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haqqislam the undefeated-infinity batrep with many pics 10/24/09
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Default haqqislam the undefeated-infinity batrep with many pics 10/24/09

We got another infinty session in yesterday and one of our buddies with a yu-jing force managed to make it down.

He was a bit rusty and didn;t realise what al the hcaking godness of the nomads would do to his HI.
it turned into a bit of a one sided fight with yu-jing being forced to retreat after loosing most of thier units.

Then it was my turn at the table-

game-300 points
1 random objective, 2 carry and 1 hackable objective in the sewers

I was running my haqqislam infantry list-
.hassassins fiday-EXP CCW
.hassassin lasiq-X visor/viral sniper

His list-
.engineer+2 zondbots
.react zond

The table was setup with a parallel double sewer system that ran down the center of the table(so you could not use it for the blockade or advance random missions) with 4 entrances all of which were somewhat exposed.

The topside table looked like this-

My random objective was-degrade-one viroty point for each specialist or TAG killed.

His was artillery beacons

I won first turn and went strait to work on his TAG with an epic battle against my fiday. i made several armor saves and even managed to damage the TAG. it disengaged from CC on his turn and shot the fiday to death but got taken out via ARO by the azra'il. point for me

turn 2 i got my azra'il and djan doctor into the sewers, but no more...since i cannot seem to open doors to save my life. he moved his sputnik and engineer into the opposite sewer entrance i moved up and got into the center room, then his intruders came in behind my azra'il and djan, managing to kill the azra'il

Thinking fast the djan hacked the terminal and got the heck out of there through one of the center entrances. one point scored for me.
His tomcat came in and droped a marker-point for him, his LT dropped a second marker, point for him. then his intruder hacker secured one of the carry objectives.

back to me, my LT went to deal with the tomcat, using his visor to great effect with a "through the window" shot that dropped the tomcat doctor-point for me, then i used the rest of my orders to get my jannisare HMG down intro the sewera behind his engineer and sputnik. using my final order for the turn to drop them both.

He used his orders to get his intruder/objective away-point for him. he tried to sneak a zond in behind my jannisare in the sewers but the lasiq nailed it when it popped out of cover. i then moved my jannisare out of the sewers but without enough orders to get him clear he went for cover.

On his turn he had his intruder come up one of the center sewer entrances and shoot it out with my jannisare. he took a wound and put the jannisare out. on my turn my Djan doc dropped his intruder and forced the nomads to flee. wel all one of them left on the table at that point, his LT. leaving me the restof my orders to go collect the jannisare HMG and his objective.

Points were tallied-
.objectives 1

.degrade-doctor, engineer, TAG-3

Another victory for haqqislams elite swat team. and my 5th in a row against the nomads......


.intuder HMG-KIA
.react zond-KIA

.jannisare HMG-unconcious/recovered

now for the restof the pictures-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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