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Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"
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Default Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6/10): "Dogboy's Folly"

Hi All,
Welcome to the first Batrep of my sort of serious Space Wolf army.
If you've missed the fluff, don't worry! Linkage: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...c,91919.0.html
In this spectacular battle, you'll see Rolf "Dogboy" Blacktooth and his friend Sigvald Ironfang on a mission with the mysterious Lady Agatha Brimstone.
What will they find? Who will they fight? (okay, that one's not much of a question, as you can see the title and all...)
But it was fun, and a first decent outing I've had with power-armored mates in years!
Oh, but beware! A panoply of proxied pics are below (!)
If you can take it, view them, but if not, turn away!


Space Wolves (1250pts), "Dogboy's Folly": 37 Infantry, 2 Vehicles; 11 KPs
Rolf "Dogboy" Blacktooth (Wolf Guard Battle Leader w/ Thunderwolf Mount, Thunderhammer, Stormshield)
Lady Agatha Brimstone (Inquisitor w/Psycannon, Hood, Sage, Targeter)
Sigvald Ironfang (Iron Priest w/Thunderwolf Mount, Cyberwolvesx4)
Grey Huntersx5 w/Meltagun in EA Razorback w/TL Assault Cannon
Grey Huntersx5 w/Meltagun in EA Razorback w/TL Assault Cannon
Thunderwolf Calveryx4 w/TH, SS, Meltabomb
Fenrisian Wolvesx15
Long Fangsx5 w/ Missle Launchersx4

Tzeench Daemons (1250pts): 35 Infantry, 1 Walker; 7 KPs
Lord of Change
Blue Scribes
Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Soul Grinder w/Phlegm

"Okay, we're not entirely buggered then."

Iron Priest Sigvald Ironfang peered through a set of auspex readers, crouched behind a set of boulders overlooking a set of ruins. He glanced down, a bit perturbed to see his "Commander" and oldest friend, Rolf Blacktooth doodling in the dirt. Sigvald peered over and snorted when he saw a stylized "R&A" with hearts on it.
Rolf started and looked at the Priest.

"Uh, oh, uh sorry Sigvald. So, you think it's alright then?"

Sigvald paced a bit.
"I don't like it Rolf. A strange girl appears in the middle of the night..."

"Strange extremely comely girl," added Rolf.

Sigvlad winced. "Right. So, she comes out of the mist and talks to you and somehow convinces you to... Rolf, are you listening to me?"

The Battle Leader had drifted off again, but started to attention.
"Uh, of course Sigvald, it's just that... you know, I trust her. She seems nice."

Sigvald sighed, "Rolf, Demolisher Cannon shells seem nice, but it doesn't mean that I'm just going to blunder into one. And what irritates me, is that she won't tell me why we're here! And you're too much of a goob to admit you weren't listening!"

Rolf kicked the ground a bit sheepishly.
"But, Sigvald, everything about her just seems... right. And I can't help but feel that we're doing the right thing. Being here. And all we have to do is go down into those ruins. They don't seem dangerous though, right?"

Sigvald nodded. "I scanned the whole area up and down. Everything seems quiet. There's signs of some kind of battle, but they were a while ago. It looks like there's nothing much going on..."

Rolf nodded, "Good, then we can get underway."

Sigvald sighed, "I can't believe it. We're walking into madness with a dozen marines, some half-hung over Long Fangs and a bunch of dogs!"

"Wolves, Sigvald. They're... never mind... Don't worry, though, what's the worst that could happen?"

Lady Agatha Brimstone of the Inquisition checked her communicator. Her "friend" was in the area and confirmed that the Orks had left. Everything seemed clear, and the Tomb of Nazzareth appeared undisturbed. Still, it was unlike the Forces of Chaos to leave a valuable area unmonitored. There would undoubtadly be a fight.

She looked around at the casual, jovial bunch of Space Wolves around her. It was comforting to see that they walked into such dangerous situations with such calm, especially with such a small number. She was expecting them to balk or wait to gather reinforcements. Clearly she had been misinformed about them and their ways...


Pre-Game Thoughts: Okay, I have no idea as to what I'm doing. Seriously. I haven't run anything in power armor since last edition (maybe?) and that was in a trial game. I turned to Orks because elite lists and armies tend to massively fall apart when in my hands like a delicate crystal chandelier given to a small boy with ADHD. Yes, bad. Indeed, bad. I was hoping I'd brought a decent list... But is that enough to save me? I hope we're not playing for KPs...

Mission: Command and Conquer (oh thank Mork... err... the Emperor... uh... yeah!)
Setup: Pitched Battle
Terrain: Ruins

Setup: As usual, we played with ruins, fairly well scattered with a big piece near the center. I "won the roll to go second" (as we say vs Daemons, after all everyone wants to go second vs an all deep-striker list) and the Daemons setup their objective back and to the left of their deployment zone.
Gads, then it was my turn.
Certainly I had seen marine players do this plenty of times, how hard could it be? I put my long line of wolves in the center, stringing them out across a good chunk of the battlefield. Behind them went the Razorbacks, both bunched up near the center behind some cover. After a bit of thought, I put Rolf and his Thunderwolves to the left of the Razorbacks, and the Iron Priest and his Cyberwolves to the left of the tanks.
I also put the Long Fangs and Agatha in a building to the left, with plenty of fire lanes.

Picture Caption: Alright, shield your eyes from the proxies! Wolves in front, Rolf (played in this role by BigToof the Deffdread) with his Thunderwolf (Nob Biker) companions, Razorbacks in the center, and then to the right Iron Priest Sigvald (played by a Steelgrot/Killa Kan) and his Cyber Wolves (uh, Skarbutz and his ladz)

Picture Caption: More Proxies! Long Fangs (Lootas) hiding out, with Agatha (none other than Big Louie stepping in with panache) prim and proper.

The Space Wolves rolled into the ruins, looking around a bit. The Long Fangs belched and rubbed the sleep from their eyes. Iron Priest Sigvald looked around. Something seemed off...

Rolf Blacktooth though, wasn't paying much attention. He had better things to keep an eye on, such as the magnificent form of Lady Agatha Brimstone. The way she walked, the way she talked, the way she... was pointing at the sky and saying something really loud.

Rolf paused, and then looked over to see Agatha running for a ruined building.
Sigvald paused and then looked up.
The rest of the Wolves did as well.
The sky had turned an eerie blue and whirls of energy was gathering.
Sigvald paused.

"Rolf? You know that kicking I was talking about giving you if things went wrong?"

"Yes, Sigvald?"

"I think we might have to put that on hold for a while..."


Agatha ran over, skidding to a stop next to a familiar trunk hidden in the rubble. Smiling to herself, she noted how precise her friend had become. Which was good, otherwise the battle might turn rather harshly. A few well-handled gestures undid the panoply of security, and the trunk opened up revealing a number of items. With speed born of practice and need, she quickly disrobed (much to the interest of the nearby Long Fangs), and snapped into place her set of light armor and activated her two old friends.

The polished servo-skull whirred to life and lifted into the air.

A creaky voice whispered out, "Ah, Lady Agatha. A pleasure to see you again."

Agatha nodded, "Sage. It's good to see you're in working order. I'm afraid we have no time for small talk."

The servo-skull replied, "There never seems to be, My Lady. Your weaponry is ready and all confirms well. You'll be taking the usual then?"

Agatha nodded, readying the large, rune-filled weapon and placing it expertly across her forearm, checking it for damage. "As always Sage. I'm afraid I've never picked up Duncan's penchant for close combat. Are you ready?"

The servo-skull simply replied, "I serve as always, My Lady... as always..."


Turn 1: Daemons
And it's raining Daemons... again! But it's the wrong half!
With some trepidation, the Daemon player reveals that all of the Horrors are popping in this turn!

Picture Caption: A BIG HAND! That's where they come from!

The three Horror units are deep-struck in, but fall a bit off target.

One comes in on the right, but scatters a bit too close for it's own comfort.

The second lands right out in the open to the right!

And the third lands in the big patch of cover and loses a pair to a dangerous terrain check.

The Daemons all looked out at the Wolves and then ran away!
However, they didn't run nearly far enough, and the Sons of Russ (and Agatha), were ready...

Turn 1: Space Wolves
Right. The Wolves pulled back to the center, parting the way for the big wolves behind them.

The Iron Priest and his wolves got a great move through cover roll and moved into the patch of cover separating them from the right-most pack of horrors. They settled in pretty close to the pink monsters, getting ready for an assault.

Rolf and his crew also ran forward, but were clearly out of range to assault the left-most horrors, but were still getting ready.

The two Razorbacks moved out to the right.

Okay, then to shooting. Marines, do this pretty well, right?
I was a bit nervous, but Agatha clearly wasn't.

Faster than you can say "headshot," the eagle-eyed Inquisitor fired her Psycannon at the center pack of Horrors, downing three! Without any invulnerable saves, and far out of cover, they fell like ripe wheat.

The Long Fangs looked at each other in surprise, and not to be outdone by a girl with a fancy gun, they loaded up their Missile Launchers and blew the rest of the little Daemons to bits...

The two Razorbacks fired their Assault Cannons into the right-most horrors and a few of the daemons went pop.

Ok, rumor #2 confirmed, Marines can shoot. Agatha is keen. Moving on.

Assault was pretty straightforward, as the Iron Priest ran in and tore apart all of the rest of the Horrors. If anyone asks, T5 is wonderful. Just wonderful.
Things started to seem pretty well, but the rest of the army is going to be showing up soon...

Turn 2: Daemons
The Daemon player wasn't pleased at all, but at least got his Lord of Change and his Blue Scribes with Flamers in.
The Horrors formed a protective ring around the Lord and the Scribes, who lurked in the back out of sight of Agatha's Psycannon. (I'm intimidating a Lord of Change with shooting? What's going on here?)

Turn 2: Space Wolves
Yay! Rolf was finally going to be able to attack something!

The rest of the army repositioned itself, as the Razorbacks moved to the left, and the Iron Priest moved forwards towards the last bastion of the Daemons.

Rolf and the Space Wolves ran forward, assaulted the Horrors and then...

Remember how I said I don't usually run Space Marines? This assault made me remember why.

The Thunderwolves and Rolf all assaulted in at the Horrors, who failed to do anything back to the mighty marines, but the big dogs did... Five wounds. Yes, you're reading that right. FIVE. To Guardsmen equivalent guys.
Rolf personally swung a lot, but that darn Invulnerable save just shut him down. The Horrors lost a couple more from fearless wounds. But still stayed in...

Turn 3: Daemons
The Soul Grinder still didn't want to come in, and the Daemon player was irked that he now couldn't flame the Thunderwolves to death.




Oh, right, somehow Rolf's incompet... err... great tactical foresight had saved him! Uh, good Space wolf! Good! Just like I pl... moving right along...

In any case, the Daemons decided to content themselves with flying over the melee, and then using Pavane on the Fenrisian Wolves to move them into a cone shaped arrangement.
Oh, that's not good.

Picture Caption: Sorry boys, this is going to hurt!

The flamers did what they do best, and 11 wolves went extra-crispy. The rest of the wolves ran. (Good dogs, smart dogs)

The Lord of Change ran into combat with the Thunderwolves, but failed to do anything. Rolf and company though, managed to finish off the three Horrors (yay!) and consolidated into the Lord of Change as best they could.
The Daemon player told me that Rolf couldn't really fit into the combat, as he was too far. That was fine with me, as Rolf wasn't hitting much but air last time around...

Turn 3: Space Wolves
What's that? Daemons out in the open?

The Iron Priest and Razorbacks all angeled up for optimal shots at the Flamers.

Agatha once again proved why girls are better than boys and did in another THREE daemons! (six for six!)

The Long Fangs tried to equal her kill rampage, but fired a bit err... off target, and scattered twice... once onto the Thunderwolves! Luckily, they failed to hurt the Wolf, but I think some words would have to be said later...

The Razorbacks then fired in and eliminated everyone... except for the Blue Scribes.

The Iron Priest then rode in and swept the two blue monsters, who disappeared back to the Warp.

Assault for Rolf was...It was...
Ok, "dreadful" is not the word for it. The Lord of Change did a single wound back, but the Wolves failed to do any wounds! I even accidentally rolled for Rolf too, and before I could take the wounds back, the Daemon player told me that he saved them. All of them. We both looked at the dice and I could only sigh...

I rolled for leadership and... oh, dear... an 11...

The Thunderwolves broke and ran. Yes, they ran.
The Lord of Change (for some reason) decided to chase them and caught them! (wow, my rolls are just getting worse...)
Just as I was about to take them off the table, the Daemon player (!) told me that they probably had ATSKNF! After a quick check in the rulebook, yes they did! (Tells you the calibur of mates I play with!)
So Rolf and Co. stayed locked in for another turn.

Picture Caption: Uh, SLAM EVIL! Yeah! Uh... maybe?

Turn 4: Daemons
And the Soul Grinder AGAIN failed to come in.
At this point, realizing that he had to kill just FAR too much, the Daemons concede.

Picture Caption: "I'm prettier!" "NO, I AM!"

Result: Space Wolf Victory!

Post-Game Thoughts: Ever think you're entirely hot stuff and that other armies run in fear at your name? Try playing another army. It's humbling at times. I feel like a newborn calf trying to walk, but apparently I'm a bit blind in one eye and keep running into things. Luckily, I play with decent mates who know the rules better than me, and I still have something resembling dumb luck that manages to pull me out of the fire. Still, a good game and victory to Dogboy and the Maiden! Oh, and in case anyone wants a kill-count:
Maiden: 6
Dogboy: 0
I hope that one day things will even up, but I'm not so hopeful...
Now onto new adventures!


Iron Priest Sigvald Ironfang jumped off of his enormous Cyberwolf and ran over to the outcropping where the odd bolts of energy had leapt out from. He had seen that woman run into those ruins, and he was going to get to the bottom of...

And that was when he was picked up off of his feet by a large figure and dragged forcibly over the battlefield.

Sigvald looked over, ready to yell at his attacker, when he saw Rolf, eyes red and tears running down his cheeks.

"Sigvald, you... you have to help them! They're... they're dying!"

Sigvald glanced over and saw a dozen or so whimpering, smouldering Fenrisian Wolves. Daemonic flames wracked their bodies and the animals were twitching in pain, fear and death.

Sigvald looked at his friend's face and nodded, "I'll... do what I can Rolf, but they're... they're pretty badly..."

Rolf nodded, patted Sigvald on the shoulder and staggered off.

Sigvald bent down to look at the charred animals. It looked hopeless.
He then paused as a shadow crossed over him. Turned with weapons drawn, he looked at the small figure of Agatha Brimstone.

"YOU!" roared Sigvald. "You did all of... And now Rolf's... How can you just..."

Agatha bent down, examining the Wolves, paying Sigvald no mind.
"Flamers of Tzeench. A dreadful wound. Most likely fatal."

She glanced up at the Iron Priest, who stood in surprise.
"It's possible to save them, though. I have ointments that should keep them stable. I take it you can find proper cybernetics for them if we can make it back to the ship?"

Sigvald nodded, "I... can... But why would you help them? They're just animals to you. Just something to be used."

Agatha looked and Sigvald and nodded, "I must admit, I do not share the attachment that you all have. But I do see pain and suffering. You all worked most valiantly for me. It would be the least I could do. Can you trust me in this?"

Sigvald just nodded, and watched the woman open up a strange set of bottles and gels.
What had he gotten himself into now...?
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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Proxy game from hell huh? At least the daemons were well painted. Reminds me of using my Tau against my buddie's Necrons, who were all stormtroopers. So, what are you going to use for the thunderwolf cavalry?

Must have felt weird not playing with your Orks. Agatha seemed to do well though. Lucky for her and the wolf boys the wrong half came in. That has to be one of the hardest things for Daemon players. Hope to see some more battles with your new army.....no get to building/painting them.
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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Yes, I was torn very much as to whether or not to show the pics as everything was proxied, but I figured I would try and see what people's reactions were.
It looks like there's at least one vote for VASSAL at the moment then?
It was very weird not playing Orks, but it was nice to try out something a bit... different.
Oh, and yes, I was very lucky that the wrong half came in. Definitely.
Just not sure if I'm going to keep playing the Wolves though... They're fun, and people seem to rather play vs them than the Orks (why, I can't imagine ), but I am missing the greenskins already

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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

I am actually surprised that nobody's popped in yet to give me Space Marine pointers.
Then I looked at the post and my usual C&C note was forgotten!
In that case...


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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Wow, you were manage to do well for your first Space Wolves battle. Mostly luck, I have to say. I do have one advice; Boys before Toys which I already elaborated in your SW army list thread.
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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Hi Zenai!
Thanks for the reply.
Honestly, yes, entirely dumb (perhaps exceptionally dumb) luck on my part. Not an ounce of tactical prep involved!
When you mean Boys before Toys, should I use Rhinos instead of Razorbacks?
I did knock down the Wolves to one big unit, but they didn't do all that much...
Also, I did add Agatha, who is really shooty as all heck, but I think that was because we were shooting at Daemons
I do like running with a bunch of Wolves, but I can see that the two packs of Razors is pretty light, especially if I'm going to be (shudder) assaulting with them.
But how can you assault with Grey Hunters if they have no Power Klaw... er... Power Fist on them?
Having been entirely reliant on the old Klaw, I don't know how to reliably assault without some kind of big power weapon...
Or am I missing something?

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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Grey Hunters can get one of their pack member to have a Power Fist. If you want 2 Power Fist, you get Wolf Guards > So its either 2 Special Weapons + 1 Power Fist or 2 Power Fists + 1 Special Weapon. So yeah, you missed so many, many things :P
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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Ah, so that's the ticket. Wolf Guards.
Well, now that Rolf has a battle under his belt (sort of), I can justify him getting a few err... "pals" to help him out.
And I can see him wanting to get his wolves out of combat, so he might just have a few for Wargear, but put the big squad away for now (nod, nod).
I guess for the next fight, I'm going to try and up the points a bit so I can bring out Agatha's "friend" (who I've always wanted to try ), I can squeeze in the guard.
But wow... they're pricey. Nobz seem so, so much cheaper...
And does everything in the Space Marine/Wolf list have one wound? (not counting the Thunderwolves of course )
Not to be picky, but wow, that's sort of... fragile.
I can't believe I used that word for marines.

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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

The Wolf Guard tickets will give you the 2nd Power Fist. Grey Hunters Pack themselves can field a single Power Fist. And yes, most Marine units are 1-Wound models :P But they're Jack-of-all-Trades and Master-of-None kind of guys. Behold you have BS4 and 3+ Armor Save!
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Default Re: Space Wolves vs. Tzeench Daemons (SW vs Daemons, 1250pts, 1/6): "Dogboy's Folly"

Hmm, I think I might go with Mark of Wulfen rather than a Power Fist, as I realized the normal Grey Hunters have one attack (?).
The BS4 is frightening. But Agatha with her BS5 (thanks to Sage) is really, really just...
I've never hit on 2's and wounded on 2's before. It just blows my mind.

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