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6 way 1k each.....random alliances FTW
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Default 6 way 1k each.....random alliances FTW

So today we decided to do a 4 way 1k point each game, it was all working out well till we all arrived there and found another 40k player so decided to include him in. After about 20 minutes of trying to figure out how this was going to work with teams of 2 we finally let him play 2k points as his own partner when a 6th person came in. We finally decided to do a huge 3v3 match with a 8ft long table >. Still trying to think up a plot twist that arranges these alliances together besides the eldar tricking the orks into a common goal and the chaos marines and marines setting aside their bitter differences to combat a common threat....though it makes about as much sense as chaos gray knights : ) Here is how it went:

Team 1: Chaos marines: 2 squads of plague marines n rhino, lash prince, the thousand sons hq, and 2 obliterators.
Space marines: 2 rhinos with lascannon/flamer troops in, razorback with lascannon turrent and sternguard in, vindicator, and chapter master with orbital bombardment(.....which he forgot about...)
Tyranid player: basic nidzilla list, 2 squads of genestealers, etc

Team 2: Eldar: 2 wave serpents with dir avengers and a farseer in, fire prism, and those snipers who were sitting in a building enjoying the 2+ covor
Orks: a tricked out battlewagon (well a land raider heavily converter), a squad of nobs with warboss in it, 3 coptors, and a squad of around 20 boys
Imperial fist marines: librarian, assault marine squad with storm shield (didn't know they could take these), lightning claws, and thunder hammer,a vindicator, and 2 assault terminator squads, 1 with with chaplain

Mission: Annihilation, pitch battle

Turn 1: Team 2 wins the roll off so they go first, ork player moves his battle wagon towards me but all his shots fail, moves his coptors towards nid player and shoots but misses. Eldar player sits waiting with all his vehicles in reserves and puts a wound on a carnifex. Imperial fist player goes to get lunch and declares his whole army is on the reserve table.

Team 1 is up and ready to go. My 2 chaos rhinos move to about 5" away and i shoot him with 2 melta guns with extra penetration, 1 misses and the other makes it explode. Move daemon prince to side of rhinos so i can lash the nobs/boss and tell them to back away from my rhinos for 8". The nid player takes out about 6 boys and 1 sniper then assaults the coptors killing them all and taking 1 wound while the marine player gets his vehicles into position to counter any attacks on the nids.

Turn 2: The imperial fist player returns about 3 minutes before turn 2 and makes it in time to do his reserve rolls. He gets in a librarian and terminators (aims to put it next to my prince but it scatters into dangerous terrain and on mishap he gets a 1 BOOM 2 killpoints), and a squad of terminators with a chaplion that land on the other side of my prince with a direct hit. The ork player moves his nobs towards the marine player while the eldar gets in 2 wave serpents and shoots with them destroying the bolter on a rhino of mine.

team 1 goes starting with chaos. roll for obliterators and get them in with a direct hit n front a wave serpent, 3 lascannons later and it's wrecked. me and the marine player decide the imperial fist termintors needed to die so i unload my 2nd rhino of plague marines and he unloads both his rhinos and we pump insane amounts of fire into the squad killing all but the chaplion and 1 with thunder hammer/ storm shield. I assault it with prince and kill the chaplion and shrug off the thunder hammer for another kill point.

Turn 3: The eldar player unloads his 2nd wave serpent and moves his other squad around the wrecked serpent to get in firing range. They activate blade storm and about 60 shots later my obliterators are down for the count. The imperial fist player gets his assault marines in and assaults my plague marines killing all but 3. terminator vs daemon prince goes nowhere at all with everyone passing their invo saves :'( . Ork player assaults a squad of marines but only kills them all.

Team 1, nids roll for genestealers and get both squads in, one right behind the 2nd wave serpent and one next to the scouts. Vindicator shoots at nobs but scatters horribly wrong, plague marines hit it off by killing all but 4 dire avengers from the wrecked serpent. Genestealers assault killing the 2nd squad of dire avengers and the scouts who no longer had a 2+ cover thanks to assault. Marine player shoots up nob squad with marines but only manages to kill 1 and get 2 wounds on the boss. Daemon prince FINALLY kills off the terminator and consolidates for 5" towards the orks.

Turn 4: The eldar player gets his fire prism in and the imperial fist gets his vindicator in. Fire prism sends out a blast killing the genestealers that took out the avengers and vindi shoots at plague marines but scatters and ends up only killing 1. Eldar player attempts to ram the back of my rhino and penetrates in making it immobilized. Ork assaults marine squad killing all but losing all but 1 nob, 1 injured nob, and a boss with 1 wound left. Assault marines kill off the last of my plague marines and move up towards my rhino.

Team 1. Daemon prince assaults vindicator causing it to become wrecked while rhino guns down orks. Marine player disembarks the sternguard ( or was it vanguard, the shooting guys) and takes out the nobs/boss. Nids player had to pack up due to a work call so we just counted his stuff as "in stasis" but not dead. Plague marines move and shoot taking out another 2 avengers while the thousand sons hq proceeds to warptime then bolt of change to the read armor of the ramming serpent causing it to explode and kicking out the farseer.

Turn 5: Team 2. Farseer uses singing spear to immobilize my 2nd rhino and imperial fist assault it causing it to explode. Fire prism moves in towards my plague marines but doesn't get line of sight. Dire avengers attempt to move then run to get away from plague marines and lead them to fire prism hoping the game goes on to turn 6.

Team 1. Plague marines go after avengers finishing them off. Thousand sons hq does warptime, bolt of change on farseer, then doombolt killing it. Daemon prince lashes the orks closer then assaults the remaining 3 killing them.

A dice is rolled and the game is over.

Losses from team 2:
Eldar: Scouts, wave serpent, wave serpent, dire avengers, dire avengers, farseer
Orks: Boys, nobs, warboss, battlewagon,coptors
Imperial fist:Librarian, terminators, terminators, chaplain, vindicator

Losses from team 1:
Chaos: plague marines, a rhino, obliterators
Marines: tactical marines, tactical marines
Nids: genestealers

Kill points:
Team 2: 6
Team 1:16

Overall it was a great battle and much more fun than expected.
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