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After a long break-BFG batrep with pics-chaos VS eldar 10/17/09
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Default After a long break-BFG batrep with pics-chaos VS eldar 10/17/09

I have been playing so many different games lately my BFG has been getting no lobe. so in between a couple infinity games saturday we threw down against some eldar.

he ran his normal list-
.void stalker
.X2 eclipse
.X3 aurora
.X3 re-roll

My list-
Black crusade fleet
.abbadon(man do i ever need his re-roll with how i roll LD in gothic)
.planet killer
.X2 carnage (squadron) with lord +1 LD
.X2 devestation (squadron) with lord +1 LD

.1,500 points
.passing engagement

The game started out as a bit fo a dance.

i made him go first with the winning roll, he manuevered to get at my carnages and launched ordinance.

I got a good AAF roll on the carnages and they lept ahead to join the rest of the fleet. and i launched ordinance.

The frist couple turns were fights on fighter/fighter on bomber battles since i was out of range or arc to hit him.

I also felt the wrath of abbadon this game as my devestations failed thier 3rd reload phase and thier free re-roll......unfortunately for them they were sitting right beside the PK when it happened. >_< . fortunately i only took 2 actual damage from my punishment.

i managed to nail one aurora early on, but his focus was all on my carnages. it took him quite some effort but he managed to kill both of them, but he lost an eclipse in the process.

I finally got lucky with the PK and nailed his void stalker, he failed his HF save and took 5 damage+1 right off the bat crippling it.

He put down one of my devestations and crippled the other but the void stalker and the other eclipse went down for his troubles.

Now we were down to a crippled devestation and a crippled PK VS 2 aurora's.
i thought i could take him, but i failed every single brace save and lost the PK leaving one devestation to limp off the table.

Considering fighting eldar is always a pain, i did better than i thought i would.
it turned out to be a good challenging game.

Now for the pictures-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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