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Daemon Hunters vs Tyranids 1500 pt - Jan xx, 2010
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Default Daemon Hunters vs Tyranids 1500 pt - Jan xx, 2010

Date please.

So, busted out my Grey Knights the other day. I knew that there was going to be a lot of Space Wolf and Tyranid players floating around ( and I was right), so I thought it'd be a good idea to load up on anti-psyker shenanigans. If I played a player without psychic shtlk, then I am sure it wouldn't make too much of a difference. As my Phone died when I got to the store, there is not really any pictures, and I am going to make the reports short and too the point. Please keep that in mind when reading, I am rushed hot and bothered, thus this may read a bit...Odd. Mostly glazing over things that didn't matter, and focused on the important bits. If all goes well, next week I'll go back to my regular format.

My list for 1500pts

Brother Captain Stern

Inqusitor with needle pistol, ccw, two mystics

Two squads of 9 grey knights. Justicars with Meltabombs, Frags, Targeters and Unguents of Warding.
One squad of 5 grey knights, x2 psycannons. Justicar armed the same as above.
One Teleport squad of 5 grey knights, x2 incinerators. Justicar armed as above.

Two GK Dreads. Both with Extra Armour and Blessed and lascannon. One had a missile launcher arm.
Melta-Torpedo Orbital Strike.

My 1750pts list was the same as above, but with the following changes.

I loose the Inquisitor and Melta Strike. I add in my Land Raider Crusader, unit of seven Storm Troopers with two meltaguns and give one of the 9 man units a psycannon.


So, first game I played was against Tyranids.

His list was (as I can remember).


Alpha Warrior with scary stuff
Massive squad of Warriors that was terrifying to me
Two squads of two Zoanthropes
Two squads of 24 Termigaunts
Two squads of 24 Hormigaunts
One squad of Raveners with Claws (five or six models).

Mission was Annihilation, Pitched Battle deployment. I won the roll off, opted for him to go first. He deployed along his entire table edge. Hormi's one squad of Zoans and the warriors (with alpha warrior) on the right flank, the Raveners, Tervigon and Termigaunts and other Zoan squad on the left.

I choose to Not deploy like that. I keep my entire force within a small box in the bottom left corner of the table. My psycannon squad perched nicely on the second story of a ruin, with a dread watching my right flank. 9 man unit with psycannon in the back with the storm troopers, other 9 man unit and stern in the Land Raider, missile dread watching my right (blocked by woods) and the teleport squad in reserve.


Going into the game, I knew it was going to be a challenge. He had a klkn-ton of models and could spawn a lot more.

The beginning couple of turns had him only using half his army. The Hormigaunts didn't actually get into the game until the end (one squad never made it to combat) and the Warriors fired off their shots once. All due to my being a jerk and deploying in a refused flank. Therefore, I could deal with the Raveners and termagants. The Raveners got into my lines through the woods on the second turn, destroying my missile dread and then getting counter attacked by 9 grey knights, stern and the storm troopers. With gaunts he was spawing from the tervigon, he had a slew of troops firing at me on the left. The psycannon squad made short work of the zoan thropes on the left flank, and due to my Unguents the Zoans never got a shot off against any of my squads. Incinerator squad came in and roasted a bunch of guants, then promptly ran away, very fast.

The middle of the game, saw one of my 9 man squads slowly whittled away by being charged with multiple units of poisoned gaunts (due to Tervigon proximity). Also, one of the the Hormigaunts broods and another termigaunt broods pulled off a double charge on stern and a nine man unit he was with. Zoanthropes immobilized my landraider, but it was in LOS of pretty much his entire right flank. The main crux of the middle of the game was the combat with the Enhanced gaunt and my one squad (which I survived with one guy left) and the one with the Hormigaunts (which I ended up winning by nine, promptly killing both units he charged me with).

The end of the game, saw the warriors try to chase after my Incinerator squad, while Stern and my storm troopers went around systematically wiping out the Tervigon, remanning raveners and gaunts. However, once the combat with stern and a ton of gaunts went well for me in the middle of the game, I knew that things were in my favor from there.

Highlight, is Stern Force Weaponing the Tervigon, such joy.

Game ended with something like 11 KP to four in my favor.


My second game was 1500pts, against a different 'Nid player. He had the following.

Death leaper
Four units of Genestealers with Brood Lords
Drop-Pod Carnifex.

Mission was Secure and Control, Dawn of War.

Death leaper Made Stern LD 7. Needless to say, this didn't affect the game at all.

He deployed his Tervigon on his objective, I then proceeded to spend the next two turns walking up the middile of the table with my entire force. The tervigon was hidden behind a building, so I couldn't shoot it...Sadly.

Turn two, he had two squads of 'stealers come in the on the right, one on the left. Also, A lictor came in on the left flank. In my nect turn, I wipe out all of the 'stealer squad on the left flank, besides the brood lord. His tervigon also popped it's head out, and I dropped it to half wounds with my Dreads.

Turn three, saw the Death Leaper come in, as well as another 'stealer unit on the left, and the Carnifex behind me. The lictor and Broodlord charge one of my squads, and they both die, Then my squad proceeds to kill the Tervigon too later on, which frees up stern later. Stern charges a unit of Termigaunts the Tervigon made, and the Carnifex hardly steps out of it's drop pod and is already down to one wound (mystics+Dreads+Carnifex not moving after coming in).

Turn four, Saw my incinerator squad come in, then promptly scatter off the table and take no part in the festivities. A slew of genestealers get shot up around me (Never enough!) but they continue closing in quickly from all sides! The dreads knock out the Carnifex, and then realize that they are about to be charged by genestealers. Death Leaper and a brood lord charge Stern, who force Weapons the Death leaper, but utterly ignores the Brood Lord, then gets murdered the next turn.

At this point, the Jaws of the 'stealer split attack close in on me. I killed a whole bunch, but he still had three units which had at least the brood lord and a handful of 'stealers. I fight hard, and nearly pull off a draw, but they make a good job of butchering through my entire force. Except the inquisitor, who ran away. Sorry, that was not as detailed as my other reports have been. Next week will be better. Mostly just wanted to carry across the impressions of what I played.

game ended with one objective contested, and one under his control. he had three units of stealers left(one to just a brood lord, the others down to four or five models) and his pod, I had one dread and my inquisitor left.

A couple of the highlights.
1. My forces in the middile, firing all directions at the approching stealers
2. Justicar surving a round of combat alone with a broodlord, almost bringing it down himself (one wound short).
3. Stern Force Weaponing the Death Leaper.
4. My melta-strike hitting my own dreadnought, killing three stealers in combat with it and blowing off one of it's arms.

My thoughts, from the two games.

Unguents of Warding is the best thing EVER, for both games, none of my Grey Knight units were ever affected by an opponents Psychic powers. Due to a combination of Aiges and Unguents. So good, so very good. Also, I had the most fun in these two games I've had in a long time. Both where very cinematic in feel, and really exciting. The new Tyranids are a really funky army, and a load of fun to fight. Tervigons are pretty crappy though. Genestealers with Brood Lords are pretty Wicked, as are deepstriking Carnifex's. The number of gaunts that one can see in a game is amazing. I feel quite good that the first army I played against did quite well against the local space wolf player, and then I beat them, hard with my Ancient Grey Knights ha ha ha.
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Default Re: Daemon Hunters vs Tyranids 1500 pt - Jan xx, 2010

Not the most detailed and no pics, but still good summaries. I especially liked the second game, as I could see the desperate fight in my head. Your men surrounded by genestealers, killing as many as possible before the charge, and then realizing there were still too many; epic.
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