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WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts) in "Green on Green Action!"

Dear All,
I bring another episode of Grumgutz, this one vs an infantry heavy IG force. The player was a bit new so... umm... well... read on...


As always C&C is greatly appreciated.


WAARGH Grumgutz Alternate 58 "More Dakka!!!"(1850pts): 81 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Artillery, 2 Vehicles; 13 KPs
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/KFF)
Ex-Farseer Lorilune, AKA Big Louie (Weirdboy w/Warphead upgrade)
Tankbustasx10 w/Nob, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 2 Bombsquigs
Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole (BW Ded. Transport)
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
The Flyboyz (Deffkoptasx2 w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw)
BigToof (DeffDread w/Skorchasx2, counts as Troop)
Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas
Da Big Red Cheez (BW w/Ram, RPJ, Killkannon)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Big Shoota; Ded Transport)
Runtherd Bogwog w/Kannonsx3

Imperial Guard Forward Scouts (1850pts): 94 Infantry, 1 Vehicle
Command Squad w/ Creed, Kell, Medic, Master of Ordinance, Master of the Fleet
Primaris Psycher
Platoon Command Alpha w/ Commissar, PWx2, Medic, Voxcaster, Meltasx2
Platoon Command Beta w/ Commissar, PF, PW, Medic, Voxcaster, Plasma Gunsx2
Infantry Squad w/ Commissar, PWx2, Plasma Gun
Infantry Squad w/ Commissar, PWx2, Plasma Gun
Infantry Squad w/ Commissar, PWx2, Flamer
Infantry Squad w/ Commissar, PWx2, Flamer
Infantry Squad w/ Commissar, PWx2
HWS w/ Heavy Bolters
HWS w/ Heavy Bolters
HWS w/ Lascannons
Lemun Russ Demolisher w/ Lascannon, SS Heavy Bolters

In the hot, never-ending Northern Wastes of Barric IV, the "Odd Couple" of Big Mek Wingnut and Ex-Farseer Lorilune (AKA "Big Louie"), self-proclaimed higher-ups of WAARGH! Grumgutz were standing atop their Battlewagons arguing. Again.
"We're lost aren't we?"
"We ain't lost!" snorted Wingnut.
Lorilune looked around the vast rolling hills of not-much-really.
"Really? Then how do you explain our recent ramblings throughout this wonderful countryside for the better part of a day?"
The Big Mek bristled, "It's complicaterated. But you ain't got a worry, 'cause I know we ain't lost, since I have my Navi-Know-Wotz right here."
Lorilune sighed. "Oh by Eldrad's enormous dyi, dare I ask what that is?"
Wingnut smirked, "Glad you asked Panzee, it's my latest know-wotz. It tells ya exacterly where you is. Takes inta account da suns, da moons, da stars, da Warp-Bitz, and planet-spinnery things. Yup, does all that and makes a perfecterly good tellin' as to where you is."
Keeping her belaboured look, Lorilune interjected, "And where exactly, my esteemed Comrade, are we?"
Wingnut nodded, "Hmm, dat's a good question."
The Big Mek whipped out a device slightly smaller (and exceedingly more complicated) than his Shokk-Attack Gun and fiddled with its innumerable switches and dials. After some time, there was a wirring, a humming, then the machine seemed to glow as if barely keeping itself from exploding (which in fact, it was), and then with a sharp PING!, a small card with Orkish script was popped out of one side.
Lorilune leaned over. "What does it say?"
"Uh... 'YOU IZ HERE.'"
The eyebrow of the Ex-Farseer wagged in frustration, "And does it perchance give us ANY indication as to where to GO?"
Wingnut flipped the card over a few times, just to make sure there wasn't any hidden script, "Uh, it's uh... a werk in progress it is..."
"Gah!" yelled Lorilune in frustration. The surrounding Orks glided away from her, just in case any strands of WAARGH energy were to fly out and accidently fry a Boy.
"Of all the idiotic, juvenile, inarticulate... Fine. If you have to do something right, you have to do it yourself." The Warphead then paused, concentrated, and a flare of energy whipped out from her.
Lorilune pointed a finger in a direction to her right. "That way."
It was Wingnut's turn to look puzzled. "And how does ya figger dat, Panzee?"
Lorilune glared at him, "There's a collection of sentient life in that direction making a decent bump in the Warp. We should be able to find them."
Wingnut nodded, "Right. Uh, so why's we gonna do dat?"
"We're going to go to them and as nicely as we can with a HORDE of Orks, ask for directions."
Wingnut leapt up howling, "Directions?? I ain't gonna ask for Directions! Dat's gonna make me da laughin' stock o' da WAARGH! I'd rather..."
"Run out of fuel and be eaten by who-knows-what out here?"
Wingnut paused in mid-rant. The Panzee did have a point. They were running low on squig-gas and if there was somethin' ta fight, they might have some gas too. He knew he'd regret it, but it didn't look like he had much choice...

Sargeant Kell paced in the small Command quarters. He was not happy about the situation. A large, stocky man sighed, shining his monacle.
The all-too-well-known Commander Creed scowled, "Stop that incessant pacing Kell, you'll make a hole in the floor. And that's the last thing we need at this point."
Kell paused, "Yes, sir, but what we need is reinforcements. Only by sheer luck we've been able to keep that Tyranid brood locked in the sub-basement. The generators powering the magnetic locks are already near their maximum. We can't let those creatures escape."
Creed nodded, "As I very well know. Now, as planned, we wait for reinforcements, upon which we will take a definitive" (Creed paused to blow on and shine his monacle) "end to this menace."
Noting his response did not seem to satisfy his collegue, Creed continued, "I realize it is not ideal, but we have neither the manpower nor the resources to waste on a non-definitive strategic action at this point. After all Kell, we're in the middle of nowhere in a broken-down Administratum building surrounded by ruins and ghosts. What are the chances of anything happening?"
Kell grunted, "Sir, that is exactly what I am afraid of..."

Mission: Seize Ground (3 Objectives)
Setup: Dawn of War
Terrain: Ruins

Pre-Game Thoughts: That's a lot of little green men Still, the player was sort of new, and he had clearly gone with more "toys than boyz." He had stated that he was "up-pointing" it for me, as he was used to 1500-1750 pt games, but wanted to try Ratlings, and a Primaris Psycher, and well... a LOT of Commissars. I mean, look at them! Also, this was his first time playing vs Orks, and he wanted to see what they could do. He did seem pretty heady that he could take out the Orks, as they had a worse armor save than IG (which surprised him), and well, he thought the Battlewagons looked like they were barely being held together ("should be easy to break a few of them")... With Seize Ground, it looked like I was going to have to be pretty careful, what with so many scoring units against my... two scoring units of boyz. Plus Creed, Kell and Lascannons never make for a good combination...
As a final note, as to guage my opponent, I asked him if he'd mind playing vs Nob Bikers, as to which point he responded, "What are Nob Bikers?"


So without further-ado, I pulled out Lorilune and Wingnut for another go...

Setup: IG took first turn, as they really wanted to choose their half of the board. Looking at the board setup, I could understand why. The only big, multi-story building was in the back of one long edge, with scattered terrain in the mid-field. Looking at the other half, there wasn't much in the way of terrain, except for a few small scattered pieces. Being a lover of cover saves, the IG player took the big building side, and placed Creed & Co. in the big building with the Lascannons on the top floor. Being Dawn of War, and IG having those unusual rules, this let almost ALL of the IG army setup, and they did so... rather aggressively? The three objectives were placed, one to the left in the midfield in cover, one to the right midfield in cover, and one on the doorstep of the big building. Watching IG setup, I had to ask why so many of the little green men were making their line so close to midfield, the IG player stated that in his last game, he never made it to mid-field (he had played 'Nids w/ leaping Guants=Ouch), and wanted to dig in ASAP. So, he setup with a thin green line across the mid-field of the board, taking all three objectives! There was a Platoon Squad to each flank, and the five Infantry Squads were spread out across the field... The notable point was that ALL of the melta was stationed on the left side, in cover, guarding the left objective. The Heavy Bolters were also placed in the rear, behind the guard-line and slightly to the left...

Picture Caption: So many Guardsmen, so little time...

Looking at all of the potential shootiness on the first turn, the Orks elect to wait and have everything (save the Deffkoptas) come on first turn.

Kell's pacing and Creed's shining was rudely interrupted by a Guardsman politely, but insistently knocking on the door. "Commander! Sargeant! We have visual contact!"
Creed nodded, "About time."
Kell opened the door, taking a moment to make sure his power sword and laspistol were in place (you never know, after all), and glared at a rather nervous looking Guardsman. "Reinforcements?"
"Uh..." trembled the Trooper, looking like he'd rather be running in front of a Land Raider with a Demolition Charge strapped to him than delivering this bit of news, "Orks, sir. They, uh... they look like Orks."
Creed snapped up, and with surprising speed for a man of his bearing, he ran over, "Orks? How? Here? Kell, go up, get confirmation. If those damnable greenskins have somehow made our position, they will be on us before we know it."
Kell nodded, and barked at the Guardsman who seemed to disappear in a flash of flop-sweat.
The Sargeant was about to turn away, when Creed added, "Kell, there may be more afoot. If the Orks have somehow found us in this secure position, we must take into account there may be trechery afoot. Alert the Commissars. We cannot allow any deviation if we are to win this fight. Especially with what lies below..."

Turn 1: IG
The Primaris Psycher and the Ratlings come in, the little Space Hobbits (where's the Ring, Mister Frodo?~~) running into position in a building to the left rear of the board. The Psycher marches forward and sits next to the Heavy Bolter Teams. The Demolisher rolls up from the right side.

Turn 1: Orks
The mighty Ork horde (with umm... Battlewagons) come rolling in on the right side, pretty tightly bunched up. Everyone goes on as fast as possible, so no shooting is done.

Turn 2:IG

As the mighty (sort of) Ork Horde began trundling toward the burnt-out Imperial ruins, one of the Ork Boyz (sadly remaining nameless for umm... reasons that will soon become apparent) yelled, "'Ey, Ain't dat a Tank?"

Picture Caption: Oh yes, yes it is...

Wingnut and Big Louie leapt to the front of their Battlewagons, trying to peer through the rising sun, but what they heard was even more ominious: the loud and singular retort of a Demolisher Cannon.
An explosion rocked the earth behind Da Beast, and Ork Boyz (including the nameless Ork) went flying, some in more than a few pieces. Shrapnel rocked the back of Da Beast and earth sprayed both the Ork Commanders.
"Ey Panzee!" bellowed Wingnut, "Dis ain't a great idea, y'know!"
"Oh shut it!" snorted Lorilune, as best as she could over the din, "There's only ONE of them we should be able to..."
"Boss! Boss!" Wingnut glanced down to see one of the Nobz waving at him, "Dere's more dakka out dere!"
Wingnut and Big Louie ducked again as Heavy Bolter and Lasgun fire whipped through the air, annihilating more foot-slogging Boyz.
Wingnut peered through his Lookin' Googgles at the buildings, "Dere's Hummie runts everywhere! Ya really know how ta step in it, don't ya Louie?"
Before Lorilune could yell back, a trio of massive Lascannon blasts fired at Da Big Red Cheez. Lorilune and her crew were already halfway out when the shots dissipated harmlessly by Wingnut's Kustom Force Field.
She glanced over, and turned her nose up at the Big Mek. Wingnut shrugged, it was the closest thing to a "thanks" that he'd ever gotten from her.
Screwing back on his "Boss Face," Wingnut shouted, "You lot! It looks like dere's a buncha runts in dat big buildin' and 'round there! Don't just stand there, give 'em dat Dakka back!"
A roar came back from the greenskins, as explosives and lead filled the air...

In game terms:
Creed warms up the Lascannons and orders them to "Bring it Down" on the Big Red Cheez. All three shots hit, and two penetrate (wow!), but both shots are deflected by the KFF! (yay!) The Demolisher also rolls forward into range, and fires its Turrent and Lascannon at Da Cheez (wow, they don't like that tank do they?), but the shell goes wide, hitting only an Ork, and the Lascannon misses. Creed uses his very plentiful orders to FRF/SRF, and the Platoon Squads do likewise. However, a LOT of the shooting is found to be far out of range, only able to really hit the left squad of shootas, whittling them down to 15 Orks after some decent cover saves The IG player was really surprised by the sturdiness of the Orks and really, really was worried about the KFF! As an aside, the Master of Ordinance rolled a 14 (on 3d6) for scatter, and the big shell went right off the board...

Turn 2: Orks
The Orks roll forward more, and then the IG player realized that yes, there was only going to be one free turn of shooting, as Da Beast plowed into cover and threw out da Nobz! Everyone moved forwards, and "Big Louie" opened up the salvo by creating a giant ZZAPP! Her massive jolt skewered the Demolisher, and immobilized the big tank. The orks then started shooting, well, everything. The Kans fired at the right-most infantry squad, doing more than a dozen wounds, forcing the guard to go to ground, and losing about half the squad. The Lascannons suffered a horrid fate, as the Lootas opened up 30 (!) shots on them, tearing them to ribbons. The Kannons loaded up frag and shot into Creed's building hitting dead on with two shots, also forcing the Command Squad to hit the deck (8 wounds would intimidate anyone I suppose...), only KO'ing the Master of Ordinance and a random guardsman. The Shootas continued to move forward (the right shootas nicely zipping in front of the Kans to "close the door" so to speak and offer up some cover saves Luckily, not a person fled due to Creed's massive Ld bonus...
Assault was also pretty nasty, as the Nobz smashed into the Infantry squad holding both right objectives and obliterated 8 of them while wrecking the Demolisher. The stubborn, Ld10 guardsmen held (just as planned ).
Oh, and as a side note, BigToof ran nicely forwards, creating a "shield of steel" for the shootas...

Turn 3: IG
There wasn't a whole lot for the guardsmen to do, as half the army was in combat or picking themseves up...
The melta guardsmen ran out to the right, but were still out of range after struggling to get out of cover...
The right Platoon Squad with its Plasma Guns tried to get some measure of vengence by taking down two more Orks from the badly hurt Shoota mob, but it wasn't enough to make them test...
The Nobz finish off the last of the guardsmen (without suffering any wounds through the whole melee), and move close to Creed's building.

Turn 3: Orks
Everyone still moves up, intent on taking the big building and the objectives.
Lorilune concentrates and makes a mighty Frazzle. She and her Tankbusters make 5 Insta-Guardsmen killing wounds on the Command Squad, but Creed decides to take it this time, losing half the big squad, which was pretty much everyone except Creed, Kell and a random guardsman. Wingnut declares the WAARGH!, and the right shootas zip in and take out the right-most Infantry squad. Mass shooting pares the right Platoon Squad down to just the Commissar (who of course stays firm). The Nobz fleet up and into the big building, giving Creed a mighty Klaw, which makes the whole center fall apart. And BigToof trundles up to the HWSs and takes down three of the Heavy Bolter teams. He consolidates back in front of the Nobz who come down from the building to get ready to pile back into their Wagon.

Picture Caption: No, this is not a good thing to see outside your window...
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG, Tyranids (A Double Header!) (1850pts, 1000pts; 10/22)

Turn 4: IG
The Melta squads try to move forward into range, but are shy of the 6" extra-melta range, and only end up singing the armor of Da Beast. The rest of the squads start to fall back, getting ready for the eventual Ork assault.
Oh, and the Lone Commissar charges into the right Shoota squad, Power Fist waving, but whiffs entirely before being cut down.

Picture Caption: Yes, there's a Commissar in there. Trust me.

Turn 4: Orks
The Nobz pile back into Da Beast, and both Battlewagons pull out of Melta range, the rest of the army consolidating onto the two right objectives and get ready to shoot the dickens out of the remaining IG forces next turn.
The Deffkoptas also came in from the right, a bit sad that the main scrum was already done, and turbo forward towards the guardsmen...

Turn 5: IG
With only a fraction of his forces remaining (and his AT clearly outmaneuvered), the IG player concedes...

Result: Ork Victory

Post-Game Thoughts: It is said that half the battle is done in deployment, and it couldn't be truer in this combat. By putting his melta to the left, he put a lot of trust into his Lascannons and Russ. Also, by placing his line so thin and so far forward, he gave himself little time before the Nobz hit his front. After talking with him, he decided that the Orks were really something to worry about, and congradulated me on "outshooting" IG...

Big Mek Wingnut was in a good mood. The Lootas were finishing up looting all of the Hummie's gear and dakka, and even the Warphead had shut up for a minute and thankfully disappeared (after being a strange mood after finding something called "soap"). Yep, he thought, all he had to do was...
A roar of engines brought his attention to the hill overlooking the building he was standing in, and a sixtet of Warbikes rolled in. Shouts of gleeful surprise sprung up amongst the horde, and Wingnut felt his heart sink.
Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber and his Nob Bikers, the dead-killy Big Five rolled up to Wingnut.
Wingnut tried not to look at the massive Power-Klaw on the Warlord, but it was kind of hard not to (especially with the consideration that it might be going upside the Big Mek's head in a second).
Putting on his best "It's not my fault Boss" face on, he said, "Uh, hi Boss, how's it..."
Wingnut then glanced down and saw the Boss' Bike. But it was... in one piece?
Grumgutz snorted, "Don't 'Hi Boss' me ya git! You been takin' too long! How long's it take ta walk a Panzee?! And ya's had a couple a' scraps without me!"
The Warlord set a stern eye at Wingnut, "You's ain't got no ideas about keepin' bitz fer yerself, are ya?"
Wingnut swallowed, "Uh no Boss, I uh..."
Grumgutz nodded, "Good. And dis here Bike don't look no different. Took me a while to find it to. Why'd ya put it so far in da back anyhow?"
Wingnut double-swallowed, "Uh, just can't mess with perfection Boss. Ya's got it da best it can go, I fink."
Grumgutz was about to mull that over when a huge screetch filled the air.
"Bugs!" howled Grumgutz. "Well, ya ain't havin' that fight ta yerself Wingnut. Now come along, we's got Bugs ta Krump."
"But, but Boss," wailed Wingnut, "We's all but outta gas, we can't..."
"Den hoof it, ya git!," snarled Grumgutz, "Unless ya fergot how ta do that too!"
The Warlord and Nob Bikers zipped off at that point, leaving a worried Wingnut in their trail.
Coulda been worse, though the Big Mek. Though it was strange that Bugs would just appear like that...

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Nice way to tie the two games in to each other. Hopefully that IG player learned not to deploy so close to Orks, and to centralize his anti-tank weapons. When I first read the list I thought, "that's a lot of guys", but once you get into hand to hand it really wouldn't have mattered if there were twice as many. Seems like being stubborn was more of a hindrance than a help; saved your guys from being shot at.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Trust me, there could have been a lot more guys! He didn't do well with the commissars as Scoutfox said, but Stubborn works well, but you have to use it well. He could have down 4 or more commissars, combined the squads, and then just tarpit one or more dangerous squads of yours, shot the rest, and either shot the survivors, or just walk around the remaining guardsmen/orks to capture objectives with platoon command sqauds/HWT.

Well played, kind of. You did well, but I think it was his loss, not your win, if you understand what I mean? Sorry if this offends you.

Oh, and thank your lucky stars that he didn't cut back on the shiny things, and add more men or tanks!

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

I like how you linked the two games, Now it makes sence about the other battle you had as I read it first. Again loving the Pics and Orks win again ;D The other guy will now know the orks are not to be taken lighty >
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Yes, it was rather a surprising number of guys...
As for stubborn, yes, it rather hurt him in that he was taking it in smaller groups instead of putting them together, but I get a feeling, he's still getting his feet wet, so to speak with IG.
If anything, he's learned not to take an army at face value....

Nod, he seemed to really like the Commissar models, and I think he was just worried that things would fall to pieces everywhere (I think he had a really bad multi-charge experience), so wanted to keep things as "reliable" as possible. Unfortunately, there are tradeoffs...
Don't worry about offending me... I'm not actually sure that's possible anymore
I find that many players often make a few critical errors, unfortunately, especially for the new players, it's in deployment, which is critical for shooting armies.
Oh, and I was SO expecting Mech IG. It's been so prevalent around here, it seems like people either go Mech or go totally infantry. I was actually woriried, as he could have gone "Melta-blob" on me, and it would have been a tough fight.

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Ack, you caught me in mid-post
In any case, thank you for the complement, and I'm glad you like the fluff.
It's amazing how Orks, who really are inferior in terms of really a LOT of stats (I, Sv) can really take a beating and come out ahead.

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

BigToof you always use Shoota boyz and by doing so drop one attack in assault by not having two weapons. Do you find having a larger shooting distance is better then +1 in an assault with normal boyz? Do you know what am on about?

Thanks ;D
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Yes, I do think I know what you're asking about:
The age-old debate of Sluggas vs Shootaz.
Quite frankly, I think both are good choices, but my personal play-style goes for Shootaz.
There have been many times there are things that I do not want to run into (for fear that I may be bogged down too long), and the 18" range with two shots is very nice.
I find it is more flexible, and quite frankly, I like options.
In this list, almost everything is quite shooty, and so... Shootaz.

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. IG (1850pts; 10/22) in "Green on Green Action!"

Originally Posted by BigToof
Yes, I do think I know what you're asking about:
The age-old debate of Sluggas vs Shootaz.
Quite frankly, I think both are good choices, but my personal play-style goes for Shootaz.
There have been many times there are things that I do not want to run into (for fear that I may be bogged down too long), and the 18" range with two shots is very nice.
I find it is more flexible, and quite frankly, I like options.
In this list, almost everything is quite shooty, and so... Shootaz.

You make a good point, You have made me stop and think :-)
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