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WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"
View Poll Results: Who'z gonna be the Warlord after all this? (and Krump the most in the process?)
Grumgutz 13 59.09%
Grimskull 4 18.18%
Da Beakies'll kill 'em all! 5 22.73%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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Default WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Mech Blood Angels (1850pts; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Hi All,
Yes, another Grumgutz (It's the holiday season, what can I say!) and this one with Grumgutz in it!!
With all of the hubub on the previous posts, I've decided to make a DOUBLE BOSS list and let them go out and hurt things. Whoever did the most hurting, would be the winner!
I'm going to post it up now, and save the actual rep until later. The details of the "contest" are below. Feel free to state your feelings/opinions/theories at whim!
I'll fill in the report later (which was also rather Gruesome) and I hope you'll enjoy it!
And yes, there are pics! (Many!)


P.S. As always, C&C is greatly appreciated!

WAARGH Grumgutz Alterate 65 "Gruesome Twosome" (1850pts): 63 Infantry, 3 Vehicles; 11 KPs
Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber (Warboss w/PK, Bike, Cybork Body)
Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha (Warboss w/HA, PK, Cybork Body)
Da Big Five (Nob Bikers w/PKx2, BCx2, Painboy Dokta Chop, BP, WAARGH Banner; counts as Troop)
Da Lucky Seven: Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, BP (BW Transport, Counts as Troop)
Irongob and Da'Ard Boyz ('Ard Boyzx19 w/PK Nob, BP)
Da Fab Four (MegaNobzx4 w/Kombi-Skorchasx2)
Wartrukk (Trukk w/Ram, RPJ, Big Shoota, Boarding Plank; Dedicated Transport)
Brother-Captain-Major-Sargeant Skarbutz and Da Biggfait 1st Stormboyz Battalion (Stormboyzx15 w/PK Nob, Bosspole)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota; Dedicated Transport)
Da Big Red Cheez ((BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota)
Runtherd Zogwog and his Grotz (Grotzx10 w/Runtherd)

Mechanized Blood Angels (1850pts): 33 Infantry, 1 Walker, 6 Vehicles; 14 KPs
Assault Termsx5 (4xTLC, 1xTH)
Death Companyx3
Ven. Furioso Dread in Drop Pod
Tac Squadx10 in EA Rhino, Meltagun, Missle Launcher
Tac Squadx10 in EA Rhino, Meltagun, Lascannon
Assault Bikesx2 w/ Multi-Meltas
Assault Bikesx2 w/ Multi-Meltas
Baal Predator
Baal Predator
Land Raider Crusader w/Multi-Melta, Extra Armor


"Alright you lot, listen up proper!" bellowed Runtherd Zogwog. As the eldest Ork, he was given the duty to settle disputes of any major nature, especially those that needed more handling than a punch in the face.

"What we got here is a good and proper contest! In this corner we got the challenger, da up and risin' Warboss, Grimskull Gobsmasha!"
Grimskull snarled and howled, throwing up both of his heavily armored hands to a good sized pop of ear-blistering cheers. Zogwog paused for the noise to slacken off.

"And over here, you all know 'im, he's da Boss, da Biggest of 'em all, Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber!" The Warlord raised his Power Klaw, and the defeaning shouts of approval echoed out through the camp.

Zogwog thought this entire affair was a bit strange, as usually most Boss contests ended up in a cage fight, but Warlord Grumgtuz Bitzgrabber was always an unusual sort. Being a Blood Axe to begin with, the Warlord was always looking out for new ways to do things, and had settled into an interesting idea.

Since the camp was pretty well evenly split, a straight up and out fight might cause a civil war that would cost the WAARGH too many losses. And as much as Grumgutz hated to admit it, Grimskull (though dull as a sat-on Grot) was as useful and dangerous as an unguided Deathstrike missle. So the Warlord had come up with an idea of a contest... and an unusual one at that.

"Alright you lot, listen up!" continued Zogwog. "Dere's gonna be two teams. Dat means dey ain't doin' da fightin' alone!"

The surrounding Orks murmured a bit. Rules? Things were gettin' complicated.

"Shut it, you gitz! I ain't done. Grimskull is takin' his Tuffboyz, and da Fab Four."
The Meganobz and 'Ard Boyz all stood up at their names, and there was much murmuring amongst the surrounding Orks. Everyone had seen the new armored up Orks fight, and they were hard. There was no doubt about that.

"And da Warlord is takin' Da Big Five and dat Stormboyz mob!"
The shouting seemed to burst up at this point, as everyone knew Da Big Five were nigh-unstoppable, but the strange Stormboyz had never been a real earth-shaker in terms of killyness.

"Da contest is right up simple that even a snotling can get it. Out dere," the Runtherd gestured in the snowy distance, "Is da rest of dem Beakies we done been beatin' on. Dey is ready for another fight. Dey's right tough too."

Nods and mutters popped up around the camp. Everyone knew the Beakies had sand, and would be a good test of any potential Warlord's prowess.

"So, it's gonna be a good fight. Da Lucky Seven's gonna go out first, make sure to keep a right count. I's gonna go in dere later (once da fightin's simmered down a bit) to get a count."

Big Mek Wingnut raised a hand, "Uh, Zogwog? How's it gonna count, 'cause ain't it gonna need... lotsa numbers or somefin?"

The Orks at this point turned to mass muttering, murmuring and straight up complaining. Numbers! Unthinkable! You'd think they were Panzees or somethin'!

Zogwog snarled, "Simmer down you lot! It ain't dat much numbers. If dey done kill somethin' straight out, it's a point for 'em. One beakie ain't enough, but a mob of 'em will. Same's with a Kan. I seen enough out dere to know what's what. Any of you lot got a complaint more, you come to me and me Squighound!"

The Runtherd picked up his slavering Squighound, an animal more mouth than beast, and swung it around in a wide arc, Orks diving for cover least they be eaten.

"Good. Now you lot, get ready... and Go!"

Grimskull was about to turn around, when Grumgutz yelled,
"Oi! Grimskull, yer boots is untied!"


The Warboss blinked for a second and looked up when he heard a cackling laugh and saw the Warlord atop his Warbike speeding off with his Nob Bikers in tow.

Grumgutz laughed as the camp faded off in the distance. It would be a good fight. It had been a while since he'd had a good contest, and if anything, Grimskull would be a fun distraction for the WAARGH on hand.


As the Warboss and his crew leapt into their vehicles and sped off, Big Mek Wingnut ran over to Ex-Farseer (and now Warphead) Lorilune.

"Oi! Panzee! Dis is excitin'! Who ya think is gonna win?"

The Eldar turned her nose up at the Big Mek.

"This 'contest' is more akin to a bunch of meat-headed grox beating themselves to death against a granite pillar."

"Uh, yeah, I guess... So who do ya think is gonna win?"

The Warphead sighed.
"In truth it matters not, for the WAARGH will continue unabated. And," she added, looking around at the mass of Orks listening in, "I would not be so untoward as to place my loyalities on one side of this turbulant situation."

Wingnut raised an eyebrow, filtering Panzee-speak as best as he could.
"Does dat mean you ain't gonna say who's gonna win, cause it means you might get in trouble with da winna?"

Lorilune smirked, "My dear Comrade, you've perhaps gained an inkling of insight as of yet. It's like watching a flower blossoming from a heap of dung. Beautiful, until you realize what it's crawling itself out of."

Wingnut nodded with a smile. The Panzee had actually given him a compliment! The day was lookin' up already! Now, he thought to himself, how to figure out who was going to win, as the bettin' pools were closing soon! It was an excitin' time to be an Ork!


High Priest Corbulo of the Blood Angels was checking his force for the umpteenth time. Winter had fallen on the desolate world that the Orks had invaded, and the temperature was playing havok with his machinery. Unfortunately, the ramshackle Orkish devices seemed to have no such trouble, and were said to be headed his way.
Corbulo frowned. He had just managed to finish gathering reinforcements from the Battle Barge, and was hoping that there would be a little more time to check on things before the day dawned. But, it looked like the Emperor wasn't going to give him a moment of respite.
No matter, thought the High Priest. The Orks would fall today, and the Blood Angels would finally have their day!


Pre-Game Thoughts: Now this was going to be an interesting one. Thanks to all of the support from Tau Online members, I decided to do something I'd never even considered before: A Double Boss list! In order to settle their differences, I was going to let both Bosses and their relative "teams" go out and hurt things. And whoever would win would get the WAARGH. (Of course I wasn't going to tell my opponent this, it would be too heady and it might make him fight differently ) In any case, I was hoping it'll be something that would let us get the krumpin' on straight away!

Mission: Annihilation (Wahoo! Now it'll be easy to keep track!)
Setup: Dawn of War (Ooo!)

To be continued!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

This looks like It'll be fun, finally a list with Grumgutz, who of course will win, he's been around much longer than Grimskull and is bound to be better.

Can't wait to see the fight anyway.

Oh, and whoever says that the beakies will kill them all obviously hasn't read a Grumgutz report yet.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Hmmmmm, my money is on Grumgutz to will, but i suspect that there will be heavy losses for both teams.

Out of curiosity, it the going to be over when the beakies are dead? or once they're gone, will the bosses turn on eachother?
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Originally Posted by Shas'o Ahab
In parting, I've discovered why Farsight started his breakaway faction...
*Farsight looks at Dawn Blade* "Shiny..."*Farsight picks up Dawn Blade and looks around* "... let's be bad guys."
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Jayne you y'xa'uuk legend
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"


Do kills racked up from the 'Ard Boyz battlewagon count towards Grimskull's total? (this will inform my vote)
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twoso

This is going to be good! and how mean of you to make us Fluff Fans wait >
I voted for Grumgutz to win myself, However I think that Grimskull being the boss that is being used most often will take the WAARGH!

Perhaps Grumgutz and Da Big Five ride into the sunset seeking a new shinny mob lead by some up and coming Warboss called Wazdakka Gutmek as they share the same love of the Hog!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Sweet Peas!
That's a wonderful set of responses!
Thank you all!
The rep isn't ready for publication yet, but in the meantime I'll try to answer C&C as best as I can:

Thanks for the reply!
It's an interesting battle for sure, I won't give anything away, but you won't want to miss it.

The Man They Call Jayne:
That's assuming they both DO survive it. Which they may... or may not...

Anything in their unit, so yes, the Deffolling action will count for kills for Grimskull!

An interesting idea... we'll have to see how it plays out!
Hope you'll find it worth waiting for.

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Grumgutz must win! The WAARGH is named after him!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Shasla Anuva:
Thank you for your response!
Even though it is named after him now, doesn't mean anything... yet.

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Thank you all for the votes and the posts!
Please read the following and enjoy!
It's a bit long, so you might want to get a hot toddie or the equivalent!

Setup: Now this is an interesting one! We chose, competely by chance, a winter looking map with giant ice crystals shooting out of a bunch of pieces. (Take a look at some of the pics, they're pretty neat)
There were also two big pieces of ruins, one went to near the center on the right, the other to the back.
The Orks win the roll to go first.

As the setup was Dawn of War, it was pretty fast. Grumgutz and his Nob Bikers were placed near the center on the left side behind some cover, and the Lucky Seven and their Battlewagon were placed behind some cover near the center. Oh, and as Zogwog and his grots will only be a liability in this game, he was put into reserves (hopefully to show up REALLY later).

Pic Caption: It's a chilly time of year! Brrr!

Pic Caption: And in this corner, the Champeen!

Pic Caption: The "impartial" observers.

Seeing as the Nob Bikers were just too close for comfort, the Blood Angels choose to reserve the Drop Pod and have everyone else come on first turn.

The Blood Angels fail to steal the initative...


Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber zoomed forward with his Nob Bikers, only slowing when he saw a group of flying Orks zooming forward with their Rokkit Packs.
Kicking in his turbo-boosters, the Warlord muscled his way through the Stormboyz until he found their leader.
Brother-Captain-Sargeant-Major Skarbutz was surprised when Grumgutz zoomed in behind him.

Grumgutz snorted, "Alright you Rokkit Gitz! You better not disappoint this time, as I got me whole WAARGH ridin' on this one. Screw it up and I'll be feedin' ya yer own fancy packs! Ya got that?!"

Skarbutz and the Stormboyz nodded, as the Warboss kicked in his throttle again and the Nob Bikers blurred ahead of the Stormboyz.

Skarbutz swallowed, "You heard the Warlord, ladz! No muckin' it up this time, no matter how bad it gets!"

The Stormboyz answered back, "Yessah!" though not as comfortably confident as the Nob would have liked...


Turn 1: Orks

Grumgutz zoomed forward, jinking past some amazing pieces of free-standing ice that had somehow managed to form into clusters of beautiful crystals stretching up to the sky.
The process no doubt took centuries, but the Warlord cared little. Ice would come and go, but he was looking for a fight!
Spotting a rather familiar looking Battlewagon, Grumgutz zoomed over to it. Da Lucky Seven, from inside, waved to him, also looking around.
Grumgutz smirked. The Nobz looked eager, perhaps too eager to watch the festivities. Perhaps a few words were needed.

"Alright you lot, you ready for some real action?"

The Nobs all yelled affirmatives, some jumping up and down.

"Well... that's too bad, as it's just yer job to watch."

The Nobs snorted and looked crestfallen.

"Yup, Ol' Zogwog said ya's gotta stay right there and do nothin'. We're gonna get all the killin' done without ya. Yup, that Zogwog, he's probably gonna get some kills with those grots of his.
Hmm, wonder if that's why he has you lot sittin' out here twiddlin' yer thumbs."

The Nobs began thinking, and getting more and more upset.
Grumgutz smiled. The timing was just right.

"Heh, well, ya can't go against Zogwog, but hey... he's not here is he? So if'n you were ta say chop up Beakies before he gets here, no-one can say ya weren't set on first, right?"

And with that Grumgtuz turned and zoomed back to his Nobz.
The Warlord chuckled. If Da Lucky Seven got involved, that would be more kills that that slowpoke Grimskull wouldn't be able to scoop up! Smart thinkin' that is...

Grumgutz looks around, not seeing any beakies, but knows that they'll all be coming from one direction.
He hits his Turbo-Boosters again, and the Nob Bikers string out front and center.

Skarbutz and his Stormboyz thundered onto the board next, setting up behind Grumgutz.

Da Lucky Seven moved forward a bit, poking their Wagon out from behind cover, trying to line up the backboard as best as they could.

And then, with an even bigger clattering and swearing, Grimskull and his 'Ard Boyz smashed onto the board with their Battlewagon. They went behind some large crystals to the right.

The Fab Four zoomed forward behind some cover to the right, getting ready for a possible assuault next turn.

With noone to hurt yet, the Stormboyz ran forward a bit, but that was it for the rest of the turn.

Pic Caption: And here the lines are drawn...

Turn 1: Blood Angels

Corbulo could barely see through the dense blizzard of whisping snow, but he didn't need to. The stench and roar of the Ork vehicles was obvious enough. Ordering his tanks and Bikers forward, the High Priest was ready. The Orks would fall behind their massive firepower!

The Blood Angels come on fairly aggressively, with most of them in the center.
Zooming in front of the army, the Attack Bikers zipped in front of the Nob Bikers, creating a protective screen (of sorts).
The Rhinos both moved up behind cover, one to the center and the other to the right, and the Predators edged onto the board.
The Land Raider also moved forward 12" right in front of the Nobs' Battlewagon.

Pic Caption: "Huh, I wonder where those Orks... HOLY EMPEROR'S BALLS!"

Shooting was rather pekid, even though everyone was close up and personal!
One of the Attack Bikers shot at Grumgutz and his Bikers, but couldn't hit the speedy Orks.
The Predators both combined their fire and only managed a flesh wound on one of the Nobz.
A bit dismayed, the Angels switched targets and fired their last group of Attack Bikes at Da Beast, but one missed and the other failed to penetrate through the Battlewagon's armor...

Turn 2: Orks
Grumgutz smirked as he watched the Beakies' shots land around his Bikers. They must've forgotten how hard he and his ladz were. Just goes to show that they needed a reminder!

The Nob Bikers zoom out to the left, mashing through some terrain, but none taking any wounds. They get close to the Predator on the left side, and a group of Attack Bikes.
Da Beast rolls forward and is again just within 13" (bless the RPJ!), Deffrolling the Land Raider! The Raider is immobilized and loses it's multi-melta!
Seeing that the Raider is down, the Nobz rush out to finish the job. They land to the right, peering down at the Death Company who were hiding out over there.

Pic Caption: Impartial my tuckus! Can't expect a bunch of hardcore killas to just sit around do ya? (Zogwog's note: Dem Nobz are out of all judgin' matches from now on. Even the squig-eatin' ones.)

The Fab Four thunder forward in their Wartrukk and leap out, inches from the right-most Rhino.

Grimskull moves his Battlewagon up behind the Wartrukk.

There's no shooting (but some movement as Grumgutz declares his WAARGH!) and the resulting assault is just gruesome!

Picture Caption: Sweet Christmas this is gonna hurt!

Grumgutz and his Nobz easily clean up the Attack Bikes and also shake and tear off the main weapon of the Predator!

Skarbutz also tears apart his Attack Bikes.

Picture Caption: If there was any doubt as to the conclusion...

The Fab Four, as expected, slam into the Rhino and explode it. The shrapnel downs two marines (the rest hold) and also gives one of the big MANZ a flesh wound (owie).

Picture Caption: Ha Ha! No Rhino for you! Oh, but you's ok... Dat wasn't in da plan...

And last, but not least, the Lucky Seven down one Death Company marine, but take a wound (darn Corbs' cup), they do however, tear all but one weapon off the Land Raider and shake it like a Grot in a Wartrukk's trunk!

Picture Caption: Uh, just checkin' dere tires, Zogwog, don't you worry! Oh look Beakies!

The Nob Bikers consolidate further to the center, and the Stormboyz try to hug some terrain.
Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, no Zogwog and his Grots don't come in... yet.

Grumgutz: 2
Grimskull: 1
Orks: 3
Blood Angels: 0

Turn 2: Blood Angels
The Blood Angels are taken aback by the carnage, but they NEED a counter attack.
Luckily, the Furioso Dread was ready to go.

The Drop Pod came down near the center of the table, and the big walker sauntered out, looking at Skarbutz and the Stormboyz.

The Terminators get out, eager to do some harm, and they line up in a way... a bit familiar-looking...

The Tactical squad moves away from the Mega Nobz, headed towards the Wartrukk... (uh oh)
Then, the Rhino kicks in it's turbo-charged engines, as does the wounded Predator, but the intact Predator stalls!

The Rhino tank shocks it's way to freedom, heading FAR away to the right, as does the wounded Predator who heads towards the Orks' side of the table.

Picture Caption: Predator Driver: Please, please please let this be the really nasty Dread!

Also (by the by) they managed to pile together the Stormboyz (yeah, I can see where this is going)...

7 Stormboyz die by fire as the Dread flames up the flying Orks. His melta, though, thankfully misses.

The last Predator also fires aiming at Da Beast, but fails to get any lucky 6's...

Also, the Tac Squad moved up close and personal to the Wartrukk, firing... but only managing to immobilize the vehicle! (ooh, so close! Total wiff on the melta though...)

Assault was also a bit painful as the Terminators double charge! (Wow! I knew he had it in 'em!) The Terminators and Death Company manage to get five unsaved wounds, downing two MANZ and wounded a few of the Lucky Seven. However, the Nobz and MANZ hit back, downing all the Termiators but the TH Marine! With that performance, the Nobz and MANZ pass their morale and stay!
And hope beyond hope, the Stormboyz also stay!!

Grumgutz: 2
Grimskull: 1
Orks: 3
Blood Angels: 0

Turn 3: Orks
Wow, things are looking sort of bleak for the marines.

Da Beast wants to continue it's rampage and slams forward into the Baal Predator, immobilizing it and taking off all of it's weapons!

Skarbutz leaps over to get away from the dread and also within assault range of the immobilized Rhino.

Grumgutz laughs at the Dread and kicks in his Turbo-Boosters, headed to the right side of the fightin'.

And, eager to pick up some head kickin', Grimskull orders Da Cheez forward, and then he and his Tuffboyz leap out behind the Tac Squad.

Assault is fairly straightforward, as the Stormboyz manage to shake the Predator to a wreck with their Choppas! (Not too hard with auto-hits on an immobilized vehicle with all weapons destroyed. In fact too easy, as this is an "assisted kill" and won't score any points!)

The TH Termie manages to wiff and the DC can't seem to get a decent hit as both of the Nobz groups tear apart the remainder marines.

Picture Caption: It ain't our fault! Dey hit us first!

Grimskull and his crew, finally able to hurt something, clean up all of the Tac Squad and consolidate towards the Land Raider.


Oh, and Zogwog and his grots trot in the back behind some cover.

Grumgutz: 2
Grimskull: 2
Orks: 7
Blood Angels: 0

And with that, the Blood Angel player throws in the towel. It was just too much harm in too short a period of time. With half the army down and the other half pretty well hobbled, he couldn't see pulling out of it.

Picture Caption: End of Carnage, start of a new day?

Picture Caption: "Oi! On three we dogpile on da little guy!"

Result: Ork Victory! But... Tie Game for the Bosses??

Post-Game Thoughts: Wow, I guess that was uglier than I thought it was going to be. I had truly forgotten how tough those Nob Bikers were, and even though they did basically down 2 units, they did their job of forcing the Marines to concentrate their firepower. And holy nuggets this list is fast! Plays fast, moves fast and kills fast. I guess it's good even without a KFF...
Although the setup didn't hurt either. Being able to basically put the Nobz where I wanted them really helped out and limited his options for firepower... Glad to see the "skillz" with them aren't too rusty yet...
And in the end it was a TIE? I hadn't seen that one coming at all! Maybe if we just had another round or two.. But as they say, if wishes were fishes, we'd all have pretty bad smelling houses.

Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber skidded to a stop in front of the crippled Land Raider, smirking a bit as he watched Grimskull run over.


Grumgutz smiled, readying his Power Klaw, when he noticed a subtle, but familiar glow to the Land Raider.

Inside the Land Raider, High Priest Corbulo was in the midst of a freverent evacuation. The Orks had come on far too fast out of the darkness. There wasn't enough time to deal with them. Luckily they were affixed on the Land Raider, and had given him time to order the safe withdrawl of the rest of the troops.
"They want the Land Raider, do they?" smirked the Marine, flipping a number of swiches, disengaging safety valves. "Then they can have it."

Grumgutz heard a howling, as he looked over and saw the head Beakie leap out of the Land Raider and run like mad. Da Big Five howled for blood, but Grumgutz recognized the tell-tale glow.
Barking to his ladz, the Warlord turned. "Alright Grimskull, ya convinced me, it's all yours!"

The Warlord and his bodyguard passed by Grimskull, who all but ignored them. Leaping onto the now glowing marine vehicle, Grimskull howled, "NOW GRIMSKULL SMASH YOU GOOD! EVERYBODY LOOK! GRIMSKULL NOW GOING TO..."


The subsequent explosion was seen for miles around as the fuel canisters and ammunition drums all ruptured in a firey conflagration.

Once the smoke cleared, Grumgutz and his crew headed back. The Tuffboyz had been bounced around a bit, but not hurt too badly, but of Grimskull, there was no sign.
Grumgutz frowned, looking around, and then heard a voice... Grimskull's voice!


Grumgutz zipped over and was surprised to see the Warboss splashing around helplessly, trying to reach the shore of a frozen-over patch of ice.


The Warlorod smiled and said, "Now why's I gonna do a fing like dat, eh? Seems ta me, da smart fing would be ta let you die like a git. But, you'z a good killa. Take my hand and we'll call it even."
Grumgutz extended his hand, and then was surprised when Grimskull stood up in what was only a hip-deep patch of water.

"HA! HA! NOW WHO IS SMARTER-TALKY GUY!" Grimskull pulled Grumgutz into the water and then smashed the Warlord's bike into a heap of broken bitz.


Grimskull ran off, leaving Grumgutz in the chilly water. Grumgutz couldn't help but smile, floating in the shallow water. Stupid, but cunnin'. Just enough in the right amounts. A smile broke across the Warlord's face as an idea hit him.


"..TIE? WHAT IS TIE?" yelled Warboss Grimskull.

Runtherd Zogwog stood in front of the massive Warboss. He'd seen worse before and wasn't backing down in the least.
"I'z call 'em like I see 'em. You and Grumgutz went off and killed da same. Dere ain't nothin' but nothin' besides that."

Grimskull howled and smashed his Power Klaw into a massive icicle, sending it spiraling to the ground.

The Warboss was about to head out, when he heard footsteps and out walked the (slightly frosting looking) Grumgutz.

Grimskull howled in bloodlust, but then stopped when he saw that Grumgutz had something behind his back.


The Warlord smirked, "I dunno Grimskull, 'course if you go and smash me know, you might never get it in one piece."


Grumgutz nodded, walked over and held out something on a chain. It was a huge, round, metallic sign with the symbol "#1" on it.
Grimskull peered at it, squinting, obviously trying to figure out what it meant.

Grumgutz nodded, "I gotta hand it to ya Grimskull, you iz pretty smart."

Grimskull turned his head to one side. Smart was not a word used to describe him very often.

"I mean, ya'z got a great plan to get my attention and you got it. You'z even passed da test!"


"Only the very special, one-of-a-kind, extra-good #1 Warboss test!" Grumgutz continued. "The kind that gets you dis here extra-special medal. Didn't think anyone knew about that test, but you obviously did. Otherwise, why go to all the trouble?"

Grimskull paused, his few brain cells rubbing together violently enough to cause sparks.

Grumgtuz walked over, and with a great spectacle (as much as he could anyway), he put it around Grimskull's head.
Grimskull looked down with a massive grin on his face.
Grumgutz smiled too. It was good to be the Boss. Sometimes cunnin' solved things too. Just had to remember that from time to time.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz/Grimskull vs. Blood Angels (1850; 12/17) in "Gruesome Twosome!"

Absolutly loved it. Made of Win. If I could give you Karma i would, but hopefully one of the mods will do it for me
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It is (and this is an objective statement, looking at examples over the last century) really ****ing hard to terrorise the British.
Originally Posted by Shas'o Ahab
In parting, I've discovered why Farsight started his breakaway faction...
*Farsight looks at Dawn Blade* "Shiny..."*Farsight picks up Dawn Blade and looks around* "... let's be bad guys."
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Jayne you y'xa'uuk legend
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