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WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!" ("Clucktastic Victory!")

Hi All,
I bring another Grumgutz, this versus a list truly never before seen in 40k history.
Dubbed the "Tzeenchzilla," it is a wonder to behold.
Grimskull, fresh off the end of a few victories, now has to deal with this monstrosity of a list.

Read On!


P.S. C&C is always appreciated.

WAARGH Grumgutz Alterate 64 "Grimskull's Gobsmashas" (1850pts) 72 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Vehicles, 3 Artillary; 13KPs
Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha (Warboss w/HA, PK, Cybork Body)
Big Mek Wingnut w/KFF
Da Lucky Seven: Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, BP (BW Transport, Counts as Troop)
TinEar and Da Deffboyz (Lootasx10)
Irongob and Da'Ard Boyz ('Ard Boyzx19 w/PK Nob, BP)
Shootazx30 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx3
Da Fab Four (MegaNobzx4 w/Kombi-Skorchasx2)
Wartrukk (Trukk w/Ram, RPJ, Big Shoota, Boarding Plank; Dedicated Transport)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota; Dedicated Transport)
Da Big Red Cheez ((BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Armor Plates, Big Shoota)
BigToof (DeffDread with total 3 CCW, Skorcha; Counts as Troop)
BigToof's Steelgrots (Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas)
Kannonsx3 w/Runtherd Bogwog

Tzeenchzilla! (1850pts): 32 Infantry; 8KPs
Lord of Change w/Breath of Chaos
Pink Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Pink Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Pink Horrorsx9 w/Bolt of Change
Daemon Prince w/Breath of Chaos, Iron Skin, Unholy Might
Daemon Prince w/Breath of Chaos, Iron Skin, Unholy Might
Daemon Prince w/Breath of Chaos, Iron Skin, Unholy Might

"... And that is my masterstroke in destroying the Orks. Any questions?"
The Lord of Change turned, and then frowned when he looked at his less than attentive audiance.
Kairos, the Oracle of Tzeench, had apparently dozed off on his throne, one head with eyes closed bobbing, and the second head furiously preening it's feathers.
The Lord of Change coughed, and Kairos' heads both turned to look at him.
"Apologies, but I couldn't stand listening to that a second time," yawned the First Head.
"AWK! PISS-BALLS BORING! AWK!," bellowed the Second Head.
The Lord of Change threw the Second Head a look, but the head stuck out it's tongue and crossed it's eyes in response (no small feat for a bird).
"Don't mind the other head," said the First Head, "I'm in charge of foresight. He's in charge of... hindsight. It's the easier job."
The Lord of Change sighed and continued, "I take it then, you won't be joining us against the Orks?"
"On the contrary!," said the First Head, standing up. "I look forward to doing battle with the Orkish horde. Despite what you... may have heard, I have no small amount of combat skills!"
The Oracle jumped up and landed... rather ungainly on one foot.
"I've been practicing with the Keeper of Secrets. Dramatic improvement."
"But, but...," stammered the Lord of Change.
"Hmm, well... no, no, yes, no, yes. Tzeench will side with me."
The Lord of Change blinked in confusion.
"Just wanted to hurry that conversation along. It wasn't going to get you anywhere in the end. Now to battle! Let it never be said, despite (ahem) what you may have heard, that Kairos, Oracle of Tzeench, would run from a fight!"
The Second Head then perked up and squawked, "AWK! FIGHT? FIGHT??!!! RUN AWAY!"
The Second Head jerked suddenly backwards, causing the enormous creature to fall into a haphazard pile on the floor.
The Lord of Change held his head. What had he gotten into now? But, at least the Orks would be sure to fall into his trap. After all, even they couldn't ignore such a devious ploy...

Big Mek Wingnut ran across the Orkish fort to Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber's hut. It had been nearly a half hour since the enormous, flasing glowing sign, clearly labeled, "GOOD BITZ HERE!" had appeared on the horizon. Wingnut had to half-throttle the Lootaz from immediately racing out across the sandy wastes, but the rest of the Orks had already mounted up with gear and Wagons, waiting for the Warlord to give the signal.
Wingnut was pleased to see the Warlord strapping on his gear, but frowned when he noticed the Warlord wasn't looking a the very obvious sign in the distance.
"Uh, hi Boss. So are we gonna go and get dose Bitz then?"
Grumgutz snorted, "Not in my cards Wingnut, gotta lotta Nids that need a good krumpin' first."
Wingnut frowned, "But Boss... what if they're really good bitz though?"
Grumgutz nodded, "I figured as much. Which is why I got the perfect guy for the job." The massive Ork looked at Wingnut who suddenly felt very isolated... and worried.

Pre-Game Thoughts: You have to be kidding me. That was my first thought when I saw that list. The second thought was: I have to play against that!

Picture Caption: W. T. F. Tzeench is breaking all the rules again!

Wow, that's a small list. With five MC's, all with Breath of Chaos, this could turn very ugly, very quickly. And Kairos... Kairos is going to be a pain. ... I hope this isn't going to be kill points.

Mission: Command and Conquer (Huzzah!)
Setup: Dawn of War (Uh, does it matter really? Daemons and all...)

Setup: The board had apparently won the award for "worst city planning," and thus had a few large pieces scattered to the left side, all in a small cluster and then three smaller pieces at the periphery.

Picture Caption: Someone didn't the memo regarding city planning.

The Daemons won "the right to go second" and gladly did so.
Realizing that the Daemons were going to be incoming no matter where I went, the Orks decide to deploy nothing!
The Objectives were placed near the corners of the board, with the Orks being a bit more close to the middle than the Tzeenchites.

Wingnut scowled a bit, looking at the hummie ruins barely lit up in the dead of night by the enormous glowing sign. He had been assigned Warboss Grimskull Gobsmasha, who was having some difficulty with his new "modifikashuns." After Dokta Chop declared that the (very admittantly dead) pet of the Warboss, Kaptin Lucky, would need a brain transplant to keep going, the Warboss had volunteered up part of his noggin. After the very questionable surgery, the Warboss was acting rather... peculair.
Wingnut looked at the massive Ork who was cradling his Squig and not moving very much.
"Uh, Grimskull, we'z almost dere. Now you gotta listen to what I say 'cuz I'm in..."
The Warboss suddenly shot up and roared, "ME GRIMSKULL IN CHARGE. YOU IS SMALL. ME AM BIG! YOU DO WHAT ME AM SAY!"
The other Orks looked around, realized which side one of the Bosses would win in a close combat fight and all nodded along with Grimskull.
Wingnut tried to interject, "But... But Grumgutz said..."
There was a pause as the Warboss looked around.
Wingnut sighed, "Uh, well, dere's dat big sign and..."
And with that, the Orks roared forward, just as rather unusual bluish tears in reality around them started to appear...

Turn 1: Orks
Looking out at the board, the Orks went to "standard DS defence procedures" and castled in a corner, with the Battlewagons at the fore with the Trukk nestled beside them. The Lootas and Kannons were put in the rear. BigToof and the Steelgrots got a decent run and managed to put themselves in the corners of the castling, and the Shootas filled in the space to the left.

Picture Caption: Yeah, guys, get ready for incoming. And I do mean it!

Turn 1: TZ
The Tzeenchites get their preferred half, that being Kairos, the LoC, and two Daemon Princes!
Kairos deepstrikes, and scatters unfortunately a bit closer to the Orks than the big two-headed bird was really comfortable with.
However, the next two deepstrikes are rather horrendous!
One Daemon Prince goes entirely off the board and is lost to the Warp! (or is it lost IN the warp?)
The Lord of Change also goes off the board (with a 12 for DS!) and the Orks get to place him!
Realizing that the bird-king would do more damage if I didn't assault him next turn, the Orks place him pretty much front and center, away from Kairos.
The last Daemon Prince hits right on target.
Kairos and Co. once again proves their sneakiness by running towards each other! (should have put that LoC a BIT further away, but they all rolled really well for their running)
Now, everyone was enjoying Kairos' aura of nastiness, but were now handily within Battlewagon assault range.

Turn 2: Orks
Hmm, you don't get invitations as good as that this often.
Grimskull and Wingnut both launch their Battlewagons forward, with the Wartrukk right behind them.
Grimskull and the Tuffboyz leap out and get ready to assault the LoC and the Daemon Prince.
The Lucky Seven and the Fab Four both leap out and get ready to assault Kairos!
The Lootas, Kans, Kannons and Shootas all shoot at the Daemon Prince, and manage (barely) to put a pair of wounds on him.

Picture Caption: Yeah, this would never backfire. No, never.

And just to make sure everyone has a chance to have some poultry pugilience, Grimskull calls his WAAAARGH!
All of the Orks race forward, and slam into close combat. The Lucky Seven do shoot their Skorchas and Sluggas, but fail to do any damage to Kairos (shrug).
Assault is UGLY, but not the way the Orks were hoping!
First up is Grimskull and the Tuffboyz, who lose four 'Ard Boyz, but manage to deal a wound to the LoC and the Daemon Prince each (hmm... good enough, but boy are they tough!).
Next is Kairos and the assault result can only be described as a CALAMITY!
Kairos swings spastically and wounds one Nob, but the Nobz all give back TWENTY-SEVEN wounds.
The Tzeenchzilla master picks up the dice and out come.... TWENTY-SIX saves.
So yes, Kairos takes ONE wound, and the assault is tied! (Wow, just wow)
The Tzeenchites all did a little dance at this point.

Turn 2: TZ
Seeing that now everything looked pretty safe, all of the reserves come on.
One Pink Horror deepstrikes right on target at the Tzeenchite objective.
The other two have some slight deviation, and one unit Deepstikes a bit close to the Shootas, and the other lands further away into cover, and loses two to dangerous terrain tests.
And the last Daemon Prince also deepstrikes into the middle of the board.
Now comes the shooting!
Kairos tries to make a spawn, but the Nobz are having none of that nonsense!
The closest Horror unit fires at the big Shoota horde and after a lot of dice manage to kill... one Ork. (I think Kairos used up all the karma in that last round).
The Horror unit that was further away also fires at the Shootas and manages to kill... nothing. (Yes, definitely out of mojo)
And the Horror unit sitting on the objective fires at the Big Red Cheez, hitting it on its side, but luckily not getting more than a weapon destroyed! (Yay!)
The Daemon Prince runs a bit behind some cover, realizing that he'll be Loota chum in a moment otherwise.
And now goes to the assault!
The Daemon Prince and the LoC manage to down a handful of 'Ardboyz, but the Orks manage to finally take off the last wound of the Daemon Prince and brings the big guy down. The LoC also takes a wound.
The 'Ard Boyz have to take six (!) no retreat rolls, but manage (thanks to armor!) to save most of them.
Kairos' mojo is definetly on empty, as he hits twice on the Nobz, but the Nobz make BOTH of their invul saves, and brush off the attacks!
The Nobz and Meganobz then gang up, tackling the Oracle from behind and giving a dozen and a half wounds to Kairos!
And with a cry of "Tzeench's Bright Blue Balls!" and "AWK! NOT IN THE FACE! AWK! NOT IN THE FACE!," the big bird FALLS! (cue cheering from the Orks!).

Picture Caption: And then there was one.

Turn 3: Orks
Hmm, now would be a good time to get objectives boyz.
The Nobz and Meganobz get back into their vehicles, finally glad that they were able to take down the big beast (for surprisingly no casualties, but Kairos is the wimpiest of close combat MC's).
Grimskull says that "ME GRIMSKULL GOT DIS BIRD! YOU GO GET 'NOTHER ONE!" and the Battlewagons and Trukk all roar for the Tzeench objective!
The Big Red Cheez rolls forward and tank shocks the Horrors out of the way, the Horrors lose a pair of daemons from the Deffrolla.
BigToof and the Steelgrots also move forward.
And then the shooting starts!
The Kans open up with some nasty shooting and deal out THREE dead on hits with their Grotzookas on the closest pack of Horrors wiping them down to just one Horror (luckily without bolt).
The Shootas, Lootas and Kannons all open up on the furthest out group of Horrors and bring them down (also, coincidentilly enough) to a single, non-bolt Horror.
Assault then goes rather predictably, as without Kairos, the LoC is found to be good pickings for the Tuffboyz who bring the big bird down with REGULAR Choppa attacks (six fluke-y wound rolls!).

Picture Caption: Never underestimate the Choppa. Never.

Realizing that his ride is a bit too far out, Grimskull heads to Orks' objective.

Turn 3: TZ
As an effort to dam the green tide, the Daemon Prince lands in front of the Big Red Cheez and fires its Breath, but only manages to stun (downgraded to a shaken due to armor plates, bless 'em).
The Horrors try to bolt the Cheez as well, but miss.
The Prince tries to assault the Wagon, and hits once, but only manages to stun the vehicle with a less than stellar armor penetration roll! (whew! Again, Mork bless the Armor Plates!)
The closest horror then decides to be ball-sy and assaults the Shootas! (?)
The Horror fails to wound the boyz, and the Shootas tear the little pink ball into pieces.

Picture Caption: Suicidal bravery or bombastic stupidity? You decide.

The Tzeench player had done this for chuckles, but the assault brings the Shootas 6" forwards, and then get a SIX for consolidation!
With this assault, they get a MASSIVE boost forwards and within spitting distance of the Daemon Prince!

Picture Caption: Whoops.

Turn 4: Orks
The Battlewagons and Trukk move closer, the two big Wagons getting really close to the objective, and the Trukk idles close to the Daemon Prince, just in case....
Wingnut, realizing that it's only a pack of Horrors, decides to leap out! (This just in, a KFF Mek has willingly left his Battlewagon. Grots shocked. Snotlings horrified. News at 11. Next up: Hell freezes over, Devil surprised, but knew it had to happen sometime). He takes the Nobz with him, of course.
The Shootas meanwhile surround the Daemon Prince, getting ready to assault!
But, first they'll have some fun.
They all fire at the Prince and manage to put a wound on the big MC. The Lootas and Kannons manage another wound.

Picture Caption: Dance, Daemon Prince, Dance!

Then the assault begins, and it's a bit of a disappointment, as the Orks fail to do any wounds, and the Prince downs two Orks (sniff).
Still, there's plenty more where they came from!
The Nobz and Wingnut assault in, slaughtering the majority of the Horrors, but a few still stick around.

Turn 4: TZ
The last horror decides just to mill about, and the round goes straight to assault.
The Nobz and Wingnut finish off their Horrors, and the Shootas do a wound to the Daemon Prince, and take a few more in return. Still, there's more than twenty of the Orks, so the tar-pit keeps going!

Picture Caption: Now where'z dose bitz at?

Turn 5: Orks
The Orks all intently watch the Daemon Prince/Shoota fight, and cheer mightily as the Prince is finally downed.
Uh, they kind of forget about the last horror.
The game is called at that point.

Picture Caption: Jimmy? Candy? ... Anybody? ... I'm all alone now... All alone... So... cold...

Picture Caption: (L to R) Metal-Encrusted Badass, Two-Headed Git (and he knows it!), Guy who always blinks when the photo clicks.

Post-Game Report: It's hard to give a MVP on the Orks' side, as everyone performed par-up, but the MVP of the Daemons has to go to big Kairos, taking TWENTY-SEVEN wounds and walking away with just a scratch!
But I guess even the Oracle can't do that twice!

Big Mek Wingnut looked around at the area, surveying the Looters who were taking apart the entire area, searching for the promised "good bitz." It might take a while, but the Big Mek was certain that something worthwhile would show up.
He turned when he heard a scraping noise, and saw the massive form of Grimskull walking over, squig in hand.
Wingnut looked around, "Uh, Boss, we'z got a good operation around here and..."
Grimskull ignored the smaller Ork and held the Squig up to his ear. A few flies buzzed into the Warboss' ear.
The large Ork stormed off, leaving Wingnut in the dust. The Big Mek shook his head. Just goes to show that not all brain transplants turn out for the best...
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Great battler report as usual! When i seen his list i was like ouch! thats going to hurt! But then again BigToof, you are amazing! Kepp them coming! ;D
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Thanks for the reply and the compliment!
I thought I was in trouble as well, as five templates could really mess up my army, or at least do enough damage to slow me down enough that I wouldn't be able to make it across the board.
Plus, well, the Tzeench player had the most amazing rolls, both good and bad.
Definitely got lucky when he had two DS accidents, and I think placing the LoC in such a way that I was able to get a turn one assault was what made the difference.
Otherwise, I think he would have really been able to hurt me with all of those MCs...
And yes, very worrisome to play against. But fun!

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

When you said you cause 27 wounds and he made 26 saves, who caused the wounds? Where they Power Klaws of just choppas
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Originally Posted by arsenal1989
When you said you cause 27 wounds and he made 26 saves, who caused the wounds? Where they Power Klaws of just choppas

Anything could really do it. Karos has less toughness then most Greater Daemons.

Looks like he should have focused his force together more to take advantage of Karos's boon. Fast monsters, so deploying further back would have been beneficial. Thanks for the report, entertaining to read.
Necron Battle Challenge Blog, Check it out!
Diplomacy Game thread
Originally Posted by The Strange Child
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss,the abyss gazes also into you.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

I know who has the ability to do it, but from a readers point of view he didnt say who. Just like to get a full detail of how the battle took place
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Thanks for the replies!
The 27 wounds were from a combination of big choppas and power klaws.
Kairos has a pretty mediocre WS, and is only T5, which means that it is fantastically easy to wound him. I think I have only 28 Power Klaw attacks with my two units of Nobz, so it would take some doing to have 27 wounds just from Klaws.

Grindgobble Witherfume:
Thanks for the reply!
Kairos scattered a bit closer to the Orks than he wanted, but what sealed his fate was when he ran the Oracle and the LoC closer together. I had put the LoC just outside of template range right in front of the Ork Horde, so when he moved them to get within the magic 6", that put them too close to the Orks.
But, it's still a hard choice, as it would have meant that he would have lost that Daemon Prince without much of a struggle, but kept Kairos more free to move about...
Ah, the dangerous of DS...

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

I managed to see the kannons that time! your photo taken skills are getting better ;D That was strange that battle and Bigtoof got no action? shame. Like the fluff there again lots of laughs too. Do I see more mobs painted?!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Well done bigtoof, well that certainly was an interesting army you faced, do you think Kairos was a help or a hindrance in that army, or was it just bad deep-striking.
Good to see such colourful monsters get crushed under a green tide isn't it.

Job's a good un!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeenchzilla (1850pts) in "Poultry Gone Wild!"

Reminds me about the time my sluggas charge a lone Blood Angel, caused 28 wounds, and he saved all of them. Lucky for you his karma was definitely tapped out. The mission helped too, only having those few horrors to hold objectives, and they suck at it. Interesting list he took, and I'd love to see all those MCs painted.
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