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Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)
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Default Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

I attended a 2000 point rogue trader tournament last Saturday at Game Castle in Londonderry NH (it's becoming a monthly thing for me). There were 24 players participating with a fairly wide spread of armies. Chaos and Imperial Marines seemed to be the norm, but there were 3-4 IG players as well as a smattering of Xenos (primarily orks and eldar but with at least two Tau players and even a necron player – oh my!) and a couple daemons. The new space wolves seemed to be well represented, with at least two in attendance.

After a long and uneventful ride down from Northern VT, we were ready to begin. My list looked as follows:

Warboss Grubbynutz
(power klaw, cybork body, attack squig, bosspole)
Big Mek Klickinklak (kustom force field, bosspole)
5 Meganobz (3 kombi-skorchaz, 2 kombi-shootaz)
riding in Battlewagon (red paint job, armor plates, big shoota, reinforced ram)
8 Nobz (Count as troops, power klaw, 3 big choppaz, waaagh banner, painboy)
riding in Battlewagon (red paint job, armor plates, big shoota, reinforced ram)
7 Lootaz
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
30 Sluggaz (nob with powerklaw and bosspole)
3 Killa Kanz (Rokkitz)
3 Killa Kanz (Rokkitz)

Pretty much my 1750 list minus the black baron (my buzzsaw/rokkit launcha deffkopta) and plus 5 meganobz, their wagon, and a bosspole for Klicky, who will be leading them. Dropping the Baron was a tough choice, as he has served me well and is especially strong against armies that like to castle. When I saw the Tau and IG were there in considerable numbers, I began to worry even more.

Regardless, first round saw me face off against Mike's Orks. Mike is one of the local champions and a very good player. Through pre-game talk, I learned that he was mainly a chaos player who is just starting Orks. He felt that his chaos was too mean and wanted to try something else. His list looked something like this:

Warboss (power klaw and heavy armor, perhaps some other stuff)
Big Mek (kustom force field, perhaps some other stuff)
10 Nobz (Waagh banner, painboy, power klaw
Mounted in trukk (red paint, wreckin' ball, boarding planks)
5 Lootaz (1 is a mek with kustom-megablasta)
15 Kommandos (burna, Snikrot)
12 Ard Slugga Boyz (nob with powerklaw, squad has big shoota)
Mounted in trukk (red paint, wreckin' ball, boarding planks)
30 Slugga Boyz (nob with powerklaw, squad has 3 big shootaz)
3 Deffkopta (rokkitz)
3 Deffkoptaz (rokkitz)
3 Deffkoptaz (rokkitz)
Battlewagon (Kill Kannon, 4 big shootaz, armor plates, reinforced ram, 'ard case)

Looking at his list, my first reaction was that he had taken too many points in vehicle upgrades. This is a common ork newb mistake. Other than that, it looked to be a fast and sneaky list. Very much like blood axes or evil sunz...

“Yoo waz supposed to have dis planet belongin' to da orks by now, Gitfang” Grubbynutz growled, interrupting the stream of ludicrous stories that the Blood Axe warboss was telling about his battles on this planet. To the human inhabitants, it was called Antragynos V. Not the either ork warboss cared very much. To them it was just another place to conquer.

Gitfang sneered at the Grubbynutz's interruption. “You doesn't tell me wot to do!” he snarled back, baring row upon row of sharpened teeth, “I said my ladz would fight for Ghaz... not you!”

“Dat's just da point, Gitfang. Ghaz iz Aulma'd dat you ain't got dis planet krumped yet. Yoo haz been 'ere for....” Grubbynutz paused as he struggled to put the passage of time into words, “three of doze moon tingies.”

“Months, boss!” volunteered Klickinklak from nearby. Grubbynutz nodded sagely.

“Yes, we haz” allowed Gitfang, “however, we'ze runnin' into more problems den we thought. Dere's beakies here!”

“Awww... little Blood Axe boy can't handle da big beakies.” mocked Grubbynutz, a grin growing on his ugly face “Tell you wot, set us up with some trukks and we'll krump 'em FOR you!”. He had fought Space Marines himself, as well as the littler humans (he often wondered if space marines were the 'umie version of nobz) and krumped them all.

Gitfang nodded. “Yur, dat sounds good. Give us a few to get dem ready for you.” Grubbynutz nodded back and stomped away, back to where his warband was waiting for him. Gitfang stayed looking after him for a moment and then tapped the stolen imperial commbead he wore and began speaking a serious of commands.

“Ey boss,” ventured Klickinklak as he hastened to keep up with the warboss, “did you see da wagon dat gitfang's ladz have.”

“Sure did,” agreed Grubbynutz as he hauled himself into his own wagon, “it was ugly as zog and had dat great stupid kannon on it.”

“Dat'z just it boss. Doze blood axes sure have a lot of imperial stuff. I mean, if dey were 'aving as much problem as dey say with da 'umies, dey wouldn't have got a chance to loot dat much, right?”

Grubbynutz's eyes glittered dangerously under his horned helmet.

“Klicky, I tink you oughta turn on your shield. NOW!”

“Wot? But boss...”

The last part of his reply was lost, as at that moment, the entire Blood Axe warband began shooting.

Mission: Capture and Control
Deployment: Spearhead
Bonus points: Kill your opponent's highest-point HQ, kill your opponent's highest point unit, and have a scoring unit in your opponent's deployment zone at the end of the game

I won the roll for first turn and elected to give him first turn. I figured whatever damage he might be able to do in the first turn would be mitigated by going last in an objective-based mission.

He elected to leave his deffkoptaz and (obviously) snikrot and friends in reserve. The toher two deffkopta squadrons started on the board. Giving him first turn also had the unpleasant side effect of giving him a large and imposing ruin in his deployment zone. Oh well. He deployed his single foot mob inside, along with his objective. The lootaz and big mek deployed inside the shooty wagon. My deployment was pretty standard, except that I was pretty bunched up due to a lava-river that flowed through my corner. (note that the brown patches on the map are representing said lava – vassal unfortunately never made a lava graphic). Him having a kill kannon definitely encouraged me to spread out more, which made things even tighter. I was forced to put some of one mob across the lava river, snaking them across the bridge and onto the island in my far corner. Oh well.

(Pic of deployment)

He scout-move-turboboosts one of his deffkopta squadrons to the right with his scout moves, trying to get side armor on my wagons. Uh oh. Still, sticking to the plan, I decline to try and seize the initiative.

Blood Axes 1:

He moves his right-hand deffkoptaz farther to the left. While moving the central squadron up as a screen for the battlewagon and 'Ard boy trukk, who move up behind them. The sluggaz reposition in the ruins and, with the big shootaz taking position on the walls. The boss and nob trukk, on the far left move flat out into no-mans land.

Shooting is very successful for him, seeing him explode Grubbynutz wagon using his sneaky deffkoptaz (guess Klicky didn't hear Grubz's warning) and kill several of the surrounding orks. The other squadron fires uselessly at the kanz. The big shootz from the 'Ard trukk and the squad in the ruins open up on the lootaz, killing two. This is sadly too much for the lootaz and they break and run, stopping just short of the board edge. The kill kannon tries to make life even worse for my nobz, but the blast scatters back into the rear mob and kills a few there.

End of Blood Axe 1

Goff 1:

The horde roars forward! The left kanz waddle over to deal with those pesky deffkoptaz that just killed the boss wagon, while the forward kanz and the meganob wagon surge up the middle to challenge to Blood Axes on their objective. The lootaz manage to rally.

My shooting, such as it is, sees a kan squadron target a deffkopta squadron each. Each one loses two koptaz to rokkitz and both squadrons flee, never to rally again (below 50%). A bit of running also occurs, but nothing much to speak of.

End of Goff 1

Blood Axe 2:

The final deffkopta squadron arrives even as the remnants of the first two flee off the board. They come on behind my slugga squad in the corner of my deployment zone. Snikrot doesn't come in. The nob truk roars over the hill and deposits its nobz within easy assault range of my sluggaz there. Uh oh. The ard trukk roars up and sits right in front of my battlewagon. He doesn't disembark. I think this is odd until I see that dangerous-looking wrecking ball mounted on the front and the boarding plank on the side.

His shooting is somewhat uneventful, with him taking some potshots at the lootaz with various things but failing to drop any. The Kill kannon aims at my middle boy mob and blows a few away. His lootaz, inside their transport target some kanz but fail to hurt them. The deffkoptaz target my rearmost squad and kills a couple.

Close combat is much more exciting, with the wrecking ball failing to hurt the Meganob wagon, but the boarding plank allowing the Blood Axe nob in the trukk to get out and try to roll some sixes. He rolls a single six, which turns into a penetrating hit, wrecking the wagon. Damn, I was set up for some sweet flameage on the slugga mob if my wagon had lived. Still, the meganobz pass their pinning and there ARE other targets around. Speaking of targets, the Blood Axe nobz predictably roll in and butcher a bunch of Goffik slugga boyz. The rest run away. I think my nob manages to insta-gib one of his. He consolidates poorly, but moves onto the hill.

The deffkoptaz that just arrived charge my rearmost squad, assumedly, to pull me back away from my objective. 2 of them die hideously and the other one is run down. I negate his maneuver a bit by consolidating well and moving my guys back towards the objective.

End of Blood Axe 2

Goff 2:

The meaganobz and the middle sluggaz both head for the blood axe nobz. I call the Waaagh this turn and they both make it to assault range. My nobz try and skirt the far side of my wrecked wagon to get at his 'ard trukk. Even with the waagh they fail. Lootaz finally reclaim their good firing positions they had at the beginning of the game. The middle mob moves up to claim my objective and surround it (also they try and get as far from board edge as possible – snikrot is nasty!).

Rokkitz from the kanz fail to do anything to the 'ard boyz trukk. Damn. My kingdom for some active loota fire.

In combat, the meganobz and sluggaz steam in against his nob squad and carnage ensues. 6 of his nobz bite the big one and some others take wounds. He ends up winning combat by one, but mostly by killing a whole bunch of sluggaz. The meganobz, all 5 of whom remain, manage to pass leadership and live. The sluggaz are still fearless.

End of Goff 2

Blood Axe 3:

At this point our combats are taking so long that we are informed we have a half hour left to complete the game. This may be our last turn. Damn! It really crept up on us. Usually I'm really good about playing fast, but I guess two orks players play twice as slow.

Snikrot arrives. Coming on from my board edge behind the lootaz and the mob on my objective. My sluggaz are a good 16 inches or so from my board edge, so he'll need a good waaagh to get snikrot and pals into combat. The 'ard trukk moves up next to the kanz, who will now pay the price for not blowing up the wagon when they had the chance. The nob trukk moves over to try and block my kanz from moving towards his objective.

Shooting sees him tear up a few of my nobz with mass shooting. Nothing major, but a few fall. He also waagh snikrots squad six inches. D'oh! They're now easily in range to charge both my sluggaz and the poor lootaz.

Combat sees my lootaz shredded and my sluggaz reduced but still holding on. Snikrot loses around 5 of his pals to the attacks of the sluggaz.

The 'ard wagon continues its rampage, with the wrecking ball missing, but the nob waddling out onto the boarding plank and beating two kanz to death.

In the west, his nobz are finished off, for the cost of two megaz and assorted sluggaz. I lose by two this time and the megaz decide that they've had quite enough and flee. The sluggaz however, are made of sterner stuff and pass their leadership, staying in combat against the now-alone Blood Axe Warboss. Hurray!

End of Blood Axe 3

Goff 3:

As his turn ends, we are told that we have 10 minutes left.

In any case, my meganobz and mek, being within 6” of the enemy warboss, continue to flee towards the table edge. The kanz reposition to get better shots while the nobz race back down to deal with snikrot.

Shooting sees me take a small measure of revenge with my kan rokkitz, exploding the 'Ard Trukk (take DAT you gitz!) with the far mob of kanz and wrecking the other trukk with the lone survivor from the other squadron. In hindsight, it was stupid of me to try and target the ard trukk, as a lucky kareen result for him could have resulted in the trukk depositing the 'ard boyz on my objective. Thankfully, it doesn't happen and the thing just blows up, taking a single 'ard boy with it.

In combat, the Blood Axe warboss is sliced to ribbons by a team effort from the Goffik sluggaz and their nob (mostly the nob). 3 sluggaz and the nob survive and consolidate down the hill. The nobz and the remaining sluggaz in the middle make mincemeat of snikrot and clear my objective. With only about 5 minutes left to play, we don't start another turn.

As we both hold our own objectives, the game is a draw.

End of Goff 3

Scattered shoota fire still rang out from the building occupied by the Blood Axes as Grubbynutz and his ladz hunkered down behind the wreck of their burning wagon. Gitfang was dead. Grubbynutz was pretty sure that he had seen Snake Flicksquig and his mob beating the Blood Axe warboss to death before his attention had turned to the kommandoz (the head of one of whom was still in his powerklaw). No doubt Snake had perished for his bravery. It was rare for either participant to live through a powerklaw boxing match.

As the shooting lulled for a second, a shadowy figure burst out of the shadows and crouched down next to Grubbynutz. The Goffik warboss almost fell over himself trying to bring his powerklaw up to strike this interloper.

“Relax boss! It's just me.” came a familiar guttural voice.

“Snake...” Grubbynutz said, trying to seem calm, “I though yoo waz dead!”

“Yeah, yoo and everyone else!” growled Snake back, “We krumped Gitfang, but we got chewed up real bad. Most of our boyz are dead. We gotta pull back boss. I don't tink da Blood Axes are gonna pursue – most of dem are dead too!”

Grubbynutz smashed his klaw into the burning battlewagon. But he nodded. They may not have gotten the promised trukks, but they had uncovered that these blood axes were working with the humans and then killed their warboss. Without leadership, the blood axes would probably splinter or flee the planet. That was good enough for one day. Plus there were always the 'umies to krump.

“All right ladz, time to pack it in! Back to da camp!”

Good game. Mike being new to the army did cause him to make some mistakes in army construction, but they also gave him a fresh, unjaded look at some of the vehicle upgrades I had dismissed. Boarding planks in particular seem awesome and accounted for both a wagon and two of my kanz. I'll definitely have to look into trying them out in my own army at some point. Guess I was wrong about them being newb items!

As for the game itself, it was very tightly contested all throughout. The amount of damage that we caused on on each other over just three turns is staggering. It's hard to say what would have happened if the game had been allowed to play out to its natural conclusion. I probably had stronger units left in my kanz and nobz, but he had numbers and firepower on his side. It's quite possible that even if the game had gone the full length it still would have been a draw.

Regardless, it wasn't all bad, as I managed to claim two of the bonus points for killing his warboss (highest point HQ) and nobz (his highest point unit). He got one for having the 'ard boyz in my deployment zone at the end of the game.

So my battle point total at the end of round one was 14 (12 for a draw + 2 for bonus points).
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Default Second Game (vs Imperial Fists)

“Why are there so many ruins here, sir?”

Brother Captain Darnath Lysander looked across the passenger bay of the land raider at the terminator trooper with a mixture of mild disapproval and bemusement. Brother Terrius was recently raised from sergeant in the 5th company and still had many things to learn about first company discipline

“Does it matter, brother? We are here in the Emperor's service.” Lysander let the rebuke sink in for a moment before breaking out into a wide smile and continuing.

“The truth is that before our chapter established a fortress here on Antragynos V, the locals were engaged in a civil war. It was a war of such violence that it nearly destroyed the planet. Actually, I was told by the Ecclesiarch that the anniversary of the day our brothers landed and put an end to the war is still celebrated as “Peace Day”.

The brothers laughed at this. The irony of having a 'peace day' named after a group of Astartes slaughtering their way through the armies of five nations was too much even for their discipline. Lysander nodded in approval. Lesser commanders would frown on such laxity, but he knew that keeping his men from too much pre-battle tension was actually important in maintaining discipline.

Abruptly a warning signal sounded from the front of the raider. The voice of the pilot crackled over the intercom

“We're approaching the ork host now, sir.”

Without hesitation, Lysander began the prayer of battle. As one, the seven members of squad Halus joined him. Flipping the switch to broadcast to the other squads in the strikeforce, Lysander was gratified to hear the other squads joining in. The orks would soon learn that the guardians of the peace on this world were masters of war.


“Da grotz say dat dere are yellow beakies coming towards us!”yelped Klickinklak over the roar of battlewagon engines. Grubbynutz grinned broadly.

Striking from the outlands that had been the domain of the Blood Axes up until a week ago, the orks has seized two major settlements without any major resistance. Slaughtering the hastily assembled PDF troopers and enslaving the populations, the orks were ready to make a play for the planetary capital, Firstlanding. Less than a day away, Grubbynutz had been hoping more robust resistance would manifest.

Staring over the battlewagon's cab, he saw the yellow vehicles roar into view. He had gotten his wish.

My second game of the day was against Ben and his Imperial Fists. Ben's list looked like this:


7 Terminators (assault cannon)
Land Raider Crusader (multilmelta)
8 Vanguard Veterans (no jump packs, 3 power fists)
mounted in Rhino (extra armor)
10 Tactical Marines
(meltagun, heavy bolter)
Rhino (extra armor)
10 Tactical Marines
(meltagun, heavy bolter)
Rhino (extra armor)
Predator Annhilator (sponson lascannons)
5 Devastators (4 missile launchers)

Mission: Annhilation
Deployment: Pitched Battle
Bonus Points: same as before (most expensive enemy HQ, most expensive enemy unit, scoring unit in enemy's deployment zone)

The board

...looked like this:

The board


He won the roll to go first and took it. He deployed fairly evenly across the board with his hardest units in the center. I responded by mirroring that deployment, though I left the right flank fairly empty, the large ruin there not being very inviting for my assault-based force.


I fail to seize the initiative.

Space Marine Turn 1:

He maintains his line for the most part. The land raider edges forward and the dreadnought does as well. The tactical squad on the right zooms forward.

In shooting he blasts my lootaz with his devestators, killing two. The lootaz run, stopping just short of the board edge (hmmm... sensing a pattern here). The tri-las predator opens up on my warboss's battlewagon, but it fails to penetrate. Finding that most of his other stuff is out of range, he ends his turn.

Imperial Fists 1

Ork Turn 1:

The lootaz fail to rally and run right off the board. Oh well.

The rest of the horde moves and runs forward.

The kanz open up on the advaning tac rhino, penetrates twice, stunning it (downgraded to shaken) and blow of its storm bolter. Hurray (not really)!

Kill points
Imperial Fists: 1 (Lootaz)

Ork 1

Space Marine 2:

He disembarks all over the board to get shots and maneuver. The only squad that stays in their transport is the vanguard veterans.

All along the line the marines begin firing. The middle slugga mob in particular takes some heavy casualties from the land raider, the terminators and devastators combined fire. The tri-las predator again targets my leftmost wagon but fail to hurt it. The dread also tries with its multi-melta, along with the power of the machine spirit land raider, but this was a desperation attempt in the first place and it fails.

He's done some damage, but next turn will be fun for me.

Imperial Fists 2

Ork 2:

The horde surges forward some more. The battlewagons traverse the central ruin building area safely, passing their dangerous terrain tests and depositing the meganobz and nobz in front of Lysander, the terminators and the dreadnought. Epic battle incoming! Klickinklak has no interest in epic battles and stays where it is safe – in the battlewagon.

But first, I need to do a litlte shooting. The one kan mob shoots the rhino from the leftmost squad and wrecks it. The rest of the army waaghs. On the left it isn't enough to get that mob into assault range, but it narrows the gap so that I should be able to charge next turn. The middle mob, which has already taken a beating, kills one of its own boyz in the confusion. The nobz and meganobz move up closer to assure a charge on their targets. I was tempted to fire my meganob skorchaz, but I have a phobia of rolling double 1s on my slow and purposeful charging so I don't. The right mob gets into range of the tac squad on that side.

The assault phase is epic, and good for me! We do the smaller fight first, and the boyz clean up, killing 7 marines for the cost of 3 orks. The marines, stubborn from Lysander, stay in the fight.

The middle fight is awesome for me. The nobz dual assault the dread and the termies, while the megaz assault the termies. The dreadnought manages to strangle two nobz, but is destroyed (along with 3 other damage results - critically) in turn by big choppa attacks. The rest of the non-klaw nobz beat on the terminators and cause 9 wounds. I'm thinking – outside chance of 2 deaths. Unfortunately for Ben, the dice have other ideas. He fails five saves, decimating the squad. I have never seen terminators fail on this level before. In the klaw phase (initiatve one) the two remaining terminators and Lysander pulp 4 meganobz. In respronse the terminators are wiped out and Lysander takes a single wound. This is enough to tie the combat (sometimes nobz having two wounds a piece is a bad thing) so Lysander stands alone against the horde.

Kill point score
Imperial Fists 1 (Lootaz)
Orks 2 (Terminators, Rhino)

Ork 2

Space Marine 3:

He's a bit shocked by what has transpired in my turn and tells me so. Then he tries to begin a counter attack. The crusader stays still to get shots (critical error on his part, I feel), as do the devestators and the predator annhilator. He scoots his vanguard rhino back to stay out of assault range of my boyz. The middle tactical squad heads over to help out their embattled brethren against the ork mob on the right.

In shooting he blasts a bunch more boyz from the middle mob, while taking a few from the lefthand mob as well. Middle mob has to take a leadership test and passes it. The annhilator makes a killpoint back by exploding the Warboss's battlewagon.

In combat Lysander finishes off the last meganob, but is chopped and klawed to death. The nobz and warboss consolidate towards the devastators in the building. On the right, the squad charging in kills around 6 orks (which is averagish) but takes around 5 casualties themselves. The squad they rushed in to save is eliminated. Go orks! Orks win combat but the stubborn marines hang on.

Kill points
Imperial Fists: 3 (battlewagon, lootaz, meganobz)
Orks: 4 (Lysander, tactical squad, terminators, rhino)

Imperial Fists 3

Ork Turn 3:

He left two vehicles stationary list turn, which means I have to jump on this opportunity to kill them. The sluggas on the left move up to engage the predator, while the warboss detaches from the nobz to hunt the land raider. The nobz themselves ascend into the building to “'ave some fun with da shooty beakies!”.

The midddle squad positions itself to counter charge should the vanguards go after my nobz or the boyz attacking the predator. Klickinklak orders the battlewagon to pop it in reverse and preserve some killpoints.

In shooting, One kan squadrdon bounce several rokkitz off the armor of the land raider. The other squad runs up. Other than that, nothing.

Close combat, the warboss flips over the land raider, wrecking it. The nobz reach the devestators and tear them apart. The boyz on the left kill the predator while the boyz on the right finish off the marine squad there. 4 kill point in this turn. Not too shabby!

Kill Points: Imperial Fists 3 (battlewagon, lootaz, meganobz)
Orks: 8 (Lysander 2 tactical squads, devastators, terminators, rhino, land raider, predator)

Ork 3

Space Marine 4:

He finally disembarks the vanguard veterans goes after the nobz (my highest point unit). He trips through the difficult terrain however, and fails to get in assault range. He's pretty much given up on winning the game at this point and is just going for a bonus point by kill my nobz.

Both rhinos plink away at boy mobz. It occurred to me that he could have tank shocked my nobz with his vanguard rhino and ha a good chance of breaking them (rerollable 7 leadership test). But he didn't do so.

Kill Points: Imperial Fists 3 (battlewagon, lootaz, meganobz)
Orks: 8 (Lysander 2 tactical squads, devastators, terminators, rhino, land raider, predator)

Imperial Fists 4

Ork 4:

I assault both rhinos and kill them. My nobz move to join back up with the warboss.

Having only a single vanguard squad surrounded by a tide of green, he concedes.

End Game

Grubbynutz laughed as he waddled around the burning land raider to join his nobz.

“Love killin' deze tings!” he said jovially, smacking the twisted front hull with his klaw. The nobz nodded and proceeded to smash their own weapons against the hull of ruined yellow vehicle. A roar and the squeal of poorly maintained brakes signalled a battlewagon's approach. Klickinklak was perched on top of the cab and was thrown to the ground at the warboss's feet as the machine skidded to a halt. As the nobz and warboss laughed at the mek's misfortune, Klicky rose and dusted himself off.

“So boss, da way to da 'umie hive is open now! We gonna get 'em or wot?” He ventured timidly. He remembered Yulanos IV, where Grubbynutz had declined the opportunity to attack an undefended hive in order to go and try to find a fight with some Tyranids.

“Is dere going to be a good fight if we do?” The warboss queried, his eyes narrowing with suspicion. Klickinklak, however, was a born Morkik ork, and quite used to creative use of the truth.

“Oh yes boss. Da 'umies don't want us to get to da hives. Dey's got all sorts of gunz and cool bitz set up to fight us on da way in. Huge guns and tanks dat can blast whole mobz!” he responded, unable to keep his genuine excitement at the prospect of looting such technology out of his voice.

“Well den,” grinned the Warboss, “I guess we'ze going to da hives!”

* * * * *

Received: Pride of H'garia
Source: Antragynos Astropath Relay Station 28
Authorization: Inquisitor Drathax

Ork infestation on Antragynos reaching critical mass. Blood Axe allies have been neutralized by a new threat from the 'Goff' clan. Imperial Fist counterstrike thwarted with 80% casualties. Any available military resources resources are requisitioned to Antragynos immediately. Estimated time until total planetary domination by the orks – 10 days earth standard.


I get full bonus points for this game, which was good. After that draw in the first round, I needed all the help I can get. With 19 points from this game, I'm only 5 behind max points.

Ben's army, now that I look at it, actually had less killpoints than me, which is unusual for a marine opponent. He had a chance in this one. He was a great opponent throughout, despite the abuse my army was inflicting on his. When I thanked for his sportsmanship he shrugged and said “it's only a game”. Good guy.

It all really swung around that terminators, lysander and dreadnought vs. grubbynutz, nobz and meganobz combat. Failing 5 out of 9 saves just destroyed his chances of winning, as he had 8 less power fist swings coming in (one of the dead was the sergeant, whose power weapon had already swung). Had these fellows lived until the klaw phase (where they still would have died) they would have killed more nobz, which would have been enough to probably wipe out the meganobz and force a leadership test of 2 or more on my regular nobz. With some bad luck on my part, I could have fled and had an angry Lysander roaming free.

Amazing what a difference 5 dice can make, eh?

The predator annhilator gets a lot of flak, and while it is expensive, having that many lascannons sitting on your flank can be intimidating, especially when you're trying to advance a battlewagon with side armor 12 up the board. I made it to combat, but lost the wagon the following turn.

I also got off my Land Raider killing drought. I guess that is bound to happen when a warboss charges a stationary raider. Go Grubbynutz!

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Default Battle 3, against Imperial Guard

“Thank the Emperor you arrived when you did” the thin balding man said, absentmindedly fidgeting with the Inquisitorial Rosette he wore around his neck. He was guiding the senior officer cadre of the H'garian regiments down the grand hallway of the Administratum complex towards the makeshift command room.

“With all respect Inquisitor, I thought we arrived too late.” Captain Kilgore said, his eyebrow arching ever so slightly underneath his broad-brimmed hat. They had seen the infernos of burning hives on their shuttle ride down. Inquisitor Drathax shrugged.

“Yes, the loss of Golos Hive and the Meetle Refinery Complex are unfortunate. However, the real gem of the planet is here in Firstlanding.” Opening the command room door he led them into the bustling room, populated by cogitator servitors and harried looking PDF officers. All of whom cleared a path for the Inquistor as he strode over the map display. Punching a button, he brought up a view of the Firstlanding hive and the surrounding terrain.

“If we allow the orks within range of the hives wall artillery, they will already be in the outer hab areas. That is terrain that favors their method of warfare. Therefore, you are to engage the orks in the outer defences... here,” he said, indicating a line of trenches.

“I have taken the liberty of preparing some clear lines of fire and fortifications for you in that place. We expect the orks to arrive there within 6 hours.” Kilgore nodded.

“We'll be there sir. Maybe not as the orks expect us to be, but we'll be there.” he said with a smile. Drathax turned to the H'Garian officer with a quizzical expression.

“Very well, Captain. Just see that you and your men stop them. The fate of Firstlanding is in your hands."

* * * * *

“Where's da 'umies at?” Grubbynutz roared. His nobz shrugged. The first and secondary trenchline that spread out before them, which on a normal day would be bustling with human soldiers, was completely empty.

“Ah well, zog it. We'll hold dis area until Groduk brings up his gunz.” he muttered as he climbed to the top of his wagon. He looked hopefully at the area behind the trench line, hoping somebody would oppose his taking this land...

My third opponent of the day was Conrad, actually a player from our store in Lebanon who had also made the trip south. What is it with me and playing people from our store in the third round? Oh well.

Conrad was running his IG, the H'Garian regiments. His list looked like this:

Company Command
(Creed, Kell, Astropath, mounted in vendetta)
Company Command (4 meltaguns, mounted in vendetta)
Ministorum Priest (eviscerator, leading combined squad)
Infantry Platoon
Command Squad
(Al Rahem, Meltagun, Flamer, Commissar with Power Fist)
50 man combined squad (5 sergeants with power weapons, 3 meltas, 2 flamers)
Veteran Squad (Harker, 3 meltaguns)
Chimera (hull heavy flamer, turret multilaser)

2 Manticores (enclosed top, 'scout' from creed)
1 Manticore (enclosed top)

Can you tell what he is going to do? I sure didn't. Of course, I was pretty foggy by this point. It had to have been close to 6pm by the time this game started.

Mission: Seize Ground (5 Objectives)
Deployment: Dawn of War

The Board:
Due to his higher seeding (2 win against my win and a draw) Conrad got to pick the table. He picked a table with two trench lines facing one another. Nothing surprising there... Our objectives were scattered in a star formation. You don't exactly have a lot of room to place objectives when there are 5 on a standard table (not within 12” of a table edge or 12” of another objective really limits you).


He won the roll for first turn and gave it to me. Fine! Standard deployment in dawn of war. 60 boyz plus Klicky went down along the middle line. He deploys nothing. He says one manticore will be coming on first turn and everything else is outflanking. klkn.


He declines to seize the initiative.

Ork Turn 1:

I bring everything on. I'm trying to spread out to combat him wherever he decides to come on. The megaz and lootaz go on to the left, while the other boy mob and grubz go on to the right. The kanz come on in the middle.

Ork 1

IG Turn 1:

A single, lonely-looking manticore rolls on in his righthand corner. It sees through the gloom and launches a shell into the right hand sluggaz, killing a few. Other than that, things are pretty quiet.

IG 1

Ork Turn 2:
Okay, so I know a lot of his stuff will be coming in next turn, so while the tempation to waagh into the Manticore is there, I hold back and just move my sluggaz forward. Klicky detaches from that squad and joins the slugga mob that came on from reserve.

I feel like I'm circling the wagons. I guess I am.

Ork 2

IG Turn 2:
Everything sans Creed and his Vendetta arrive from reserve. And all of them show up on my left flank. Hurray. That astropath really paid for himself here.

The IG monster squad heads right for my sluggaz. After a succesful “Like the wind” order from Al-Rahem, they shoot their assault weapons and get themselves squarely into assault range. Damn.

The manticores on the left, the vendetta and the sentinels all combine fire on my battlewagon, immobilizing it, blowing off its weapon and doing various and sundry other nasty thing to it. But not wrecking it!

The other battlewagon is not so lucky. The 'bait' manticore launches a beautiful shot that explodes it, killing several nearby sluggaz. The nobz and grubbynutz stagger out, unpinned. Harker and his chimera gun down 4 lootaz. The Lootaz, by some miracle (or perhaps the law of averages) hold their ground for once in the tournament.

Close combat sees my entire left hand slugga mob hacked down by a horde of nasty IG attacks and the ensuing fearless wounds. They give a good account of themselves however, and mange to off a little less than a squads worth before they die (not bad for striking last after that many attacks!). The IG consolidate backwards away from the meganob wagon.

IG 2

Ork 3:

Wow. That hurt really bad. A whole slugga mob and both battlewagons out of the game. Time to try and hit back. The meganobz disembark and move at a decent clip across the terrain. The right hand sluggaz launch themselves at the manticore. Everything else moves towards the IG incursion.

Shooting is a bit disappointing, as I only manage to stun the vendetta (downgraded to shaken due to extra armor) with my lootaz, while my kanz fail utterly. I do call a waagh to ensure that both the meganobz and the boyz on the right will make it into the respective targets.

They do, and I blow up the 'bait' manticore on the right! Hurray! The meganobz steam into the massed IG unit. One of their number goes down to the 15 power weapon attacks that swing first and another takes a wound. In response they butcher around 9 guardsmen. Lacking a commissar, the guardsmen flee. Unfortunately, I am able to cut them down and they run towards their board edge.

Ork 3

IG 3
Creed arrives this turn, his vendetta flying to the increasingly crowded left side of the board.

To my great joy, the IG from the massive combined squad roll a 9 on their flee roll, just enough to take them off the board. Conrad mentions that having Creed not come in last turn allowed this to happen as Creed usually makes them fearless

Creed is dropped in the central woods by his valkyrie. Al Rahem moves up to deal with the megaz. The shaken valkyrie moves up to park over Harker's chimera.

In the shooting phase, creed gives Al Rahem's squad the “For the Glory of Cadia!” order granting them both furious charge and fearless for the remainder of the turn. He then orders himself to hide in the woods. Between the newly-arrived vendettas lascanonns and some sweet mantcore shots, two kanz from the front squad are destroyed. Lascannons from the sentinels pick off a meganob, who pass their leadership. The lootaz are finished off by harker and friends. Gah.

Al Rahem steams in and slaughters the three remaining meganobz with his instant death sword. Slightly above average, even with furious charge. Oh well. That's my comeuppance for having the combined squad flee off the board.

IG 3

Ork 4:

Turn 4, time to start thinking about those objectives. My righthand slugga moves to claim one, while the nobz claim the middle one and the southern sluggaz a third.

In shooting, the kanz continue their ineptitude with rokkitz. Not doing a darn thing to the vendettas. Uneventful turn, butI hold three objectives!

Ork 4

IG 4:

Conrad realizes this too. In his phase, he moves the command squad's Valkyrie fast and over the heads of my orks towards his board edge. Al Rahem's squad (one of only two scoring units left in Conrad's army, Harker's unit being the other one) trips through the woods and can't quite embark on the other Valkyrie. Harker edges back out of kan assault range.

In shooting, the manticores open up on the northeast sluggaz and blast away around 9 of the orks, who are caught in the open. Still not enough to bring them below fearless. The vendetta targets the forward kan but only manages to shake it. Harker tries his hand at this Kan, as does his Chimera. But they only manage to shake it again. The lascannon sentinels target the other squadron, but are defeated by their own inaccuracy and the intervening terrain.

IG 4

Ork 5:

The kanz waddle forward some more. The first, lonely kan runs up and is now contesting one of the lefthand objectives. Rokkit fire from the rear kan targets the valkyrie My slugga mobz and the nobz ring the objectives with their guys, preventing a last turn contest from the Vendettas.

Ork 5

IG 5:

Harker and company move up to claim the objective. First though, they'll have to clean the kan off.

Al Rahem finally makes it to the Vendetta and embarks. Creed continues to hide. The other vendetta sails to the very north board edge. No doubt hoping to leap in and contest if the game goes another turn and he's able to thin my squads enough.

In shooting, the manticores target the nobz this time and off two of them. The nobz pass their leadership test and stay. The sentinels target the back kan squadron, trusting harker to finish the forward one off. They manage to blast the rokkitz off one of the kanz.

Harker's squad has a meltagun failure of epic proportions and they miss with all three melta shots. This means that the Kan is still contesting his objective and will be able to go after Harker next turn.

We roll a die to see if the game ends and it comes up a 2. Ork victory, 3 objectives to none!

End Game

Firstlanding burned for three days after the orks broke the last PDF remnants. The greenskins took whatever they could grab and then set fire to the rest (which included a number of citizens that wouldn't consent to the servitude under the orks). Small sections were comparatively less damaged. Grubbynutz had taken the inquisitorial stronghold as his fortress while Klickinklak set up in the ruined industrial sector. The sound of slaves and meks working late into the night on battlewagons and fighta-bommas echoed late into the night. In time a much larger structure began to form, the telltale armored skirt and massive chainsaw of a stompa telling any interested observers what was being built.

Inquisitor Caius Drathax was one such observer. He had allowed himself to be captured and enslaved, using a psychic suggestion to convince the ork slavers that he would be best used near the mek's workshop. For two weeks he had worked to near exhaustion. His hands were wrapped in rags from the crude instruments that the orks forced them to use and his back lashed from a run in with a particularly brutal slaver. He hadn't dared to use his psychic ability to protect himself as a troop of ork psykers had been passing by, looking for signs of psychic ability amongst the slaves.

Now, with the new stompa beginning to to grow, he had something to report. Ducking out of his work line where the orks were forcing them to dig holes and fill them in, he slipped into the shadows of an alley between two shattered hab blocks. He pulled a data slate from his pocket and began typing a message to his private ship, the “Spark of Jurthar” that waited in orbit. He was calling for immediate extraction. Sector command had to be warned of this new threat.


A fitting end to the day. It wasn't the most epic or exciting of games, but it certainly was a tactical challenge to deal with an enemy that deployed like these IG. In particularly, my reliance on attacking along a broad front and concentrating in the areas where I deploy my nobz is difficult. Mainly because 1/3rd of my army will be useless and the battlewagons will probably be dead from side and rear shots (or front shots from manticores - damn those things are nasty!).

Conrad played a tight game, but in the end it was the same strengths that gave me so much problems that turned on him. Having your entire army appear on one flank is useful for disrupting and killing the enemy, but not so good for claiming large numbers of objectives. In a kill point mission, Conrad would have definitely stomped me, as I only killed two units in the whole game (he got 4), but it was seize ground instead.

As an aside, I'm glad I own and have read the IG codex and know that Vendettas are not tanks. Had I thought that the skimmer-transports could tank shock me in the last turn, I would have played it more aggressively and probably lost the game. As it was, I knew that all I had to do to prevent a last turn contest was get my guys in a ring around 3 inches away from the objective. Point being - read all the codexes you can!

In any case, my point score for this one was 18, giving me a total of 51, enough for second place and $60 is store credit! First and third went to chaos space marines (undivided came first, a khorne/nurgle mix came third). But another good showing for the orks, and another second place!
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

Good battle report! In your second game, your KP's are off, you never added the point for when you killed his dred in turn 2 Not that it matters! Good stuff man! I love the IG battle! Do you think he build his list just for Kill points? Did he rely too much on coming from the flank? Anywyas good stuff man!
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-

Nice report there Droofus, How come you always use vassal? Come on post up some pics ;D
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

Wow, great games! That IG one I wasn't sure how that was going to go down. I've not played a list like that and my unfamiliarity with it would have seen me beaten but you did well. You didn't play it too aggressively and kept your eye on the prize.
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

Great reports! I think that Imperial Fists player had a very educational second round... I'd be surprised if he tries that tactic against Orks again.
I'm not feeling terribly clever right now.
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

Originally Posted by arsenal1989
Good battle report! In your second game, your KP's are off, you never added the point for when you killed his dred in turn 2 Not that it matters! Good stuff man! I love the IG battle! Do you think he build his list just for Kill points? Did he rely too much on coming from the flank? Anywyas good stuff man!
Good catch on the dread. It went down so quickly (it was the first thing to die in that massive scrap) that I forgot all about it.

I don't think he built the army for kill points (though he rocked my poor buddy who he faced in annihilation in round 2), but I do think that having 5 dispersed objectives hurt him.

Outflanking an entire force lends itself well to kill points (and capture and control, I suppose), but fortune favors the brave in objective-based mission! I guess I was just lucky to get him in a mission that didn't play to his strengths.

Originally Posted by Waaghsteve
Nice report there Droofus, How come you always use vassal? Come on post up some pics ;D
Ha, I may have to steal my wife's camera for the next one.

I actually do Vassal because I think it gives a better view of the action than just pictures. Pictures are a nice supplement, but unless they're a top-down style with a view of the table, I think that they can't capture the flow of a battle. If you want to see pictures of my army, you should check out my army profile. Not all my units are up there, but most are.

Originally Posted by Thor{DoH}
Wow, great games! That IG one I wasn't sure how that was going to go down. I've not played a list like that and my unfamiliarity with it would have seen me beaten but you did well. You didn't play it too aggressively and kept your eye on the prize.
Yes, that was definitely a challenge. Every instinct was screaming at me to run after his lines and beat those IG guys to death and stop the bombardment. But fortunately my better sense kicked in (for once) and told me to keep on the objectives. Even if I had run at him and gotten there before the game ended, I don't think I could have beat him attacking piecemeal. The bottom line is that even with his templates, he didn't have enough firepower to dig 70 orks out of cover in the length of a normal game.

Originally Posted by Monster Rain
Great reports! I think that Imperial Fists player had a very educational second round... I'd be surprised if he tries that tactic against Orks again.
It's sad to say (or maybe not for you), but I find it so much easier to beat marines that aren't being commanded by you. You know all my tricks!
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

He beat me by 1 kill point...
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Default Re: Orks head to another tourney (First game: ork on ork action, 2000 points 12-12)

Great battles!
I was truly impressed with the calibre of foes you were dealing with, and I'm amazed how many tournaments you have out there
What are you planning with the winnings btw? More Kans? Or something more devious in mind ?
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