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WAAAGGGHH Grubbynutz Takes on Space Wolves (1750 RTT Report 11-21-2009 Game 2)
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Default WAAAGGGHH Grubbynutz Takes on Space Wolves (1750 RTT Report 11-21-2009 Game 2)

Njal Stormcaller looked out from under his bushy eyebrows at the abandoned manufactorum. The building had been out of use since the daemonic incursion the previous year and was starting to show signs of serious decay. The roof had been blown out, either during the incursion or by some piece of machinery left to overload by terrified and fleeing workers.

Now it had new masters. The Orks, clad in their black uniforms marked with with black and white checks, were all around the building. Most were eating, sleeping or fighting, (the three leisure activities expected of orks) but Njal's gaze was drawn to the three pieces of machinery that pulsed with a dull red glow. They were strewn out in the roadway in front of the manufactorum, obviously awaiting the ministrations of the orkish tech-warriors. Njal scowled. The warp energy blazing from them almost burned his witch-sighted eyes.

Returned from his mind-trek to his physical body, Njal looked around him at his warband. The Greyhunters looked back expectantly while the Bloodclaws were fairly giddy with excitement. The Longfangs barely glanced up from cleaning their weaponry. Raising his voice, Njal addressed them all.

“Brothers! The greenskin has a terrible weapon in his possession. A weapon that could renew the daemonic incursion here if they are allowed to continue tinkering with it. There is only one thing such mindless creatures deserve - the edge of our chainswords! For the Emperor, For RUSS! Leave none alive!”

Even the Longfangs were moved to raise their weapons and cheer at that.


“But yooz can't do that. Doze pieces are mine!” whined Klickinklak as he trailed the much larger nob.

“Oh really? I can't?” Growled Brok menacingly. The nob glowered down at the smaller ork as he strode through the manufactorum. “Doze pieces blew up some o my boyz today! It's all fun and games when yooze blowing up your little grotz, but da moment you start krumpin' my boyz is when I draw da line. I'ze puttin' doze tings outside da factory for now. Only I'ze can krump my boyz, you got it, ya snivellin' little mork-boy?”

Klickinklak nodded sullenly. Brok snorted derisively and began to walk away. The mek glared daggers at his back. Suddenly a Grot dropped through the manufactorum's open roof and landed in front of him. Surprisingly the little creature bounced right to its feet, saluted and began to squeak its message. Klickinklak was too stunned by the mode of arrival to interrupt the creature.

“Sir! Da baron sends 'is warmest ragards. 'E also says you iz a zoggin turd-lover and you should have fixed 'is skwadron up by now.” Klickinklak raised his wrench, prepared to squash this insolent little messenger.

“WAIT sir, dere's more!” squeaked the grot hurriedly, causing Klicinklak to stay the wrench-based retribution “Dere's doggy beakies coming over da hills right towards us.”

Klickinklak lowered his wrench and thought hard. Maybe during the battle he could get the warp-boy engine pieces back. It would be especially easy if something were to happen to Brok during the battle. Yes, dat would do quite nicely. He began to cackle as the orks around him mustered for the battle.

Time for battle number 2! Anyone who hasn't seen number one can read it here. This time I faced a Space Wolf force commanded by Curt. Curt was an ork player himself before being converted to the wolf ways. We had a good conversation about orks before the mission was announced. He especially enjoyed hearing about the exploits of Da Baron. His list was as follows:

Njal Stormcaller (various nasty psyker powers)
Wolf Priest (jump pack)
Lone Wolf
5 Wolf Scouts (power weapon)
Dreadnought (assault cannon, heavy flamer)
Drop pod (stormbolter)
10 Grey Hunters (Power fist, 2 plasma guns)
Rhino (extra armor)
10 Grey Hunters (Power weapon, 2 meltaguns)
Rhino (extra armor)
10 Grey Hunters (Power fist, two meltaguns)
10 Skyclaws (power fist)
6 Long Fangs (2 missile launchers, 3 heavy bolters, 1 pack leader)
Razorback (T-L Lascannon)

The mission ended up being seize ground with three objectives on spearhead deployment. We placed our objectives fairly centrally, probably because neither one of us wanted to go all the way across the board to grab the objectives. Turns out that I needn't have worried as I won the roll to go first and decided to do so.

I choose the side of the board that was shielded behind a large building, mainly because I didn't want him to have the fortress-sized manufactorum. It did mean giving up the best shooting position for my lootaz, but it was well worth the sacrifice.


My forces deployed roughly in a line along the building. His deployed roughly between two hills in his deployment zone, with his long fangs taking the sweet firing position I mentioned earlier.

Ork Turn 1:
My infantry and kanz surge forward. Well, excepting Brok's squad, which is well outside the building, everyone gets pretty much tripped up and only crawls forward. I decide to leave my battlewagon back, fearing what he'll do with his dreadnought and want to leave it close to the board edge to make him risk a bad scatter if he wants to kill my wagon. The kanz shoot their rokkitz at the rhinos and manage to shake one of them. The lootaz have more success and drop two longfangs with their deffguns. He passes his leadership test easily.

Space Wolves Turn 1:

He sends the dread against the lootaz. It is then that I realize that this dread has an assault cannon and I probably needn't have worried about it going after my wagon. Farewell lootaz.

To my ever lasting surprise he begins to move forward, keeping his options open for a second turn charge by advancing with his lone wolf, his mounted grey hunters and Njal. The southern squad advances towards the lefthand objective keeping their rhino between them and the orks. I had forgotten what it was like to play against space marines that actually have close combat weapons and bolt pistols. It is somewhat refreshing, though I'm also a little worried.

In shooting the dread kills 4 lootaz between its assault cannon and heavy flamer. They fall back, not that I blame. The long fangs split fire and blast a few orks from Brok's squad with their heavy bolter. Then their missile launchers (along with the lascannon from their razorback) destroy one of the kanz and shake another from the lefthand squad. My cover saves aren't good this turn.

Njal rolls the power that forces a leadership test on all my units within 18” to take a leadership test. My fearless and vehicle units don't care. For his regular power he tries living lightning against my kanz, but I manage to pass the one cover save I'm required to make.

Orks Turn 2:

The blackbaron is still flying high over the battlefield and doesn't come on. The lootaz, being at 50%, rally and run back towards their firing position. Hopefully they'll distract the dread.

The battlewagon tears dyi across the ruined manufactorum, and (gasp) rolls a one for difficult terrain. Fortunately, like a smart little git, I paid the points for reinforced ram and pass the second roll. The nobz unload near njal. Broks squad races towards the lone wolf, who is heading the space wolf advance. They other squads scoot forward.

In shooting, the kanz shake the empty rhino and explode the occupied rhino, killing two of the grey hunters inside. They pile out into the crater. This is too much for me to resist and I call the waaagh this turn, hoping to get a good enough to get Broks squad in on both the grey hunters and the lone wolf. I roll a 2. Not bad, but I'll need an excellent difficult terrain roll to crawl into the crater and kill those grey hunters. I don't get it. They still manage to charge the lone wolf.

In combat the lone wolf gets killed by the slugga boyz after hacking down three of them. The nobz beat up Njals squad but take quite a few wounds as well (losing two nobz – space wolves are nasty!). Grubbynutz manages to murder Njal though, snipping the dreaded rune priest apart. This is enough to win combat by two. The remaining grey hunters, obviously feeling vengeful, decide to stay.

I've hit him hard, but I'm feeling awfully over-extended at this point. I nervously tell Kurt that it's his turn.

Space Wolves Turn 2:

The scouts also decide to take their sweet time and do not come in. The grey hunter squad in the ruins of the rhino crawl back out of it and away from the orks. The skyclaws soar over the hill to engage the slugga squad that had just killed the lone wolf. The southernmost grey hunter squad moves to simultaneous grab the objective on the left and shoot their meltaguns at the battlewagon's side armor.

In shooting a few sluggaz are dropped from the forward squad by the heavy bolter and the depredations of the dread (who is not distracted by the lootaz). The missile launchers miss the kanz this turn. Hurray! The meltaguns from the grey hunters in the south both hit and penetrate the battlewagon. Fortunately, I'm hull down from being inside the ruins and pass both my saves – double hurray!

In combat the wolf-priest led skyclaws absolutely murder Brok's slugga squad (as Klickinklak cackles madly). In a last ditch act of vengeance, Brok kills the wolf priest and one of his sluggaz pulls down a skyclaw. The orks are then forced to take a leadership test, needing snake eyes and not finding it on the first roll or the reroll, the orks run away and are cut to pieces by the skyclaws. Grubbynutz and the nobz annihilate the remaining Grey Hunters in the middle and consolidate the northern Grey Hunters.

Orks Turn 3:

The Baron comes on the left side of the table he moves forward and blasts the southern grey hunters with a rokkit. The kanz and middle sluggaz (including Klickinklak) surge forward to strike the skyclaws. The nobz move up to engage the northern grey hunters. Meanwhile the battlewagon roars over to contest the left objective and generally make a nuisance of itself (note: though it may seem strange that we were both playing objectives so early in the game, remember this was a timed round and know we were nearing the end of the round)

The baron kills one grey hunter with his rokkit, but that is about all I accomplish in shooting. Roaring a mighty warcry, the mek and kanz absolutely slaughter the skyclaws. It is a close thing for klicky though, as he takes two wounds from the skyclaws and only through the grace of the dice gods giving me a 6+ on my saves does he live (woot T-shirt save!). He and his squad consolidate back towards the objetives (back to work boyz!) while the kanz go up to say hi to the bearded marines who keep firing rokkitz at them.

Grubbynutz and his ladz again beat up some grey hunters but again they lose a few nobz in the process and they couple of remaining grey hunters survive and hold. These wolves are annoyingly tough. The kanz beat up the space wolf rhino, flipping it over and tearing bits and pieces off, but the tough little space marine transport will not die! What do I need to do to kill these wolves?!?!?

Space Wolves Turn 3:

I'm going to go out of turn sequence here, because the battle has broken down into several segments and it's just easier that way.

The wolf scouts show up and pounce on the lootaz, killing them off quite easily. The grey hunters in the south have a more difficult time with the battlewagon, their meltaguns both miss (at extreme close range). The hunters then charge the battlewagon but find it hard to attach their grenades with the vehicle moving fast. Still the power fist manages to immobilize and rip off the big shoota, leaving the wagon an immobilized hulk

The razorback turns its turret and blasts the baron from the sky with a single lascannon shot. Guess he won't be saving my bacon this day (not that its looking like I'll need it)

The dreadnought races to be a part of the action, gunning down a few orks with his assault cannon as he does so. The long fangs train their rokkitz on the advancing kanz and blast one of them to hell and stun the other. Nasty.

Grubbynutz and fellows again finish off the Grey Hunters the turn after they charge. Not that I'm complaining, it has prevented my nobz from being fired on for some time now. They consolidate south with a sweet roll of six.

Finally, the Kanz who had assaulted the rhino last turn annhilate it with their close combat weapons this turn.

Ork Turn 4:

So things are looking good, but I've just heard the 15 minute warning. We both figure that we can get in another turn. I take a quick second to assess the situation. He can pull off a draw here if I'm not careful. I know the middle objective is currently held by me, and I can probably get to the right hand objective with klicky's squad. Meanwhile the surviving grey hunters are in range of the left objective but it is contested by the wagon. However, they will likely kill the wagon this turn and the dreadnought is sitting on the righthand objective laughing at me. Whats more, he could theoretically rocket his razorback forward to contest the middle objective. With this in mind, I set about trying to claim all the objectives and safeguard them.

Knowing that if I kill the grey hunters dead, the wolves can't win, I try to get the kanz and nobz both in combat with them. Meanwhile Klicky and his squad go to tie up the dread.

Klicky and his squad barely make it to combat with the dread, but fail to hurt it. This leaves one objective contested, one held by me (but capable of being contested by a tank shock next turn) and one yet to decided. The game will come down to whether Grubbynutz and his boyz can finish the wolves in combat. The kanz add their rokkit fire and down a marine, but sadly this leaves them out of charge range (stupid mistake by me). Grubbynutz and his remaining few ladz charge the grey hunters. I roll hot with my initial nobz (12 or so wounds) but he rolls some equally jammy saves and only three die. He strikes back and through the magic of wound allocation backfiring on the orks for once, the powerklaw nob dies! This means that Grubbynutz will have to kill five marines in order to clear the objective (of course he could flee or die from fearless wounds, but everyone knows that won't happen).

Let's see how it happened:

“WAAAAAGGGHH!!” roared Grubbynutz as he bore down on the crowd of space marines surrounding the wagon. The roar of of chainswords and feral warcrys met him as the Space Wolves counter-charged. To the left and right marines were hacked to pieces by big choppaz and sluggaz to the face. Another was impaled on the waaggh banner and slowly slid down. Even as he died, the marine slashed out with his chainsword and severed the head of the nob holding the banner. With a crash both corpses fell to the broken ground.

Bitin', Grubbynutz's power-klaw nob went down, a chainsword taken square between his eyes as another marine empty a bolt pistol clip into his chest.

It was pandemonium, and it was what the orks lived for. Grubbynutz charged the two marines that had just finished off Bitin. With a downward sweep of his claw he slashed one compeltely in two. The other turned, raising his bolt pistol, but the Warboss was too fast. Freeing his claw from the gory ruin of the first marine he jammed it forward and grabbed the marines helmetted skull. With a yank the head came free.

Suddenly a sharp pain flared in his back. Turning, he found two more marines ripping at him with their chainswords. For the most part they had stuck only scar tissue and cybork bits, but they had obviously hit a soft part and the ork could feel blood running in rivulets down his back. Fuelled, rather than slowed, by the pain, Grubbynutz roared and swung the blade of his power klaw around. He decapitated both with a single swing, making a mockery of both their advanced physiques and advanced armor with his might. Their headless bodies jerked and sputtered as they fell to the ground.

Turning, Grubbynutz spotted the last marine. Helmetless and bleeding from a head wound, the last marine nevertheless stood his ground. Blood and filth matted his yellow beard and he stood with his chainsword in a two handed grip.

“Come and get it you greenskinned monster! I'll not run from the likes of you! By Grimnar, I'll at least hurt you before I die!”

Grubbynutz nodded and smile touched his beady eyes. Here was a foe truly worth the time to battle. Roaring his best warcry, he charged the space marine. The outcome was never in doubt. The marine fell back, a bleeding hole punched through his torso. What surprised the nobz and especially the Warboss himself, was the gaping slash wound that the Space Wolf inflicted across his opponents face. The warboss sank his knees, weary from both blood loss and the effort he had put in.

His own bright red blood fouling his eyes, Grubbynutz laughed. Today had been a good day.

He did it! Grubbynutz hit with all his attacks and killed his remaining opponents in one round.

Space Wolves Turn 4:
With no scoring units and no way to contest the two objectives held by me, the game was over for Curt and he knew it. He took a last few vengeful potshots at grubbynutz and the nobz and then conceded.

Ork Victory, 2-0!

I got the bonus points for killing his highest point unit and for killing his highest point HQ, giving me an 18 this turn. Curt got the basic 8 for a loss.


I think the toughness of the space wolves may have worked against Curt here, as his Grey Hunter squads did enough wounds to my nobz NOT to flee or die on the turn they were charged. This mean that my nobz were safely ensconced in combat, except on their turn, when it became time to seek out a new grey hunter unit. They accounted for all of Curt's scoring units in this way. There was nothing Curt could do about his units not dying on time, but he could have counter-charged my nobz with his two grey hunter squads and probably finished them off in his second turn (even grubby and his ladz have a hard time standing up to 60 incoming attacks plus various power fists).

The skyclaws now scare the klkn out of me, especially with the attached wolf priest. Few things can take an almost-full ork squad and beat it into the ground like a tent-stake. But they can. Sure, after the charge they'll be marines that we hit on a three. But only the most foolish of warbosses will underestimate these flying wolves.

All in all a good game, just like every Wolf vs. Greenskin game I've ever been a part of (on both sides of the coin!)
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Default Re: WAAAGGGHH Grubbynutz Takes on Space Wolves (1750 RTT Report 11-21-2009 Game 2)

For some reason I read this one after the 3rd fight. Space Wolves are pretty scary in close combat. I was surprised to see you consolidate North with Grubbynutz and the Nobz. I would have headed South to take out the squad on the objective. Nice win though, except for Brok.
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Default Re: WAAAGGGHH Grubbynutz Takes on Space Wolves (1750 RTT Report 11-21-2009 Game 2)

Originally Posted by Scoutfox
For some reason I read this one after the 3rd fight.
Yeah, next time, I'll post my reports in one thread for convenience's sake.

Space Wolves are pretty scary in close combat. I was surprised to see you consolidate North with Grubbynutz and the Nobz. I would have headed South to take out the squad on the objective. Nice win though, except for Brok.
My thought was that I had two boy mobz on or near the central and right objective. Either one could probably hold both if I had some time to spread out. The Grey Hunters on the right objective (I figured) could be dealt with by my normal boyz and kanz. This in turn freed my nobz to go and slay the upper grey hunters, who could have actually threatened the central objective. And my plan would have worked, but we were running short on time, and I had to move to plan 2.0, which involved the nobz running down and beating a bunch of space marines to death ;D . Not pretty or tactical at all, but hey - we're orks!

Thanks for the comment!
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