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Rematch against BT-2K batrep with pics 12/12/09
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Default Rematch against BT-2K batrep with pics 12/12/09

Todays game was a bit intense so some funny things happened, unfortunately one of them was me forgetting to take pictures every turn.

The second funny thing was me forgetting my combat squaded tac marine unit until turn 3 so i had to treat them as a reserve, fortunately i made the reserve roll and they came in......i still manaaged to forget my second HQ (GK grand master) who was supposed to be with them, for the entire game.

So i was playing with a bit of a handicap(nearly 200 points) without realising it.

His list-
.marshal with claws and melta bomb
.emperors champion
.X2 10 man squad with fist/melta gun
.X2 15 man squad with fist/melta gun
.5 man terminator squad with assault cannon
.X2 vindicator with POTMS
.X2 assaultcannon/DCCW storm bolter dreadnoughts

My list-
.X5 sniper scouts with missile launcher, melta bomb
.10 tac marines, flamer, fist, melta bomb, missile launcher
.X3 venerable las/missile dreads
.X3 podding ironclad dreads
.X1 land speeder typhoon

So here is how things broke down-
.2,000 points
.5 objectives
.dawn of war
.BT player went first

Deployment/Turn 1
The BT player opted to not deploy anything, i put out the combat squaded tacs with missile, scouts and MOTF.

Turn 1 he rolled everything on the table. since his max range is effectively 24"
He just ran everything forward.

My turn 1
i dropped 1 pod left, i was hoping to put it on an objective but it scattered a bit farther left into the trees. i managed to immobilise the dread it landednext to. the other landed middle field, allownig me to light up the terminators on the hill. since i was shooting through cover i only managed to kill 2 with my full armies shooting. he failed his zeal check and the terminators fell back a bit. score for me!

With dreads in his face he had to deal so on turn 2 the 10 man on the far elft took a shot at the dread but i made my cover save, the immobile dread fired on it and did nothing, so his 15 man squad with emperors champ was forced to charge it. this combat lasted to the end of turn 3 seeing the dread take them out to the last man. in the middle he hit the second ironclad with his other 15 man squad, because the terminators had fallen back they failed terrain checks to aid in this fight. it took a couple round of CC but the melta bomb ended up saving him here after the fist immobilised the dread.

his other 10 man squad moved up as did he second dread and vindie. all of which fired on my scouts...i lost 1

My turn 2
My last ironclad comes in, drops 2 kraks into the vindie in the building, both pen and he fails his cover. immobilised and weapon destroyed, with ounly a storm bolter i gnored this tankfor the rest of the game. i took some shots at his dreads to no effect my scouts hit his 10 man squad on the right, they failed thier rage check as well and fell back some.
i fired my tacs at the squad on the left only hitting with bolters, but i dropped one. they also failed their rage check and ran right off the table.

Turn 3
after taking out an ironclad his termies and 15 man unit in the center took out the drop pod to clear the center objective. his vindie and 10 man squad with dread went for the scouts again, killing 2 more, they hold.

My turn 3
the dread that nuetered the vindi moves to intercept the ceneter squad, i pour some fire into his termies and kill 2 of the 3 remaining, cincentrated fire from the typhoon and a dread blow up his dread moving up my right flank.
it was this turn i realsied i was missing a unit, since i forgot to deploy them i treated them as reserves and walked onto the table after a successful roll.

Turn 4
he lines up a vindie shot on my ironclad in the open. it scatters far. he then assaults the ironclad dread with his lone terminator and full sqaud.. they stay in combat there for the rest of the game immobilising and doing a weapon destroyed on the ironclad, mostly fromt he standard fist due to siome really bad rolls on his melta bomb and chainfist.

The squad on the right take a shot at the dread with their melta and fail to hurt it.

My turn 4, my recently arrived tacticals walk, then run to grab objectives, i move up 2 venerables one to engage teh squad to my right, the other to aid the ironclad holding the middle of the table. the typhoon kills his other vindie with a side armor shot. my tacs with missile krak his other immobile dread and kill it as well.

Seeing he has his only 2 scoring units about to be tied up in CC with multiple dreads and not being able to hold any objectives he concedes the game.

Final tally
.i hold 2 objectives
.he holds none, contests 1

.My losses from combat
.3 scouts
.ironclad dread
.drop pod

His losses from combat
.25+ marines (2 sqauds and a couple guys for the other 2)
.4 terminators
.X2 dreads
.X1 vindicator
.emperors champion

Second victory over BT.

I sense another re-match coming....mabey this time i will remember to put everythingon the table.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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