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1000pts Necons Vs Space Marines - Nov XX, 2009
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Default 1000pts Necons Vs Space Marines - Nov XX, 2009

*Something that introduces the game*


Lord, Destroyer body, warsycthe, phase field
x2 10 warrior squads
x2 destroyer squads, one of three, one of four.
x2 Tomb Spiders with PPC's

Space Marines

Captain w/power sword
10 marines, with missile and flamer
5 marines w/missile
two termiantor squads w/assault cannons
Assault squad w/power sword sgt.
4 bikes, with Powersword champ

Mission was secure and control. Dawn of War deployment. Objectives are the Green Flags.

I deployed my Lord in the centre of the table, ontop of a building. Both warrior squads on different objectives, one squad all shoved into a tower lol.

His 10man squad deployed on the left flank, on an objective with the captain, while the other squad deployed in the far right ruins.

Turn 1.

Destroyers turbo in on on the right flank, while the tomb spiders each come on to support a warrior squad. Warriors chill, while the lord jumps behind the woods to the left. Warriors take some pot shots at his marines, resulting in the loss of one.

His turn sees his bikes and assault marines come in behind the centre building to keep 'em out of LoS. Terminators and Lysander are all in reserve waiting to teleport in. His tower marines, take pot shots at my destroyers, but accomplish little, IE nothing.

Turn 2.

Lord jumps over the woods, to engage his captain and squad. Destroyers Zip around the right corner to engage his faster units. Spider on the right flank follows the Destroyers, other spider keeps with the warriors on the left flank. My destroyers shooting wipes out the assault marines to a man, leaving just a basic marine. My lord charges his 10 man squad, Mortally wounding his Captain. The lords high toughness keeps him safe from return attacks. Enemies morale holds strong.

Terminators fail to come in. His bikes, head towards my destroyers and open up on my three man squad, dropping one. The 5 man unit also opens up on the Destroyers, but are foiled by the units toughness.

In combat, my lord fails to cause a wound, but suffers one in response. I fail my morale check and he flees from combat. His bikes charge my Destroyers, kills one and forces the last to flee and is cut down.

Turn 3

Lord fails his morale check again, and keeps running. Right flank tomb spider, gets ready to charge the bikes.

Four man destroyer unit stays where they are, to shoot his 10 man squad. They fail to cause a wound, however the Spider and his swarm charge the bikes and kill one. The scarab takes a wound in return, tying the combat.

Both terminator squads come down, Lysanders squad between my left flank warriors and spider, while the other squad is sent back into reserves by landing on a destroyer squad. The terminators shooting takes down a couple of warriors. In combat, my spider kills off the last of the bikes, and consolidates towards the ruins.

Turn 4

My lord, keeps falling back, due to the proximity of the terminators. In inches from hitting the table edge. The destroyers fall back towards my edge to shoot at the terminators, while the spider on the right flank enters the ruins in the top-right. Attempts to kill the terminators with shooting, is futile, however I drop two wounds off lysander. In a bold move, my spider on the left flank charges lysanders terminator squad. Manages to kill one terminator, then is pulverized in return.

The Second terminator squad comes in right next to my remaining tomb spider, and opens fire on it, wounding it. Meanwhile Lysanders squad with terminators charge and kill my warriors and advance for my last warrior squad.

Turn 5

The lord flees the table, failing my last moral check. My destroyer squad, flies ontop of the center building, to fire at his larger squad, but two out of the three crash on their way uptop. The Tomb Spider begins to climb the ruined tower. Warriors unsuccessfully fire at the terminators, while the destroyer shoots at the large marine unit with no success. Tomb Spider climbs the tower and charges the marine squad, killing two, but the squad doesn't run.

In his turn, his large marine unit kills the last destroyer, while the small tactical squad manages to kill my spider in combat. With only my warrior squad left, and him in control of two objectives uncontested, I call the game. No way I can fight for a draw at that point.

Lessions learned.
-Keep the army together, I lost it in deployment spacing the army up. I should have focuses on one of the flanks and shoves him off objectives while capturing ones I felt convenient.
-Bad luck sucks.
-Should have kept the lord back, for dealing with terminators.
Tomb spiders loose agaisnt terminators.
-TERMINATORS!! *shakes fist*
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