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WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850, 1/3/10)

Hi All,
A new year brings in New Grumgutz!
This one is an old fashioned brawl between Grimskull and the Tzeench marines.
Mech madness all around with lots of smashing!
There's a bit of fluff thrown in there as well.



P.S. As always, C&C is greatly appreciated. Oh, and it may be in a few posts, as I don't think I'll be able to get it up in one go! But, please enjoy anyway!

WAARGH Grumgutz Alterate 64 "Grimskull's Gobsmashas" (1850pts) 72 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Vehicles, 3 Artillary; 13KPs
Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha (Warboss w/HA, PK, Cybork Body)
Big Mek Wingnut w/KFF
Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole (BW Ded. Transport, Counts as Troop)
'Ard Boyzx19 w/PK Nob, BP
Shootazx30 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx3
MegaNobzx4 (Kombi-Skorchasx2)
Wartrukk (Trukk w/Ram, RPJ, Big Shoota, Boarding Plank; Dedicated Transport)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota; Dedicated Transport)
Da Big Red Cheez ((BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota)
BigToof (DeffDread with total 3 CCW, Skorcha; Counts as Troop)
BigToof's Steelgrots (Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas)
Kannonsx3 w/Runtherd

Tzeench "Gifted" Forces(1850pts): 32 Infantry, 2 Walkers, 3 Vehicles; 11 KPs
Chaos Sorcerer w/ Gift of Chaos, Warptime
Chaos Sorcerer w/ Gift of Chaos, Warptime
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Rhino w/Extra Armor with Combi-Melta
Rhino w/Extra Armor with Combi-Melta
Rhino w/Extra Armor
Defiler w/ extra CCW
Defiler w/ extra CCW


"... and I do believe I have found what appears to be the entrance to the Tomb of Nazzeroth after all."

Soft footsteps echoed in the massive Imperial ruins, ancient stones grinding together. The slender woman poking through the broken city adjusted her lightstick and continued recording.

"It does appear that the records we found in the old heretic's crawlspace were actually fairly accurate. Rather surprsing in a way."

She brushed aside a bit of ash-covered film from a strange, jagged outcropping of rock. Peering down, she was able to make out imprinted runes that seemed both familiar and sinister, in about equal quantities.

"And it appears to be untouched. How fortuitous."

The woman then concentrated, and a soft flare of energy rolled from her fingertips into the stone, which seemed to glow in response. The stone rolled and shook, and beams of light seemed to radiate from the stone, as a hidden panel creaked open revealing a shimmering crystal, larger than a man's chest, set deep into the stonework.

She was about to reach for the stone when she heard a rather odd noise: applause.
She whirled around to see a huge, armored figure, wearing blue and yellow runed armor.

"And you, my dear, are simply, as always, marvelous."


"The name is actually Incantus Spellweaver now. The Changer of Ways has given me my true name."

The woman smiled. "Tzeench can call you whatever he likes. You'll always be Maldred, the funny little Librarian who always had that embarrassing itch in the..."

"Enough!" roared the Chaos Sorcerer. "I will not be insulted by the likes of you. But I must admit I am impressed. For centuries the best minds of the Imperium have been unable to find the Tomb, but with a few... proddings in the right direction, you came to it straight away. That's what I've always liked about you Agatha. Your... predictability."

The Sorcerer motioned, and Agatha looked around as a number of small portals to the warp opened, and the armored forms of Tzeentch Thousand Sons Chaos Marines began to march out. The eerily quiet warriors brandished runed Bolters that seemed to glow with some kind of malicifent energy. Energy that could easily rend a mortal man limb from limb. A normal man in this situation would have begged for mercy.

But, noted Lady Agatha Brimstone of the Inquisition, that would seem rather... improper. After all, Maldred's only probably halfway through his banter at this point, he probably has quite a bit saved up over the years.

"And where, may I ask is that little scuttling... companion of yours? I thought she was attached to you like a stain."

Agatha shrugged. "Oh, I'm certain you'll see her again, Maldred." She glanced around at the unmoving horde. "I'm glad to see you've finally found an audience who won't flee from your plethora of social faux pas."

"You... you... you're staring down the barrels of death, woman! Won't that at least shut you up?!"

"Doubtful, Maldred, doubtful. After all, I'm not the one in the tight situation here."

The Chaos Sorcerer sputtered, "You're not the one in the... You..."

The Inquisitor nodded. "You see, I'd have to be a complete idiot not to realize that the situation was being manipulated. Hidden information lost for centuries suddenly dropped in my lap? Clues thrown in my way without the need for any real exertion? In fact, you'd better be worried, as you're about to have company... Right about..."

Suddenly, a loud comm on the Chaos Sorcerer's arm barked to life. "My lord! We have contacts! Xenos! It looks like Orks!"

"Orks!" roared the Sorcerer. "On the eve of my greatest victory? How dare they..."

He then paused, looked over, and saw the empty space that once held the Inquisitor. Snarling in frustration, the Chaos Sorcerer yelled into his comm. "I don't know how she did it, but she's done it again! Get the Thousand Sons ready. We'll take down the savages and then find her! She won't escape me so easily!"


Big Mek Wingnut smirked, looking down the hood of his Battlewagon. The strange Kommando had been dead-on right. He nodded at Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha, who was all but falling out of his Battlewagon with excitement. The strange blue Spikey Boyz had run away from Grumgutz a while back, and the Warlord was itching to finally pin them down for a good smashing. When the Kommando came in and told the Warlord that he had seen them, everyone in the camp knew that a proper mugging was about to be given out.

Wingnut nodded. It was also a good thing to get Grimskull out of the camp, as the massive Warboss (having been encouraged by his new "position" as "#1 Warboss") was getting a little out of hand, and needed somthing to smash before any real damage to the Orkish settlement was done.


Squinting in the twilight, Wingnut could make out a few blue Beakie Wagons and Kans heading out of a hummie ruin. It would be a good fight. Lucky enough it was going to be theirs!


Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Setup: Spearhead
Terrain: Ruins

Pre-Game Thoughts: Huh, now this is going to be interesting. I've played the Tzeench-ites a few times now, and they are DEADLY vs. Elites, and don't give two dead squigs about PKs.
Now Grimskulls army? A lot of big elites... with a middling Toughness. Oh this could be bad...


To Be Continued!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

The Ruins are scattered rather nicely, with a few big pieces in the back. The Objectives are sprinkled nicely, two to the left, two to the right and one big one near the center.
The CSM win the roll to go first and take it, making sure to take the quarter with all of the big pieces.
They deploy two of their Rhinos behind a big patch of cover, the third to the left, and the Obliterators in cover near the center.
The CS's were in the two Rhinos with a pack of Thousand Sons each, making sure to take the two Rhinos with Combi-Meltas.
The Defilers were placed behind the single Rhino, far in the backfield.

Picture Caption: Hmm, Oblits are pretty far forward. Bait? Maybe?...

The Orks setup as best as they could, with the Kannons near the fore in cover, with the Battlewagons behind them, sandwiched in with the Dread, Kans and Trukk.
The Lootas stayed to the backfield, making sure to get a good view of the situation.
And the Shoota horde filled up most of the rest of the space...

Picture Caption: Yeah, we're pretty well packed in there.

The Orks fail to seize the initiative (to this date, in my 50+ matches with the Orks, I have NEVER once seized. It's nice to see that things are still consistant).

Turn 1: CSM
The Tzeenchites don't move very much at all, with the left Rhino moving into the patch of cover hiding the other two Rhinos. (This is called the lure for a really good reason)
The Defilers both poked their heads out and fired, killing 5 Shootas.
The Obliterators tried a few Lascannon shots at Da Beast, but missed.

Turn 1: Orks
The Wartrukk flared forward, zipping into cover in front of the Kannons.
The two Battlewagons also moved forward, making sure to stay out of Defiler charge range.
The Kans and Deffdread also moved forward.
Shooting was a bit protracted, but profitable, as the Lootas and Shootas immobilized the front CS Rhino and sheared off it's Combi-Melta.
The Kannons tried a pot-shot at the Defilers, but were just out of range.

Turn 2: CSM
Well, the Orks were getting closer, but the CSMs didn't seem to care that much.
The Defilers pulled back a bit, firing at the Trukk, but one shot missed entirely, and the other was blocked by the KFF!
The Obliterators fired at BigToof (the BANE of a Gift of Chaos List), but none managed to even get a glance! (Go Ninja Dread, go!)

Turn 2: Orks
The Trukk roared forward 13" and stopped... an inch from the Rhino in cover (You know what's going to happen!)
Da Beast rolled forward and dropped out the Nobz in front of the Obliterators (Heck, why not?)
Grimskull rolled forward, looking warily at the fighting going on.
The Kans and BigToof kept moving up as well.
Shooting was still pretty good, as the Lootas and Shootas nipped off the Combi-Melta of the Second Rhino, and the Kannons missed entirely!
Assault was interesting as Grimskull sounded his WAARGH! and the Nobz ran up into the face of the Obliterators!

Picture Caption: Get ready to eat it Oblits! (This couldn't possibly go wrong. No. Never.)

The Trukk shook a bit as the Boarding Plank decended and out popped a MANZ, running forward and exploded the Rhino! (YAY! Buckle their swash and avast with their booty!)
Assault was fairly ugly, as two Nobz died, but so did all of the Obliterators (a fair trade?)

Turn 3: CSM
The Tzeenchites then popped out their gifty ways and turned one of the Klaw Nobz into a Spawn (gah!).

Picture Caption: I'z told ya not ta eat dat Fuzzy Squig!

The only mobile Rhino rolled forward and the occupants got out, eager for MANZ blood!
They fired, well, everything at the Trukk, managed a few glances that took off the big shoota and shook the Trukk... but that was all!
The Tzeench player threw up his hands, and then decided that he wasn't done with that Trukk yet! (Vendettas come easy to some people).

The two squads then assaulted the Trukk (!)

Picture Caption: When this Trukk's a rockin', don't come a knockin'!

They managed to glance the Trukk a good number of times, but in the end, they only managed to immobilize it...
The other Defiler tried to fleet in and get the Nobz, but it was just short... (Bless the 3" climbing rules!)
Oh, and the Spawn attacked its former teammates, but got a bunch of Klaw in its face.

Turn 3: Orks
Now it's time to start things up! The Fab Four were slatheringly mad. The Tzeench-boyz had done something that no-one with any sense had ever done: They'd gone and knocked the spinny rims off their Trukk!
The MegaNobz leaped out, eager to start some havok. The Nobz also dropped down from their high perch.

Wingnut then, goaded on by Grimskull, plowed at the Defiler that had failed to assault the Nobz!
The Defiler tried to Death or Glory... but failed! It took 8 penetrating hits that ended up exploding the Dread, taking down a Thousand Son with it and warming up some of the Nobz next to them (yes it was that big of a boom).

Shooting was again fairly spot on, as the Lootas immobilized the last mobile Rhino (no Rhinos working now!). The Shootas held firm (not much to shoot at), and the Kannons managed to knock the Storm bolter off the Rhino holding the Chaos Sorcerer's squad.

Oh, and BigToof ran up as well.

Then... it was Skorcha time! The MANZ let loose with 2 massive Skorchas hitting 7 of the bunched up Marines... TWICE. 4 of the Marines fell, including the Aspiring Sorcerer! The Kans fired into the belabored group as well, and two more Rubric marines bit the dust (or returned to dust?).
The Nobz tried the same, but were only able to take down two of the Tzeenchites (sniff).

Then assault began and it was ugly. The Chaos Sorcerer hit first, taking down the Painboy, but the rest of the army failed to otherwise harm the Nobz!
The Meganobz took a good deal of a beating, but without force weapons (which were handily tied up by the regular Nobz), the Tzeenchites couldn't do much.
24 Klaw attacks (and some No retreat wounds) later, only a few Tzeench marines were left.

Picture Caption: Wow, that's a lotta krumpin'.

At this point, it was getting a bit late, and the Tzeench player decided to call it a night. Clearly, he wasn't getting anywhere near an objective (and BigToof and the Kans were coming in next round), and the Orks had three readily in hand (Grimskull was parked on one, and the Ork blobs held one each).

Picture Caption: Guys? Guys? I could probably get an assault in... Guys? Hello? Where is everybody going?

Result: Ork Victory!

Post-Game Thoughts: Wow, that was really quite ugly. I was sure it was going to go pear shaped on me, especially with those Defilers (who look suspiciously like Soul Grinders...), but it seems things turned out well in the end.
Highlights included getting to use the Boarding Plank (Yay!), going balls-out to Deff-Roll the Defiler and watching the Trukk suffer through an amazing amount of glances to finally get immobilized. Just amazing, really.


Warboss Grimskull was having a lot of fun. He was lining up his Battlewagon to roll down the other big Dread when suddenly, the large Spikey Dread shimmered and vanished.
Grimskull snarled, roared and swore when he saw the rest of the battered Beakies do the same!
No wonder Grumgutz hated these guys!

Far away on an outcropping, Lady Agatha Brimstone put down her Auspex. Yes, it looks like the Orks did what Orks did best, and Maldred flittered away with his tail between his legs.
Looking up, she nodded silent thanks to the quiet lithe figure dressed all in skin-tight black.
They'd need a bit of help getting the crystal out now, what with Orks and Chaos now running around the area, but it was only a matter of time...
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

Oh, and in case anyone wonders what Agatha is going to do next:

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

You ninja'd my post about incorporating your new army into the Ork fluff; I like it. Could make for some interesting scenarios where she's using the Orks, unknowing of course, to further the goals of the Inquisition.

Ouch some blurry pics there. You really have to stand perfectly still when taking them, which is hard to do when you are playing and not wanting to waste a ton of time with cameras.

I haven't played against defilers before, but seeing as they were soul grinders I wasn't sure how they compared. I know my boyz always have problems with soul grinders.

Love the beating that trukk took. When you finally make it you'll have to add some extra armor bitz on it, or a protection glyph. What type of trukk are you building, or are you just waiting to buy one?
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

Well done!

I just love the feeling when you roll a full squad of meganobz into some beakies. Sadly for you they happened to be the one type of beaky that wear 4++ saves. Still, looks like you krumped him good.

Of course, it helps when your opponent helpfully bunches a couple squads near an Iron Trukk, which is clearly what you have there.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3

Nice report there, the Defiler took 8 penetrating hits turn 3 how did that happen? As far as I can tell all you done was deffrolla it ;D
Also I see that this report was a little light on fluff for you, Hope its not going to say that way......

Apart from that great read and as always I look forward to reading more.

Edit, Btw who is this Agatha? Am I missing something, Is it Ex-Farseer Lorilune? Am confused
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

Thanks for the reply!
Re: Cameras
Yeah, it's still a new thing for this old dog. It might look nice on my phone, but when I upload it later, it's entirely rubbish.
The partial overhead shots are the hardest, as you have to angle it and there's no support for your hand.

Soul Grinders are just far nastier than Defilers (but more expensive), as they are front AR13(!). That alone makes them nasty. Defilers have a Battle Cannon on them, so that makes them pretty nasty as well, and are pretty cheap for what you get (a fleeting, daemon-possessed Walker with big guns). Still, they're not quite the nastiness that is the Soul Grinder, who pretty much has everything you could ask for! (fleet, big guns, bigger gun, Deep-Striking!)

Re: Trukk
The Trukk is going to be a full-on Wartrukk at some time, I'm waiting for Bitz so I can make it decent. I noticed you used boats, but are they the same size as a GW Trukk? I'm a horrid modeler, so I tend to use GW bitz more...

As for the Fluff, glad you liked the hook!
Agatha is going to be around for sure, and just because you asked:

"Grimskull, Agent #001 of the Inquisition! Have Klaw will Travel!"

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

I have once, just ONCE done the bad thing of assaulting a vehicle with a bunch of boyz and then wincing as the enemy saunters over and flames them all to death. (Is it that hard to consolidate after hitting a vehicle??)
It's nice to see it work for the Orks for a change

The Trukk usually dies a horrible death rather quickly, but in this game, it just soaked up so much firepower it wasn't funny.
My opponent thought that he had a sure-fire opportunity when I got close, but he didn't count on the Boarding Plank! (avast!)
I think if Deffrollas are ever made non-vehicle harming, then I'll have to put planks on everything. I mean, it's a hoot!

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

Great game there Bigtoof, I'm glad to see the two armies converging with Agatha, I don't know how I missed that.
Anyway, I don't know what I could say that I haven't said before but bad luck with stealing the initiative, I'm sure you'll manage it some day. Maybe with Lorilune.

Right, Job's a good un!

By the way, you ninjad me twice while I was writing this!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines in "Raiders of the Lost Mech!" (1850,1/3/10)

The Deffrolla kills Walkers straight out (that is, if your club lets you use them on them).
If the Death or Glory fails, then it's 2d6 hits to the rear armor (usually 10). I rolled 8 hits=8 pens=KABOOM!

Re: The Fluff
Glad you're liking it. But a little light?
I guess compared to the past pair of fluff-heavies that I made for the holidays, but I'm glad to see that the bar has been now set so well
Oh, and Agatha is what we like to call a "hook" http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SequelHook
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