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Seeing red-BAs VS DIY marines with pics 10/31/09
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Default Seeing red-BAs VS DIY marines with pics 10/31/09

A buddy of mine has a ton of blood angesl minis and can field just about everything in the chapter including all the special characters. however he just cannot settle on a list he really likes. so we have gone through and tested several builds while trying to stay with the BAs theme.

This time around he wanted to try out a new list consisting of the following-

.land raider crusader
.X2 assault squads W/PF in rhinos
.X1 tac squad, las/fist/melta with a las razorback
.1 venerable plasma cannon/DCCW dread
.X2 venerable deathcompany furioso in drop pods

My list-
.MOTF with full harness
.X10 tac marines missile/flamer/PF
.X5 scout sniper/missile launcher
.X5 jump marines, PW/SS/melta bomb on sarge/flamer
.X3 venerable las missile dreads
.X3 ironclads in drop pods
.land speeder typhoon

.5 objectives
.dawn of war
.2,000 points

Turn 1
I lost the roll of and he made me go first. placing my tac marines in combat squads at key positions near objectives thus forcing him to deploy farther back.

He countered my deployment with a single tac squad combated with las cannon.

My 2 ironclads DPA in, without a target they go for objective contesting. the rest of my force moves up behind cover.

He comes onto the table. because turn 1 is night fight there is little damage inflicted by either side.

Turn 2-
I managed to destroy both his rhinos causing the squad to my left to be pinned, i also manage to stun/shaken all his other vehicles. so not much shooting for him.

His crusader rolls up shoots up my tac marines and then he assaults them with deathcompany, the result is not in doubt, one of his furiosos drops in and shoots an ironclad in the back and destroys it. his stunned razorback moves up to control an objective. his assault squad to my right and the stunned dread move up.

Turn 3
My last ironclad arrives and roasts the deathcomany-11 hits, 11 wounds from heavy flamers, my other tac squad tries to kill his venerable furioso with krak and fist, when i charge it. my other ironclad shoots and assaults the pinned assault squad. one of my las dreads immobilises his land raider. the second adds the weight of fire from the speeder and the assault marines and chews on his death company i end up assaulting them and holding them for a turn. the last las dread tries to take out his plasma dread but it makes it's cover save. the assaults favor the dreads. the furioso survives and the ironclad kills2 and looses an arm

His half of the turn sees the DC and my assault marines duke it out, he kills the last of my tactical marines, stuns my ironclad in the open, his last furiosos drops in and flames my scouts, but a bad roll only kills 1. his land raider fires on my las dread by the scouts and immobilises it. his assault squad and dread move to take an objective and fire on my las dread holgin the right flank. .

Turn 4.

I killed his furioso on my left flank from shooting, blow up his razorback, assault his raider with my ironclad and kill it. the MOTF fails to repair my immobile dreadi fail to kill either of his other dreads but i stun the plasma cannon dread. his chaplain and a lone DC guy win CC(i fell back but he caught me and i failed my extra armor saves on the sarge from ATSKNF). he taks the other arm off the ironclad in CC.

His tacs that were in the razor blow up a pod. his furioso fires on and assaults my immobile las dread and tears off an arm. i actually glance weapon destroyed him, but he made me re-roll it so he would not loose his DCCW arm. his chaplain fires a combi melta at my ironclad that blew up his raider but gets a 1 for the damage result, so he assaults it...and dies.

Turn 5
Crunch time.
my ironclad in the open shoots and assaults his tac squad, pulling them off the objective. my speeder and free las dreads go after his assault marines on my right flank and his plasma dread. my scouts try and fail to kill the drop pod blocking thier LOS to the battle.
CC sees my ironclad get immobilised and my other las dread gets stunned on a re-roll

His surviving furioso finally kills my las dread in CC, both my ironclads end up in tied combats...

dice is rolled and game goes to 6

I move up my las dreads, my speeder goes flat out to contest the only objective he holds. my scouts try and fail to kill the furioso, one ironclad, the damaged one, stays locked in combat, the other wins combat and moves towards the remaining tacticals. i shoot what i can at his last free assault squad and my las dread on the right shoots at and assaults his plasma dread.

His turn

CC once again is tied for the damaged ironclad, he fires at the other ironclad with las but i make my cover save. he shoots pistols at the speeder but fails to hurt it, then he assaults it and fails to hurt it. his last furioso kills more scouts with his flamer. the dread on the right flank exchange blows.

dice is rolled and game ends-tie

no objectives held, 1 contested.

i had a couple scouts, 4 dreads, 2 pods and a speeder left on the table.

He had most of an asssault squad(8), 5 tactical marines, 2 dreads and 2 pods left on the table.

Now for some pictures-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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