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WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010
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Default WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

WAAAGGGH Grubbynutz/Hands of Vengeance Team Tournament Report

Monody was all but destroyed. The war had raged on for the better part of a standard earth year, tearing apart the civilian populace and the countryside. The orkish spores had infested the hinterlands, swelling the ranks of the already massive Waaagh Grubbynutz. And yet still the Space Marines fought on, their bolters taking a fearsome toll on the orks and keeping them away from the chapter forges, the last safe haven on the planet. The battle raged, keeping eyes from the sky, where the warp storm began to twinkle, then shine and finally rage.

Perhaps the Hands of Vengeance psykers awoke something in the warp in their desperation to save their chapter homeworld. Perhaps the massive psychic resonance of the Waaagh did so. Perhaps in their anguish, the enslaved humans made a pact with the foul gods of chaos. Whatever the case, the warpstorm enveloped the planet. Warp gates began to open at an alarming rate.

At the Chapter Forges, Inquisitor Drathax of the Ordo Malleus, warned the Chapter Master that their world was on the verge of becoming a haven for the daemonic. What remaining resources they had were being stripped away by the dual threat of orks and chaos. Desperate times, he advised, called for desperate measures.

For their part the orks were at first gleeful at the arrival of new foes to fight. Their enthusiasm soured, however, when they suffered several crippling defeats at the hands of the daemonic forces and their mortal allies. Indeed, a plague apparently designed to destroy the tough orkish physique was raging through the waaagh, laying low grotz and warbosses alike and weakening their ability to fight back.

So it was, when the Hands of Vengeance extended a hand not of truce, but of alliance, the orks listened. A great starship was promised to the greenskins, capable of giving Warlord Grubbynutz the freedom of movement that he so desired. In return, all the orks had to do was fight the daemonic invaders, something that they were already doing. His hatred of weak blood-ax tactics (like allying with humans) was overcome by his ambition and hatred of his own boss – Ghazkghull. Smashing any elements within the horde that naysayed him (and indeed there were few enough, many already having succumbed to the green plague), he agreed to the Space Marines terms.

The moment that Chaos was defeated, if it was defeated, both sides would turn on each other. But until that time, the Greenskins and Astartes fought side by side.

Hi all, what follows is an accounting of how Waaaagh Grubbynutz and their Space Marine “allies” did in a doubles tournament.

First, a little background. Immediately after results were announced for the previous tournament (where yours truly finished second), the store owner informed us all that he would be holding. This got all the gamers from our local group thinking and pairing off (its like some weird trust-building exercise). Monster Rain and I play each other so often that we know each others armies inside and out, so we figured we'd be a pretty good fit together. He runs the infamous Hands of Vengeance space marines that you see me fighting so often. After a couple of harrowing and competitive test games against the other teams from our group (Space Marines/Space Wolves and Daemons/Chaos Space Marines), we felt we were pretty good to go with the following lists:

Warboss Grubbynutz (power klaw, slugga, eavy armor, cybork body, attack squig)
Big Mek Klickinklak (slugga, choppa, kustom force field, eavy armor)
12 Lootaz
8 Nobz (3 big choppaz, 1 powerklaw, waaagh banner, painboy, all have cybork bodies)
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
3 Killa Kanz (rokkitz)
3 Killa Kanz (rokkitz)
Battlewagon (armor plates, red paint, reinforced ram, big shoota)

Space Marines

Inquisitor Lord (psychic hood, emperor’s tarot), 3 mystics
Dedicated rhino (extra armor)
5 Asssault Terminators (thunder hammer/stormshields)
Ironclad Dreadnought (heavy flamer, ironclad assault launchers, extra armor)
Drop pod
Dreadnought (heavy flamer, multimelta, extra armor)
Drop pod
5 Man Scout Squad (sergeant with combi-melta and meltabombs)
Landspeeder Storm (heavy flamer)
10 Man Tactical Squad (plasma cannon, melta, powerfist)
10 Man Tactical Squad (missile launcher, melta)
Drop pod
Land Raider (basic pattern, extra armor)

We named team “Emerald and Ivory” (“...fight together in perfect harmony!”) Our plan revolved around him getting some alpha-strike goodness to take out critical parts of the enemy forces and allowing me to steamroll the enemy (with some assault terminator help) unopposed. Needless to say, we thought ourselves pretty clever.
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Default Game 1, VS Quad Lash

Arriving at the tournament, we were greeted with rumors of horrifically dangerous-sounding lists (9 obliterator, quad lash etc.). No matter, I thought, we're not likely to face one of those nasty lists until the second or third rounds. After all, what are the chances? Pairings are annoucnedand our first opponents are called themselves “Matt Daemon”. After a good laugh about the name, I took a look at their lists:

Daemon Prince (mark of slaanesh, lash of submission)
Daemon Prince (mark of slaanesh, lash of submission)
Sorcerer (mark of slaanesh, lash of submission)
Sorcerer (mark of slaanesh, lash of submission)
3 terminators (2 combi-meltas, 1 combi-flamer)
3 terminators (2 combi-meltas, 1 combi-flamer)
5 Terminators (3 combi-plasmas, champion with power fist)
7 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
7 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
7 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
7 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
10 Chaos Marines (plasma, lascannon)
10 Chaos Marines (2 meltas, fists)
5 (yes, five) Vindicators
6 Havocs (4 missile launchers)

So yeah, my plan about not facing the badass lists until after lunch was right out the window. Quad lash. Oi.

Mission: Seize Ground (4 objectives)
Deployment: Pitched Battle

We got the +1 from emperor's tarot, but won the roll for first handily enough that it didn't make a difference. We chose to go first.

The board and deployment:

The board was pretty terrain heavy, except for a large killing field in the middle. The objectives were scattered pretty good. Two were on our left, one was center-ish and one was in the far right corner. We deployed everything except for the pods. They deployed everything except for their terminators. Monster Rain deployed most of his on the board stuff to the left, while my bulk was to the right.

Scout moves saw the landspeeder storm rocket forward to threaten the vindicators

Emerald and Ivory Turn 1:

The two dreads drop down into the center of the field, within easy melta range of the vindicator formation. Between their melta weaponry and the scouts hopping out with a combi-melta, 2 vindicators were wrecked and another lost its demolisher cannon.

The orks surge forward on both sides; while the space marine elements stay mostly static (monster rain didn't want to lose his land raider to the deepstriking terminators). My lootaz take careful aim at a daemon prince hiding behind a line of rhinos and blow it straight back to hell. At this point our opponents are heard to exclaim “You killed Matt Daemon!”

Matt Daemon Turn 1:

They respond by moving some forces up to deal with Monster Rains Alpha Strike. He begins by tank-shocking the scouts with a vindicator. The sergeant death or glory's with his meltabomb and immmobilizes it! Hurray!

Still the scouts come under some heavy fire from the remaining vindicators. One manages to go to ground safely and live. One of the sorcerErs is able to get just barely in lash range of my central slugga mob and lash it 8” back. The daemon prince jumps out front and center and tries to lash the lootaz and is stuffed by the psychic hood. Points well spent on that inquisitor. Missiles from the havocs target my poor kanz, but manage only a bunch of shaken results (or fail to pen altogether).

Emerald and Ivory Turn 2:
Monster Rain's tactical squad comes in. He brings it on in the chaos concentration to the right, worried about a potential mismatch between my one ork mob and so many chaos marines. His melta only shakes the sorcerer's rhino. On the left, the land raider moves forward, shaking the other sorceror's rhino. Those warp-boyz are gonna have to get out of their rides if they want to lash me next turn! Byah!

The ironclad climbs over the ruins of the vindicator it barbacued last turn and explodes another one. Hurray!

Lootaz and kanz combine to eliminate the central daemon prince. And then there were two (lashes).

On the right my advance continues (slowly). I elect to push the kanz forward, out of KFF range (damn lash moving Klicky back - next time against lash he's going IN the wagon).

Matt Daemon Turn 2:

They get a single small squad of termies from reserve. They land behind the regular dreadnought and kill him with meltas. On the right, both plague marine squads disembark. The sorcerer-led group moves menacingly towards my slugga boyz and lashes them back a bit. The other one shoots pistols into the space marines who just disembarked from their pods and assault them. The space marines lose three and only kill a single plague marine in return. They both fall back.

The havocs kill two of the kanz on the hill with their rockets, while a lascannon shot from the rhino squad gets extremely lucky and blows my battlewagon up. The nobz and warboss survive the explosion intact. But now thanks to the ruins of their wagon and the kanz, they have a hard slog to get to the chaos lines.

On the left, the scouts are finished off by plague marines shooting from their rhinos. Meanwhile, the sorcerer on that side disembarks to be able to lash my slugga mobz into neat concentric circles for easier vindication. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't roll high enough on his lash move to get me out from behind the wall, leaving me with a 4+ cover save. I end up losing about 8 sluggaz, all told.

Emerald and Ivory Turn 3:
The combat squads on the right are still within 6” and fall back.

The iron clad waddles over some vehicle ruins and wrecks the leftmost plague marine rhino. Meanwhile the sluggaz clamber over the wall, preparing themselves to charge the sorceror and vindicator. They do so, immobilizing and shaking the vindie while the nob slices the sorcerer neatly in half. And then there was one (lash)!

The central slugga mob makes for the nearest objective (now that we're only facing two-soon-to-be-one lash we can start to safely claim objectives with non-mounted units) while the lootaz eliminate the newly arrived terminators. Hello! Bye bye!

On the right, the kan is the only unit thats able to make combat, thanks to some poor difficult terrain rolls. Never before has 24” seemed so far. The kan arrives in combat, snips apart a plague marines and promptly gets wrecked by the Plague Champion's power fist.

Matt Daemon Turn 3:

They get both remaining terminator squads. The 5-man combi-plasma one comes in off the rhino squad on the right hand hill (apparently it has an icon) while the combi-melta/flamer one comes in just behind the rhino wall on the left.

They elect to tank shock through my boyz to try and make for the objective. I happily oblige them, pulling my boyz back out of assault range. They still got shot and flamed a bit, but it could have been worse. The other rhino pulls up behind the firing line, ready to disgorge the regular chaos marines once we attack. In assault the slugga nob beats the vindicator to death

The combi-plasma squad focuses on the nobz, but fails quite badly, only doing a wound or two. The missile launchers also target the nobz, but they miss. Hurray! The sorcerer's plague marine squad shoots the slugga squad and kills a few. The sorcerer himself tries to lash the squad but is blocked by the psychic hood.

Emerald and Ivory Turn 4:
One of tactical squads is within 6” and continues to fall back. The other one regroups towards the end of the hill and starts heading towards the nearest objective. The nobz move up along with the sluggaz. They sluggaz dual-assault both squads of plague marines (I wanted to get that last lash out of the way, thoough the sorcerer isn't within klaw range. Unforunately, I whiff rather badly on my klaw rolls and only a couple choppa wounds get through. In return the plague marines kill a bunch of sluggaz and manage to win by one. The sluggaz take a fearless wound and stay in combat. Meanwhile, the nobz fail a rerollable (with bosspole) 8 and fall back. Arrgggh! Stupid leadership test.

On the left, the ironclad assaults the terminators and wipe them out. The sluggaz and assault terminators assault the plague marine squad and wipe them out. The lootaz blast the other plague rhino and spill the plague marines out into the open.

Kanz advance up around the middle.

Matt Daemon Turn 4:
The chaos marine squad on the left disembarks and prepares to assault the assault terminators, while the plague marines advance menacingly on the sluggaz over there. The chaos marines assault and kill a few terminators but are pulped badly and flee. The plague marines make short work of the slugga mob.

The combi-plasma terminators advance and charge the central sluggaz, taking them off the objective (GAH! All my worry about lash and I set myself up for this!). A few terminators and a bunch of sluggaz die.

On the right, the missile launchers and lascannon all target the drop pod (which they thought was within contesting distance of their objective) but they fail to kill it. The plague marines finish off the sluggaz there, but not before the nob clips the sorcerer in half with the powerklaw. And then there were none! It only cost me most of my army to do so.

Objectives 1 -1

Emerald and Ivory Turn 5

The nobz can't rally, thanks to the presence of the plague marines within 6”. Damn. The other final combat squad rallies however.

Movement and run brings the regrouped combat squad closer to the central objective, but critically, NOT quite there. We race the landspeeder storm over to contest their objective. The kanz move up in support. If there is a next turn, I'll be able to assault on his hill. The landraider fires its lascannon across the board and stuns the chaos rhino on the hill.

The assault terminators charge the plague marines. The plague marines dedicate a few attacks to Vulkan and kill him. The terminators are now down to 2. However, the plague marines take a beating as well and reduced to a handful.

Combat with the chaos terminators in the center continues, with the klicky getting mashed by the champion and the terminators losing the last regular termie. My nob is making these guys look really tough.

Matt Daemon Turn 5

They pull the plague marines on the left from nob-herding duty in order to destroy the drop pod and the landspeeder storm, freeing their objective from our contesting forces. However, to do so they must leave my kanz alone.

Combat between the plague marine and assault terminators continues. Only the plague champion and one terminator remain.

Objectives: 1-1

We roll for last turn and it comes up a 4. We will continue. Monster Rain and I breathe a sight of relief, as it would have been a draw if it had ended.

Emerald and Ivory Turn 6
Nobz rally. Not that it matters. The tactical squads in the center converge on the objective claiming it. The kanz head for the havocs on the hill. They snip the havocs apart but fail to consolidate close enough to the objective to contest it.

I have a gut check moment as the reduced sluggaz fail to kill the last of the chaos termies and lose by one. If I break, he'll be able to move over and contest our middle objective. Fortunately, I pass my leadership test.

Matt Daemon Turn 6
We are informed that time is running out and we will not be able to start a turn 7. Without anyone in possible contesting range of our two objectives, they concede.


What a game! It started great, with Monster Rain's alpha-strike forces eliminating the worst of the chaos attack (with a little help from some dakka-crazed lootaz). Then it looked bleak in the middle, when the chaos troops were committed to the fight. Credit to our opponents for continuing to fight it out. Hell of a game.

My nobz had a bad day, getting their wagon blown up early and then bouncing off some plague marines. How embarassing!

Still we get 2 bonus points from this, in addition to the 16 points for a victory.

We felt REALLY good coming out of this win, as I knew we had faced one of the nastiest armies in the running and beat them in a close won victory. The two other teams from the store were doing okay as well, Sisters and Space Wolves had a victory, while Daemons and Chaos Marines had a draw against a Space Wolf/Imperial Guard Force with 9 leman russes.
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Default Game 2 Vs. Tau-Space Marines

Game 2:

For our second game of the day, we were pitted against a team called “The 1984 Denver Broncos” (Sweet!) which consisted of Tau and Space Marines. Their list looked like this:

Crisis Suit Commander, fireknife pattern (I think)
3 Crisis Suits (fireknife pattern)
3 Crisis Suits (deathrain pattern)
6 Fire Warriors
6 Fire Warriors
10 Kroot (shaper)
10 Kroot (shaper)
2 Piranah (2 burst cannons, disruption pods)
4 Pathfinders
Devilfish (disruption pod and beacon)
4 Pathfinders
Devilfish (disruption pod and beacon)
Hammerhead (flechette launchers, twin burst cannons, disruption pods)
Hammerhead (flechette launchers, twin burst cannons, disruption pods)
2 Broadsides (Shas’ui with drone controller 2 shield drones)

Space Marines
Pedro Kantor
10 Terminators (assault cannon, cyclone launcher)
10 Sternguard (5 combi-meltas, power weapon)
Drop pod
10 Sternguard (5 combi-meltas, power weapon)
Drop pod
5 Tactical Marines
Drop Pod
5 Scouts (camocloaks, sniper rifles)

The board: it was a desert board with a good deal of tall hills and LOS blocking terrain. Looked a bit like the scenery for Mad Max, so that was appropriate.

Game: Annihilation
Deployment: Spearhead (ugh)

We won first turn thanks to the tarot. This was big as it meant that we’d get in our alpha strike before they could shoot with those 4 nasty railguns.

We took a side with the most cover, more in an effort to deny them the cover than any real intention to use on our part. It meant my orks would be slower, but that’s a price we were willing to pay. We were extremely bunched up, even given Monster Rain’s tiny initial force size (2 rhinos, a landspeed and a land raider). Spearhead is really tough for horde armies. Anyhoo… they deployed opposite. They tried to shield their hammerheads as much as possible. They also deployed a scout squad in the top left corner, screened by the hill. The kroot also infiltrate with one squad going into each neutral quarter.

Scout moves saw the Storm move up 12” outside the tau lines. They fail to seize the initiative.

Emerald and Ivory Turn 1:
The horde mostly surges forward. The righthand kanz trip badly through the terrain and only end up moving around 3” (with run). This slows our front considerably. The left moves a bit faster, allowing the boyz there to start to move through the ruins.

Both dreads land. They each take a hammerhead. The ironclad blasts the railgun off one, while the normal dread immobilizes the other (while killing a terminator while firing its flamer at the hammerhead). Good enough. The scouts cause general havoc. They blast the pathfinder devilfish, while their transport barbecues the pathfinders themselves.

Lootaz erase the other pathfinder squad from existence. No markerlights for you!

1984 Denver Broncos Turn 1:

They do a bit of general shuffling. The hammerhead that just lost its weapon sails over the head of the ironclad. The immobilized hammerhead shoots the other dreadnought, exploding it. The crisis commander and his buddies dance around the ironclad and kill the scouts. The piranhas race over and wreck the scout speeder. The broadsides split their fire, with one going for the land raider (fails to pen) and one going for the ironclad (miss).

The terminators use gate of infinity to warp into the center of the board. A drop sternguard squad lands there as well. The terminators blast some orks from the northern squads, while the sternguard absolutely annihilate the kanz with their combi meltas.

Pedro and company land behind my battlewagon. They get shot up thanks to the mystics with the inquisitor and take a plasma cannon to the face, losing 4. The remaining marines, however, are more than enough to shoot the wagon and explode it, killing a few more orks and spilling a very angry Grubbynutz+friends out.

“You shouldn’ta done dat!” he roars.

Kill Points

Emerald and Ivory: 3 (2 pathfinder squads, pathfinder devilfish)
1984 Denver Broncos: 5 (battlewagon, kan squadron, dreadnought, scouts, landspeeder storm)

Emerald and Ivory Turn 2:

The tactical squad in the pod comes in and lands next to some firewarriors. They kill several but the firewarriors hold.


The northern mob ignores the terminators that just shot them and vaults over some ruins to assault the kroot. They lose ten orks to the kroot (who strike first thanks to my aversion to stikkbomms) but respond by wiping the birdmen out.

Grubbynutz and pals assault and just murder Pedro and pals. Nothing pretty at all, with pedro getting clipped apart by the power klaw nob (grubbynutz is too busy pulping the poor sternguard who had the temerity to blast his wagon).

After a round of loota fire designed to soften the terminators up, the middle slugga squad surges around the recently-arrived drop pod and steams into combat. Tigurius goes all ninja like with quickening and might of heroes and drops a few orks before they can strike. The sluggaz then put 18 wounds onto the terminators. The marine player proceeds to make ALL HIS SAVES!

(As a humorous aside, those of you who read my last tourney report will no doubt remember my unfortunate second opponent, Ben, who lost 5 terminators from taking 10 saves. Ben happened to be kibitzing on this game and let out the loudest and most vengeful laugh I have ever heard when he saw the saves. I cannot say I blame him. )

Needless to say, despite a stellar effort by the nob (who puts down 2 terminators) the sluggaz are pulped by power fists and lose combat by a huge amount and are left with only a much reduced mob.

The remaining kan squadron shoots and assaults the sternguard the just killed their buddies. 5 sternguard are left after they pass their stubborn leadership test.

The ironclad makes the tau pay for not killing it and assaults the deathrain crisis group, killing them all.

1984 Denver Broncos Turn 2:
They get their combat squad in a pod this turn. It comes down right next our podded tactical squad. Between their fire and that of the firewarriors, they drop a few marines.

The broadsides, having learned their lessons from the previous turn, focus all their fire on the ironclad, and, combined with the fireknives, kill it. The piranhas target the ironclads pod and kill it as well. The immobilized hammerhead arcs a sweet shot on the slugga squad that is rounding the southern building. The railgun-less hammerhead cruises over in front of the orks and unleashes the fury on them as well. He is far too confident in his flechette-launcher’s ability to dissuade my assault, however.

In combat the terminators beat the stuffing out of the slugga boyz after making 8 or so more saves (including a couple invuls against the nobz klaws. The remaining orks head for the hills. The sternguard are whittled down to around 3 by the kanz.

Kill Points
Emerald and Ivory: 7 (2 pathfinder squads, pathfinder devilfish, crisis team, pedro, sternguard unit, kroot squad)
1984 Denver Broncos: 8 (battlewagon, kan squadron, dreadnought, ironclad dreadnought, drop pod slugga squad, scouts, landspeeder storm)

Emerald and Ivory Turn 3:
So we’re losing on killpoints and informed that this will be our last turn. Time to go for the easy kills!

The space marine tactical squad runs up and shoots the tac squad and then dual-assaults them and the firewarriors. The firewarriors are finished off and the combat squad takes a beating but holds
The land raider powers forward and unloads the assault terminators. They assault and completely wipe out Tigurius and friends. Where’s your 2+ save now? Nyah!

The land raider pops smoke and uses the power of the machine spirit to fire a lascannon and immobilize the hammerhead that just ran out in front of my boyz. The boyz then charge in and assault it, taking 5 wounds from the flechette dischargers but wrecking the tau vehicle in return.

Grubbynutz and his ladz realize they are too far from anything to be of further assistance in the main battle, so they beat on the drop pod until it explodes. It kills 3 lootaz in the explosion however, so I have a gut check moment while I roll the loota leadership. The lootaz easily pass.

The sternguard are sliced up by the kanz some more, leaving a single marine, who fails his leadership and is caught and killed from no-retreat wounds.

1984 Denver Broncos Turn 3:
Now it is their chance to go for last-turn kill points. The remaining pathfinder devilfish, the crisis suits, the tau HQ and the kroot all move to within rapid-fire range and unload on my squad in the ruins. The orks live through fusillade, not even needing to roll leadership as they stay above the critical 11 threshold for being fearless. He doesn’t even try for the kroot assault against this squad (do kroot have grenades? If so, assaulting may not have been such a bad idea – otherwise, they’d be handing us a free killpoint)

The hammerhead nukes the drop pod in front of it. However, the combined efforts of the piranhas (one of whom was shaken last turn by the lootaz) and the broadsides fail to kill the land raider.

To make matters worse for them, the combat squad in combat with the hands of vengeance tactical squad is killed meaning that the final score is:

Emerald and Ivory: 14
(2 pathfinder teams, devilfish, hammerhead, kroot squad, firewarrior squad, crisis squad, tigurius, pedro kantor, 2 sternguard units, terminators, drop pod, combat squad)
1984 Denver Broncos 9 (Battlewagon, 3 kanz, slugga squad, 2 drop pods, dreadnought, ironclad dreadnought, scouts, landspeeder storm)

We get full battle points for killing the highest point HQ (tigurius) the highest point unit (terminators) and having a scoring unit in our opponents deployment zone (tactical squad) for a total of 19. Thus at the end of 2 rounds we have 37 points


Boy oh boy did a lot of stuff die in only a few turns. I’m not sure the shortened game length helped either side in particular. Both armies had a strong alpha-strike and what we lacked in long-range firepower, we made up for in toughness. While its possible they could have made up the killpoint defict they had incurred, it was doubtful. I was in position to get at least 3 kill points next turn, and monster rain could have probably netted a few of his own.

We realized, of course, that our success would no doubt set us up against people with a similar success rate.

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Default Game 3 vs. Nurgle... TOO MUCH NURGLE!

Game 3:

The enemy ended up being a nurgle-themed team called “Pus and Guts”. Their army looked like this:

Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
14 Plaguebearers
7 Plaguebearers
Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Daemon Prince (mark of nurgle, wings)
4 Terminators
Land Raider
5 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
5 Plague Marines (2 meltas, fist)
10 Chaos Marines (mark of nurgle, fist, lascannon, plasma rifle)
8 Havocs (4 heavy bolters)
3 Obliterators

They had just stomped out one of the teams from our store and we could see why. Epidemius, if allowed to live, would give everyone in the nurgle army great powers. A very unique take on chaos and powerful, despite the lack of Lash.

Game: Annhilation
Deployment: Pitched battle

Even with tarot, they won the roll to go first. However, they ceded it to us in the traditional daemon manner (more on this in the postgame). We took a side with a decent loota hill and deployed. The chaos army deployed across from us and was under strict orders from the daemon player to absorb as much firepower as possible.

They decline to seize the intiative.

Emerald and Ivory Turn 1:
Our alpha-strike forces, so brilliant throughout the rest of the tourney, fail rather spectacularly here. The dreadnought tries to drop behind the land raider but scatters off the board. Deepstrike mishap allows Team Pus and Guts to place the dread and they elect to put him in our righthand corner, far from the action. The ironclad drops in front but combines with the scouts to only immobilize and shake it. The lootaz aim at the daemon prince but only get 1 wound through the fiend’s toughness and armor save.

Everything else just rolls forward.

Pus and Guts Turn 1:
Pus (or is it Guts?) gets his favored wave. His herald drops down right in front of my right-hand sluggaz, as do a large squad of plaguebearers. The herald pukes a bunch of nastiness on the sluggaz and kills a few. Epidemius tries to drop in the middle of their deployment zone between the obliterator/havoc hill and the mech forces, but scatters forward 11 inches.

Kugath attempts to drop in front of the lootaz but scatters onto them and is put back in reserve. The daemon prince tries for the same placement and scatters on top of the hill.

The daemon prince eats all of the scouts save the sergeant (who falls back) while some plague marines roll up in their rhino to wreck the ironclad.

Kill points:
Emerald and Ivory: 0
Pus and Guts 2 (scouts[falling back], ironclad)

Emerald and Ivory Turn 2:
The daemons are out of position and scattered, but a look at their model box is all that is needed to tell me that a whole lot more filth is due on the table soon.

The drop pod arrives and positions itself on our right flank, ready to help against the tide of daemons (and put some shots into epdemius). The scout sergeant rallies as the marine mech forces roll up into the center of the board. The storm, seeing no opportunity to be usefull, zooms away. I call the waaagh this turn to help assure my three charges.

My left-hand sluggaz head up the hill to deal with the daemon prince. Between them and a multi-melta shot from the dreadnought (who isn’t as useless as we thought), they bring him down to 2 wounds. A few orks are pulped, but that’s okay.

On the right the battlewagon rockets forward to drop off the nobz, who waaagh up and slaughter Epidemius. The sluggaz meanwhile, engage the herald and the plaguebearers. The herald is pulled down by a combined effort of around 9 boyz and the nob, while the plague bearers hold up and kill a few orks. The combat continues.

In the center, the land raider burns forward and drops off some angry assault terminators and vulkan who proceed to evaporate the nurgle squad on the hill.

Kill Points:

Emerald and Ivory: 3 (herald, epidemius, nurgle chaos marine squad)
Pus and Guts: 1 (ironclad)

Pus and Guts Turn 2:
Disappointed in the loss of their strategy crux to what was basically a bad scatter, they keep fighting on. Two more plaguebearer squads (one small and one large) and Kugath arrive this turn and place themselves off of the icon of the first squad.

The havocs and obliterators all focus on my nobz, but due to some unlucky scatters for obliterator plasma cannons, only a few wounds are caused. In the center, the plague marines go for an easy killpoint and destroy the drop pod. The other plague squad tries to clean up the scout sergeant, but he goes to ground behind a wall and weathers the melta shots.

Typhus and pals disembark and head after the assault terminators and vulkan. The daemon prince joins them. However, they got a bit more than they bargained for and Typhus gets pulped along with two of his friends. 3 assault terminators also die, but vulkan remains. The daemon prince goes down to 2 wounds.

On the left, the daemon prince launches a nasty miasma that kills 6 orks, but is pulled down in the assault phase.

On the right, Kugath flings his goo and hurts the kanz a bit, ripping the rokkitz off of a couple and shaking a couple more. In combat, the plaguebearers continue to duke it out with the sluggaz. It is fairly mundane, with only a few models dying on each side. Obviously they are confused as both sides are green and smell terrible.

Kill Points:

Emerald and Ivory: 5 (daemon prince, herald, typhus epidemius, nurgle chaos marine squad)
Pus and Guts: 2 (ironclad, drop pod)

Emerald and Ivory Turn 3:
The orks that just finished off the daemon prince rush down the hill. The dreadnought immobilizes the plague rhino there and the boyz assault it, wrecking it. The plague marines pile out.

The lootaz target the rhino of the other plague marine squad and explodes it. None of the plague marines are hurt, but the blast kills one of Monster Rains terminators. Whoops! In combat the daemon prince and two remaining terminators finishes off vulkan. The chaos terminators are still at two models, while the prince goes down to one wound.

Grubbynutz and pals move up and wipe out the obliterators and the havocs for the loss of a single nob and wound off of the warboss. Waaaaaaggh!

I send one kan squadron after the smaller plague bearers and reduce them to two models. The other squadron tries to assault kugath but falls short (probably a good thing. Meanwhile the sluggaz with the mek assault the bigger plague bearers and kill around 7 or so for the loss of a similar number of orks. Bloody!

The ongoing combat continues, with again, two models dying on each side. The plague bearers are starting to look a little thin, however.

Kill Points:

Emerald and Ivory: 9 (herald, typhus epidemius, nurgle chaos marine squad, obliterators, daemon prince, 2 rhinos)
Pus and Guts: 3 (ironclad, vulkan, assault terminators)

Pus and Guts Turn 3:

The final two plaguebearer squads come in as we are given our half hour warning. They arrive off of the icon (that is- despite the best efforts of my orks- still alive).

On the left we realize that we left the landspeeder storm stationary last turn. The plague marines move up and wreck it.

In the center, the daemon prince hops out and kills the scout sergeant, who discovers that going to ground only works against shooting. The plague marines move up on my battlewagon and kill it.

Kugath, after unleashing a miasma that kills a handful of orks from various squads, assaults the kanz and kills two of them. The final kan lives however, preserving that kill point. Both ork vs. plaguebearers combats are uneventful. However, the kanz do manage to kill the last plague bearers they are in combat with, earning us a kill point.

With only 10 minutes left, we didn’t start a new turn. This means the final score is:

Emerald and Ivory: 10 (typhus, nurgle herald, epidemius, plague bearers, daemon prince, chaos marine squad, havocs, obliterators, 2 rhinos)
Pus and Guts: 7 (drop pod, ironclad, battlewagon, scouts, vulkan, assault terminators, landspeeder storm)

First off, we ended on turn 3 again. I’m beginning to think that 3500 point tournaments are just a bit too big to complete a full game in 2:30 hours. We finished a full game (going into extra-innings even) with our first opponents, but the second and third games both ended on turn three.

The shortened game length may have hurt them here, but I really don’t think they would have ended up winning. My nobz were high-tailing it back to clean up and the plaguebearers themselves can’t do that much damage. They would have certainly gotten the kill points for the kan squadron that Kugath was whaling on, and then probably one or both slugga squads and possibly Klicky. However, we were in good position to get at least two KPs more on the left (the tiny squad of plague marines and daemon prince on one wound) and as I mentioned, the Nobz and tac marines were in position to go after some plaguebearers. Even assuming our nob-tac marine counter attack did nothing (a big assumption) and they wiped out my infantry on the right, we would have won 12-11.

Still, I hate ending that early. It leaves too many what-ifs hanging around the game.

Regardless, we got battle points for the nobz in the enemy deploy zone (scoring unit) and their highest-point unit (the chaos space marine squad with mark of nurgle), giving us 18 points.

This gave us 55 on the day and was enough for first place! Second went to, I believe, a combined space wolf/guard army while third, incredibly went to our first round opponents (they brutalized their remaining two opponents with full 19-point massacres, earning them 43 on the day). We were elated, and our happiness only increased when informed that the prize was $180 store credit to split between us! Monster Rain bought a Shadowsword superheavy and I bought a massive green carrying case.

All in all an excellent day of gaming.

I'll post up some decent fluff at some point. But right now I'm just exhausted from writing the report. Hope you guys enjoyed the report!
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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

I'm mortified that I left that Land Speeder sitting there on turn two. :-[

Then again, had the game gone past turn 3 it might have simply been a brilliant baiting tactic! I blame it on the fact that it happened in, what, the 7th hour of 40k that day? I have to say that had the game gone on the Nobz would have done catastrophic damage to those plague bearers, and since Kugath is Slow and Purposeful he could have more or less been avoided after he finished raping that lone killa kan. The Daemon Prince was limping with a sucking chest wound and those Plague Marines would have not enjoyed being assaulted by that mob of boyz that was still over there with them.

The one thing that these reports don't capture though, is Droofus' mighty WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!! that he tends to bellow when the time is right... It'll turn your bowels to jelly.
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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

Well done you guys, you guys did pretty well.
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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

We basically just decided that Droofus has a really good army, and the main thing it lacks is melta.

That's where I come in. ;D
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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

Great job you guys. Can't wait to see what Grubbynutz ends up doing fluff wise, since you didn't post much else on that, just an explanation of why your allied ;D
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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

I'm surprised that (if you were that hard up for KP's) you didn't take out the Tau players Devilfish and then the two man drone team that would pop off of them. >

Well played all around though. That first/last list combinations look especially cheesy. Four lashes a turn makes me cry in side, while the Epidemius combo is something I face every freaking Apoc game with a certain Nurgle player. :-X


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Default Re: WAAAAAGGGGHH!! Team Tournament (Orks/SM 1750 each, 1-16-2010

Originally Posted by Dexter Morgan
Well played all around though. That first/last list combinations look especially cheesy. Four lashes a turn makes me cry in side, while the Epidemius combo is something I face every freaking Apoc game with a certain Nurgle player. :-X
I would say that experience in Apocalypse with Epidemius is why we made him such a priority. Now that I think about it, the guy that plays that combo was our opponent in one of our practice games and was lashing us all over the place. This was a major factor in the decision to add the Inquisitor Lord whose Psychic Hood basically won us the first game, and who's Emperor's Tarot got us 1st turn in the second game and let us cripple the Tau.

Poisoned(2+) Power Weapons make me a sad panda. :'(
I'm not feeling terribly clever right now.
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