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rough summary of 1500pt battle (Space Wolves V Eldar) Jan 10th, 2010
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Default rough summary of 1500pt battle (Space Wolves V Eldar) Jan 10th, 2010

Ok me and my friend Brodie played an objectives game today at my house.
Before I start I should clear up that the board we played on was ?wuite? small as it was baking hot and we played outside which is why inits were in combat in the first turn, neither of us minded as we both had lots of infantry and dont like shooting much

My army of the Crimson Wolf
Wolf Lord
with Frost Axe and Runic Armour

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
with Power Fist

6 Wolf Guard
3 with Terminator Armour
2 with power fists
1 with Frost Blade and Terminator Armour

5 Scouts
with Flamer

5 Scouts
with Flamer

13 Blood Claws
with 2 Flamers

10 Grey Hunters
with 2 Flamers and a Rhino

5 Grey Hunters

8 Long Fangs
with 4 Heavy Bolters and 3 Lasconnons

Landraider Crusader

His List from memory

3 Dark Reapers
with Exarch and lots of shooty nonsense

2x 9 Howling Banshees
with Exarch with mirror swords and the Counter Attack ability

2x 5 Pathfinders

5 Dire Avengers

4 Wraith Guard
with Spirit Seer and Enhance

with Bright Lance

with Holo Fields SS? and SSP?

with Wraith Sword and 2 Flamers

Turn One
Dastartly Bast^*&%:
Pathfinders deploy behind dastardly placed barrels of 2+ Cover Save goodness and all other units move their full movement then run in the shooting phase. His Falcon takes out 2 Heay Bolter Wolves from my Long Fang pack and his Vyper shakes my Raider. His Pathfinders kill about 5 Wolves between them with their nasty 5-6 ap1 shots.

Crimson Wolves: Everyone that can mounts up and heads towards the center (my Wolf Lord and Blood Claws were in the Raider to begin with) to get to his not-so-tank-friendsly Wraith Guard. My Long ffangs oven up on a squad of Howling Banshees in the open and tear 6 of them apart as the Lascannon members try to shoot down that falcon but only imobolise it. in the assault phase my Lord and pals assault a unit of Howling Banshees and the Wraithguard together and kill about 8 of the screaming women as 9 of thier own fall and the Lord takes a wound.

Turn Two
Dastadly Bast%*^&:
He starts of by moving both his Avatar and Wraithlord to enter the large combat in the middle and his unit of Howling Banshees move around the full Rhino to take out the Long Fangs. In shooting he again manages to take out 2 members from the long fang pack and i foolishly remove Lascannon bearers thinking they had pretty much done their job. his Dark Reapers shoot into my Terminator + Wolf Guard Battle Leader squad and kill 2 termies to my horror. Then the worst roll of the game (for me anyway) he shoots his Vypers Brightlance at my Raider and penetrates... then DESTROYS it!!! Exploding debris going everywhere and taking out the spirit seer in his Wraith Guard unit (heh heh heh). In combat i am royally trolloped by his avatar and wraithlord and lose combat badly then fail my morale test and my Wolf Lord and he is run down by the Avatar as it moves closer to my Termies and Battle Leader.

Crimson Wolves
(I forget to move on my scouts this turn but oh well... they more than make up for it when they arrive next turn) My Termies and Battle Leader make a bee line for the Avatar and everyone else stays put for the time being. The Long Fangs finish off the Howling Banshees and my Lascannon misses. The assault against the Avatar goes very one sided as he cleaves all the Termies intwain and wounds the Battle Leader who holds.

Turn Three
Dastardly Bastar^&%$
He assaults my Long Fangs with his Avatar and his wraithlord headds back to his table edge as he remembers about the scouts im about to drop on him. His shooting kills my Long Fangs to a man and thats about all of note.

Crimson Wolves
Scouts come in and shoot at one unit of Pathfinders then Charges them and the nearby Dire Avenger at the same time. The other unis of Scouts shoots then assaults his other Pathfinders. In combat i maul his units horribly losing only one man in both suads. All 3 units fail their morale checks and run off the board and my Scouts consolidate into his Dark Reapers.

Then Brodie had to go... but I think the game could have gone either way for us. but im not sure because im very new to this so if anyone can decifer my jumbled up and probably confusing turn summaries then please tell me what you think
El moustache and his wonderific travelling spastic dream farm for 11 of the least well respected mostly fewer than eighty percent of the adventurism!!

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