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Candi Cadre vs Order of the Blackened Denarius! (A house divided!)
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Default Candi Cadre vs Order of the Blackened Denarius! (A house divided!)

So as some as you may know, my fiance is in the middle of building her sisters of battle army, and today we decided to put it to the test vs my Tau army in a 500 pt battle. Though the future of my marriage was on the line i boldly decided to not go easy on her, which was actually smart as apparently the sisters are pretty nastier then i thought.

Shas'el: CIB, PR, TA, SI, HWMT
6 fw w/ warfish
6 fw 'ui BK

Palatine: PW, combi-plasma, cloak of st Aspria
2x 10 SoB w/ VS PW, plasma pistol, HF, melta
Immolator, HF, SL, EA

Battle type was capture and control with spear head deployment on a 4x4 table. She rolled to deploy first, and both objectives were placed fairly centrally on our respective sides.

She Deployed one sister squad inside of some ruins on far right on the board, with the immolator as far forward towards my side as possible flanked by the other sister squad and the Palatine.

I deployed in much a similar manner, placing one FW squad in some ruins, with a clear over view of the board from wince to shoot. Behind them i placed both the devilfish, and the Ionhead. Commander Starburst was bold and started a good deal forward just to the right of the ruins.

To me it seemed like a fairly even fight, but the fact that i had an actual tank kinda of upset my lovely opponent, who thought i would be going easy :. Any how i failed to seize the imitative and she went first, and so the battle began!

Turn 1: Sisters
She surged forward with nearly all of her units, moving the immolator forward a solid 12 inches and putting in behind the only LOS blocking cover on the board (sneaky), the sisters in the ruins only got to move 3 inches, but it almost got them out, while the second squad moved up behind the immolator. The Palatine, remained still and elected to try and blast my FW squad with her bolter; missing completely.

I counter he aggressiveness by doing the exact opposite, i leasurly move my FW squad a few inches so they can rapid fire into the immolator, while Starburst, and the Ion head move just enough to have better LOS on the sisters squad in the ruins, as i couldn't shoot the immolator. Shoot wise, my FW unleash hell into the side armor of the immolator...failing to do anything (do!), while my Ionhead only hits with 1 shot on which i roll a 1...fail strike. Starburst is still out of range, and moves again in the assault phase in the general direction of the first sister squad.

Turn 2: Sisters
In a decisive move my sexy fiance, moves her immolator into range of my FW squad in the ruins, whilst rushing both sister squads forward, both getting their full 6 inches in. The palatine remains still, as if amused about what is going to happen next. Her Immolator easily covers the whole FW squad with its flame template (face palmed), and promptly turn them into BBQ. Also the sisters the emerged from the ruins, were easily in RF range of Starburst, and in a flurry of bolter shots wound him 3 times (he laughs), but the plasma pistol stikes home giving him one wound. Luckily for my the melta sister couldnt aim.

After i was done face palming, i decided it was time for some revenge. I didnt do a whole lot of moving, just moved the warfish up a few inches so it was in range of the sister squad that had dared to shoot at my commander. Shoot wise, was fairly good, with my units turning cutting 7 sisters out of one squad; though they passed the moral check. Assault, Starburst falls back 6 inches.

Turn 3: Sisters
She didnt much like the fact that half my weapons ignored her armor saves, so she did the smart thing and put Spirit of the martyr on the decimated squad; giving them 3+ invul saves. Again her troops surged forward, with the second sister squad running, and even the palatine moved forward a solid 12 inchs (shes good at rolling apparently). The immolator was kind enough to block LOS on the bigger sisters squad, and even popped smoke to make my feel even better. Then she taught me the revenge only bring about more revenge, and meltaed Starburst into a pretty pink smudge.

Things looks bad...i was down to a ionhead and a warfish with 6 fw, while she still had nearly her whole damn army. Was i really going to lose to a girl...on her first game no less?! Movement wise, i decided to take it straight into her teach, and moved my devilfish as far as i could down the left flank, effectively putting in behind her army. My Ionhead, fell back to the left side corner to escape melta range, and then it was time for some payback. It Ionhead unleashed a furious barrage into the already depleted sisters squad, who failed 2 saves, and then ran away (yay a small victory). The devifish.....missed.

Turn 4: Sisters
Not perturbed by their fleeing commrades the rest of the sisters continues foward towards my objective, while the Immolator fell back to try and deal with my devilfish. Unfortunately she was in range to fire both a Palm pistol and melta gun into the front army of my iohead, but they both failed to glance. The immolator fails to hurt my devilfish, but then her Palatine stepped up to the place, and in a fury of plasma, also failed to do any damage too it.

Again, i moved my devilfish towards her objective, hoping that it would stay alive long enough to at least drop of the FW. The Ionhead, moved towards the objective on my side, to hopefully contest it some how. Shooting saw three more sisters fall to the mighty ioncannon, and 1 to the SMS, while my devilfish failed to hurt the immolator.

Turn 5: Sisters
Eager to see my tank go KABOOOM! she moved her sister squad up right next too my ionhead. The immolator again pursued my devilfish, and the Palatine moved, and then ran 4 inches to assist. Shooting saw both her plasma pistol and melta immobilize my ionhead, so i had to say good by to my ion cannon that had done my so proud.

Ahah! a glimmer of hope! Even though my tank was disabled i still had a chance to capture her objective, and did so with extra gusto. Now all i had to do was hope the game ended, and i had this thing all wrapped up. Again my devilfish failed to hurt the immolator, and the SMS on the now just hammerhead, failed to kill any sisters.

Game goes on....doh!

Turn 6: Sisters
Seeing the trouble she was in she decided to enact a desperate plan for victory. She managed to move her Palatine in close enough to contest the objective, and moved the immolator in close just for good measure. Again she fired her plasma and melta into my hammer head, this time point blank. Luckily the melta missed, and the plasma just bounced off. The Immolater failed to hurt my devilfish yet again (go fishie!), and the palatine couldnt roll for Hand of the emperor so i was save. However the sisters squad could, but finally she had a bad roll and failed to get over a 6, so the act of faith didnt happen ^^.

It was time to end this little debacle! So i decided to turn the palatine into a hood ornament, and tank shocked her. Unfortunately for her, my fiance forgot that death or glory was against the front armor and not the back, and reluctantly pulled her palatine from the field. I ended my turn, and the next dice roll was a one and thus the game ended.

Yay a victory for the candi cadre (though a messy one)...but in the end i was the one who lost, as i learn that i wouldnt be getting any for a while as i didnt let her win. Worth it? Probably not, but there will be rematches, as she gets another 500 pt some time this week. Anyhow sorry i didnt have any picture, we were minus a camera.
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