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Planetstrike Chaos vs Tau 1500pts 05/Dec/09 (now complete)
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Default Planetstrike Chaos vs Tau 1500pts 05/Dec/09 (now complete)

OK, here's my first planetstrike battle report, now, as at the moment I don't have anyone to play against, this was played with myself playing as both Tau and Chaos but I tried to make it as fair as possible although I did forget a few things (like both Chaos stratagems :-[ )

Chaos were attacking and Tau were defending, the army lists were limited to what models I have (particularly for the Chaos)
Here are the lists; (DS = deep strike, DZ = drop zone, R = reserve)

Lord, terminator armour, daemon weapon, combi-melta (DS with terminators)
5 terminators, 1 chain fist, 1 power fist, 1 heavy flamer, 1 combi-flamer
10CSMs (p) 2 plasma guns, champion, power fist, icon of glory (DS)
10CSMs (m) 2 melta guns, champion, power fist, icon of glory (DS)
7 Plague marines (PMs) champion, power fist, 2 flamers (DS)
Defiler, DCCW, reaper autocannon (DZ)
Vindicator (DZ)
Dreadnought, multi-melta (DZ)
5 chosen, 1 power weapon, 1 meltagun (DS)

Shas'O, plasma rifle, AFP, shield generator, iridium armour, stims (note; often when I say commander, it means him + bodyguards) (R)
Bodyguards x2 t-l missile pods, target lock
3 XV8s fusion blaster, missile pod, multi-tracker (R)
5 stealthsuits, team leader, bonding knife, markerlight
2x [12 firewarriors, shas'ui, bonding knife, markerlight]
10 kroot carnivores, shaper, 5 kroot hounds
5 vespids+ strain leader (R)
2 XV88s, Adv SS, team leader has; h-w drone controller + 2 shield drones
Hammerhead, railgun, SMS, d-pod (R)

Chaos- Crash and Burn, Dawn Assault (both forgotten)
Tau- Krak attack, Drop zone denial


The left-hand bastion (the short one) held the broadsides, The taller bastion held 1 squad of fire warriors, the kroot were in a small bunker-type thing (counted as difficult terrain) to the right of the bastions, the final objective was a box with a lascannon and one of those communications thingamy-whats, this was held by the other squad of fire warriors, to the top-left were some ruins (which were never used) and the stealthsuits were hidden in another bunker-thingy.

Chaos rolled a 6, + 3 objectives makes 9 firestorms!
The very first one scattered off the small bastion but part of the termplate still touched it, by a rare stroke of luck, this caused the bastion to explode, a shield drone taking some damage. The lascannon next to this bastion was also destroyed. All firestorms aimed at the big bastion either scattered or failed to cause damage, 1 scattering over and killing 3 kroot hounds. Another landed near the crater-objective making an evn bigger crater whilst another missed the 3rd objective, creating a crater near that.

Chaos turn 1 >
The Chaos space marine melta squad was the first to arrive via deep-strike, three fall foul to the krak attack. The Plague marines are next, scattering but remaining safe, the chosen scatter over the XV88s and are delayed.
From the Drop zone, the defiler saunters in behind the 3rd objective, the dreadnought and vindicater also roll in.

The CSMs use 1" of run to spread out a bit, the PMs use 4" of run towars the kroot and the Dread runs 4" away from the drop zone.
The Vindicator fails to damage the big bastion with it's cannon and the defiler's battlecannon has the =same affect on the XV88s
No assault this turn.

Tau turn 1 ;D
The commander and his bodyguard land right on target at the northern end of the board, the vespids scatter near them but remain unharmed. The XV8s try a risky deepstrike near the chaos vehicles, they scatter 10" towards the drop zone but remain on the board (just) and in a decent position just behind the dreadnought.

The XV8s fire their fusion blasters t the side of the vindicator, seeing it as the most dangerous, and make it explode.
The vespids fire at the CSMs but fail to wound any. The commander picks the same target and wipes out 2 however his bodyguard get the same result as the vespids. The stealthsuits also fire at the CSMs, taking out a further 2.
Both the kroot and the fire warriors in the bastion fire at the plague marines, between them causing no wounds.
The FWs on the 3rd objective fire their Icarus lascannon at the defiler but they fail to damage the armour. The shas'ui then fails to hit it with his markerlight.
The XV88s fire at the obscured defiler but both fail to do damage.
The only other shooting was 2 automated heavy bolters which fail to wound the CSMs.
No assault.

End of turn 1,
Tau hold 2 objectives
Chaos hold 1, (the defiler is within 3" of the 3rd objective)

Chaos turn 2 >
The Lord with his terminators, deepstrike in front of the XV88s, the CSM plasma squad scatters partially onto a crater but all 3 marines pass their dangerous terrain tests. The chosen deepstrike again and narrowly avoid another mishap. The remaining 3 melta-marines move towards the surviving bastion, the PMs move towards the kroot and the Dread turns to face the XV8s.

The plasma-marines fire at the XV88s, 1 plasmagunner pershing to "gets hot", overall, the remaining shield drone is killed.
The 2 melta-gunners in the melta-marine squad fire at the bastion and wreck it, 2 FWs perishing as they fall to the ground.
The PMs fire at the kroot, killing 7 kroot, injuring the shaper and bringing the hounds down to 1.
The defiler notices the little FWs on the objective right in front of him and attempts to drop a big pie-plate onto them, unfortunately the battlecannon scatters back 5", hitting but failing to wound 1 FW and hitting but failing to damage the defiler. The shock of this is probably why it failed to hit anything with it's reaper autocannon.
The dreadnought's multi-melta claims an XV8 and the Terminators run towards the XV88s.
The three remaining marines from the meltasquad and the chosen all charge the fire warriors in the wrecked bastion. The tau strike first, killing 1 chosen but the return attacks slay 5 FWs, causing the rest to run. They are caught by the chosen and annihalated.
The PMs charge the kroot, the kroot fail to kill any PMs but in return the kroot are wiped out completely.
The Defiler, trying to make up for it's abysmal shooting, charges the Fire Warriors on the 3rd Objective. The FWs have no chance of damaging the defiler who kills 1 of their number but, for the greater good, they hold.
The dread charges the XV8s, killing one and bringing the other down to 1 wound, he holds despite being unable to hurt the dread.

Tau turn 2 :-\
The hammerhead swoops in from the northern board edge beside the defiler and the commander, vespids and stealthsuits all fly south.

The hammerhead, noticing it can't fire at the defiler, decides to throw a pie-plate at the plasma-marines, killing 5.
The commander, vespids and XV88s all fire at the terminators, killing 2.
The stealthsuits fire at the 3 melta-marines, killing all but the champion who holds.
In assault, the defiler kills 3 FWs who still hold and the dread kills the final XV8.

End of Turn 2
Tau hold no objectives
Chaos hold all 3

Stand by for the thrilling conclusion of this battle report, I'm off to lunch
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Default Re: Planetstrike Chaos vs Tau 1500pts 05/Dec/09

Chaos Turn 3 >
The terminators march towards the XV88s and prepare for assault, the dreadnought heads off towards the bastion-end of the board and the plague marines move over to help the defiler in it's combat.

The lord fires the melta part of his combi-weapon at an XV88, taking a wound off one of them. The terminators and plasma-marines all fire at them as well but do nothing against the heavy walkers.
In assault, the Terminators and plasma squad charge the XV88s, the lord rolls a 6 for his daemon weapon, killing both broadsides before anyone else gets a swing. The defiler kills another FW and they finally break, getting caught and destroyed by the massive machine.

Tau turn 3
The commander and vespids move forwards slightly to get a better shot at the terminators and the objective respectively.

The hammerhead finally gets a shot at the side of the defiler, immobilising it.
The vespids shoot at the plasma squad, killing 2, the commander shoots at the terminators, he and his bodyguards manage to kill 2. The stealthsuits fire at the final Melta-marine and kill him.
In the assault phase, the stealthsuits fly forwards to get a better shot at the chosen inside the wrecked bastion.

End of Turn 3
Tau still hold no objectives
Chaos still hold 3

Chaos turn 4 >
The terminators, realising the commander had strayed to close, moved away from the objective, hoping to get him in combat, The 2 surviving plasma-marines move forward to take the crater objective.
Both the dread and the plague marines start the long march westward.

The defiler notices the commander ahead of him and takes a pot shot, one wound was caused which could either be used to slay a bodyguard outright or risk the commander with his iridium armour. I took the risk and the commander came out unscathed.
The plague marines run a further 3".
The terminators are just within assault range of the commander's unit. The daemon weapon felled both bodyguards but the commander held.

Tau turn 4
The vespids buzz towards the crater objective and the stealthsuits fly round the side of the wrecked bastion to avoid the incoming PMs

The Hammerhead crew somehow fail to hit the broadside of an imobilised defiler but at the other end of the battlefield, the stealthsuits manage to kill 3 of the chosen, leaving just the one with the power weapon.
The terminators bring the commander down to one wound in assault, he still holds.

End of turn 4
Tau now have 1 objective
Chaos still hold 2

Chaos turn 5 >
The dreadnought and PMs move even closer to the stealthsuits.

The defiler pivots it's turret towards the hammerhead but fails to beat the front armour. The dread and PMs run towards the wrecked bastion and the stealthsuits, the dread is now touching the bastion.
The Lord finally slays the commander and consolidates 5" towards the crater objective.

Tau turn 5 :-X
The vespids fly into the crater objective to secure it and avoid the incoming terminators, the stealthsuits, worried by their close proximity to the PMs, fly behind the wrecked bastion.

The stealthsuits then kill the final chosen but it isn't enough to take the objective.
The hammerhead crew, proving that they must be high on something, again miss the broadside of an imobilised defiler at quite close range!
The vespids fail to kill the terminator lord or his lone bodyguard.

I rolled for the end of the game but even thoug I rolled a 6, it was going on half eleven so I called the match there.

Final score
Tau - 1 (Vespids in crater)
Chaos - 2 (Dreadnought next to wrecked bastion and imobilised defiler next to 3rd objective)

Overall, an interesting game of planetstrike there. I'd never played it before and was surprised at how brutal the first couple of turns are. Admittedly it would have been a lot more fun if I actually had an opponent and if I'd remembered the crash-and-burn stratagem, it sounded really fun.

Anyway, thoughts?
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Default Re: Planetstrike Chaos vs Tau 1500pts 05/Dec/09 (now complete)

Sounds like a fun game!
Haven't tried Planetstrike yet, but it's good to see that you're enjoying it so much.
Are Tau tougher/easier than normal games in such a layout?

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Default Re: Planetstrike Chaos vs Tau 1500pts 05/Dec/09 (now complete)

Well I haven't had much experience playing Tau normally however I'd say it's probably harder to play planetstrike. Instead of a turn or two of shooting, the enemy are in your face right from the off, maybe attacking would be easier but there would be a fair amount of combat.
One thing I think I'd do is get rid of the kroot, they didn't really do anything except distract the plague marines. I'd probably put some EMPs on fire warriors, the team on the 3rd objective coud've really used some against that defiler. It would have been good if I had chosen for them to run, then the hammerhead could have had a few more shots at it and then taken the objective and won the game.
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