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Assault on Ikara V part 2 -1000 points - December xx, 2009
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Assault on Ikara V part 2 -1000 points - December xx, 2009

Lists 1k :

Farseer on jetbike
4 warlocks
5 guardian jetbikes
5 guardian jetbikes
1 fp
1 fp

Shaso Anuva, shield gen, hw mt, hw dc, 1 sd, PR, Mpod
3 stealth suits
1 crisis team leader w array, PR, Mpod, Hw MT
1 crisis team leader w array, PR, Mpod, Hw MT
10 fw-Squad Auran
10 fw + fish +Pod-Squad Gara
10 kroot
1 broadside w Bf
1 railhed w bursts +pods+multitracker

"Alright I want the perimiter secrued in 2 decs, reinforcements are arriving as I speak, along with earth caste medics for the wounded, and also to repair any damaged equipement we may have" Anuva declared to his cadre, who had proven themselves fearsome warriors in the last battle, Squad Auran carried out the injured of Squad Gara to a single area as earth caste medics rushed from the orca drop ships to aid them.

The stealth team and Kroot once again scouted ahead, finding another ruin in between two wrecked pillars, the kroot took advantage of this and hid themselves amongst the ruins whilst the stealth team peered out from behind the ruins, communicating with the commander the details of the location, one of the spotting something off in the distance... "Something is comming commander, it appears to be some kind of hovering bike squad...."

Tau take the initiative

Capture and control. both me and my opponent place our objectives in our rightmost corner

Tau turn 1-

The reinforced squad Gara stould by with their wounded at the tent as Shaso Anuva ordered the army to move forwards, this time to wait in ambush for the enemy to come, the battlesuits jumped forwards, the broadside battlesuit the only one to stay behind to protect squad gara, and shoot inbetween the pillars.

Eldar turn 1-No one comes in


Tau turn 2-The cadre quickly moved forwards, the crisis battlesuits reaching the ruins and putting their backs to it, peering out of either side in preparation for what was to come. The devilfish hid with them, the hammerhead sitting a little farther back.

Eldar turn 2- Suddenly the farseer and her entourage of warlocks cruised onto the battlefield, turboboosting boldy up to the tau lines whilst various psycic powers were used upon them, making them much more amazingly resilient than they would appear to be


Tau turn 3: Leeping from cover, the stealthsuits and battlesuits opened fire upon the jetbikes, squad auran leaping from their transport and opening fire aswell, amazingly, after the barrage of fire, a single warlock died!

Notes: I HATE eldar armies, rerollable 3+ armour saves, rerollable 4+ invul saves, and rerollable 3+ cover saves when turbo boosting? They are invincible!!!!! And dont get me started on their psycic powers......

Eldar turn 3- As reinforcements of both jetbike squadrons and a fire prism came to the aid of the farseer, she cast a mighty blast upon the devilfish, spinning it around and causing havoc on the fire warriors below, her warlock entourage let loose witht heir own psycic abilities, killing or injuring all but 4 of squad auran, who desperately held their ground. Then the jetbike riding warriors rushed forwards into the stealth suits, cutting one down with their witchblades. A blast from the falcon slew a battlesuit.


Tau turn 4:

Realizing the threat of the jetbikes, the squad of kroot jumped from the ruins and assaulted the warlocks and farseer. Shaso anuva and the other crisis suit lept from cover whilst the fire warriors of team Auran jumped aboard their devilfish and rushed over to claim the high ground (cp) that the eldar were protecting, the hammerhead moved up to see the fire prism, firing into its back armour (yay mt!!!) and blowing off it's weapon and immobilizing it. In a flurry of plasma fire Shaso Anuva and the other crisis suit managed to destroy and entire squad of jetbikes while the broadside destroyed the immobilized fire prism. In the assault, the kroot managed to kill all the warlocks, the farseer staying to fight on.

Eldar turn 4: As the jetbikes fired at anuva, they managed to destroy his gun drone and have a shuriken pierce his right arm before rushing at him with blades. The second fire prism came in a blew the devilfish asunder, Squad Auran leaping out just in time to control the objective. In the assault, the farseer slew one kroot, but the stubborn creatures refused to retreat. Shaso Anuva was hit with the full force of a charging jetbike (2 wounds left). He dug his battlesuits feet into the ground as the jetbike pushed him backwards. Suddenly he turned his jetpack on, and, angling himself towards the rider, flew over the jetbike, kicking the rider with the battlesuits metal foot and incapacitating him. Landing, he spun and fired his plasma rifle at point blank range, slaying another.

Tau objectives:2

Tau turn 5: The hammerhead gunship engaged it's thrusters and flew over behind the prism, its railgun blasting off it's main weapon whilst the broadside finished the job with the help of missile pods from the only other crisis suit. The farseer once again slew another kroot, and once again the stubborn things held. Shaso anuva engaged his jetpacks once again, flipping over the blades of the 3 eldar before landing and spinning, both eldar killed by the metal arms of the huge battlesuit.

with only 2 eldar left alive, the farseer and the last remainign gaurdian sped away from the combat, fleeing for their pitiful lives from the unbelievable power of the greater good. The warriors of Anuva's Assault Cadre were happy to ablige, the warriors cheering as they saw their enemies flee before rushing out once again to help the wounded...the work of a fire warrior is never done.


The eldar player conceded, I think the way he played was kind of boring in the fact that when everyone was in reserve, he wasted almost 3 turns.
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