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Tau vs Chaos December 29 2009 Who says Tau are bad at close combat?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau vs Chaos December 29 2009 Who says Tau are bad at close combat?

So a friend came over and we decided to try out a mission in one of his white dwarfs. (sorry this is chaos again hopfully tomorrow I'll be facing a new army) The mission was dawn raid, which spilts the battefield into four quarters having an objective in each quarter except for the attacker also one in the center. I become the attacker so I can field my new piranha. Attacker fields troops and fast attack, defender fields heavys and troops. The game took around 4 hours with the points being 2300 my full army for fun.


Shas'o PR,FB,Shield,HWMT, Stiminjector
Body guard: 1 Shas'vre with PR,FB,MT

Ethereal+Body guard

6 Stealth suits 1 fusion blaster

2 crisis suits Twin linked flamer drone controller 2 shield drones iridum armour and failsafe ( experimental suit)
Burst Cannon, Missile Pod Mt (experimental suit)

2 crisis suits Missile Pod ,PR, MT
PR CIB MT (experimental suit means I have not decided what to put on this suit)

16 Kroot, Shaper , 8 Hounds

12 firewarriors squad leader 2 carbines each fw has an emp grenade

Devilfish Distruption pods

Piranha Decoy launchers, Distruption Pods, targeting array, and fusion blaster, 2 seeker missiles

8 pathfinders 2 rail rifles one leader
Devilfish Distruption pods

6 vespid 1 is the stingwing leader

2 BroadSides 1 with twin-linked plasma rifles 1 with multi-tracker 1 with target lock and 2 shield drones

Hammerhead railgun ,burstcannons, Disruption pods

Skyray smart missiles, disruption pods

Total somewhere around 2300

Kharn the betrayer

Dreadnought plasma cannon

Terminators 1 with heavy flamer 4 with power or chain fists terminartor lord with deamon weapon

10 Chaos space marnies: 1 with heavy bolter 1 with missile launcher and a champion

9 Berzerkers Kharn attached 1 power weapon champion

9 Berzerkers champion power weapon

5 berzerkers 1 with power fist plasma pistol

5 marines with a champion dupped headless harry.

2 rhinos

10 Chaos Gaurdsmen with 2 flamers and 2 grenade launchers (this was just for fun so i didnt mind)


Predator Heavy bolters auto cannon

Land raider with lascannons heavy bolter and a havoc launcher

2 obliterators

+ Greater daemon

So 1 objective in the middle one in a forest and 2 parellel two chaos firing line 12 inches apart.

So we changed the rules a bit and forgot about night fighting rules so in the deployment was kharn in a landraider with the 9 berzerkers and my ethereal with the bodyguard.

The kroot go in the forest where the objective is the firewarriors stay in their devil fish right of the Ethereal the ethereal is hiding behind a wall with his guard, and the pathfinder devilfish stays behinde the ethereal with the piranha as close as to the enemy as possible. The vespid hide behind the firewarrior devilfish. Chaos depoyls with the predator hiding behinde a small wall it can see over with 2 obliterators beside it. The marines with the missile launcher stay on their objective while the landraider goes opposite of my piranha with 2 rhinos beside it. The chaos guard make a wall for the marines. (darn you cannon fodder)

Turn 1
Tau go first also in the scout move the pathfinders deployed so they can see the rhinos and the landraider. The Piranha discovers it can't zoom behinde the rhinos so it turbo boosts beside them. The firewarrior devilfish moves to try to help claim the objective parellel to the objective of chaos deployment. Vespid follow the devilfish. The kroot begin eating leftovers and do nothing for most of the game. Shooting sees the pathfinders lighting up a rhino with 2 markerlights and use one to fire off a seeker missile and lower its cover from marines beside it making it 5+ cover the missile fails to hit.

The lander raider zooms to the corner of my deployment followed by the rhino with headless harry. The rhino with 9 berzerkers goes to the middle objective followed by the chaos guard. The rest of the army shoots failing to do damge to the pirranah. Only the 9 berzerkers and guard shoot at the pathfinders killing 4. The 5 berzerkers with a powerfist destroy the piranha in assault and kill the drones. Rhinos also pop smoke.

Turn 2
Everything comes in expect the stealth suits and CIB crisis suits. The shas'o deploys 12 inches from the berzerker squad that killed the piranha and the flamer suit landers perfectly beside the missle marines. The broadsides look the landraider from 12 inches away (no where else to deploy) the skyray is left of the ethereal with the hammerhead being right of said ethereal. Shooting sees the left over pathfinders lighting up the 9 zerkers with 3 marklights and the rail rifle kills a guardsman they pass their pinning. The vespid use the marklights to get better BS and fire killing 3 with the etheral bodyguard killing 2 and the hammerhead killing 1 with submuntion rounds which moved and killed 3 pathfinders. (darn scattering wildly) The Shas'o's squad kills all but 1 marine with the powerfist. The broadsides aim and shoot the clouds...the sky ray launchers a seeker missile killing 1 marine and fails to hurt the guradsmen. The flamer crisis suit squads fails to kill anyone. The vespid charge the last remaing zerkers and lose 1 of them number but stay in combat.

The dreadnought comes in as well as the greater daemon but not the terminators. The landraider zooms and deploys its cargo surronding the broadsides and the rhino behind it deploys its troops behind the landraider. The missile squad fires with the obliterators and the preator to kill all but 1 crisis suit. The dread is sane this turn and shoots the side amour of the devilfish with the fw wreaking it. The guardsmen meanwhile charge the vespid, the vespid kills 1 guradsman and loses 1 more. Kharn the betrayer....a great friend to the tau charges the broadsides and can only kill 2 of his own zerkers with the sheild drones saving multiple wounds and causing the broadsides to lose no wounds, with the rest of the zerker sqaud failing to hurt the broadsides (dont want to make kharn look bad) The broadsides hit back causing 2 un saved wounds on kharn. The greater daemon (aka cluddles) charges the shas'o and causes 2 wounds the shas'o takes both.

Turn 3
The other crisis suits come in but the stealth suits fail to come themselves. The FW hide behinde a wall getting closer to an objective. The crisis suits walk in beside headless harry. The hammerhead misses the rhino by middle objective. The skyray marks headless harry and together the crisis suits kill all 5 marines. The single pathfinder fails to mark the rhino the hammerhead shot at and the devilfish movse to the center objective. (kroot hear a noise and then start looking around) The kroot stay where they are. The ethereal moves away from the broadside combat. The Shas'o puts 2 wounds on the greater daemon who in return does zero and takes 2 fearless wounds bringing it down to 1 wound. The vespid kill no one and lose 1 more of them number but stay in the combat. The Broadsides meanwhile take 2 wounds from kharn who kills another one of his squad mates. The rest of the zerkers kill 1 broadside and 1 shield drone.

Terms dont come in this turn. The dread fires and kill all the firewarriors. The missile squad takes out the devilfish near the middle objective wreaking it. The rhino near the middle objective moves away to help shoot the crisis suits who killed headless harry. The obliterator move and shoot the hammerhead so it cant move or shoot this turn. The preadator does nothing. The dread moves towards the shas'o combat firing at the kroot who go to ground the landraider also shoots the kroot and kills 1. Combat: The combinded might of the marines and gurad finally make the vespid flee off the board. The broadsides finally die and kharn leaves his zerker squad (the berzerkers cheer when he leaves hoping no more of them will die to ...accidental axe injuries) Kharn then goes consodilates to the ethereal. The greater daemon kills the shas'o's bodygaurd no more wounds happen and the shas'o stays in the fight.

Turn 4
The stealth suits finally come in and shoot at kharn doing nothing. The honour guard rapid fires kharn and does nothing. (Darn you kharn and your super amour) The skyray plus the crisis suits shoot at the zerkers leaving 3 alive and I forget to move them so they can escape being charged. The Shas'o combat continues to have no effect hooza.

The single pathfinder gets assualted by the guradsman who cause no wounds in shooting and is killed. The berzerkers charge and kill 2 drones which came off the devilfish near the objective and kill them, consolidating towards the objective. The obliterators destroy the hammerhead and the 3 zerkers kill the 2 crisis suits. The dread charges in and togther with cuddles finally kills the shas'o the consildate towards the kroot. Kharn charges the ethereal and kills 7 fire warriors, and a miricle happened. The body guard hit with 1 attack and wound with 1 attack killing kharn hooza! The missile squad makes a line and now hold 2 objectives. The landraider kills the stealth suits.

Turn 5:
I have kroot, a skyray, an etheral with a depleted guard and 1 gun drone who I forgot to mention survied being shot at after it came off the fw devilfish. We have a few more minutes so we do one more turn even though I have lost. The shooting phase proves useless but another miracle happens. The lone gun drones charges and kills the greater daemon in close combat... and the mechanicus hate A.I.

Terms come in and shoot the kroot and kill no one. The rest of my forces are destroyed only my kroot remain.

Tau 1 objective Chaos 3

Chaos victory

Chaos M.V.P The marines who held off the middle objective survied the most firepower and attacks this game.

Tau M.V.P.... The Tau preformed amazingly in close combat this game so its a 4 way tie between the broadsides the shas'o, the ethereals bodyguard and the lone drone who dared!

Hopfully tomorrow I will face another army then Chaos. If I do I will post the attle report here and if not well I will face chaos again...and again...and again.

I did a bit of editing clear up some of the biggest typos. Granted the spell checker might not be working for you, but some of the mistake was probably due to the fact you were not paying much attention or typing too fast.
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos December 29 2009 Who says Tau are bad at close combat?

Overall it's pretty a interesting read, however I got a few questions about your list.

You crisis suits seems illegal:
-First team: Do both of them have iridium and failsafe detonator or only the Shas'vre?? If so did you pay for the shas'vre.
-Second team: the one with the CIB did you upgrade himto Shas'vre or not? If not it's not a legal suit.

Your broadside: was one upgraded to shas'vre or team leader? If not how can they have shield drones. And mixing SMS and PR in the seame team doesn't really all that effective.

I got a couple more concerns about your list, but I'll leave it here for now.
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos December 29 2009 Who says Tau are bad at close combat?

A very well written report Zaul congrats on a close game!
As i read it i thought it could have swung either way many times and was a very suspenseful game.

So thankyou for posting your battle report here for everyone to read
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau vs Chaos December 29 2009 Who says Tau are bad at close combat?

First of all thank you Bonegurad for fixing my seplling. (on purpose this time)

For the crisis suits only the Shas'vre had the upgrades and the other crisis suit was a Shas'vre. Ill right that in the army description next time. For the Broadsides I think I made a mistake with the shield drones so sorry about that and I with you on how the SMS and PR together are ineffective I'm changing it to all the broadsides having SMS. If you have any more concerns about my list I would be happy to answer. I'm still new at this and I can use all the help I can get. Also thanks for replies.
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