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1500pts Daemon Hunters Vs SpaceMarines - Dec xx, 2009
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Default 1500pts Daemon Hunters Vs SpaceMarines - Dec xx, 2009

Date please

The artifact had only been recently unearthed from the planets surface. It's chaotic influence was obvious to the Inquisitor, however the stubborn members of the Adeptus Astarties have decided to claim it as their own. Heroes to some, but the Space Marines known as Sicarious and Shrike were nothing more then arrogant bullies, and the damage this artifact could cause in their hands could be unimaginable. The watchful eye of a vindicare assassin kept tabs on the Space Marine strike forces movements. The Inquisitor with a Greyknight retinue would be the ones to spring the trap, and claim the prize as their own.

Grandmaster w/hammerhand, Sacred Insence.
Retinue of 5 terminators, one with incinerator. Squad has Holocaust.

Inquisitor William with two mystics. Bolt pistol/c/c wepon.
Vindicare Assassin.

Grey Knights squad
x8 models. X2 incinerators. Justicar w/frags and meltabombs.

Grey Knights squad
x6. x1 psycannon. Justicar w/frags and meltabombs.

Teleport attack squad
X8 models. Justicar w/frags and meltabombs.

Land Raider Crusader.

His list was.

Sicarious/w commnad squad. Or maybe it was Canto? Guy with the crest on his helmet. I'll pretend hes called Sicarious.
Assault terminator squad w/three thunder hammers and two lightning claws.
Two 10 man tactical squads. One with melta and lascannon, other with ? and ?
Assault squad of 10 with power fist
Iron Clad dreadx2

I have not played against the space marine codex like this very much with special characters. I was unfamiliar with what they did a good part of the time. My opponent was new at space marines, so had to keep checking the book for many of the rules. Odd that I am unfamiliar with the Space Marine codex, assuming that so many people seem to play it.

Mission was Seek and Control. Spearhead deployment. I won the roll for first turn.

The objectives were evenly split along both sides of the table. On on the bottom left of my quater was an easy one for my fire support PGK squad to hold. I figure as long as I hold that one, and the rest of my force distracts him from holding his own and going after my one lonely squad, I should be alright.

I deployed just the Inquisitor, Psycannon squad and landraider (incinerator squad inside). My assassin infiltrating, while my teleport squad and terminators deepstrike.

He keeps his ironclad in reserve, while shrike and the assault squad outflank. His lascannon squad deployed behind a building, to keep an eye on the main line of advance for my Landraider.

I infiltrate my assassin near the top left corner of the table, near one of the objectives.A lot of LOS blocking terrain, assain very sad.

The Inquisitor recognized his adversaries formation. Strickly to the codex astarties, easy to predicit and counter. Soon his allies from the chamber militant will be upon them and can cut the head off the snake. The lumbering shape of the Grey Knight rumbled into the ruined settlement. The inquisitor give his signal to his assassin operative, and the sight of a hulking terminator in the opponents backfield was the answer. The Inquisitors only concern, was the the force appeared much smaller then intelligence foretold...


Realizing right away that my inquisitor is useless, I decide to try and get him killed and send him to the direction of the top-left objective. My fire support squad moved further away from my objective, fearing a charge of shrike and pals. Landradier advances a bit, but keeps out of site of the enemy's heavy weapons.

The Vindicare used his sheildbreaker round to kill off one of the storm sheild terminators. Not bad for the first shot of the game.

My opponent moves his tactical squad in the far right ruins into the ruins more, while the rest of the force advances towards the pipes in the middle.

Turn 2.

The enemy is falling for the bait. Bolts of Energy beamed into the midst of the enemy, revealing a force of Grey Knights who immediately begun unleashing a hail of bolts and holy flame into the space marine ranks. The mighty landraider's ramp dropped into the ruins of what used to be a house. Frag grenades exploded out of the vehicles hull, blasting masonry and wood throughout the building. The tactical squad within, were immediately engulfed in flame from the disembarking Grey Knights incinerators, while they closed in and butchered the survivors. Ignorance is no excuse for heresy.

My reserve rolls were pretty good, bringing in both my teleporting units. I tried to bring them in near my opponents main force, but away from his table edge, while the teleport squad drifted north and the terminators deviated more to the right then I would have wanted. I drive my landraider to the edge of the ruins and disembark my Grey Knights right in front of his tactical squad. He for some reason moved his squad closer to my raider, instead of shooting it with their lascannon. Oh well, better for me.

Shooting goes well, with my terminators and teleport squad killing a handful of one of his tactical squads, while the disembarked squad nukes the other with fire and bolts. The vindicare fires into the command squad in order to kill the apothecary, but is stopped by cover. The landraiders mutli-melta gets a lucky shot at his ironclad and nukes it on a glancing hit. The inquisitor keeps bumbling around, I really want him to die. I like sending my inquisitors off to their deaths, as their only purpose is for the mystics and assassin

The transported greyknight squad Charges and wipes out the space marine squad.

My opponents reserves also come in... Shrike and pals come in on my right flank, while the dread comes in right above my teleport squad. shtlk. he brings the terminators to my terminators as well.

The assault marines shoot my terminators, dropping two, while the ironclad fires flamers into my teleport squad, thankfully only torching one. The assaults then begin. Assault squad and terminators charge my termiantors, while the ironclad charges my teleport squad. Both go better then I was expecting. Iron clad kills only two marines of mine, my meltabomb misses. While in the other combat, shrike was unable to bet into base-to-base.

I loose all my retinue, but the Grandmaster lives and fights the combat into a draw. He attempts to cast the squads holocaust, but rolls an eleven. shtlk. But, the good news is he has focused the majority of his force at two of my squads, while one of his scoring units is dead. I now only need to worry about hounding the other tactical squad with the 'raider.

Turn 3

The opponents flanking force came out of nowhere, Apparently they had sprung a trap of their own. The grey knights who were originally on the offensive, were now fighting for their lives agaisnt difficult odds. But, as long as the enemy forces were held up away from the artifact, then the mission would still be a success. They would all need to sell their lives dearly.

Right, so I was now in a bit of a pickle, as I said. Good thing I had an extra squad of greyknights which can attempt to save my terminators. I turn the landraider around, to target the tactical squad, while my Grey Knights who are free move to engage the assault marines.

Shooting is poor. landraider only kills a couple of marines (LOL old assault cannon). Vindicare attempts a turbopenetraitor round into the back of the Ironclad, and ends up rolling a measly five for it's penetration roll on five, on three dice :P.

I charge my Greyknights squad into his assault marines.

My grandmaster force weapons shike, while the grey knights kill a few assault marines. One of the terminators crushes my grandmaster into a bloody pulp. However, I still win the combat by one and the assault marines flee from the combat. In the other, with the Ironclad, I loose one marine, but the Justicar stuns the Dreadnought with his meltabomb (Wish it was a bit higher of a roll though).

So, the turn went better then I thought it would. One of my opponents troops are eliminated, the other squad is cut off from the main battle.

Turn 4

The battle rages on. The Inquisitor is too tired to continue an internal monologue.

Right-o. I feel it was a bad idea to charge the assilt marines. Should have just shoved my squad back into the landraider and zoomed them around.

Oh well.

I continued sending my inquisitor and pals to my opponents forces, they have yet to be shot at, unfortunately. Even with my most desperate requests to my opponent. Landraider turns to look at his command squad, and says "Oh Hai Guyz!"

Thus Dakka Dakka Dakka and Sicarious takes a wound, while a couple other of the command squad fall as well. Inquisitor and mystics shoot their pistols into the command squad, and predictably accomplish nothing.

Um...Vinidcare assassin attempts a shot at the Ironclad again, but fail to get a high enough damage roll.

Combats rage on the right flank. All my greyknights in combat with the terminators die. However the ironclad blotches it's attacks.

My opponents assault marines keep running, as they are within proxmitity of my Grey Knights in combat with his Ironclad. The tactical squad moves onto the obective with his commnad squad, while the command squad guns down my Inquisitor and pals. Hurrah! Terminators charge my landraider (Yay?) and Totally biff it (Yay!). My Justicar is left alone in his squad with the Iron clad, but blows it up with his melta bomb! (Huzzah!).

Turn 5

Right, so my landraider drives onto the objective in the middle of the table. Tank shocking the terminators to flee and pushing the tactical and command squads off their objective. Shooting during the turn was mostly pointless.

My opponents turn consists of his tactical squad towards the far left objective. Into the arms of my brilliant Assassin.

Turn 6

Assassin and land raider chase after his tactical squad. Vindicare fires his pistol, offing the powerfist marine, while the landraider and psycannon squad finish off the last of them.

Thus the game ends with me in control of one objective, and him with none. I made a few mistakes.

The Inquisitor's cruiser blasted away from the planets atmosphere. The Inquisitor's body was horribly burned by the plasma bolt, however his willpower kept him alive until the surgery servitors could attend to his wounds. One of his intergoators was waiting in the portal to his quarters.
"Good to see your still alive master, You would be pleased to know that the artifact was recovered. The GreyKnights gave us the time we needed to escape with it."
The Inquisitor slowly turned his head to his servant.
"Good, good. Time to start turning the weapons of the enemy against themselves.... Do the Grey Knights suspect anything?"
"No Master" the Interogator quickly replied.
"Good, for we will have need of their assistance a bit longer...."
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Originally Posted by The Strange Child
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss,the abyss gazes also into you.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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Default Re: 1500pts Daemon Hunters Vs SpaceMarines

Congrats on the victory!

A little confused though as to how the Ironclad deployed from reserves. From the sounds of your battle report, it seems like he deep-struck near your teleporting squad and then assaulted. That looks like the only way he could have reached your men in coming on from reserves.

Also, just be thankful your opponent was new to marines, especially to the use of Shrike. Shrike can be a nasty piece of work (trust me, I use him all the time :P). You're lucky that he threw a combo of Shrike/Sicarrius at you, and not Shrike/Lysander or Shrike/Calgar....fleet-ing terminator characters is just terrifying.

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Default Re: 1500pts Daemon Hunters Vs SpaceMarines

Thanks! Yeah, I should have been a bit more careful and held back a bit more and been less aggressive until his reserves came in. if I got the charge on shrikes squad, they'd be toast. I will not underestimate him again.

The Ironclad walked on from his table edge. Just to happened that most of my army was in his deployment zone about halfway through the game lol.
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Originally Posted by The Strange Child
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss,the abyss gazes also into you.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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