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Orks take on Vulkan-mechanized marines (1750 RTT game 3, 11-21-2009)
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Default Orks take on Vulkan-mechanized marines (1750 RTT game 3, 11-21-2009)

Battle 3 has arrived, in which I am terrorized by a Land Raider redeemer and Vulkan. I wrote it up yesterday, but forgot to post it. So it's become a Thanksgiving day gift to Tau Online! Enjoy!

“But they'ze green boss.” Stammered the nob as he looked out of the wagon at the massing imperial marines. Their armor was indeed green. They stood out starkly against the sun-bleached rocks and sand of this part of the world. “Accordin' to Ghaz, we'ze supposed to... uh... beat anythin' dat's not green until it stops moving, den beat it again just ta be sure!”

“Doze are guidelines, you git!” growled Warboss Grubbynutz idly picking a green scab from his forehead and eating it. The wound across his face from the space wolves had healed quite nicely, though it left a scar that would have been disfiguring to a less belligerent race. To the orks, it was just another sign of the boss's dominance.

“Besides, we'ze got to give Klicky more time to finish whatever it is he's working on. He says I'ze gonna get a stompa out of it, but deze beaky boyz keep trying to steal 'is parts!”

A foggy and often-ignored part of his mind brought up the correlation between Klicky's new project beginning and the rash of imperial attack but Grubbynutz cast such thoughts aside. What the zog did “correlation” mean anyway?

So it had been a good day for the orks so far. I was one point under perfect for the day, and I knew that if I swept my next game I'd have a real shot at first (only someone who was perfect on the day could beat me). Of course, sweeping your third opponent when you've won all day is unlikely, since he's probably been doing just as well. With trepidation, I waited for the pairings.

My third opponent of the day turned out to be a friend I had ridden down with that morning, Brian. Brian is an experienced player of many armies and always manages to stay in contention at tourneys. Last time we met in a tourney it was the same situation as now and I knocked him out. Needless to say, he was eager to return the favor. He was using his Salamanders Successor Chapter. His list was as follows:

5 Assault Terminators
Land Raider Redeemer (extra armor, multimelta)
Dreadnought (multimelta, heavy flamer)
Drop pod
10 Tac Marines (power fist, multi-melta, meltagun)
10 Tac Marines (power fist, multi-melta, meltagun)
10 Tac Marines (power fist, missile launcher, flamer)

Nasty. If anyone has enough firepower and potent close combat ability to deal with my horde, it was Brian. I could tell this would be a good one.

The mission turned out to be Annhilation on Pitched Battle. We were a little confused, as we were expecting capture and control (since it was the only mission we hadn't tried yet), but we heard secondhand that they try to avoid capture and control at Game Castle tourneys since they so often end in draws. Fair enough.

We had our choice of boards, and we chose a BEAUTIFUL desert canyon board in the rear corner of the store. It was obviously a labor of love for someone and my vassal recreation obviously falls short of its grandeur.

(the board)

Brian won the roll for first turn and took it. He deployed in a middling line, with a rhino and a vindicator out to my left and his land raider, the other vindicator and the other two rhinos in the center of the board. A long low hill thing with sheer sides (mesa?) that we had classed as impassable before the game divided the two groups. His dreadnought in a pod was obviously in reserve.

My deployment mirrored his (an advantage of going second for an ork player). My boy mobz were strung across the middle with the kanz in front of them. The battlewagon placed in a corner. I was terrified of a first turn multi-melta shot and was willing to sacrifice some position to ensure that my wagon outlived the drop-pod assault. The lootaz deployed in a line across a low hill my deployment zone.


I fail to seize the initiative.

Trouser Snakes Turn 1:

The dreadnought drops near the lootaz (noticing a trend here) while all the ground-based vehicles rocket forward. Well the landraider does anyway. Everything else moves at a more sedate pace.

In shooting, the land raider uses its power of the machine spirit to fire the assault cannon, but the shots bounce off the forward kanz. The left hand vindicator fires as well, but it ends up being out of range. The right hand one has range but the shot deviates backwards and instead of hurting the kanz, 5 orks are atomized from the mek's squad. The dread roasts a mighty five lootaz with his flamer and multi-melta.

His shooting done, I roll my leadership test with the lootaz and they hold! Hurray!

(end of space marine 1)

Orks Turn 1:

My main line roars forward, keeping the kanz in front. I know the way to kill assault terminators is through mass attacks and that will be easier to do if I'm the one charging. I'm perfectly willing to sacrifice my kanz if it means I can neutralize vulkan and pals. The battlewagon crawls forward, keeping pace with the horde. Nobz are a great source of mass attacks.

Snake Flicksquig (he's a nob with long hair and an eyepatch) and his boy squad on the right advance to deal with the dreadnought.

In shooting the lootaz get payback for the dead pals and roll 3 shots a piece. They then blow the rhino across the valley to pieces. 8 marines stagger out, shaken but unpinned. The kanz on the left target the vindi in the same region and blow it up. Hurray! Two kill points in my first shooting phase.
In the only close combat of the turn, Snake's mob charges the dread. The dread mashes a couple orks before being (wait for it) blown sky high by the orks! I guess the salamanders carry a lot of fuel for those flamers and meltas. 5 orks die in the explosion.

(End of Ork Turn 1)

Kill Points
Trouser Snakes: 0
Orks: 3

Trouser Snakes Turn 2

The land raider steams forward to deal with the ork horde singlehandedly, cutting across my lines to threaten my left flank. Vulkan and his pals storm out the front and prepares to charge the lefthand slugga boyz and kanz. Mistake on my part leaving the orks available to be assaulted with the kanz. Oh well.

The vindicator angles for a firing position on the right hand sluggaz. The two rhinos moves up and pops smoke. The tactical squad on the left rolls poorly and trips through the crater that used to be their rhino.

In shooting, Vulkan roasts a bunch of orks from the squad he is about to charge. The land raider uses its machine spirit to fire its assault cannon at the battlewagon. Glancing once, it immobilizes the wagon. The remaining vindi fires its cannon and vindicates about 4 more orks, even though it was trying to blast the kanz again.

Assault goes predictably badly for the orks, with only one terminator going down from the combined attacks of 20 odd orks and kanz. Vulkan is an asbolute beast, killing four orks on the charge. His terminators explode one of the kanz, killing yet more orks. After fearless wounds are applied, only 3 orks and a wounded nob remain from the once proud slugga mob. A kan also survives those twin-linked thunder hammers somehow. Critically, Brian has not managed to score any kill points yet.

(end of space marine 2)

Orks Turn 2:

The black baron arrives, but having his good targets already dead from my accurate missile fire, he decides to hide behind the lefthand mesa and bide his time. Grubbynutz and his nobz hop and rush to assault the terminators, as does Klickinklak and his squad. The righthand kanz squad moves up to deal with the land raider. The righthand sluggaz, having deal with the dreadnought decide to deal with his pod.

Shooting is a bit light this turn, with only the lootaz scratching the paint on a marine rhino.

In the vulkan/assault terminators vs. warboss/mek/nobz/kanz/2 slugga mobz combat, all the remaining terminators are slain before they can strike, but Vulkan survives and holds. Only the nobz, the remnant of the slugga squad and the kan are able to get into combat (I consolidate my kanz first then my nobz to ensure both get in). The mek's slugga squad is left out of combat and consolidates.

The kanz charge the land raider and manage to hit once. I roll a four to get through armor (glance) followed by another four (stunned). The darn thing has extra armor, so it will move next turn. Still, it will only be firing one weapon.

Snake and his squad absolutely butcher the drop pod, causing it to explode and kill another 6 or so boyz. These marine vehicles are exploding like crazy today!

Kill Point Total:
Trouser Snakes: 0
Orks: 5

Forgot to snag a picture in vassal of this before I moved on. Sorry!

Trouser Snakes Turn 3:
Seeing his chance, Brian prepares for to put out some hurt this turn. He moves the tac squad with the flamer up onto the hill and drops off his marines. They stop and flame/double-tap the ork squad there (who were nicely racked up from killing the drop pod), killing all but 5 and the nob.

The land raider tank shocks the mek's slugga squad, racking them nicely for a redeemer flamer shot that kills 10 or so. It also clears line of sight for the two tactical squads and the vindicator in the center to annihilate the full-strength kan squadron. Meltas are soooo nasty against squadrons as your vehicles die on any roll of 3+.

Combat goes better for me, with Vulkan finally dying from mass nob attacks. He does manage to wound grubbynutz once though. The warboss and his nob squad consolidate towards the marine deployment zone, while the last kan (on the battlefield!) and the lone nob from the formerly huge slugga squad consolidate towards the land raider redeemer.

At this point, Brian is very close to outnumbering me on the battlefield, but has only scored one kill point. He's very close to about 3 more though (kan, lone nob and snake's squad) so it's still close.

(End of Space Marine 3)

Ork Turn 3:
I HAVE to kill that land raider. I know this, but I also can't get distracted from gathering more killpoints to maintain my lead. With this in mind I resolve to send my remaining kan and lone nob towards the land raider while my large slugga mob and nobz head towards the marine lines with the help of a waaagh. Snake's mob (now at a lonely six models) will charge the full strength marines and give their lives gloriously to gork.

It doesn't quite pan out that way. Snakes squad actually ties the marines, 3 kills to 3 meaning that those marines won't be able to act next turn. Go snake! The mek's sluggaz trip up terribly in the ruins of the kanz and roll a 1 for their waaagh. This means that the only think in assault range is the land raider which they go for. 8 nob klaw attacks and 3 kan swings do all right. I score a glance and pen. The glance shakes the machine again, while the stun rips off one of the redeemer flamers. Damn I was hoping for an immobilized at least.

The nobz fare better, beating up their tac marine opponents and sending them fleeing. They consolidate , careful to keep one nob within 6” of the marines while moving the majority towards the remaining marine vehicles.

(end of ork 3)

Kill points:
Trouser Snakes: 1 (kan squadron)
Orks: 7 (Vulkan, assault terminators, rhino, vindicator, dreadnought, drop pod, fleeing tac squad)

Trouser Snakes Turn 4:
The vindicator lines itself up for a shot on the nobz while the tac rhino stays still enough for the marine inside to use his multi-melta on the nobz. The tac squad continues to flee. The redeemer again racks the slugga boyz.

The redeemer roasts around 6 more sluggaz, dropping the squad to dangerous levels. The vindicator hits dead on and blasts 2 nobz straight to hell (jammy 5+s for the win!), while another is dropped by the tac squads melta weaponry. The nobz pass their leadership test.

In close combat, Snake and his remaining two boyz improbably beat up a bunch more marines. This time the marines lose by one (only having caused one wound on snake himself). Now it's three on three baby!

(End of space marine 4)

Orks Turn 4:
The black baron turbo-boosts to get within six of the tac squad and keep them running, while Grubbynutz and his ladz launche themselves towards the tac rhino and the vindicator. Klickinklak has had enough of being roasted by the redeemer and decides to spread out a bit instead. The lone nob and the kan continue to trail the land raider.

In combat, Grubbynutz and his ladz dual charge the vindicator and the rhino full of marines. Grubbynutz himself charges the vindicator. However, despite hitting on 4s with 6 attacks and then getting auto-penetrations, he only manages to shake the marine tank. Guess that's my dice taking their pound of flesh for my jammy nob saves the turn before. The rhino, however, is exploded and the marines inside are pinned.

The nob and kan manage to beat on the land raider enough to stun it one last time. Damn that thing.

Snake and his mob, in a battle that will go down in the legends of Grubbynutz's horde, finish off the regular marines for no losses and send their sergeant running for the hills. They consolidate within 6” of the fleeing astartes to prevent a regroup.

(end of ork 4)

Kill points
Trouser Snakes 1 (kan squadron)
Orks 9 (Vulkan, assault terminators, 2 rhinos, vindicator, dreadnought, drop pod, 2 fleeing tac squads)

Trouser Snakes Turn 5:
We are informed that this is to be our last turn. With one tactical squad fleeing off the board and one that won't be able to rally before the game ends, Brian makes a last desperate few grabs for kill points. He tank shocks snake's squad with the rhino and tank shocks the mek's squad with both the vindicator and the land raider. The vindicator also passes through grubbynutz to do so, so brian has actually forced me to take four leadership tests in one movement phase. Unfortunately for him, my bosspoles proves up to the task and I pass them all. In shooting, he despondently fires the redeemer flamer and toasts the lootaz once and for all, finishing the job that was started by the dreadnought on turn one.

(end of space marine 5)

Orks Turn 5:
My nobz prepare to assault the space marines. At this point I know I've won and all that matters is killing these marines and zooming into his deployment zone for the bonus point (reflecting, I should have ignored them and waltzed into the deployment zone unopposed). I also have to try and kill the land raider for that other bonus point.

The baron zooms up and takes a potshot at the vindicator, just for laughs. He misses.

Snakes squad assaults the rear of the speeding rhino but misses.

The mek's squad, the lone nob, and the kan all attack the land raider once more, and do absolutely nothing. Rarrgh!

In the only other combat that matters Grubbynutz and his ladz take care of business, absolutely murdering all the marines and consolidating into the space marine deployment zone

Game Over
Final Kill point totals:
Trouser Snakes: 2 (kan squadron, lootaz)
Orks 10 (Vulkan, assault terminators, 2 rhinos, vindicator, dreadnought, drop pod, 3 tac squads)

Battle points were 18 for me (16 for victory +1 for killing highest point HQ and +1 for having a scoring unit [nobz) in my opponents deployment zone) and a basic 8 for Brian.

The sand had been turned to glass over much of the battlefield, a product of the flame-based weaponry favored by the dark armored astartes who had fought this day. The wreckage of burning vehicles and ruined bodies covered the rest of the ground. As the remainder of the space marine tanks retreated out of the narrow canyon Big Mek Klickinklak waddled up to his warboss.

Grubbynutz was sitting in the center of a pile of dead space marines, their green armor rent and bloody. The Warboss looked up with his beady red eyes as the Mek approached. Klickinklak's skin was burnt a darker shade of green, a product of the Land Raider's fearsome weaponry. The mek had been luckier than most. Over half of the slugga boyz in the war band had died this day and another third were currently laying where they fell, recovering from their wounds (and being looted by their more mobile fellows).

“Ell of a skrap, eh boss?” the mek said cheerfully as he shrugged his way out of his kustom force field backback, “Doze green marines really know how ter fight!”

“Yar, I suppose dey do!” said Grubbynutz sitting back and resting on one of the few intact space marine corpses in the pile. “But dey weren't good enough! Dis planet is ours now!”

“Ghaz has ter make you a Warlord now!” beamed Klickinklak as he intched a piece of burned green skin. It sloughed off and fell to the ground.

“Yes 'e will!” agreed Grubbynutz, “but I hasn't forgot dat he sent me 'ere to get killed. When yoo make dat Gargant for me, I'm going to make ole Ghazzy boy somefing too - dead!”


This game was a lot closer than the kill point tally would indicate. My three slugga mobz (which started at 30) were now at 1, 3 and 9 models respectively. My wagon was immobilized and useless and I had a single kan looking all lonely in the middle of the field. Brian played a very good game despite the early setback of losing his supporting fire on the left flank to first turn ork missile fire. His later turn use of vehicles for tank shocking and “racking” for flamer shots was particularly impressive.

The redeemer was a huge thorn in my side from turn 3 onwards. Land raiders will always be a problem for orks, but since we are strong in so many areas, I'm certainly not going to complain.

Tourney Results:

In the end, the land raider refusing to die ended up costing me first place, as someone else scored two full point sweeps and one 18-pointer for a total of 55. My total of 54 was still good enough for second place and $50 store credit! I also had 3 games against very cool opponents, which is not always the case in tournament play. I know it sounds cliché, but half the reason I go to these tourneys is to play three games of 40k against diverse opponents in a single day.

Thanks to all my opponents (if they happen to be reading this) and thanks to you, patient reader, for sticking with my ramblings to the end!
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Default Re: Orks take on Vulkan-mechanized marines (1750 RTT game 3, 11-21-2009)

I really liked that battle, while the final points don't relfect it, I didn't know which way it was going to go for quite a while.

Congrats on the 2nd place finish, well deserved.
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Default Re: Orks take on Vulkan-mechanized marines (1750 RTT game 3, 11-21-2009)

Good job winning 2nd place. I just finished a tourney the other day, so I'll have to write up a battrep for it.

When Vulcan hopped out and flamed your boyz, could you have taken enough out of the front ranks to deny him the charge, or was your nob up front like in the picture? If the nob was, I'd suggest keeping him in the second rank in the future. He'll still be able to fight, but then you can deny charges from nasty cc units.

Nice move turboboosting the Black Baron to keep those Marines running. I think you're going to have to add a Salamanders helmet to Snake's bosspole for his effort. I would never have guessed so few Orks could take out a tactical squad alone.
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Default Re: Orks take on Vulkan-mechanized marines (1750 RTT game 3, 11-21-2009)

Originally Posted by Sargaule
I really liked that battle, while the final points don't relfect it, I didn't know which way it was going to go for quite a while.
Exactly! I know the final kill point spread was on the order of 5 to 1, I sure didn't feel like I had won a massacre! On the contrary, I felt like I was getting ripped up as surely as I was damaging him.

Originally Posted by Sargaule
Congrats on the 2nd place finish, well deserved.

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
Good job winning 2nd place. I just finished a tourney the other day, so I'll have to write up a battrep for it.
Please do! I want to see how the Wamp Gataz handle in a tourney. Your army plays a lot different than mine and would have a lot of different experiences, methinks.

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
When Vulcan hopped out and flamed your boyz, could you have taken enough out of the front ranks to deny him the charge, or was your nob up front like in the picture? If the nob was, I'd suggest keeping him in the second rank in the future. He'll still be able to fight, but then you can deny charges from nasty cc units.
Unfortunately, no. The nob was about 3 rows back, but I was probably only 4 boyz across at that point as I was hemmed between the kan squadron and the rock face to the left. More critically, my rows were a bit bunched up. He also deployed just outside of 1" of my models, which I probably didn't represent too well with VASSAL. Apologies for the confusion.

Nice move turboboosting the Black Baron to keep those Marines running.
Yeah, the Emperor really didn't think about Deffkoptaz (or Wave Serpents for that matter) when he invented "And They Shall Know No Fear". It's great, even when the baron doesn't kill anything (I think he killed one grey hunter for the whole tourney) he manages to neutralize or impact my enemy's forces somehow.

I think you're going to have to add a Salamanders helmet to Snake's bosspole for his effort. I would never have guessed so few Orks could take out a tactical squad alone.
Hmmm... good call. He definitely deserves something for that performance.

You've just reminded me that I totally missed my chance to make an Escape from New York reference in the post-battle fluff. Damn! Oh well, I'll just have to wait until the next time that Snake Flicksquig shines...
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