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Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan 06 2010
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Default Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan 06 2010

Date of encounter please.

Done, sheesh. -FKE

Hey all, I thought I'd post one of my batreps here. I've been fairly inactive lately, but I'm playing a lot, and I'll try and post more frequently nowadays. Hope this makes up for some of my failings.

The following story is true. Keep that in mind, or nothing that follows will seem wondrous.

The list:

Badrukk's Bad Radds

Ol' Zogwort
Big Mek w/KFF, bosspole
10 Shoota Orks, Trukk w/reinforced ram
10 Shoota Orks, Trukk w/reinforced ram
10 Shoota Orks, Trukk w/reinforced ram
Deff Dread w/close combat weapons
5 MegaNobz, Trukk w/reinforced ram
8 Flash Gits, one is Painboy, all have cybork bodies, snazz guns with +1 attacks, +1 str
8 Flash Gits, one is Painboy, all have cybork bodies, snazz guns with +1 attacks, +1 str
8 Flash Gits, one is Painboy, all have cybork bodies, snazz guns with +1 attacks, +1 str, Kaptin Badrukk

The opponent:

My foe was Fargo, who was second in the circuit, and was only behind me by 2 going into the last round. He's a veteran tournament player, and this is one of his fiercest lists.

It's a hybrid jetpack blitz/rhino wall. He meltas his foes out of their vehicles, then charges with furious charge and preferred enemy. The Death Co. in Land Raider are the icing on the cake. Solid B+ list, in my opinion.

8 man Death Company, no jet packs, in Land Raider Crusader
5 man tac squad w/melta gun, rhino
5 man tac squad w/melta gun, rhino
5 man tac squad w/melta gun, rhino
10 man Veteran squad, jump packs, 2 fists
10 man Assault (maybe vets, not sure precisely) squad, jump packs, fist and melta

The mission was Dawn of War, 3 objectives One of them was placed in the center, one in the south west, one in the north east. I was playing south side (or rather, I'm orienting this batrep as though I was, as is the tradition). I had the first turn. He tried to seize, but rolled a 1.

Top 1:

In the Ork Kamp, a trukk heist was in the offing. Under cover of darkness (night fight) the Trukks rolled silently away from their owners. Zogwart, Badrukk and KeffMek chuckled to themselves as they snuck aboard, following the traitor Meganobz away from the sleeping ladz. Just imagining the look on the Boys face when they woke to find their Trukks gone made Zogwart try to Squig, but no one was in sight. They hadn't made a clean getaway, however, as Stompy the Dread was hot on their trail!.

I moved the Meganobs on in their trukk 12" in the SE, as well as the 3 empty trukks. The 3 flash git squads moved on behind the trukks and hopped in. Zogwart and the Big Mek were in the center trukk, Badrukk was in the west trukk. All 3 were SE, S of the Meganob trukk. The Deff Dread moved + ran further west than the main block, but basically moved in parallel.

Bottom 1:

North of their position, Dante led the Blood Angels to their hapless targets. They'd received intel indicating that a mob of Orks had set up a trukk station here, led by a small unit of Meganobs. None the less, their training demanded a cautious approach. They formed up in Rhino Wall formation and moved south. Despite the cover of night Dante's intuition told him that danger threatened. He ordered 2 of the Rhinos to use their smoke launchers, and sent the Assault bikes turbo boosting ahead to scout for danger.

He moved on his rhinos, formed a wall, with the Land Raider at the W end of it, directly across from me. The E and center rhino smoked. He moved his jump packers up behind it, Dante's squad was full, the other was combat squadded. One ran on the west side of the land raider, the other remained with Dante's vets behind the LR. The Bike squad boosted straight south.

Top 2:

As dawn broke the Orks became aware of the 'umie presence. They could see that these 'umies had red armor, so they knew that they'd be fast. The Meganobs jumped on the umie Bika Boyz and krumped up good, giving a great Waaaagh! The Kaptain's famous freebooters opened up on the smoking rhino wall, immobilizing each and every rhino. Da Kaptin was so excited he used all 3 of his ammo runts in his first volley. Zogwort shot a gout of green flame into the rhinos, burning some 'umies. Stompy the Dread chased after the Meganobs, but couldn't catch them.

I moved my Trukks north about 6 inches, except for the Meganob trukk, which zoomed north 12" and disembarked the Meganobs. A Waaagh sent the meganobs into charge ranged of the assault bikes, which they duly squished. Zogwart rolled a 2, kept it, and killed 2 vets and immobilized the unsmoking rhino. The flash git unit with Badrukk immobilized the center smoking rhino, the flash git unit w/zogwart + KeffMek immobilized the eastern smoking rhino, and shook it to boot. The unaccompanied flash git unit shot at the unsmoking one again, taking off it's storm bolter. Mean while the Stompy Dredd move + ran again, ending up just south of the meganobs, and 2 troop squads moved on to take the SW objective.

Bottom 2:

The immobilization of his rhino wall might have broken a lesser commander's will, but Dante was the cagey veteran of a thousand battles. He directed his veterans to the east, moving around the Land Raider out of sight of the foe. He sent the divided assault squad and the Land Raider to pepper the Meganobz with fire, but held off from the assault. The other half of the assault squad remained behind the rhinos, biding their time. He dispatched one of the rhino's crews to obliterate the ramshakle ork transport which had released the Meganobs, which they did with gusto. He got his guys working on fixing the rhinos, but to no avail.

He only moved his land raider up 6", so it could light up the Meganobs. They took a wound from a rending assault cannon shot, but made their saves. He jumped half of the assault squad up and did some bolt shooting, but to no avail. His W rhino disembarked the melta demisquad, they popped the meganob trukk.

Top 3:

Zogwort could see that the Meganobz wanted another Waaaagh! He strained, grunted, rerolled, trying to give it to them, but found himself teleported! He and his unit and KeffMek found themselves entirely across the battlefield, on the west side, in easy charge range of the 8 Vet squad w/Dante! They quickly lit them up with their snazzguns, killing 2 (would have been 3 but for Corbulo's doc-ing), then another 3 got shot down by Badrukk's unit and the Trukk's big shootas. The last Flash Git squad shot at a rhino, but made a bad job of it, doing nuthin. Stompy and the MegaNobz pushed themsleves to their limits through some terrain, and were able to multicharge the 5 umies (pastin em!) and the Land Raider, wrekkin it!

The meganobs moved around the jump packers who had shot at them, stretching for the land raider, it was 5 inches away. Zogwort tried for a Waaagh to get them in, but ended up warping his unit across the field. In danger of getting charged, I blasted away at the vests, but all my shots were AP 5, so I didn't get many. In the assault phase the meganobs made it anyway, taking out the Land raider and helping the dread with the squad, though one was lost to a preferred enemy fist.

Bottom 3:

Dante jumped out of his depleted squad, sending them to chase down the Ork psyker and his heavy weapon toting colleagues. He himself joined the Death Company and they charged into the Meganobs, slaughtering them all. Unfortunately the deserted vet squad was obliterated by Zogwort's unit, leaving them free to use their heavy weaponry. Meanwhile, the eastern Rhino was repaired, to the delight of Corbulo and the remaining marines behind the Rhino wall.

The remaining 3 vets, 2 with fists, attacked the flash gits, but took 4 wounds and utterly fluffed their saves, dying to a man at init 3 before they got to swing their fists. Meanwhile the Death Company, Dante, another demi-assault squad and the tac marines who meltaguned the trukk assaulted the Meganobs, obliterating them. The E most rhino was repaired this round.

Top 4:

Nothing could save Dante now, Zogwort locked his empty sockets on the red armored umie leader and ....Whang! Squigged! All of the Flash gits gave each other high fives. They finally found the armor piercing setting on their guns, and totally killed the little guys hiding the deff company, just in time to let Stompy through to play. He bashed 3 of em. Meanwhile the last of the trukk boys showed up.

I moved Zogwort's Flash gits forward, put a curse on Dante and squigged him. The unit shot down his 5 man squad while Badrukk gunned down the other small squad. I sent the Dread into the Death company to lock em in place, and maybe kill them. I sent the last trukk boy squad running for the center objective.

Bottom 4:

The eastern Flash gits had driven a bit too close, the last jetpack squad jumped out and popped their trukk, pinning the boys in the wreckage. The remobilized rhino drove to the eastern objective, while the cowardly Corbulo took refuge in an immobilized rhino.

Just like the fluff says

Top 5:

Zogwort called the Waaaggh! and the ladz raced up on their umie adversaries, popping both their rhinos. Stompy squished more Deff company.

Zogwart's Flash Gits charged, waaaghed (Zogwort got it this round) and popped Corbulo's vehicle. The last trukk squad assaulted the Deff company with the Death dread, killing them and remaining locked with squig-te, on the middle objective) The eastern Flash Gits stayed pinnned, Badrukk's unit moved their trukk 12", disembarked, waaaghed and charged the rhino that had taken the objective, popping it and contesting.

Bottom 5:

Corbulo fled to the last rhino standing, one step ahead of the squig hungry Zogwort. All remaining Blood Angels charged the Kaptin's unit, but he saw to em with a good orkish kikkin. The umies gave it up and ran off.

Fargo triple charged Kaptin Badrukk's unit (after shooting 2 to death) with a 5 man assault squad with fist, and 2 5 man tac squads. He was getting furious charge from Corbulo's ability. He did 12 wounds with his basic attacks, only one got through though. The Ladz swung back and killed 3. He got 2 fist wounds then, but both made no impression on the Cyborks. He gave it up after this.

So there you have it. Flash Gits and Zogwort crushed a blood angels army in a 2k game, winning at least 2 objectives to one/none, with a tabling in the offing if it went 7 rounds. We lost one unit of 5 Meganobs, and two trukks. Obliteration!
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan xx 2010

Good to see you around again, and playing Orks instead of those weedy tineads. Good to see such an unorthodox list do well. Love the fact that you squigged Dante. Last battle I had against him, I caused 20+ wounds to him in one round and he made all his saves.
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan xx 2010

Just a question. Since Zogwort is part of the unit, can he cast a power and him, and his unit, still run?
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan xx 2010

It depends on the power. None of them are a shooting attack, but a few of them make him behave "as though he has shot a weapon", and consequently he wouldn't be able to run.
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan 06 2010

I would get a copy of the Ork FAQ:

Q. Which Weirdboy psychic power is a psychic
shooting attack?
A. Frazzle and Zzap (though they include a few
exceptions to the normal shooting rules, as
specified in their description).
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan 06 2010

So, yeah, he can't run if he frazzles or zaps.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Freebootahz vs. Blood Angels (2K) -- Jan 06 2010

I like that list even though Flash Gitz aren't supposed to be very good you did very well with them. Out of interest how has this list done against others? Or are you going to post more reports of it. Also was this a tournament? If so how did you do?
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