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Tournament report: Tau Battleforce challenge 12/5/2009
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Default Tournament report: Tau Battleforce challenge 12/5/2009

Take the Long Way Home: Prologue

My list:
(note: this is a battleforce tournament – points limits and FOC need not apply)

Aun : 2 marker drones.
12x honor guard, Shas’ui: 2 gun drones, marker light multi tracker.
Devilfish transport – gun drones, and all the upgrades.
Commander battlesuit with Plasma Rifle, Fusion gun, shield, failsafe detonator.
3x stealth suits with 1 fusion gun, leader has marker drone
12x kroot

When the ship finally stopped shuddering, they knew they had arrived. The Tau had learned from Medusa V the immaterium was not to be trifled with, but even with the best piloting, the Warp could be unpredictable.

Aun Mont’cha’bentu picked himself up from the command deck of the flagship Larshi’savon and surveyed the damage. The colonization fleet had taken a beating when the warp vortex swallowed the fleet moments ago. Fortunately, it hadn’t lasted very long, and now the fleet had re-entered normal space on the outskirts of a small star system.

To their credit, the Air Caste pilots and crewmen had grimly held on to their consoles and crash couches, determined to bring the ships to safety again, but not without some cost. Power fluctuations throughout the ship had overloaded several consoles and Mont’cha’bentu recalled blinding bolts of electricity arcing through consoles into the crewman manning them. The acrid smell of fried flesh and burnt electronics slowly faded as dead crewmen were removed from their consoles.

The commander of the ship had already begun receiving reports from the crew. Mont’cha’bentu stood, exuding a sense of calm that the rest of the crew had already picked up on. Report summaries were scrolling across his screen as the fleet pulled itself back together.


“Truly, Fleet Commander? This does not bode well for our original colonization assignment.” It had taken almost two 8-days to pull the fleet back together after their arrival. Much of the fleet had been scattered across this sector after suffering through the warp vortex. It had also taken the astro-navigators this long to finally fix their position. Fortunately, the Kroot Warspheres Mont’cha’bentu insisted on bringing along had made it back to the fleet with minimal fuss.

“Yes, Aun. Here, not far from what the Gue’la call the ‘Eye of Terror’. Apparently some time has passed since we left home. Astro-navigators have calculated the galactic drift and have put us nearly four 8-years since we left. Fortunately, the local planet appears habitable, and we can put the fleet down there and start a colony.”


Orbital scans showed the planet to be an arid world, reminiscent of the Tau itself. Several power anomalies were scattered across the planet, the highest concentration was near some old ruins. The fleet commander had insisted that they should investigate, as there might be some clue to the fate of the original inhabitants.

Mont’cha’bentu now stood on a hill overlooking those ruins, half buried in the drifting sand. Through his vidoculars, he could see several groups of dark-armored humanoids approaching from the northwest. Apparently their arrival on the surface of the planet had not gone unnoticed.


Mission 1: Secure objectives, deployment: spearhead.
Opponent: Chaos (veteran player)
5x possessed
10x berserkers (in a rhino)
10x general chaos dudes - mark of nurgle

Mont’cha’bentu ordered his guard into a gunline and the stealth suits infiltrated to the north, not completely backed into a corner, but as far back as possible to have a little wiggle room.

Turn 1 was his, and he charged after me. I shot everything I had, every last gun, and did nothing.
Turn 2 his running rolls were miserable and was not able to close with me. I was certain I was going to lose: 3 chaos assault units closing in on my miserable little gunline that couldn’t kill anything. I opened fire anyway and succeeded in putting down 2 possessed and killing the rhino.
Turn 3 his berserkers charged my stealth suits, and surprisingly only killed 2 and the marker drone, the last one miraculously broke off, fleeing towards the board edge. On my turn, the battlesuit recovered, fired a shot, missed and moved backward toward my main line. the kroot formed a line in front of the firewarriors, and the firewarriors shifted right, sheltering behind them. almost the entire gunline fired at the 3 remaining posessed and barely killed them. The kroot fired at the kroot fired at the oncoming 10 nurglites and killed maybe 1.
Turn 4 his nurglites assaulted the kroot, and the kroot, of course died. They did knock a couple down, amazingly. His berserkers tried to chase after the stealth suit, but couldn't get him. I opened fire on the advancing nurglites, and got them down to about half. The stealth suit killed the rhino.
Turn 5 had him assaulting me, he killed the devilfish with a couple plasma shots, the drones escaping safely and passing their pinning test. The unit held while the drones fled to contest the objective the berserkers had turned to hold.
Turn 6 the berserkers surrounded the objectives, but I was able to assault the unit with my crisis suit, drawing them off enough so that the drones could get close enough to contest the objective.

Tied, barely.


Mont'cha'bentu was dragged back by several of his honor guard while the the remainder fought furiously against the rampaging Chaos marines. They stood little chance, but bought time enough for Mont'cha'bentu to escape. Dust and sand swirled around them as he boarded a recovery Manta. As the Manta lifted away from the battlefield, a pair of gun drones flew in, their manipulator arms carrying an ancient piece of metal between them.


The Cadre Commander had established a temporary base not far away. Mont'cha'bentu stepped off the boarding ramp as dust and sand flew about. In his hands, the mysterious device pulsed and glowed with a strange resonance. The device had come alive mid-flight, the ancient metallic covering splitting along previously unseen seams, and an eerie green glow emanating from deep within. Looking at the strange device one last time, he handed it to an Earth Caste scientist, leaving its disposition in the researcher's capable hands. Mont'cha'bentu was off to the find the commander so his Honor Guard could be replenished; he would mourn the dead later.


"Commander Taal'tor, it is imperative that we prepare this base for immediate extraction. Mont’au’gue’la infest this planet, and I do not think it wise for us to linger." Mont'cha'bentu looked through the instant-hab's window at the arid landscape outside.
Taal'tor nodded curtly. "Your reinforced Honor guard await you near the survey tents, Aun. I will have the expedition loaded in a little less than 4 decs."

Mont'cha'bentu turned and was almost at the door when the outside, the defense siren started up. Almost simultaneously, the Commander's communicator beeped, then started speaking. "Commander Taal'tor, scanners have picked up perimeter movement toward the base." Interference started drowning out the words, "...ners are show.. ...nce, but ...ear to be..." The transmission ended with a burst of static, but by then Mont'cha'bentu and Taal'tor had already run out the door and were shouting commands to nearby Firewarriors, Earth and Air Caste.


Mission 2: Hold 2 objectives, 12" deployment zones
Opponent: Necron battleforce (Green player)
14x Warriors
14x Warriors
3x Destroyers
5x scarabs


Drone spotters transmitted vid captures of metallic skeletons clawing their way out of the sand. Baleful green eyes focused on the drones while hand held guns, crackling with green energy were raised in the direction of the drones. The vid suddenly cut off.

Mont'cha'bentu looked to Commander Taal'tor as the XV8 sealed the Commander inside. "I will lead a rearguard force while you get everything loaded onto the Manta." As the Ethereal called his honor guard to him, a commotion broke out in the research tents, screams of agony were accompanied by a metallic clicking. Armed Firewarriors charged into the disturbance, and pulse weapons fired, their blue blasts briefly illuminating the cloud of sand and dust that engulfed the tents. When Mont'cha'bentu arrived, several large metallic beetles lay broken and scattered, one buried halfway through the chest of the unfortunate Earth Caste scientist who even in death clutched the strange artifact. Mont'cha'bentu pried it from the corpse's fingers.


My opponent deployed centrally while his scarabs stayed off the board for deepstrike. I stuck my suits in a building, 20" from his rear line. Commander suit and Kroot and devilfish deployed behind them. Firewarriors deployed next to the objective in some craters.

Turn 1 my opponent advanced one unit and the destroyers. the static unit of Warriors shot at the Stealth Suits and with a mere 13 shots, killed all 3 models and the drone. The Destroyers were almost equally effective, their 9 shots putting down 4 warriors in the honor guard. I returned fire to no effect.
Turn 2 my opponent's scarabs came in, but mishaped. I placed them in a crater on the far end of the table, hoping for some wounds as they're in difficult terrain - no such luck. He advanced his Warriors again, and again the Destroyers chewed up the Firewarriors. By this time, I had shifted the kroot, commander and devilfish to focus fire on the largest threat, the destroyers. Once again, I unloaded every weapon I had on the 3 destroyers. 2 of 3 fell down despite the devilfish, rapid firing battlesuit, 12x kroot and 6x Firewarriors.
Turn 3 both destroyers stood back up, and fired into the poor firewarriors again. 4 were left, along with the ethereal, but not a drone remained. The forward Warrior squad fired at the kroot and killed a few. Once again, I fired everything I had (except for the Kroot) at the destroyers, and only one fell. I charged with the kroot and knocked down another. The last one struck back and didn't wound any kroot, and I finally got my first break - he failed his leadership and I caught and killed the last destroyer. the unit was removed.
Turn 4 his scarabs which had been charging across the table last turn assault my commander. the forward warriors throw a few shots into the kroot, but they load into the devilfish and park on the objective.

Time is called, game ends as a tie.


Mont'cha'bentu's communicator beeped at him. Flayer bolts reflected off the devilfish while his beleaguered force desperately tried to hold the Necrons at bay.
"Honorable Ethereal, the crews have loaded onto the Manta, evacuation is complete. Do you need us to send a rescue mission?"

"No. The current devilfish is sufficient. I shall send you rendezvous coordinates momentarily." Mont'cha'bentu quickly sent out the recall code, and ordered his guard onto the devilfish. Commander Taal'tor fired off his jump jets, shaking off the mechanical scarabs that were attempting to tear his suit apart.


Mont'cha'bentu looked over his reinforced honor guard. These firewarriors stood proudly for being selected for such an auspicious duty. As he walked past them, his mind flit back to the last battle and the relentless advance of those mechanical monstrosities. He turned to Taal'tor.
"Set us down in this valley." He indicated a valley that had not shown any power anomalies in the original planetary scans, "we need to wait while the fleet refuels, and I am not willing to risk the entire expedition in orbit. Post double sentries. I will retire to my cabin to meditate."


Mission 3: Annihilate! Deployment Dawn of War
Opponent: Necron battleforce (different Green player)
14x Warriors
14x Warriors
3x Destroyers
5x scarabs


Mont'cha'bentu had been up most of the night, considering the ancient Necron device they had found. It was obvious that whatever it was, the Necrons wanted it, and badly. Perhaps they should be rid of the device. To be sure, it was obvious what had happened to the planet's original inhabitants.

Once again the defense siren started up, bringing the Ethereal out of his reverie and focusing his thoughts. He checked the scanning reports and was unsurprised when necron forces loomed in the darkness. Firewarriors and civilians alike scrambled out of cots and grabbed for weapons and vital equipment.

Checking his communicator, he learned that Commander Taal'tor was a goodly distance away, scouting the approaches to the south. He reported that he would arrive as soon as possible. Mont'cha'bentu promised to hold the line while the others returned to the Manta.


My opponent set up one squad of 14 directly in the center and another squad to the left behind terrain. I setup everything in cover, Firewarriors in the center, Kroot next to them, Stealth suits on the far right and my commander to arrive via deepstrike.

Turn 1 my opponent advanced with both squads. He was out of range and I obligingly stayed put. I knocked down about 3 warriors.
Turn 2 my opponent advanced again, this time his scarabs and destroyers came on, but there was little for him to do. My commander failed to arrive. I fired again into the warriors and knocked down a couple more. With his main Warrior squad down a bit, I decide to try to kill the forward unit, then I would be able to focus on the big threat, the Destroyers. Everything except the Kroot fires at his Warriors, and I get the unit down to 8 models. The kroot charge in, and 36 attacks with them... and one model falls down. ONE. His counter attack kills 2 kroot, I fail the leadership test, and then the necron perform a sweeping advance and my run my Kroot down. The unit is killed to a man.
Turn 3 my opponent stands all but 1 of that unit up again. >.< He advances again, but this time he opened fire on my firewarriors, killing a few. My commander comes in, and once again I open fire on the same unit, knocking down about half. The unit finally fails a morale check and makes a run for it! Fall back roll of 12! The downed warriors are removed (no one near enough for them to roll WBB) there are 4 models left and he's now 3 inches from the table edge! I have a chance!
Turn 4 He rolls his fall back, and gets double 1's. 1 frakking inch. He advances one unit, doesn't get to shoot as time is called.

Necron wins.


Mont'cha'bentu turned to face the second advancing squad of Necron Warriors. He knew it would be difficult to reposition his formation to deal with the new threat, but almost half of the enemy formation was pulling back, albeit slowly. As gauss energies crackled over his head, his communicator signaled the recall code. Mont'cha'bentu looked back across the battlefield to the wounded and dying Kroot. There was no way to rescue the injured Kroot and allow the rest of his surviving forces to make good their escape. He took a deep breath and gave the order to withdraw.


Creator of:
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