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forsaken-BFG batrep with pics eldar VS chaos 1,500 points 11/07/09
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Default forsaken-BFG batrep with pics eldar VS chaos 1,500 points 11/07/09

I tinkered around with my list a bit and decided to try out a crusade fleet for my 1,500 point fleet.

The mission was a variation of the passing engagement that we had never tried before.

My fleet-
.Despoiler battleship/carrier
.Repulsive grand cruiser(boosted lances)
chaos lord (ld +1)
.Hades heavy cruiser
chaos lord (ld +1)
chaos lord (ld +1)
chaos lord (ld +1)

My opponant was eldar-
.void stalker
.X2 eclipse
.X3 aurora

With farseer's, re-rolls and such for his ships

The game started out simple enough.
I started from a center position with the eldar fleet split between my flanks.

I decided to go after an easier kill and hit the aurora's to my left first.

I did manage to maim one with lance fire and eventually kill 2 of the other aurora's but generaly my dice rolls this game doomed me, i was barely hitting with my batteries(5 shots between 2 carnages and i rolled a single 4+ >_< ) and i could not make a brace save for anything. but the eldar were making most of thiers....i think i did more damage to him by his failing 2+ holofield saves than battery fire. the hades was the first to get hit, getting destroyed outright. the battlehship followed right behind it, getting crippled in one round of shooting. . i had tried to keep the fleet close for mutual support, but it ended up dooming the carnages as the eldar eclipses and void stalker focused on them, letting he despoiler and repulsive slink away. with only a crippled despoiler and an untouched repulsive facing 2 eclipses and a void stalker, all undamaged.....abaddon gave the retreat order and the chaos ships slipped into the warp where the eldar could not follow.

I plan on giving the fleet another go with different scenerio's and hopefully better dice rolling.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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