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Quick batrep-test run against eldar bikers with pics 10/24/09
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Default Quick batrep-test run against eldar bikers with pics 10/24/09

Just a little test batrep-

A player in our has gone bike happy and is building an eldar list to go along with his marine list, our dedicated eldar player tested it out for him on me last night-

The list-
eldrad and 5 dire avengers in a falcon
X2 fire prisms
X3 bike squads of 6 with 2 cannons
X1 bike squad of 12 with 4 cannons and an attached farsser

My list is my normal 6 dread list
X1 tac squad
X1 socut squad
X3 las/missile venerable dreads
X3 podding ironclads
X1 lands speeder typhoon.
X1 assault squad

The game-
2,000 points
hold ground
table quarters

He went first-

my scouts died in a haile of cannon fire from just about every single bike squad on turn 1, and he tried but failed to get any of my dreads.

On my turn i podded in 2 ironclads, but one of his fortuned bike squad survived all the flamer love i could give him. and he made every cover save for his falcon. i9 managed to assault his large bike unit and hold them for 2 turns with my jump marines.

he unloaded on both ironclads and only got 1 shot through on each but both were kill shots. he also shot up one of my comabat squaded marine units and took it down to 2 guys.

I shot the heck out of one squad and brought it down to 1 bike while my marines charged and my deathwinds put out the hurt.
He then gamnged up on the 2 marines since they were winning thier combat , immobilised a dread and killed a pod.

My last podding ironclad came in, but his HKs failed to scratch the falcon and he again one shot-ed it.
He finsihed off my last tac unit holding my objective.

i had moved my dreads up and managed to tie 2 bike units in CC while my second dread tied up his large squad and contested my objective

with nearly every unit tied up my speeder finally came in from reserve, i miss judged the distance and came up 2" short to contest his objective on the last turn(i was 5" away instead of 3" ) . after he epically failed to kill the speeder with his 3 tanks and lone cannon biker. he did manage to stun and shake it....and of course speeders have no access to extra armor so i couldn't move him in the end.

The eldar win this round by 2"
It would have been funnier as a tie however since the eldar player and i had a run of ties for every game we played for about 6 months straight.

a couple pics of the action-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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