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More infinity battles-new lists, more pictures 10/17/09
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Default More infinity battles-new lists, more pictures 10/17/09

We got a couple more greeat infinity games in this weekend, although i totally forgot to take any pictures at all of the second game, sad really because it was pretty intense. we were using the random mission objective scenerios from infinity. we both had the arrtillery beacon marker objective, my opponant had mapping and i had the intel gathering/recovery objective.

The only thing that saved my team in that game was the jannisares being religious troops. as i lost both djans(only after they performed fantastically) as LTs i had an unconcious taureg and fiday and a lasiq and azra'il dead. DId i mention how much i hate hacking device+ and foward observer for guided missiles. :P

I won the game with only 2 models in action with a 5 to 4 victory point score.
scoring 1 marker and 4 recoveries. The epic moment was pi-well trying to sneak up on my Djan LT only to get ARO'd in the back by my Djan doctor whom he didn't see.

I started with 8 minis and he started with 10, and we both lost 6.

My list as i was running it via proxies(models are on order, not arrived yet)-
.Djanbazan LT
.Djanbazan doctor
.Jannisare HMG
.Jannisare doctor
.Hassassin lasiq-viral sniper(ariadna sniper)
.Taureg doctor(ariadna para commando)
.Hassasin fiday(van zant)

Now the first game i did remember to take pictures of

This one was also random missions,

i Had-
.recovery-like the second game
.blockade-keeping his models outside my deployment zone.

He had-
.artillery marker
.advance into my deployment zone.

This was the table-

This time out he decided to try a TAG/remote heavy list
.LT (an intruder i think)
.zoe & pi-well+2 zondbots
.X2 sputniks
.X2 zonds
.guided missiel zond
.Salamandra TAG

I set up defensively not knowing what his strategies were, all i really needed to ddo was keep him out of my deployment zone.

The real monkey wrench in his plans was the Fiday, he made his WIP roll and deployed out of sight around the corner from his engineer(Zoe) and missile zond.
he spent most of his turn trying to discover the Fiday with no luck. on my turn the fiday moved up and dropped hi engineer but was put down in ARO after he flubbed his smoke grenade toss.

I thought mabey it was his LT but getting the engineer was even better than what i was going for(only needing to nock his bots down. not finish them was a great help). my Djan doc and azra'il got into a bit of a dust up in the allyway witrh his sputnik and a hacking beacon. only the azra'il ssurvived with one wound. managing to drop the beacon and both sputnicks.

His TAG put down my DJan LT and my Lasiq, the LT regened successfully but the taureg flubbed his doc roll on the lasiq and killed him(with a natural 20 no less >_< ) he moved his tag up bihind cover and moved up pi-well. my azra'il moved up between building and managed to get a "through the window" shot on his TAG. The shootout was brief with the fuerbach taking the day.

MY djan LT fell out of his second story perch(flubbed the jump) but still managed to get into position to get a shot on pi-well who had moved into a building for cover. pi-well went down frocing the nomads to flee.

He scored 1 point for dropping a beacon, i scored 3 for my blockade objective ( met all 3 requirements).

Back to back victory for haqqislam.....without a TAG

Thats 4 victories in a row against nomads, not easy my any means, but epic every single time.

My losses-
.Djan Doctor

His losses-
.sputnik X2
.Salamandra TAG

Tactically I think i have nailed down my style of play for haqqislam. 2 man combat teams with a doctor and a heavy hitter seem to work wonders and religious troops are a big boon. Both very thematic for haqqislam. the list gives my forces enough variety to deal with just about anything save hacking.

Now some pictures-

there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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