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BFG 1,500 double batrep with pics-12/12/09
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Default BFG 1,500 double batrep with pics-12/12/09

Among the games i got in saturday i mananged 2 BFG battles at 1,500 points.

We have a guy that comes to watch the games and occasionally join in if we have spare stuff to use since we have a "store fleet" of imperial navy we gave him the book and let him write up a fleet list.

He chose to ignore some of our suggestions and build the fleet his way,
which is fine, it helps him learn the game.

His fleet for game 1 was as follows
.X3 re-rolls
.X3 dominators
.X2 dictators
.X1 mars
.X1 cobra( he had some spare points to spend)

I decided to try out a necron fleet i had been wanting to try for a while.
Since i normally run escort heavy this one was as follows
.X3 scythe
.X2 re-rolls

Game type-passing engagement

he deployed first, i won first turn.

I rolled horribly low LD on my scythes. with a 6, 6, and 7.
This cause on of my scythes to fail his AAF order, i did little other than move this turn.

he racted by trying to bring his fleet around fo face me, since i saw where he setup it was able to keep his return fire to a minimum.

Turn 2
i was on him. the scythe that failed it's AAF in turn 1 maxed his move in turn 2, a secind scythe and tombship again used AAF to get cloer while the last scythe locked onto the rear of one dictator. i gto a few shots through and managed to do additional engine damage. the rest of my fire went into a dominator.

His return action put hurt on the scythe that had moved max distance. taking 3 hits, and he managed on hit on a second.

Turn 3
saw me take out the damaged dicator and hurt the second. i got behind him and was locking on, it wasn't pretty. i also took out the cobra before it could become a nuisance.

his return action put a damage on the tombship and a second on the slightly damaged scythe.

Turn 4
The tombship was among him. taking out his mars while the scythes finished off his last dictator. with no lances or AC in the table all i really had left to worry over were teh 3 remaining nova cannons.

he put nova cannon shots into all 3 scythes, making me brace. finaly crippling one, puting a 3rd wound on the second and doing nothing to the 3rd. he also managed to damage the tombship a second time.

Turn 5
At this point we had a bit of a cluster. 2 burning ships and 1 drifting ship all coming together in one big pile. And we were all sailing right into it. my braced scythes went for thre easy shot with their reduced firepower and started detonating burning cruisers, when the smoke cleared and the tombship picked on the straglers. the IN was left with one damaged dominator, one dominator adrift and one dictator adrift. the last survuvung ship wisely jumped away.

All told the tombship took 3 hits, one scythe took 4 and a second scythe took 3. had he used ships with more lances he might have done better, or if he had managed to get some more AC into space before i sank his carriers(what he launched didn't really do much to me).

The tombship is inded a powerful ship when it was in action, it just took so long for it to get there and it seems so slow compared to the scythes.

Next up-
classic foes
IN VS chaos
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: BFG 1,500 double batrep with pics-12/12/09

Game 2
after the trouncing the necrons gave him, he went back and retooled his fleet. this time around he went for a more well rounded aproach

.X2 re-rolls
.emperor class battleship
.overlord BC
.X2 upgraded tyrants (45cm range and one with nova cannon
.X2 gothic.

I went with my BC gun fleet.
.despoiler battleship
.repulsive grand cruiser w/lord
.hades BC w/lord
.carnage w/lord
.carnage w/lord

We rolled up a random scenerio and got cruiser class, while it is supposed to be a small fleet engagement we went ahead and played it at 1,500 points.

The IN deployed first and won first turn.
with his shorter range he AAF orders with every ship save the nova cannon tyrant which took a shot at my despoiler but scattered away.

I had rolled badly on one of my carnages for LD, getting the minimum(everybody else was maxed out) and of course he failed his lock on special order and his free re-roll, that was quickly fixed since he was sitting right next to abaddond flagship when he did it. fortunately all i did was drop the shields on the carnage with my poor rolling.....additional +1 LD for the rest of the game WOOT!

I decided to split my smaller fleet and try to flank him. sending my 45cm guns right and my 60's left making the carnages a tempting target.
my first fullisade of fire cripples one gothic and reduced his speed by 10 with a engine crit.
i also laucnhed a compliment of fighters to give my ships close support.

He took the bait and turned in to engage my carnages and despoiler.
again he lobbed a NC shot at my despoiler and barely missed.

I took a few hits on the lead carnage but he had me abeam with all his weapons so i took minimal return fire. my fighters quickly eliminated all his torpedos.

Not caring to be the object of so much NC love abaddon sent his ship AAF to clear the LOF of the IN guns while the carnages went for a passing engagement locking on. meanwhile the hades and repulsive crept up behind him.
i mananged to damage his second gothic and force it to brace.

Return fire damage the lead carnage as it was the only target in range and LOF. he got a flight of sharks through and pretty much took the ccarnage out of the game. 2 engine damage results and 4 weapons damage results. it is crippled and not turning

The trap is sprung. the second carnage drops teh crippled gothic, the hades and the repulsive put fire into the flanks of the overlord. crippling it.

With his flank to me and not being abel to come about fast enough he ops to open the distance leaving the slower emperor and overlord behind.

He tries for an easy kill and hits the damaged carnage (who had just fixed his engines) with sharks again. another engine hit and more weapons hits, i am down to 2 structure.

the hades locks onto the emperor and the repulsive gives support. lucky hits! i smash the bridge on the emperor. LD 6 for the rest of the game! the carnage finises off the overlord and sets it adrift. torpedos fail to detonate it.

i launch a full spread of figter support just in case he tries to reload those sharks. the damage carnage puts along trying in vain to repair engines. i can't roll a repai 6 to save my life.

He uses orders to come to new heading for his cruisers and his emperor fails it's ld check for reloads.

I lock onto his emperor again with the hades and repulsive, this time i cripple it with hits and crits(11 +d3 extra damage, got 2) the hades gives the overlords hulk a braodside and so does the carnage finally detonating it, doing more damage to the emperor.

his cruisers open up on the hades which braces, 1 hit gets through and crits-fire! fire! argh i hate fire i can never seem to put them out. again his emperor fails LD checks.

Sure enough my first attampt with 7 dice....fire still burns +1 structure damage.

the repulsve locks on and between the combined fire of the hades and carnage, the emperor finally dies and is set adrift

i get lucky and put out the fire on the second try.

He is desperate, he sends his tyrants through the asteroids but the gothic cannot quite get there and takes a few hits

He hides for a turn in the asteroids as my ships circle, the carrier returns fighters and arms it's bombers. when they finally do come out they exchange a bit of fire with the depoiler.

the damaged carnage finally repairs it's engines and can navigate, but not shoot since all it's guns are out.

The other carnage manages to turn in and with the despoiler put some hits on his tyrant with the NC, then he gets hit with bombers. seeing the chance of a pity kill on the damaged carnage evaporate with the repair of it's engines the IN decides to flee with it's 3 remaining ships.

game ends

.tyrant-(NC) damaged


This game was alot harder and longer than the last, a few lucky hits were critical for such a sweeping win, although superior tactics hepled me a great deal. the IN fleet often found itself firing at me abeam while i managed to catch him closing or moving away most of the time. eliminating his shorter lance units early on and smashing the carrier were my top priorities and it worked for the most part.

I still hate the emperor, it is to slow to stay with the fleet or manuever effectively. there were several times i made it not even be able to turn due to speed reduction. combined with an overall fleet weapons range of 30cm it makes supporting such a ship a hard bargin in my book. the upgraded tyrants and even the overlord were the stars of the fleet. doing most of the shooting hits in the game for the IN.

This is only the 3rd time i have used the hades and in this combination it works pretty well. the forward lance arcs served me espsically well this game. allowing me to plow ahead into the enemy flanks while locked on the entire way.

Until the next engagement:
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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