building, making a stop behind a barricade, [RS] moved 12" forward between the building and the table edge, stopping before their movement ended in Dangerous Terrain.

SM Turn 1
Didn't do jack shite aside from [SS2] shooting at [WS2] (which he did before moving any units :, meaning he forfeited his own movement phase :), which was saved by a 4+ cover save from the barricade. [TS] fired a Krak missile at [WS1], which hits, but doesn't kill :P

DE Turn 2
My [RS] can't move further forward without at least one squad member ending in Dangerous Terrain, so I choose to skirt around it (which was doubly good as it blocked LOS), [WS2] charged forward again and stopped behind another barricade. [WS1] charged forward stopping behind a barricade. [WarS2] Walked briskly over the hill and stopped. [WarS1] stays put behind barricade to act as firepower back up to [WS1].
[WS2] Runs 4"
[WS2] (fleet) Assaults the Chapter master. the Chapter master is outright slaughtered and is taken off (I choose the effects of the Succubus's power weapon over the Agoniser, as the CM WS was halved by Wych Weapons to 3).

SM Turn 2
[AMS] jump towards [WS2], so does the [IrD] and Rhino (which my opponent hadn't deployed next to his Tac squad, :huh: but I couldn't care less :P)
[AMS] shoots 4 Bolt Pistols which kill two Wyches, the plasma pistol equipped marine blows his own arm off. The [IrD] fires its Hurricane Bolters at the Wych squad, killing a 3rd Wych. the wych squad promptly passes its Ld check.
my opponent then forgets about everything else he could do

DE Turn 3
[WS1] charge 6" towards [TS] [WS2] Succubus walks casually over to the [IrD], [WarS2] walks up so its partially covered by two barricades, [WarS2] stays put, [RS] moves further around the Dangerous terrain, with the Blaster equipped Jetbike being at the front.
[WS1] runs towards [TS] (they're now about 10" apart), [WarS2] Shoots at [AMS] and kills 2 marines, Blaster Jetbike shoots at rhino, Hitting, Penetrating, and Wrecking it.
[WS2] Succubus charges the [IrD], attempts to plant a Haywire Grenade, and promptly misses, thus getting splattered across the ground by the [IrD]'s Chainfist. [WS1] 12" assaults the [TS], and kills 1 marine (yes, even with two agonisers, wych weapons, and DE on the charge), who then retaliate and kill 1 Wych.

SM Turn 3
[AMS] moves so its next to my [RS], my opponent strangely decides to move his Dread behind the wrecked rhino (probably fearing my Blaster >), [SS2] suddenly feels the urge to move forward :P.
[AMS] shoots at, and does nothing, to my [RS], [SS1] shoots at and kills 3 Warriors (test passed easily)
[WS1] Vs [TS] combat is a tie again with 1 kill each

DE Turn 4
[WarS2] Moves up through barricades, [WarS1] moves past barricade towards forward moving Scouts, [RS] circle around [AMS]
[WarS2] Shoots the living Crumola out of [SS1]
[RS] Charges [AMS], killing 1, with sergeant running away after failing to do anything back (we both forgot about ATSKNF, by this time Pre-DE collector had left, so wasn't around to remind us, and the GW staff were too busy with the Beginners game going). [WS1] Vs [TS] ends with the wyches killing more marine, and wiping them out in a Sweeping advance (again, we both forgot about ATSKNF)

SM Turn 4
[SS2] moves further forward, but forgets to shoot at [WarS1], [AMS] Sergeant keeps running, [IrD] does nothing.
Opponent concedes defeat.


Considering I had virtually no say in where terrain was being put, it worked very well to my advantage, as my opponent had given me plenty of cover to duck behind :P. I didn't lose any Reaver Jetbikes. My Dracite kicked much ass. When my Succubus managed to miss the [IrD], we could only laugh at all the possible ways it could have happened.

I think had I been against a person who KNEW how to play Warhammer, let alone Space Marines, I probably would have lost. I only won due to my opponent being a total idiot, and contagious lunatic.

Hopefully the next game I have, I'll actually have some Raiders to ferry my Wyches around
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