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Trial by fire(falcon) quick batreps and some pics-10/17/09
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Default Trial by fire(falcon) quick batreps and some pics-10/17/09

I played 6 games yesterday that ranged from BFG to infinity and even some B5 wars conversions in an epic star wars VS star trek battle(Star wars wins BTW), sadly i didn't get to use my quads, but i did get in this quick trial of position game-

3 players, grand melee.

The mechs-
.marauder IIC
and me in a........
.Fire falcon-B

The 2 big mechs choose to start realatively close to each other. the maskari was skoring hits early on and taking little in return, it looked as though he could dance around the cover enough to give him the advantage. tehn i got a lucky potshot in on him...floating crit center torso, 2 crits...engine and gyro. he also got smaked inthe face the same turn by a ERML from the marauder, falling added to the pain by him hitting the head on the way down. the maskari took a powder for a turn and got savaged.

He managed to get back in the fight and returnt he favor to the marauder, savaging him pretty good, scoring 2 engine crits.

The marauder finshed the duel with a ERPPC to the face.

With the maskari down the marauder rounded on the little froggy er i mean fire falcon. i had gotten a bit close while they were distracted so now i had to fall back as i lost inititative for the next 7 turns or so in a row.

With the use of speed and cover i only took one shot....unfortunately it was form an ERPPC, blowing out my entire righty torso in one go and scoring 2 engine hits.

The marauder followed me into some hills and it was his mistake, he got to close and i started winning intiative, allowing me to stay behind him. i managed to get a shot off that cored out one of his torso's and scored my 3rd engine crit-engine kill, victory and promotion to the firefalcon pilot.

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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