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BatRep: Crisis Zone, Tau vs Chaos Space Marines, 500pts
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Default BatRep: Crisis Zone, Tau vs Chaos Space Marines, 500pts


Today I tried out two armies, the Crisis Core army listed to the side and a Ninja Tau I modified after listing earlier. This post is about the former.

My opponent had a fairly small yet efficient army of the following (numbers may be a bit off from memory):
1 Chaos Lord with Daemon weapon and Mark of Tzeentch (gave him a 24" ranged attack for D6 hits and +4 Inv Save)
8 Berzerkers, 1 with a Power Weapon in a Rhino (Chaos Lord in it as well, attached)
5 Chaos Space Marines in a Rhino (with pintle mounted combi-flamer)

I think it was Seize and Control for the type of battle (whatever type it is for 2 objectives, one in each deployment zone) and it was Pitched Battle deployment. The terrain was set up like this: on either corner on the left side of the deployment zone was a large block of cardboardboxium (3"x 4"x 6") in which each objective happened to be placed behind. In the center of the table was another block to provide blocking terrain while on either side was a piece of 4" x 8.5" wooded area between the block and the short table edge.

My opponent won the roll-off and deployed first. He placed both of his Rhinos as forward as possible, ready for the bloody chaotic battle they craved and were placed in line of my objective. Commander Flarewind wisely held back his troops to come in later, in particular hoping his Kroot allies would be able to sneak around the side and claim his opponent's territory. Meanwhile, he grouped with his Deathflare team behind Team Flarestorm, aiming at a Rhino in a gap betwen the terrain.

Turn 1 CSM: The Chaos Space Marines wasted no time trying to get into combat and both Rhinos dashed forward. The Rhino with the Berzerkers and Lord went around the center block to try and outflank Flarewind and company. The other Rhino with the Chaos Marines drove between the short table edge and the woods and believed it would provide suitable protection from the Tau. This would prove to be one of their many mistakes.

Turn 1 Tau: Flarewind saw the opportunity and his teams of Crisis suits moved to the left to get into firing distance. Team Flarestorm's Deathrains had an ample view of the front of the Rhino while Flarewind and the Deathflare's Helios suits would have to fire their plasma through the trees. First an alpha strike of missiles punched the armor. The crew was violently shaken and knocked around into unconsciousness as the engine was blown out. Despite Flarewind's efforts, only trees felt the burn of their weapons. Satisfied from stalling half of the enemy infantry, his suits backed off to assume a better defensive position.

Turn 2 CSM: Angered at the damage to their vehicle, the Chaos Marines jumped out and moved towards their aggressors, running into the trees for cover. Meanwhile, the Chaos Lord's Rhino moved just to the end of the central block, ordering for a smokescreen so his Rhino would not meet the same fate.

Turn 2 Tau: Flarewind ordered his troops to come in. Hoping the Kroot would have outflanked to the side to secure the Chaos objective, the Kroot instead wanted blood and moved near the forest, stalking their Chaos Marine prey. The Firewarriors took a defensive position near running distance to their objective, aiming their guns and preparing for the coming storm. Flarewind and his suits closed back into the Chaos Marines and provided them with some supporting fire. Unfortunately, the trees provided all the cover the Marines needed to avoid plasma and ion fire, however Flarestorm's flamers ignited part of the woods and caught all of the Chaos Marines on fire, 1 succumbing to his wounds before the others put out their fires.

This gave the Kroot the opportunity they needed and they rushed into the Chaos Marines with a bloodthirsty howl. The Chaos Marines were not caught unaware and struck down two of the Kroot before they could strike. Despite the ferocity of their attack, only one more Marine went down in the melee. Undeterred, they Kroot held their ground and continued the combat. Seeing that the Kroot was going to hold them off, all of the Crisis suits were ordered to back up into a defensive formation on either side of the cardboardboxium block near their objective.

Turn 3 CSM: The Chaos Lord, angered at what was happening, ordered the Rhino straight forward towards the Tau objective, ready to soon start the bloody melee he was craving. The Chaos Marines tried to strike the Kroot back, but the Kroot's natural reflexes and familiarity in this terrain gave them the edge they needed to strike down two more Marines without a single loss. The single remaining Marine tried to ready his flamer to take down more Kroot but fear of his own demise ran his blood cold and he ran, more afraid of the bloodthirsty eyes of the Kroot than what his Chaos brethren will do to him for his cowardice. The Kroot moved towards their next prey, ready for more battle.

Turn 3 Tau: Flarewind thought the day was his. The enemy handed himself in an armored basket to him and felt that his troops would be more than enough to take this out. The problem was how to do so. He needed to outright destroy the Rhino but still have enough firepower to remove the Chaos ridden passengers. All of Flarewind's units moved in closer to the Chaos Rhino and Flarewind made his decision to fire his weapons along with Deathflares', figuring the Fusion Blasters would open the Rhino up with little effort. However, all of the fire only lead to the bolter melted off and the crew stunned by the jolt of plasma. Frustrated, he ordered the Firewarriors to shoot the Rhino down from the side, but the dozen pulse rounds only managed to destroy the wheels of the Rhino. Knowing that it had to go down or else, Flarewind sacrificed his flamer opening to have another salvo of Flarestorm's missiles do the job. The Rhino exploded in a ball of fire that Flarewind and a suit from Flarestorm took without injury, but one of the Berzerkers was not so lucky and was killed in the blast. The remaining 7 Berzerkers and the Chaos Lord stood there dazed from the blast, surrounded by the entire Tau force. The Kroot immediately took fire and two more Berzerkers died from a double salvo of rifle fire.

Flarewind was horrified by the situation. While the enemy in front of him was not at full strength. They could more than easily take out all of his troops, then turn on Flarewind and his suits. He lowered his head and yelled 'For the Greater Good!' and commanded his suits to engage the Chaos Marines in close combat to save his vulnerable Firewarriors and Kroot allies.

Grinning from tooth to tooth, the Chaos Lord wanted to take out Flarewind's units one by one while the Berzerkers engaged Flarestorm in its entirety. Flarewind himself was engaged to the Berzerkers, but Deathflare jumped in to engage the Chaos Lord to protect their Commander. This cost one of the Shas'ui his life as the Chaos Lord's Daemon weapon went through him with little effort. Most of the Berzerkers could not punch through the durable Crisis armor, but the one with a power sword wounded one of the suits. The Commander's metal-reinforced fists brained of the Berzerkers although his fellow Crisis members would not deal a lethal blow through their Power Armor. The single remaining member of Deathflare was honestly afraid of the Chaos Lord in front of him at this point, but Flarewind commanded him to hold his ground and to remember that his life was to serve the Greater Good and to protect his brother Firewarriors. The Firewarriors of Team Alpha could only stand there and watch in awe as their commander and their elite soldiers dared to brave the Chaos hand to hand.

Turn 4 CSM: The lone Chaos Marine continued to run off as the immobilized Rhino was trying to be fixed to no avail. Flarewind gritted his teeth, ready to embrace the savagery that would come from the Chaos Lord. However, hope was in sight as the Warp denied the Chaos Lord its power. The berzerkers continued to engage Flarestorm, this time finishing off the wounded suit and took out another. Amazingly, Flarewind's shield drone crashed into a Berzerker's helmet, rendering him unconscious. Flarewind pummeled another Berzerker to his demise, although the last survivors of his Crisis teams were ineffectual. The last survivor of Flarestorm held fast, bolstered by their determination to hold the Chaos down and protect their brothers.

Turn 4 Tau: The Kroot happily closed in to join the fray while the Firewarriors moved to secure their objective. The entry of the Kroot into the assault must have thrown off the Chaos Lord's channeling of the Warp for his Daemon weapon backfired, causing a vicious gash into his leg. The Berzerkers intelligently responded to the Kroot assault, killing 2 of them before they could fight back. Kroot returned the favor, mauling one of the Berzerkers while the last of Flarestorm received some solace by snapping the neck of a Berzerker with the back of his suited hand. Everyone was still locked into the fray but things were looking even more grim for the Chaos.

Turn 5 CSM: Similar to the previous turn, the last Marine continued to run away from the Tau while the Rhino was still disabled. The melee between the Kroot, the last three Crisis suits, and the remaining Berzerkers and Chaos Lord continued. The Chaos Lord once again failed to get the Warp's blessing for his blade, much to the benefit of the Tau. The berzerkers wanted to finish of the Kroot and eliminated one of them, but they returned in kind, bringing the Berzerkers down to one. Flarewind himself removed him from the fray with a flurry of strikes. Victoriously, the Kroot and Flarestorm survivor moved off, the Kroot to prepare for another charge and the Crisis suit to finish off the damaged vehicle.

Turn 5 Tau: The Flarestorm suit moved in for a better shot, rocking the vehicle but doing no permanent damage other than shocking the crew. The Kroot charged in for the glory against the wounded Chaos Lord, but were eliminated in a blitz of lethal strikes as he finally channeled the Warp's destructive power into each attack. The shield drone, failing to protect anyone during this battle, reacted to the fury of the Chaos Lord and bash him in the chest, breaking ribs and puncturing his demonic lungs. It was Flarewind, however, horrified at the pure elimination of his team of Kroot, who finished off the Chaos Lord with a well placed punch, shattering its remaining ribs and piercing its daemonic heart.

With the beast dead, the Tau was victorious. Flarewind was remorseful for the loss of life today, but the brave Kroot and steadfast Shas'ui under his command died for empire. Serving the Greater Good, their deaths were not in vain.

Tau: 1 Objectives
CSM: 0 Objectives
Results: Victory -> Tau

This was the first time I tried my Crisis Core army and I was well pleased with how it went. The sheer firepower of the suits mauled the small number of targets that were on the board, my luck (or rather my opponent's bad luck) led to what will probably be my greatest victory in close combat ever. As my friend put it, "What are the odds that my Chaos Lord would go emo three times in a row?!" My only reply was "1 in 216?"

I did make a couple of tactical mistakes (particularly, I should have had all the suits attack first then use the Firewarriors to shoot at the survivors as well) but I assumed I would manage to get another Weapon Destroyed or Immobilized result and thus destroy the vehicle with the Firewarriors alone, thus leaving the Flarestorm unit to take out Berzerkers.

Aside from that, my opponent did leave me ample opportunities to destroy his vehicles which I gladly took. Otherwise, he should have had his Chaos Lord attack my commander or the other suits, but splitting up the attacks left me overall with more units and figures. It should also be noted that until this game, I had yet to pass a Leadership test to remain in Close Combat in any unit.

I also need to type the battle report for my Ninja Tau army that didn't go as planned but did put in a close game scoring-wise.


PS: Can we add Berzerker to the Spell Check? I had to ignore A LOT of them in this Battle Report :P

EDIT: Corrected the Mark thanks to Dexter, also thanks to the person who moved this to the correct spot (was looking for it but honestly couldn't find it until now).
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Default Re: BatRep: Crisis Zone, Tau vs Chaos Space Marines, 500pts

Aah, you faced a Lord with the Mark of Tzeentch actually. Slaanesh would have been a waste really at this pts level + Tau...

Not bad for one of your starter games (from what I can guess), I learned somewhat later in the game the value of Kroot, glad to see you getting decent use out of them from the get-go. I'm horrified that you used Tau first, but if it works for you I say continue until it doesn't.

Just a question, but what would you have changed in your list selection or tactics if you could have?

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Default Re: BatRep: Crisis Zone, Tau vs Chaos Space Marines, 500pts


Actually, this is my 5th game period using Tau each time and this was my first victory! I realize that the Tau are unforgiving in mistakes as our units all have a huge vulnerability of some sort that can easily be exploited. But it was something different than all of my coworkers and for the most part I like the look of the Tau models (although it would be awesome if they could get some kind of energy sword or something...).

Thanks for correcting the mark, I haven't seen the CSM Codex yet so I was taking a lot of what my friend said at face value. He actually had me copy my army list for him so he could tell our other friends that his best CC troops were bested by the worst CC army. Huzzah!

I definitely see the need for Kroot, although I got lucky this time. Out of games I've assaulted with Kroot, this is the only time I made the Leadership roll to stay in combat, the others I failed then they fail the Initiative roll to avoid the sweeping advance (although once was a bit of stupidity on my part, I should have kept a Kroot Hound alive so I can use his Initiative for the roll but instead sacrificed them all to preserve the regular Kroot). It also makes me truly aware of the huge hindrance our average troop Leadership values are.

Hopefully this victory will be the first of many!

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