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[PICS] Tau vs Imperial Guard :: 1000pts :: October 30th 2009
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Default [PICS] Tau vs Imperial Guard :: 1000pts :: October 30th 2009

Asking primarily for a game against a list that is more shooty than what I've faced recently (Tyranids and Orks) I got a Guard player facing me in a 1000 points game with a 6' by 4' table.

Since I am fairly happy with how my list plays I wanted to try swapping a unit of Kroot for Pathfinders since I intend to use these in 1500 points and need to get some experience with them.

.::. Battle Report Tau vs Imperial Guard: "Mechanized Assault" .::.

Army Lists

Shas’o – Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod. Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’vre – Twin-linked Missile Pod, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’ui – Twin-linked Flamers, Missile Pod
10 Kroot
6 Firewarriors
6 Pathfinders in
Warfish – Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Broadside - Team Leader, Advanced Stabilization System, Hard-wired Drone Controller with 1 Shield Drone

Imperial Guard
10 veterans, 3 plasma guns in
10 veterans, 3 meltaguns in
3 Ogryns including Bone 'ead and Commissar Lord in
5 Rough Riders
Sly Marbo
Leman Russ Executioner with plasma cannon sponsons

We rolled for mission, getting "Seize Ground". Deployment was "Spearhead". I was very happy with table quarters seeing as I could really capitalize on my extreme range. Additionally, the terrain on the board allowed for very easy suit manoeuvring with this kind of deployment. On the other hand, we rolled a '5' for our D3 objectives, which meant 8 objectives out there! Ouch! Suddenly I sorely felt a need for that 3rd Troop choice... He won the roll-off for going first and choosing table quarters, selecting the south-east corner. I tried to seize initiative but failed.

Units held in reserve
Tau: None
Imperial Guard: Rough Riders and Sly Marbo

As mentioned, 5 objectives were placed. I got to place 3, trying to get them in places that would be easy to contest. Seeing as we both only had 2 troop squads I was confident my superior mobility would allow me to contest easier than he could. I was pretty happy with the layout and objectives. The battlefield looked like this:


Turn 1

Imperial Guard

He moves all his tanks forwards. Since they are all pretty boxed in together he only pops smoke with one of them, the rest in cover by the large ruined building my Crisis are hiding behind or covered by the front Chimera.


I was able to move my Broadside to a place where it could see past the front Chimera without the tank behind counting as obscured (it was only 30-40% blocked). It proved to be a spectacular shooting phase as every anti-armour gun was in range and had a fairly good chance of hurting something.

The Crisis' managed to shake the smoked Chimera and the Broadside followed up with exploding the exposed one behind, killing off 4 veterans as well in the process. Both Hammerheads targeted the front Chimera, the second one immobilizing it after the first failed to hit. A fairly successful phase!

In the assault phase I used my Shas'o as bait to draw out the meltagun squad. In range of 2 Hammerheads and 6 markerlights as well as both template suits I was confident I could devastate his other troop squad if he would take the bait and kill the Shas'o. Regardless I didn't feel that I needed him since 2 Chimera's were as good as useless and I had 3 railguns with which to deal with the Executioner.

Turn 2

Imperial Guard

His Chimera moved into the ruined building, disembarking the Veterans which promptly killed my Shas'o. To do this he had to turn it around, facing me with his rear armour! The Executioner moved further up behind the ruined building, still in cover from the railguns. It was obvious he wanted to obliterate the Pathfinders to gain some space for late-game movement.

The Ogryns with the Commissar Lord disembarked from their immobilized vehicle while the remaining 6 Veterans from the first explosion walked into cover from the wreck.


Christmas came early as my flamer suit got all 10 veterans under his template, killing no less than 9 of them after the re-roll to wound! This left my Pathfinders free to target the Chimera, scoring 3 hits. I used 2 to decrease its cover save while the 3rd was used to improve my Hammerhead's BS to 5. I hit, penetrated automatically and proceeded to get another explosion result which the lone Veteran survived.

The other Hammerhead and the Shas'vre put 5 wounds on the Ogryns of which 2 were saved by the Lord's refractor field (clever wounds allocation meant no-one died). Additionally their blasts also got 3 Veterans, leaving only 3 plasma-armed men around from that squad.

My flamer-suit assaults the lone Veteran but they both fail to do anything in assault so they stay locked.

Note! In the picture below my Hammerhead's not position correctly, it was in the north-west corner (as is shown in the turn 3 picture) - otherwise it would've been unable to target the Chimera in the ruined building.

Turn 3

Imperial Guard

Sly Marbo doesn't arrive but the Rough Riders do! His army has taken quite a beating so he has to get some real action now to get back in the game. His Rough Riders open spectacularly, killing 0 Kroot with their shooting. His Executioner then shows why it costs over 200 points through landing 3/4 template hits on the Pathfinders, resulting in no less than 18 wounds! I go to ground, hoping to at least save 1. I fail only 5 rolls and the last guy passes his morale test.

His remaining, immobilized Chimera glances my Devilfish but its disruption pod saves the hit.

At this point he states the obvious - he pretty much has to kill my Troops in order to have a chance to win. This I am painfully aware of, having only spent 130 point in units that can actually win me the game... The Rough Riders assault the Kroot and kill 6 of them, leaving only 4 alive. Between them though they manage to knock out 2 of the horse-riding humans - which proves to be enough as I roll snake eyes on my morale test!


The Hammerhead kills his Executioner with yet another explosion! My Shas'vre kill 2 of the 3 remaining plasma-Veterans while the Broadside, in lack of a better target, stuns the immobilized Chimera. In assault both suit combats are fruitless as neither side manages to deal any wounds. The Kroot kill 2 Rough Riders for no casualties in return, but the Sergeant holds.

Turn 4

Imperial Guard

Sly Marbo arrives! Can he save the day? First he fluffs his demolition charge against my Devilfish to my relief, rolling a '1' to penetrate its side armour! In assault 1 Kroot dies while the Sergeant is killed while the Commissar Lord splits with his Ogryns so he can throw more weight into both combats. Both suits die without taking any guardsmen with them - this means that he still has 2 troop squads remaining - with one model each!


I put a wound on Marbo but fail to kill him, even though the Kroot, Broadside, nearby Hammerhead AND Devilfish target him. A game which started great can turn out to become a real disaster...

Turn 5

Imperial Guard

Sly Marbo wipes out the Kroot in assault and massacre moves into cover - where he can't contest the nearby objective. His remaining Veterans move towards objectives but are still not close enough to claim them...


Sly Marbo finally bites the dust which leaves me a pretty safe objective held by my Fire Warriors in the Devilfish. The rest of my forces (mainly railguns) target the Veterans who both pass their cover saves! (3/3 in total) One more turn and he can hold 2 objectives, I doubt I can kill both of them...

Rolling for a 6th turn the die comes up... A '2'! Holding one objective to his zero, I win the game!


Thoughts: For the cost of a Broadside the Pathfinders provide a real fire-magnet from shooty lists, against assault lists their cover-denial can really be game-winning.

Kroot continue to perform well and I'm confident I'll field 30 of them in 3x10 when I make my 1500 points list.

The battle started extremely well for me but through some good moves on his part coupled with poor assault rolls from the Crisis' I nearly lost the game. I don't think I could've/should've played it differently though.

The Shas'o trap was a move I really liked - it helped turn a good start into a perfect start and even though I lost almost 130 points he was fairly useless at that point compared to what his sacrifice would give me strategically.


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Default Re: [PICS] Tau vs Imperial Guard :: 1000pts :: October 30th 2009

Good win. That IG player should have done nothing but take out those two troops choices. Its rough when playing objective based games with so few. I understand why you don't have many though, as I hate fire warriors.
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Default Re: [PICS] Tau vs Imperial Guard :: 1000pts :: October 30th 2009

In short - yes he should've but since I infiltrated the Kroot and my Fire Warriors were always in the Devilfish which, damage-wise, was the least of his worries, he would have a really hard time doing so. He tried his best with his reserves and had Sly Marbo not fluffed his demo-charge he could've very well made it.

That being said, his mech core really lacked anti-tank firepower which left my skimmer fairly safe. Truth be told, I think my Kroot play during turns 2 and 3 was really really bad. The way I played it allowed him to send one reserve towards each of my troop units, in addition the Kroot were so close he could insta-assault them with Rough Riders. In hindsight I should've moved them towards the middle of the board I think.

Usually I run 2x10 Kroot + the FW squad but I wanted to try pathfinders ^^ I'll run 4 troop units in 1500 points of which 3 are Kroot
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