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From Dawn Til Dusk, -1000points- 12/12/09
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Default From Dawn Til Dusk, -1000points- 12/12/09

THIS IS NOT A DETAILED BATTLE REPORT; it is intended to explain more unique battle styles.

From Dawn Til Dusk was a 1,000 point tournament at my local game store, the second Warhammer event hosted there. I was able to participate, so I decided to try my hand at going against people who really know what they're doing.

There were 12 players there: 3 Eldar, 3 Chaos Space Marines, 2 Ork, 1 Tyranid, 1 Tau, 1 Space Marine, and 1 Necron

The tournament was split into three rounds:

Round One: Dawn of War, Unprepared, Assassination.
In Round One, both players designate an HQ choice to be the assassination target. If this target falls in battle, the other player wins unless his own HQ falls as well. If this happens, the game is a draw. If both HQs live, the game is also a draw. In Unprepared, Dawn of War deployment is mandatory: One HQ (must be the intended assassination target) and two Troops choices; everything else must enter through Reserves or moving onto the board on turn one. Nightfighting was in effect for round one of the battle.

Round Two: Reconnaissance, with Low Fog
In Reconnaissance, three objectives are placed across the board in specific locations: the very center of the board and two opposing 12" corners (12" away from two board edges, in opposite corners of the board). Deployment allows a 12" deployment zone starting at 24" of the short edge, then 36" along the long edge, in an L shape. The opposing player deploys in the opposite corner.
In this game style, Troops must approach objectives within 2" to look for the proper objective. There is no contesting for objective; if a Troops choice ends its movement phase within 2" of an objective, a d6 is rolled. On a roll of 5 or 6, the objective is picked up and taken with the Troop that found it; all other markers are removed. If a 1-4 is rolled, the marker is removed and the players must search the other two objectives. If the marker is in the possession of a unit and the unit is destroyed, the objective falls where their corpses lay, until another Troops choice picks it up. Whoever owns the proper objective at the end of the game wins. In Low Fog, "Go to Ground" grants an additional +1 to cover. This allows the objectives to be placed in open fields without as much fear of being sniped on your way.

Round Three: Corridor of Fire, Attrition, at Dusk
Round Three used the board as a longways table, deploying from the short table edges using Dawn of War deployment. The initial deploying player may deploy up to 36" from the short table edge. All other Dawn of War deployment is in effect, except entire armies may be deployed. This means the 12"/18" distance rules modified how the second deploying player could deploy his or her army. In Attrition, it is a kill-all mission where victory is established through Kill Points, not Victory Points. That way, a single model from a squad of 20 still retains a Kill Point for its commander. In Dusk fighting, Nightfighting begins on round 5 and continues until the game ends.

My list was as follows:
Farseer - 55 (110) - Fortune and Doom
8 Dire Avengers - 96 (128) - Exarch with Dual Shuricats and Bladestorm
5 Dire Avengers - 60 (108) - Exarch with Power Weapon and Bladestorm
5 Dire Avengers - 60 (103) - Exarch with Diresword and Bladestorm
5 Howling Banshees - 80 (97) - Exarch with Executioner
5 Dark Reapers - 175 (217) - Exarch with Tempest Launcher and Crack Shot
Wraithlord - 90 (105) - Wraithsword and Shuricannon
Falcon - 115 (140) - Shuricannon and Spirit Stones
TOTAL: 998

In round one, my assassination target was a winged Daemon Prince of Chaos:
Daemon Prince - 135 - Wings, Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Space Marines - 235 - 2 Flamers and a Rhino with a Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, and Twin-Linked Bolters; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
Chaos Space Marines - 235 - 2 Flamers and a Rhino with a Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, and Twin-Linked Bolters; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
Chaos Space Marines - 245 - 2 Melta Guns and a Rhino with a Searchlight, Smoke Launchers, and Twin-Linked Bolters; Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
Defiler - 150 - Battle Cannon, Twin-Linked Flamers, Reaper Auto Cannon, Searchlight, Smoke Launchers

This was an amusing first match; his Daemon Prince stood outside of my range the entire game, while my Farseer was attached to my 8-man Avenger squad in cover, Fortuning each round. I didn't do much damage to his army, and he really tore mine apart with his Battle Cannon, but both HQs were still alive by the end of the game, so it was a drawn match.

Round Two, I was the second tournament opponent of a newer Tau player (I don't know all the standard upgrades, so I'm listing everything I don't KNOW isn't standard):
Shas'o - 188 - Jet Pack, Burst Cannon, Failsafe Detonator, Blacksun Filter; Drone Controller, Multi-tracker, Iridium Armor, Stimulant Injector, 2 Gun Drones, Missile Pod, Shield Generator
Fire Warrior Team - 304 - Sas'ui, EMP Grenades; Devilfish with 2 Gun Drones, Seeker Missile, Disruption Pod, Sensor Spines, Target Lock, and Targeting Array; the Shas'ui had a Blacksun Filter, Markerlight, Target Lock, Pulse Rifle, and EMP Renades
Kroot Carnivores - 113 - 10 Kroot Rifles, one Kroot Shaper with a Pulse Rifle
Stealthsuit Team - 215 - Leader added, 2 Burst Cannons, 2 Shield Generators; Leader equipped with Fusion Blaster and Blacksun Filter, Drone Controller, Target Lock, Markerlight, Gun Drone, Marker Drone, Support Systems, and Shield Generator
Broadside Team - 180 - Smart Missile System, Shield Generator

During deployment of the Reconnaissance mission, my opponent Infiltrated directly right on top of one of the objectives with his Kroot and near another with his Steal suits.

He stole the initiative, blasted my Wraithlord with his railguns from the Broadsides (2 wounds), and checked for objective with his Kroot; got a 4, so that objective marker was removed from the table. During my first turn, I loaded up my 5-man squad of Avengers into the Falcon and went Flat Out onto the middle objective. I hid my Wraithlord from the Broadsides behind a large piece of terrain, and checked for the objective with the Falcon: got a 5. My Falcon now had the objective.

Turn two, he shot everything he could at my Falcon: its Skimmer cover gave it a 4+ save, which deflected at least four glances/penetrations. I made a Monstrous Creature stealthy by sneaking him behind terrain towards his Shas'o, while I jetted my Falcon out of as much line of sight as possible, moving Flat Out once again. I was able to take out his Stealth Suits with a Bladestorm from the 8-man squad and some supplemental shots from my Reapers. My Banshees and Farseer moved toward his Kroot.

Turn three, he fired his Broadsides through windows at my Falcon, but my cover save deflected the single penetrate he scored. His Shas'o attempted to blow up my Wraithlord, but failed. During my turn, I disembarked my Avengers and moved my Falcon out for a firing platform, while moving my Avengers up behind the terrain so that he had absolutely no line of sight; my Reapers repositioned for better shots, attempting to climb the same piece of terrain for window sights. I was able to charge his Kroot with my Banshees and Farseer, annihilating all but his Shaper and two Carnivores. I took no wounds in the melee.

Turn four, his Broadsides effectively brought down the building my Avengers were hiding behind; only two Reapers suffered fatal wounds. His Shas'o attempted to hurt my 'Lord again, but failed. He keeps forgetting to use his Jet Pack, so my Wraithlord keeps stalking closer each round to his commander. During the combat phase, my squad wiped out his Shaper and Carnivores and consolidated out of line of sight from his other units. During my turn, my Wraithlord finally managed to assault his Shas'o while my Reapers (Crack shot and Tempest Launcher) halved his Fire Warrior Team in cover. I moved my Avengers as close as I could to the falcon, and the Falcon maintained a stream of fire on the building the Broadsides were standing on, attempting to mimic his tactic, but to no avail. In the melee with his Shas'o, my Wraithlord killed the commander, but was tied up against his Gun Drone.

Turn five proved to be the last turn of the game. His broadsides fired at my Falcon and missed, even twin-linked. During his combat phase, the Wraithlord smote the Drone and consolidated out of line of sight of the Broadsides. During my turn, my Avengers re-embarked in the Falcon and my Reapers finished off his Fire Warrior team. I'd won the match, as my Avenger squad still retained the objective from Turn One.

Round Three was against an older Space Marine player who had taken a break from the game for a few years:
Captain Sky - 195
Tactical Squad - 175 - heavy bolter, flamer, melta bomb
Tactical Squad - 175 - heavy bolter, flamer, melta bomb
Assault Marines - 177 - melta bombs
Devastator Squad - 170 - Multi-melta, Missile Launcherx2, Lascannon
Dreadnought - 105 - Multi-melta, lascannon

This was a stupid match, on both our parts. I deployed first, so I utilized a ridiculous mounding hill terrain in the very center of the board. He infiltrated his Assault Marines behind my lines with their eyes set on my Reapers, which I had deployed on top of a wrecked Land Raider (yes, we were that hard up for terrain pieces) with line of sight to most of the board.

This battle consisted of me blowing his Assault Squad away with my Reapers, but his Commander, leading them, managed to make it to melee, taking out all but two of them. My Wraithlord helped out, destroying him, and I was able to concentrate again on the rest of his list with my Exarch and one remaining Reaper. Near the beginning of the match, I crested the hill with most of my force, was blown to heck and back, so I retreated behind it. With my Reapers, Wraithlord, and Falcon providing cover fire, I took out 10 Marines that did not have heavy weaponry, while I hid the rest of my squad behind that hill. Every now and then, he'd be able to get line of sight to one of my models, but cover would negate any wounds he got (I think I lost one model after turn three started). But he refused to move his Devastator squad at all, and his Dreadnought was too concerned with my Reapers to help out. I lost my non-Exarch Reaper, and my Exarch took refuge behind the Land Raider for the rest of the game. Because he didn't move a single heavy wepaon, save his Dreadnought, he was not able to finish off my 3-man Banshee squad (Farseer included), nor my 2-man Avenger squad, nor my 1-man Reaper squad, denying him three kill points. I ended the game with 10 kill points, he ended with 6.

This was my first ever tournament on the table, and I loved every minute of it, except losing so many guys to the Marines in the last match. I'm definitely looking forward to the January tournament my store's looking at making, a 1500 point.

Things I learned in this tournament:
1. Utilize the terrain for more than just cover saves; line of sight is your friend when the majority of your force is T3 with 4+ armor saves.
2. Broadsides are a pain.
3. Banshee Masks are amazing.
4. Don't try to close in on three heavy weapons teams unless you have some way of preventing shots.
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Default Re: From Dawn Til Dusk, -1000points- 12/12/09

Wow, your Tau oponnent uses a Firestorm HQ. That's pretty gutsy.

That actually does soundl ike a great Tournement.
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Default Re: From Dawn Til Dusk, -1000points- 12/12/09

Originally Posted by TigStripe
Shas'o - 188 - Jet Pack, Burst Cannon, Failsafe Detonator, Blacksun Filter; Drone Controller, Multi-...
...In the melee with his Shas'o, my Wraithlord killed the commander, but was tied up against his Gun Drone.
If the gun drone belonged to the commander, it should have been removed: the gun drone is attached to a piece of war gear which was removed.

Other than that, it sounds like a LOT of fun, I may steal those missions and use them at my LGS.

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