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bigger and badder haqq VS nomads-10/31/09 pics inside
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Default bigger and badder haqq VS nomads-10/31/09 pics inside

Ah where to begin.

I really wonder how the nomads continue to get any contracts, at this rate i am going to bleed corregidor dry.

This game we decided to go all out.

400 points. i get to use every mini in my haqqislam force including my TAG

Haqqislam-9 orders
.hassissin fiday-EXP CCW
.hasasin lasiq-viral sniper
.jannisare HMG
.mugahriba TAG-HMG/HGL

His list as best i can remember it-10 orders
.zoe & pi-well+2 zond bots
.tomcat doctor
.mobile brigada-HMG
.intruder HMG
.salamandra TAG

We rolled up the random mission generator-
i got
.artillery marker becon.

He got degrade and one other. but i forget what it was.

As i have grown accustom to with my haqqislam. i tag team with doctors. but this time with a twist i infiltrated nmy taureg to support the fiday. and it was a good thing to. as you shall soon see.

We got setup and i won the roll to go first. we had in the past been doing the order count a bit wrong so we made sure we did it right this time around.

My first bit of business saw the fiday chage the intruder after pi-well failed to sensor him. the intruder failed his saves and went down. this left the fiday exposed and pi-well as well as the sputnik ARO''d him and i failed a single save. the tureg rushed up and managed to remain out of LOF, making base contact he got the fiday back into the fight. the fiday dropped some smoke as pi-well tried to run away. the fiday contacted him and dropped him and then used the last orders to drop the sputnik.

Realising the danger the nomads sent the TAG after the fiday. he jumped out of the way. his intruder poped out and dropped the azra'il to unconcious and his TAG decided he needed to silence my jannisares so he could move freely. he wounded the HMG jannisare and killed the doctor. The HMG went to ground.

on my turn my djan doctor roused the azra'il the tureg dropped a marker, my TAG dropped a marker and the tureg and fiday both cloaked/impersonated again.

My djan doc then moved up into rifle range and engaged his intruder HMG. winning that firefight, straight out killing the intruder.

Then it was his turn.

His spektr sniper popped out and tried to drop my lasiq. his 2 shots needed 6's he went first and failed both. i decided to ARO shoot back needing a wopping 3 or less, hard shot cover/cammo/low light but i took it anyway.....and rolled a 3. crit! and dead spektr.

He moved his TAG to engage my djan doctor who wisely jumped clear but was knocked unconcious. then seeing he had a need for orders he brought his tomcat doctor onto the table. moving him to a cenrtral positon to aid his forces. .

Back to me, my djan doc regenerated, i took the opportunity to move the fiday. he made several attempts at discovering him but failed all of them. allowing the fiday to get to his tomcat and kill him. i then used my last order to move the fiday away, hoping to re-impersonate at a later time once i got clear of his zone of control. he wasn't having any of that. he moved hi TAG out, put the lasiq out, and unloaded on the fiday, only managing to knock him unconcious. his hacker moved up and finsihed the fiday.

Back to me. i got into a shootout weith his TAG and i managed to do 2 wounds to it before the jannisare lost a FTF roll and failed his guts, ducking back down. i moved my TAG to get shots off at his hacker but he managed to dodge everything i could trow at him. i moved my djan doctor back towards my table edge hoping to get up to the lasiq in a later turn.

His TAG moved to engage my TAG and won the shootout easily. but he was really hurting for orders at this point and could do little else except move to find the taureg.

I continued to move my djan, i failed several climb checks but finally got on the roof and got the lasiq back up.

His TAG finally got LOF on my tauregmarker and discovered him . he tried an overrun but failed hi check and the tuareg got away again.

Not realising what my objective was he decided no to keep messing with my taureg. i managed to get the janisare HMG into poition to drop his LT forcing him to do nothing the next turn, then i got zoe. the following turn. putting him into retreat. he made the TAG the LT the previous turn and used his remaining orders to keep the hacker and TAG from running off the table whilke using the LT special order to get the TAG back into combat.

i moved up my LT, my azra'il and my djan doctor. to cover the alley way he was in.

He managed to drop my jannisare finally and then went after my djan doctor. he managed to knock him unconcious but the ARO from the djan LT and the lasiq put down his TAG.

The nomads cannot hold the zone and are in full retreat....all one of them that survived.

He had the lone intruder hacker survive the game.

My losses were severe but less so.
.jannisare doctor-KIA
.jannisare HMG-KIA
.djan doctor-unconcious ( i would have failed the regen roll had the game continued-we rolled it for fun)

Needless to say the haqqislam swat team won the battle through a judicious use of team tactics, excellent doctors(everywhere) and some good dice rolls.

The game was pretty intense so i forgot to take many pictures but here is what i got-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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