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Order of the Black Denarius vs Orks 1k "Big Ork BBQ!"
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Default Order of the Black Denarius vs Orks 1k "Big Ork BBQ!"

So i got to test out my fiances list since she had to work today, and as it turns out it works ^^. The game was a pick up game with the following forces.

Me: Order of the Black Denarius
Rhiza (canoness w/power sword, LoF, BoSL, bolt pistol)
4 Celestians w/heavy flamer and flamer
Lyra (priest w/ eviscerate and power armor)
2 10 man sisters squads VSS w/ power sword and BoF, flamer, heavy flamer
2 rhinos
1 immolaor
1 exorcist
2 pentient engines

big mek w/ KFF
27 boyz w/ 3 big shootas and nob with big choppa
25 boyz w/ 3 big shootas and nob with big choppa
11 tank hunt as, w/ nob
9 storm boyz nob with eavy armor
15 grots w/ runt Herder
zzap gun
10 commandos

Mission: Annihilation

Deployment: pitched battle with the field mostly covered in terrain, as my opponent hoped that it would slow me down (little did he know ^^). I got to deploy first and placed the 2 rhinos with the SoB squads on my left flank, with the immolator with Rhiza and her gang in the middle, and the pentient engines on my right flank. While he took up dang near his whole deployment area, with the grots positioned in cover, and the zzap gun placed on the top floor of a building. He failed to seize the imitative so i started my turn.

Turn 1: Order
Everything surged forward with the rhinos and immolator moving a full 12 inches, and even the pentient engines got off to a good start with a solid 12 inch move (dang their fast). I inched my exorcist from behind cover, and prepared to fire. With that zzap gun still in play i popped smoke and hoped for the best. My exorcist unleashed a terrifying 6 shots at the zzap gun, but with their solid cover save only 3 grits bit the dust.

In true orkish fashion the orks charged forward, with the tank hunt as making it into a building for cover. He held his storm boyz back for the time being, and kept the grits close to the zzap gun. Shooting wasnt bad, as his zzap gun managed to wreck the immolaor (doh :-\), but the tank hunt as failed to stop the pentient engines, and his big shootas just bounced off my rhinos.

Turn 2: Order
Irritated that my immolator was destroyed i decided to extract some revenge. I moved a rhino forward 12 inches straight in front of this east most mob of boyz, while the other moved only enough to put the sisters into rapid fire range. The pentient engines got a great ten inch move which put them right up next to the tank hunt as (he as irritated that i ignored difficult terrain ^^)! Rhiza and her crew had to hoof it, but i only moved them a few inches to keep the away from the charge next turn. Shooting wasnt as devastating as id hoped, the pentient engines turned to tank hunt as into ash with a solid 20 wounds ^^. However my girls bullets mostly bunched off is KFF, and even with the heavy flamer out of the rhino only killed 4 orks. no assaulting this turn.

Orks: He backed off away from the rhino with his left most boyz as he tried to excape the flames, but he storm boyz managed to jump far enough to be in assault range of the sisters that hopped out of their rhino.. His right side boyz jumped forward hoping to be able to attack rhiza with a little help from a WAAAAGH! However those dreams fell short as he rolled a 3. His zzap gun bounced off the rhino with the sisters still in it, but his big shoots managed to drop 3 of my sisters. Assault wise his storm boyz killed 3 sisters, loosing only 2 in return, but failed to catch them after i rolled a 12 for leadership.

Turn 3: Order
It was time for some more BBQ, and i tank shocked his left most boyz only to learn that he didnt have a PK yay ^^. Rhiza and her girls moved in point blank on the right most mob ready to give them a taste of some napalm!. the pentient engines moved around behind, to flank the same mob (i saw the fear in hes eyes ). shooting hit him like a ton of bricks as he lost all but the nob in his storm boyz, and the left mob lost another 4 orks to the heavy flamer, while the right mob lost a solid 15 orks to some brutal flamer attacks. Then in a rather bold move i had rhiza assault the remaining 10 orks, with the penient engines being out range thanks to some cleaver allocation. Assault wise my 5 remaining sisters slaughtered his last storm boy, while rhiza and her blood thirsty gang killed 6 orks, and only lost one sister. the orks failed their moral and were easily caught by my ravenous sisters, who then consolidated back 4 inches.

With a solid 1/2 of his army now BBQ, was scrambling to strike back. He moved his boyz forward into pistol range of my 5 sisters that were out in the open. shooting wise he managed to smoke my sisters as i rolled all ones and 2s for saves, while his zzap gun bounced off my petient engines. Again no assaulting.

turn 4: order
Rhiza and her gang moved a solid 6 inches which put them into range of his last mob of boyz. The rhino tank shocked again, and again the orks past their check, but this time there was enough room for me to unload the sisters ^^. The pentients moved 9 inches and into perfect flamer range of his grits and zzap gun. Shoot pretty much ended the game, as i dropped his ork mob down below 50% and they ran away, and the pentients torched all the grots in a furious napalm attack.

His commandos finally came on....on the far side of the board, and he taunted me to come kill them. they moved 6 inches towards a building, and he hoped the game would end next turn.

turn 5: Order
I charged, ran, loaded up and headed towards his commandos eager to wipe them out. The sisters loaded back up in the rhino, and the pentient engines moved 8 inches towards the commandos.

Commandos moved into the building and prayed to gork and mork. I rolled a 6 and the game went on.

turn 6:
Rhiza and her group ran 4 inches, and the rhino moved another 12, but both were out of range of the commandos. However the pentient engines were going to make sure the orks never saw their turn six! First they torched them with a heavy flamer, but only managed o kill 4. In the following assault however no mercy was shown, and the pentients turned the orks into paste with their buzz saws.

All in all it was a solid victory for the first time i played with SoB, and only the second time vs orks. sorry i didnt have any pictures, i totally forgot to grab my camera before i left home. And later if time permits i might come back through and give you guys a nice narrative to read along with the report ^^.
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