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Assault on Ikara V -1000 points - December xx, 2009
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Assault on Ikara V -1000 points - December xx, 2009

Date of encounter please

Shaso shield gen, hw mt, hw dc, 1 sd, PR, Mpod
3 stealth suits
1 crisis team leader w array, PR, Mpod, Hw MT
1 crisis team leader w array, PR, Mpod, Hw MT
10 fw-team alpha
10 fw + fish +Pod
10 kroot
1 broadside w Bf
1 railhed w bursts +pods+multitracker

4 termies
Land raider
5 plague marines
8 berserkers + Aspiring champion

Shas'o Anuva looked out the windows from the hovering manta ship above the planet Ikara V. The planet was habitable, a good place for the colonies of the tau empire, but other races had already made their home upon it's soil. Aunva had set his eyes upon the planet, for it would be needed to advance the plans of the tau empire in the name of the greater good. The water caste had tried to negotiate with the races, only to have their envoys brutally slaughtered. So, naturally, the ethereals had turned to viorla for assistance, and they had sent Anuva's Assault Cadre an army of new recruits ready to prove themselves in battle.

He spoke through the intercom "Listen up! Our first assignment is to clear a landing zone for reinforcements, were not sure what is down there, but we are going to scout it out! Everyone in the orca drop ships"

Quickly and efficiently the army gathered in their proper drop ships, unsure about what was to happen next, as they had yet to be in actual combat, and had only just gone through training together.

Immediately the telltale signs that the orca's had launched were felt by the cadre, the sudden drop quickly turning into a slow decent into the world below.

The landing went according to plan and smoothly, the tau cadre landing in a strange place. A huge crater was forward on the right, probably from a the manta's prior bombardment. There was a ruin up ahead, although it seemed unoccupied, and a small cluster of broken down walls to the right.

Anuva was quick to issue orders "Stealth team! Take the carnivores and scout ahead!"

(infiltrate) Quickly the stealth suits and the kroot headed off into the crater, peering out towards the ruins....which contained 5 plague marines! Looking farther, a land raider and a vindicator were hidden.

"Commander! We have enemy hostiles, they seem to be some sort of marines" the stealth suit leader (fake) whispered through the intercom before suddenly screaming "shtlk! They've seen us!"

Chaos turn 1-capture and control, mine was placed at the far right side of my half guarded by 10 fire warriors and his was unguarded (biggest mistake) at his right side.

Immediately an explosion rocked the kroot, killing 3 of them before they even had time to react, a blast from the land raider slamming into the hull of the hammerhead, but failing to do any damage at all.

Tau turn 1

"Move up, get clear firing positions!" screamed Anuva through the intercom. the devilfish and the hammerhead zooming over to the crater while he and his suits advanced, the kroot and the stealth suits spreading out incase another blast came their way.

Suddenly twp explosions that rang everyones ears came out as the broadside and the hammerhead targetted the land raider, which, very surprisingly, watched as the railguns simply bounced off its hull!

"Fire at the plague marines!"
With a volley of fire from plasma rifles and missile pods from all three suits, a single plague marine died, the cover serving them well....

Objectives:Tau 1

chaos turn 2:Suddenly the land raider roared to life, coming to a stop several feet from the hammerhead and releasing the berserkers, who rushed at the tank infront of them intent on ripping it apart. Another shot from the vindicator rang out and 3 fire warriors of squad delta. who were controlling the objective, died in the inferno.

The berserkers ripped at the hammerhead, causing slight damage everywhere before the aspiring champion jumped up and ripped the railgun right off of the hull!

Tau turn 2:

"Take those hostiles out before they get to cover!"

Immediately the Battlesuits encircled the berserkers whilst the kroot and fire warriors moved up to get in maximum efficiency distance for their superior weapons, the devilfish zoomed forwards, closing in on the objective whilst the stealth suits took cover beside it.


Immediately the broadsides railgun shot rang out once again, merely bouncing off the from armour of the land raider.

The two battlesuits shot viciously into the crowd of marines, downing 3 with their plasma rifles and 1 with their missile pod. Squad beta fired and killed another 3 whilst the kroot added 1 more. Commander Anuva spun and shot his plasma rifle into the lone aspiring champion, the warrior crumpling to the ground.

A voice entered anuva's headset "Incoming hostiles, they are teleporting in!"

"Split up!'

Immediately and efficiently the battlesuits engaged their jetpacks, each flying in a different direction


Chaos turn 3

The warriors of the greater good were met with a horrific sight. Teleporting in right next to their objective, was the cursed abbadon himself, along with 4 terminators. With the sight of their general the plague marines lept out of the ruins and began rushing towards the objective that was currently being held.

The Hammerhead was hit with multiple lascannon shots from the land raider, but survived them unscathed. The Vindicator, seeing the threat of the stealth suits and devilfish, fired it's weapon into the huge transport, immobilizing it.

Abbadon immediately spotted the biggest threat, the broadside had the most powerful weapons in the tau arsenal, and so he commanded his warriors to fire at it, 5 shots managed to hit the huge suit, but the bullets simply deflected off it's strong armour.

Tau turn 3:

"Hit them with everything weve got!" Screamed anuva as his plasma rifle killed 2 plague marines.

The kroot stepped out of the crater as squad alpha lept from the immobilised devilfish, moving towards the vulnerable side armour of the vindicator with the stealthsuits. The battlesuits jumped towards abbadon whilst the fire warriors began to unload.

As a pulse rifle shot slammed into abbadon, wounding the vicious chaos marine, plasma rifle shots from both suits killed 2 of his entourage. With deadly accuracy, the Broadside once again fired his railguns at the land raider, piercing the hull of the tank, wrecking it as the crew were sucked out the hole in the back as bloody chunks. Immediately the stealth suits opened up on the vindicator, its deadly weapon being torn off from pulse rifle fire.

The battlesuits all took a leap back from the deadly abbadon, who loomed over the fire warriors.
Tau-0 (contested)

Chaos turn 4- As the plague marines continued to rush towards the objective, the vindicator sped towards the fire warriors of team alpha at full speed, the squad diving out of the way and barely able to avoid the speeding vehicle. Abbadon and his terminators unloaded into the fire warriors of team beta, leaving only 1 alive who was cut down by abbadons sword

Tau turn 4: The fire warrior rushed forwards towards abbadon, firing his pulse rounds at the terminators to no effect, Shaso anuva fired his missile pod into the back of the vindicator, blowing it up in an explosion of flames whilst squad alpha took the objective! Once again the suits fired into abbadon's entourage, slaying the last terminators and creating a huge wound, abbadon bleeding everywhere (1 wound left!).

Obj: tau-1!

Chaos turn 5-The plague marines rushed inbetween the two walls (like this &lt to take advantage of the cover, hoping for the battle to last long enough for them to reach the objective, abbaddon fired into the broadside, the suits owner ejecting as it exploaded into flames before rushing forwards and cutting a crisis suit in half

Tau turn 5- The crisis suit lept forwards, intent on making sure the plague marines could not take the objective, the hammerhead engaeged its engines, and rushed forwards to blockade them inside the walls!

As abbadon spun from the force of his attack, Anuva engaged his jetpack, leaping forwards and sending a bombarment of missile pods at the marine. The pods exploading around him, he didn't see the plasma rifle until it was too late....

Abbadon was suddenly knocked to the ground by the force of the plasma rifle, his last effort pressing the button on his teleporter to escape. As team alpha secured the other objective, the two last space marines were hit with the fire from two gun drones, whom injured them horribly, the two marines becomign captives of the greater good (he conceded and plagues were still alive)

Objective: tau-2!


So, this was a practice (1 out of 2 games, the other will come later) for an upcoming tournament, and boy did I learn how deadly plasma rifles really are!

So, howd you like the story?
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Default Re: Assault on Ikara V

I like this report, a good style of writing and easy to read.

You didn't really mention how you captured the second objective at the end?

The Shas'o also spoke a little to much like a human, but that didn't stop me enjoying the story. I look forward to reading the next report.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Assault on Ikara V -1000 points - December xx, 2009

Oops beginners mistake I guess, I ran my kroot out of the crater to get withing range of the objective :P

I will take into account the shaso speaking part
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