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Necronsx2 vs Wolves and Chaos
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Default Necronsx2 vs Wolves and Chaos

So, some of the guys at the store wanted to play a big game. So we each took our 1500pt lists and did a two vs two game.

There was another necron player, so we decided to team up agaisnt the Combat-happy wolves and Chaos.

Necron forces.

Raider Force (classic Necrons)

Lord with Destroyer body, orb, phase field, philatroypy, scythe
two squads of nine immortals
three squads of ten warriors
three heavy destroyers (Wraiths with guns)

Brotherhood of the Spiralling Worm (Purple Necrons)
Lord w/Veil and Chronomatron
Nytharlotep (Deceiver)
two squads of ten warriors
two squads of three destroyers
two squads of two heavy destroyers
two tomb spiders with particle projectors



Daemon prince, wing, MoS, lash
Daemon Prince, wings, MoN, Warptime
Greater Daemon
Eight lesser Daemons
Two squads of plague marines with plasmaguns in rhinos. Champs with fists
Squad of marines with meltaguns and champion in Rhino
Two squads of three terminators with combi-meltas


Rune Priest w/Lighting and Jaws
Chaplain with an axe ( or what ever the wolves equivalent is)
One squad of grey hunters, with Mark of Wolven in a drop pod
One squad of Grey Hunters in Rhino
One squad of blood claws, powerfist
Long Fangs with lascannon and two plasmacannons
Predator with three lascannons
Land raider crusader.

Mission we rolled was Annihilation, With Pitched battle Deployment.

My ally, deployed his monolith centrally, with immortals on either side. Most of his warriors, his lord and destroyers were on the left flank as well. Along with one of my spiders, one warrior squad and one of my heavy destroyer squads. The right flank had all the rest of my destroyers, with the other spider and Nytharlotep deployed next to the Monolith in a river.

Our opponents deployed an armoured spearhead, all on the left flank. Rune priest was in the rhino, while the chaplain and blood claws were in the landraider.

I used The grand Illusion to bring the Deceiver to the left flank, but failed to do anything more.

Turn 1
On our first turn, the destroyer armada flew over the hill they were hiding behind, to draw a bead on his daemons. While the main bulk of the rest of the force mostly held ground. Spider and Nytharlotep begain to rush towards the opponent on the left flank. My lord, leaves the right flank and starts heading to the left to try and pull away my warrior squad there next turn.

Shooting resulted in the chaos marine squads rhino blown, while the two plague marine rhinos were stunned, as well as the wolves rhino. My destroyers took a wound off the lash prince. In the assault phase, my spider on the left flank wounds itself making a scarb swarm.

On their turn, their pod landed right infront of the Monolith. While the two princes lept into the air and landed at the foot of the bridge near the pod. Their Land raider sped forwards, while the rest of the rhinos popped smoke. The chaos marine squad dashed right towards us.

Their shooting phase began, with the lashprince pulling one immortal squad 12" into charge range of both princes. The predator and longfangs fired at Nytharlotep and the monolith. My god was wounded, while the monolith shrugged it all off. t. In assault, the two princes charge the Immortals and wipe out the squad. Leaving the two princes standing on the bridge.

Turn 2.

Destroyers fly into better shooting range, while our warriors begin to fall back. The monolith hurls it's self toward the enemy, while the lord joins the surviving immortal squad to guard against the lash prince. Nytharlotep heads towards the drop pod squad. Spider holds back.

In shooting, one of the plague marine Rhinos is immobilized by heavy destroyer fire. My destroyers kill off both princes with deadly accurate fire, while the Monolith nukes the chaos marine squad into oblivion with it's Particle Whip.

Nytharlotep charges the Grey Hunters from the Droppod, wins combat and forces them to take additional wounds from no-retreat.

For their reserves, one terminator squad comes in near the drop pod, while the lesser Daemons come in from the plague marine rhinos. landraider drives forwards and disgorges it's passengers right into our lines.

Landraider fires at my spider, and squashes it. Long fangs and predator continue firing at monolith uselessly. His rune priest fires Jaws out of his Rhino at my God, but ends up killing some blood claws and grey hunters and lesser Daemons instead. He also perils and takes a wound.

In assault I forget to misdirect the Deceiver (which in hindsight I should have), while the Blood claws charge my allies warriors and heavy destroyer squads. Nuking both units off the board. Nytharlotep continues punching space marines.

Turn 3

My lord, veils away one of my warrior squads to the top right edge of the board. The majority of the rest of our force legs it to the right. I try to shoot at his plague marine rhino near the bridge, but his cover saves are fantastic. Monolith whips the blood claws, killing two.

In assault, Nytharlotep kills the last of the Grey hunters and marches towards the enemy!

Rest of the Terminators pop in next to my God. Blood claws hop back into their land raider. Plague marine rhino ends up in river. Other rhino is immobilized. Now, our opponents fire essentially their entire armies at Nytharlotep, leaving him mortally wounded, with one wound left. Necrodermis dangerously close to breaking apart.

Turn 4

Our evacuation continue to the right flank. Spider runs up to the Rhino. Destroyers attempt to get easy KP from rhino and drop pod, but choke. However, they do immobilize it. My allies depleated force focuses on running, monoliths whip bounces off the landraiders shell. The spider, charges into the Rhino and manages to tear it apart good. Nytharlotep charges the lesser Daemons, and unfortunately kills every single one of them with wounds and no-retreat. Not really the result I was looking for.

Our opponents Landraider drives towards our fleeing force, while the plague marines also advance in the same direction. Terminator march around Rhino towards the spider. On the left flank, all our opponents big guns aim at my god.Lascannon predators blast breach the C'tans Necrodermis, leaving nothing more then shattered metal on the ground in it's wake. meanwhile the bloodclaws charge the immortals, while the plague marines charge my allies second warrior squad. The lord is part of the warriors, but is also charged by blood claws. Combats ends with the lord and warriors routed off the table, with six immortals left (two damaged). Terminators charge my spider, who kills 'em all, or at least runs down the surviver.

Turn 5.

Monolith teleports away the immortals. Destoyers attempt to kill the blood claws, but to no avail. my ally being dangerously close to phase out, runs his last warrior squad behind the hill, next to mine (and our dead pile). My lord teleports down to my other warrior squad, to veil them away next turn, but ends up getting terrible misshaped and dying.

The blood claws, get back into the landradier, plague marines chase the monolith. Our opponents shooting at the immortals forces them to fall back, with only a handful alive and a few damaged on the ground. Termiantors shoot at my Tombspider, killing it off with a lucky wound.

Turn 6.

Most of our resources are spent trying to kill a plague marine squad, leaving it down to only one model. The immortals regain enough models, to prevent my ally from phasing, then run off the table.

The wolves landradier unloads it's cargo in front of my warrior squad, charging and then whip 'em all out. Meanwhile, the las-pred knocks out the monolith.

Art this point the game ends. There are a few things I didn't mention, as I forgot between the game and today. However, the end score is 13KP to 11Kp in their favour. Freaking close game. A lot of fun. A few terrible subtle mistakes were made on our side, which could have turned the tides of battle.

For example, I should have misdirected out of the greyhunters on the second turn, so I could charge the blood claws. That would have saved us the game, as they chewed their way through our enitre force. Gutting us like a fish. Killing the princes on turn two, was pretty sweat though. The Wolf Psycher ended up perilling himself to death. Pretty funny. Only had the opportunity to fire jaws the once.

Anyway, sorry for the report being a bit..vague..Rushed for time and forgot many things over the last day between the game. Ah well, that happens. Enjoy.
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Originally Posted by The Strange Child
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss,the abyss gazes also into you.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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Default Re: Necronsx2 vs Wolves and Chaos

Enjoyable read!

I especially like the Cthulhuverse Necrons with Nyarly backing them up. ;D

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Default Re: Necronsx2 vs Wolves and Chaos

Originally Posted by Mordechai
Enjoyable read!

I especially like the Cthulhuverse Necrons with Nyarly backing them up. ;D
Thanks! Yeah, I like the whole lovecraftian idea around the Necrons. Converted my Deceiver accordingly.
Necron Battle Challenge Blog, Check it out!
Diplomacy Game thread
Originally Posted by The Strange Child
He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And when you gaze long into an abyss,the abyss gazes also into you.
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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