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Tyranid vs. IG 1500 - November 7, 2009
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Default Tyranid vs. IG 1500 - November 7, 2009

Date: November 7th, 2009

1500 points game against a classic Catachan IG list.
a couple caveats:
I mentioned at the beginning, I was looking for an "uncomplicated" 1500 point game, someone who would be helping me to ease back into the rules, and be patient.

Guy apparently had two army list options: 2500 marine - tournament competitive list or his classic, 3rd-ed catachan army that hadn't had any models added to it since it was completed.
First game in 5th ed. (yeah, ok, so I've been busy...)

*revised 11/3

My tyranids:
Winged Tyrant - 204 pts
+BS, +Str, Warp Field
Bioplasma, Wings, 2x TL Devourers

Broodlord + retinue - 227 pts
Feeder Tendrils
6x Genestealers
Scythe Talons

11x Devgaunts - 110

10x Devgaunts - 100

16x Hgaunts - 208
+I +Str

16x Hgaunts - 208
+I +Str

2x Raveners - 80

Godfex - 229
+WS +Str +W +Sv
Acid Maw, Flesh hooks, Regenerate, Toxic Miasma
Bioplasma, Spine Banks, Scythe Tail, Scythe Talons, Tusked

2x Zoanthrope - 130
Synapse, Warp Blast

1496 points.
66 models, 10 KPs
29% HQ
0% Elite
42% Troop
5% Fast
24% Heavy

Rough opponent army list:
2 Leman Russ (lascannon, 2x bolter)
1 Chimera w/4x Ogryns
2x2 Sentinels with multi-lasers
2x4 ratling snipers
3 or 4 autocannon squads
4x10 infantry squads with lasguns and a plasma gun.
a command squad with (I think) a commissar.

Battle was Annihilation, Spearhead.

He set up all his infantry in a crescent, through and in a wood. His snipers infiltrated, one on my far far left table edge and the other in a tower on the left. I spread my hivefleet about in a crescent around the nearest edge, as close to him as possible. The broodlord infiltrated into a woods on the far right. (terrain may be a little under-represented)

Turn one
didn't consist of much. He fired as much as he possibly could, mostly at gaunts with autocannons. All four snipers at the Flyrant. One gaunt and one genestealer died.
I moved forward, the Flyrant assaulted the open topped tower/bunker with 4 snipers on it. I destroyed it but was unable to trap and destroy the snipers inside, they emergency disembarked and were pinned.

Turn two

One of his Sentinel squads came in on the far right, not far from my B Lord. He opens up on the various squads, with a variety of orders to make them shoot more and/or better. Some gaunts die, another genestealer, and the flyrant takes a wound from a plasma gun.
On my turn, I move my flyrant to the left around the wrecked tower and blast away at the guard in the forest beyond. Gaunts and Hgaunts advance, the remaining 8 Hgaunts on the right position themselves to assault the main force. A few more pot shots from zoanthropes and the godfex advances.
then the devourers open up. the Devilgaunts do fairly well taking out a few of the guard, but the flyrant kills 11 from just shooting. the subsequent assault from the flyrant, the 8 Hgaunts and the 2 Raveners decimates the ranks of the guard. For the most part, I out wounded him, he tried to flee and was cut down. Two squads did get away, but fled right off the table.
The Broodlord assaults the sentinels, beats them up for a bit, but didn't actually destroy them.

Turn three

Two Leman Russ come in (one on each corner), The Ogryns (center), and the Chimera (on the right). The sentinel fight continues. More more shooting, and his blasts land on target. He kindly explains the lumbering rule and then proceeds to blast at the flyrant with cannon and lascannon. No wounds. all 8 snipers are back at it, but still cause no wounds to the flyrant. Then the remnants of the guard open up on the flyrant and she takes two more plasma wounds to the face. Ogryns blast away at the raveners and they die.
On my turn, the devilgaunts blast away at the Ogryns and put a wound on one. The Zoanthropes do nothing when shooting at the two tanks on the right. The Hgaunts assault another squad of autocannons and slaughter them. The flyrant charges at the left hand Russ and does nothing :'( The broodlord and genestealers kill off the remaining Sentinel and head back for the forest cover. The big Hgaunt squad sweeps up and wipes out the middle squad of snipers.

Turn four

The other Sentinel squad comes in on the right, and the Ogryns and the Russ on the right opens up on the Devilgaunts again, Blasting them to bits. One squad is reduced to 3. The new Sentinels open up on the broodlord and are reduced to smoking, twitching pile of chitin and goo. The Russ on the left shoots the flyrant, and does no wounds. Remaining Snipers are still ineffective against the flyrant. The Ogryns assault one squad of the Devilgaunts and reap a terrible harvest from them, only one survives and flees back towards the Zoanthropes.
On my turn, all the Hgaunts are out of synapse and run towards the Flyrant, and hang out for the rest of the turn under her wings. One zoanthrope turns the Chimera into a crater, and the other zoanthrope blows a leg off one of the Sentinels, immobilizing it. His squadronmate cruelly leaves him behind as tyranid fodder. The Godfex FINALLY gets within range of something he can kill and assaults the ogryns. They ineffectually rain blows down on the monster and then he turns and crushes the three of them in a single round. He then consolidates 6" towards the Russ. The flyrant finally destroys the other Russ this round and the explosion kills an Hgaunt.

Turn 5

As you can see, the top of turn 5 consisted of vehicle killing. All that remained was a Russ, a Sentinel, and a squad of 4 Snipers. His shots did little to my remaining units.
Zoanthropes kill the last Sentinel, the Godfex smashes the Russ, and the Hgaunts and flyrant start charging after the Snipers.
Game ends, Tyranids win,
about 9 kill points to 3
Creator of:
Tyranids 5th ed. W/L/D 1/0/0 Necron 5th ed. W/L/D 1/0/0 Tau 5th ed. W/L/D 2/2/3
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Default Re: Tyranid vs. IG 1500

Great Game!
I know little about Tyranids (mostly about how to beat them, but how to play them... well, that's another matter).
Just a few questions:
1. Why did you infiltrate the Broodlord where you did? It seemed an odd location. Were you putting them there to catch Outflankers or was there a more devious purpose
2. Are Raveners useful? I've never seen anyone take one before around my gaming area. They seem pretty impressive (if a bit costy).

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Default Re: Tyranid vs. IG 1500


The Broodlord unit was placed there to help deny that corner and to draw fire: If outflankers showed up within reach - which first sentinel squadron did - I could assault them and probably destroy them (however, I might have actually been better off ignoring the sentinels and going after the tank that showed up next turn). Also, after learning that any units could be held back, and essentially "drive on", I didn't want to risk him putting all the tanks there and forcing me to split my assault.

Finally, I know that people are terrified of broodlord/genestealer units, so by putting her out there, I knew I was risking her to shooting, but shots directed at her would be only 50% as effective (4+ cover save) and those shots would not be directed at my gaunts.

As with all Tyranid units, Raveners can be useful either en masse or to promote synergy with other assault units. Alone, they're awfully soft (T4 SV5+) but they are able to keep up with Hgaunts and boost their assault phase.
Creator of:
Tyranids 5th ed. W/L/D 1/0/0 Necron 5th ed. W/L/D 1/0/0 Tau 5th ed. W/L/D 2/2/3
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