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Grey knights do amazing things-batreps with pics 11/14/09
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Default Grey knights do amazing things-batreps with pics 11/14/09

Or so i have heard our local GK player say often enough....and it is true

Well here is the breakdown-

I am getting hammered by psyker using armies as i play eldar alot(curse you doom and fortune!) and i see spam lash prince armies. since i expect nothing less when i go to the seattle GT in a couple months i decided to do a minor tweak to my list. i removed my 5 assault marines and downgraded 2 drop pods to storm bolters giving me enough points for an allied GK grand master with some gear-hammerhand, sacred incense, ungeunts of warding and some psycannon bolts for his storm bolter(not enough points for the cannon drat!).

So yesterday i got a chance to test it out. unfortunately i fought no real psyker armies as the eldar player i usually face was in a D&D game all day long :wtf:

What i did face was a nid army and a blood angels army.

The nids-
Now i am used to facing nidzilla because lets face it....it is about as powerful a nid build as you can get. this time around i was pleasantly suprised by a player new to our area who wanted to try out a genestealer based list.

His list-
brood lord and upgraded retinue (12)
elite CC fex
heavy CC fex
X3 lictors
X3 stealer broods(12) outflanking
X2 steraler broods(8) outflanking

My list was a my standard 6 dread list with the above mentioned change-
.master of the forge
.GK grand master
.tactical squad-missile, flamer, fist(10)
.scout squad-sniper/missile/melta bomb(5)
X3 venerable las/missile dreads
X3 podding ironclad dreads with the workds
X1 land speeder typhoon

The game-
.2,000 points
.5 objectives
.dawn of war

I won the roll off and he went first setting up his brood lord and retinue dead center of the table, forcing me to deploy a bit further back.

He marched his fex's on and move up his lord but staying well within terrain.

My reaction-turn 1
While he was hoping night fight would help him, drop pod assault ruined those plans. one ironclad dropped in on the leaft right where i needed it, the other was going for the right but scattered to far back for his flamers.

The rest of my army moved on. the dread closest to him switched on his searchlight and marked target for my army. the heavy flamers did a number on him, but it took me down to my very last shot of turn 1 to drop the retinue and lord seing him fail his last cover save to a krak round. My army lets out a big sigh of relief.

Turn 2-
his fexes marched forward, the elit ran as he was to far away to do anything, the other scored a drop pod kill. his lictors came in as did 3 of his 5 stealer squads. 2 to my right and one to my left. the lictor and stealers(light red squad) to my right ate my combat squaded tac marines that had put the last krak into the brood lord. the dark resd squad ran forward since they were out of range to do anything.

The other 2 lictors popped up, one assaulting my scouts and the other going after my MOTF. the scouts did amazingly well, making all thier saves, but the MOTF failed one of his....fortunately he has 2 wounds and his servo harness made short work of the lictor.

I am being pincered as was the nids intention. moving to blunt his advance one venerable dread swings left, the other right both shooting and assaulting stealer squads to halt thier advance and keep them off the charge. my GK grand master and the other half of my tac marines flame and assault his stealers that ate my other tac unit. fortunately the stealers only kill 2 and the GK drops 3 while the tacs put a wound on the lictor. my MOTF moves to ais the scouts and drops the lictor without taking a scratch. my last ironclad drops in near his heavy carnifex.

Whats remains free of CC in my army dumps fire into his fex....suprised to learn he forgot to put extended carapce armor on it. krak missiles drop 3 out of 5 wounds on him. then an ironclad assaults doing 2 more DCCW wqounds before the beast can respond-dead fex

Turn 3

He gets his last 2 units in...thanks to remembering the lictor re-roll this time.

one left and one right. my venerabels are doing an admirable job shruging off damage while holding the stealers at bay. with nother else in his army not in CC his only unit to move up is his elite fex who runs forward.

The GK grand master stands alone as the last of my tac marines fall. droping more stealers.

My reaction sees my scouts move to a better firing position while my MOTF moves out to help the dreads on my right. what shooting i do have sees me put a wound on his elite fex and move my ironclads dreads in to support the flanks. i loose the venerable on my right to a lucky hit but the ensuing explosion drops half the stealer squad. only 5 remain. my GK takes the stealers down to 1, after surviving a single hit that rends him. fortunate to since he is down to 1 wound at this point.

The venerable on my left survives an assault from a second stealer squad and holds them there.

His turn 4

The elite fex runs up and drops the second pod but takes a wound from the explosion. his 5 man stealer unit ot my right runs into an ironclad as does the other one of 12 that just arrived last turn. AV13 is his bane he can only glance and annoy the ironclads. he does manage to get a single immobilised result on one. the venerabel stand another round of CC on my right but looses a weapon.

My reaction-scouts have a clear shot and take it....for once dooing thier job with flying colors( i hate BS3 on sniper rifles)-3 snipers hit and one krak missile, 2 rend and the missile wounds dropping the elite fex. ewverything ewlse is in CC so my MOTF moves out to get to the immobilised dread, my speeder and last venerable take up ranged firing poisitions and wait. my last ironclad wades in to relieve the venerable on my left whi has taken a bit more damage. The GK GM takes a single wound and of course it rends, he failes his save finally but not before taking a 12 man stealer brood down to 1 while also gettign chomped on by a lictor.

His turn 5..everything is in CC in his army-
The 5 man brood and tthe ironclad swing on each other, the ironclad drops 1 stealer

the 12 man unit is tied up and looses another to the immobile ironclad. soing no real damage in return. the venerable on my left finaly goes but he did his job well, now the stealers are stuck fighting an ironclad.

My turn 5

scouts move out, run to get on an objective. speeder and last venerable move to support, MOTF moves to aid the immobilised ironclad. CC sees another stealer of the 4 left on my right drop the one to my left loioses and arm to a lucky glance. the last ironclad holds his ground.

Game continues to Turn 6 at a blistering pace(everything is pretty much in CC now).

Turn 6
his lone stealer and lictor jump the MOTF, but fail to rend, a quick munch from the servo harness drops both lictor and stealer. my ironclad fighting the 3 stealers gets an immobilised result and drops 2 more stealers.

My turn 6-
Ironclad to my left looses a second arm but holds his ground. scouts move towards a distant center objective just in case the ironclad goes down. last venerable and speeder support them. MOTF moves in and repairs the immobilised result on the dread fighting one stealer.

Then the dread drops the last stealerr and moves towards the other ironclad. on my right.

Game goes to turn 7

My scouts are now firmly on the center objective, the ironclad to my left gets immobilised but lives. the ironclad to my right that is free wades into assult to support the other while the MOTF moves around back to try and fix him, not close enough he has to run to get there. the game finally ends with the stealer infestation being cleared on the right flank and the lone ironclad on my left holding the stealer advance in check.

The nids had 2 broods survive the fight(both fighting the ironclad on the left.
1 objective held by my scouts and none contested for a win.

It turned out to be a fantastic game.....i really thought i was going to get hammered by this list. He made a few build errors, after the game we fixed his heavy fex so it will not die to AP3 fire and replaced his 5 raveners with 3 lictors(i had his switch out in game when we realised how terrible deepstriking raveners were), and a few other changes i expect it to be a harder fight next time around.

The true save for me was the luck of dropping the brood lord on turn 1, had he got into me it would have been like a can opener.

Some pictures-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Grey knights do amazing things-batreps with pics 11/14/09

Game 2
VS blood angels

This game was a lesson in killing drop pods, or rather our inability to do so.

I used the same list as above, my opponent used the following-
X2 assault squads in rhinos (10)
X8 DC in land raider crusader(attached HQs)
X1 tac squad-las/melta(10)+ razorback(las)
X2 podding venerable deathcompany furioso dreads.

.2,000 points
.kill points
.12" deployment

I won the roll for turn 1 and went first.

MY tac squad and GK took up a center firign position, my scouts took the right stand of trees while my dreads and speeder took firign poitions.

His tac squad set up ooposite my speeder and scouts with his remaing rhinos and raider taking a center position.....and then the pen 1&2s began.

My drop pod assault saw one ironclad land on target the other scatter to far back towards me. i managed to pin his tac squad, stun his razor, immobilise a rhino, and stun the second.

His turn-the raider moved up and poped ironclad, his stunned who moved up.

Turn 2
My last ironclad arrives, i destroy the immobilised rhino and pin the assault squad inside. my ironclad savors the coming slaughter
my scouts pin his tac squad again(damn i am getting lucky) his second rhino gets immobilised, the assault squad inside wisely stays there.

His turn-
both furioso's come in, his raider moves up, his razorback had moved behind a building and was now free to fire. He gets alucky hit on the ironclad abotu to assault his pinned squad an immobilises it just inches away.

One furisos puts melta shot into a venerable and stunns it, the other joins forces with the raider to try and drop my ironclad in the center of the table.
but only manage a stunned result.

Turn 3
i burn the pinned squad and kill a few, assault the land raider and kill it with an ironclad, fire on his furiso's but do not manage to kil them(thanks to the re-roll, i actually killed them both like 3 times over).

His turn 3,
death comapany and crew assault the ironclad that blew up thier raider, his assault squad moves to walk around behind trhe immobile ironclad bothe his furisos make for my tac squad but one fails to make assault. I loose a few marines and damge the furioso taking off an arm.

Turn 4
I tear off his other furisos arm(melta), hit his tac squad again with snipers and stun the heck out of his remaining rhino i loose mroe tac marines in CC and do more damage to his furioso immobilising it.

His turn 4

His las fires on the immobile ironclad and damages it, his assault squad stands behind it and damages it with bolter fire finally managing to kill it. His free furisos moves up to silence my venerable las dreads but fails the charge, the other furioso drops a couple more marines and takes more damage but survives thanks to the re-roll.

Turn 5
my MOTF had moved out to try and help the immobile ironclad but not being able to get ther in time he moved into the trees, i decide to go for an easy kill and blow up one of his drop pods, my scouts kill a few tac marines, my speeder jumps behind his free furiosos and finally kills it. and i utterly fail to kill his other drop pod. his furioso kills the last of my tac marines in CC but none of the damage i am doing to it seems to help.

His turn 5 sees the last ironclad finally fall to a melta bomb planted by the chaplain. his assault squad walks up to get at a drop pod, his tac squad las and razorback shoot at my speeder and kill it. i finally riop the other arm off the last furioso, thaks to hammerhand.

The game goes to turn 6.
I shoot the heck out of his last pod and his rhino hoping for an easy kill but only manage a bunch of 1s & 2s my GKGM and the last gimped furisos trade blows but do no damage.

His razorback take aim at my MOTF and i fail my cover save. his DC assault my drop pods and kill 1 the assault squad goes after the second but fail to kill it.

Game goes to turn 7

Again i pour fire into his pod and razorback and only score glancing/stunned results on both. the most damage being taking off the pods storm bolter.

My GKGM finaly kills his furioso.

His turn 7
he kills a second drop pod, his other assault squad finally gets out of the rhino and shoots at the GKGM but does nothing

game ends

out of 14 i loose 8 units

he only looses 5 out of 13

Victory for the blood angels....damn i rolled alot of 1s and 2s for damage results.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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