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WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

WAARGH Grumgutz vs Space Wolves (NEW CODEX!!! 1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Hi All,
I bring another Grumgutz! I would usually wait, but this was a great fight versus the new Codex!
No, Grumgutz isn't in this one either, but Wingnut and "Big Louie" step up to the plate to fight the Wolfy invasion!
And Space Wolves mean you know who (Fuzgob) is back too!
Read on! Enjoy! Watch the carnage! (And there is mighty carnage!)


P.S. Apologies for the "unsteady cam." It's getting better, I swear!

WAARGH Grumgutz Alternate 58 "More Dakka!!!"(1850pts): 81 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Artillery, 2 Vehicles; 13 KPs
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/KFF)
Ex-Farseer Lorilune, AKA Big Louie (Weirdboy w/Warphead upgrade)
Tankbustasx10 w/Nob, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 2 Bombsquigs
Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole (BW Ded. Transport)
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
The Flyboyz (Deffkoptasx2 w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw)
BigToof (DeffDread w/Skorchasx2, counts as Troop)
Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas
Da Big Red Cheez (BW w/Ram, RPJ, Killkannon)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Big Shoota; Ded Transport)
Runtherd Bogwog w/Kannonsx3

Space Wolf Hunters (1850pts): 50 Infantry,4 Vehicles; 13 KPs
Wolf Lord w/ TH, Storm Shield, Thunderwolf, Saga of the Warrior Born
Rune Priest w/ Living Lightning, JotWW (!!)
Lone Wolf w/Terminator Armor, Chain Fist, Storm Shield
Grey Hunters x8 w/ Melta, Wolf Guard w/TH in Rhino
Grey Hunters x9 w/ Melta, Wolf Guard w/PF in Rhino
Grey Hunters x9 w/ Melta, Wolf Guard w/FB in Rhino
Grey Hunters x9 w/ Melta, Wolf Guard w/Kombi-Melta
Thunderwolf Calveryx4 w/ TH, SS, Meltabomb (go CWA!!)
Thunderwolf Calveryx4 w/ TH, SS, Meltabomb
Predator Destructor (Autocannon, SS Heavy Bolters)

Space Wolf Grimtooth Ironfang stirred in his sleep. Although a superhuman Space Marine, GrimTooth had been captured by some sort of psychotic (which, considering he was a Wulfen, was saying something) Ork Dreadnaught, and was forced into a sack. Grimtooth considered moving, but decided against it, as he found doing so just attracted the unwanted attention of the strange metal monster. He still had no idea what the Orks wanted from him, as the only one he ever saw was the Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught kept asking him questions, but Grimtooth had no idea as to what the Ork was saying. But, as a wise elder of the Ork clan (undoubtedly so, as only the eldest and most able Space Marines were made into Dreadnaughts), this odd Ork machine undoubtedly had some sort of scheme... But what had awoken him... He paused and sniffed the air. Something was noticeable, even over the overhanging greenskin stench it was something familiar...
Grimtooth smiled. His brothers had returned. They had not forgotten him, and there would be a great battle!

DeffDread BigToof of WAARGH Grumgutz was deep in thought. What should he get next for Fuzgob?? He was so lucky to have found Fuzgob deep in the Warp, and the fuzzy hummie just kept rollicking and showing tiny bites of affection every time the Deffdread opened up his bag. BigToof nodded to himself. It was the best pet he ever had, and Fuzgob didn't even pop into squishy bits when he hugged him, unlike the rest of the Dread's previous pets. BigToof pondered. The only thing better than Fuzgob would be to get more Fuzgobs. But what would the chances of that be?...

Big Mek Wingnut and Ex-Farseer (and current Warphead) Lorilune were arguing. Again.
Wingnut snorted, "I's can't believe you? What was you thinkin'?"
With a hmmph, Lorilune turned up her nose and replied, "I was cleaning up the trash that you had left in MY Battlewagon. Those chunks of greasy garbage were staining the floor that I had FINALLY gotten the gretchin to make something resembling clean."
Wingnut howled, "But dose were da bitz I needed for da Boss' Bike! I can't believe you just dropped 'em back where we found 'em!"
Lorilune threw her hair back defiantly, "Perhaps you'd be better off without me then."
The Big Mek snarled, "Perhaps? There ain't no perhaps, it's a double exactery definetly that..."
The huge bellow from BigToof made the two arguing leaders stop and look over the top of their Battlewagons. A HUGE force of strange looking Space Marines had assembled while they were arguing. They had tanks, guns, and... BIG BIG WOLVES.
One of the huge wolf riders marched over and pointed his hammer at the assembled Ork forces.
"I am Olaf Ironfang of the Space Wolves! You Xenos scum have my Battle Brother and have desecrated our holy hunt of the Thousand Son Traitor Marines! For this affront to my honor you will be torn limb from limb and your blood given up to the All Father!"
The Space Wolves behind him roared in agreement.
Wingnut and Big Louie poked their heads down.

Mission: Annihilation
Setup: Spearhead
Terrain: Ruins

Pre-Game Thoughts: Didn't I just fight this mission? Oh, well, at least it's versus the new, shiny and nasty Space Wolves! One of the members of our group had out a group of marines with (gasp) Wolf proxies that just screamed to be challenged. However, he seemed a bit concerned regarding facing Nob Bikers...

Picture Caption:
Why does everyone make this face when I mention Nob Bikers?

So, being the good sporting chap that I am, I brought out the "Odd Couple" again, and let Wingnut and Big Louie have a crack at them... After seeing the list, I was a bit worried that I was bringing my "soft list," as there was a LOT of melta (thank goodness no Vulkan at least), and a LOT of Thunderwolves!

The buildings were fairly well scattered, a large building in the center and a few smaller ruins scattered around the board. The Orks won the roll to go first, and I gladly took the quarter with the most multi-story ruins (Kannons and Lootas have to go someplace...). The Kannons actually took to near the front of the zone. However, they were on the second story of a very large ruin, so it wasn't "un-grotlike" in terms of bravery. The Lootas took a nice second story view as well, with a commanding view of the terrain. Wingnut and the Nobz boarded Da Beast and setup near the fore to the left, with Big Louie and her Tankbustas in Da Big Red Cheez to Da Beast's right. The Killa Kans went to the left of Da Beast, and BigToof to the right of Da Cheez. I didn't have much room left, so just piled the shootas in, one on each flank, and the Deffkoptas squeezed in between the two Battlewagons.

Picture Caption: Usual Deployment, AKA Packed to the gills with Green!

The Space Wolves decided to deploy everyone (even the Lone wolf!) The Rune Priest and a GH squad were put in a Rhino and took to the fore, with another Rhino next to them. Surprisingly, the Lone Wolf was placed in front of the Rune Priest Rhino... The Predator and the floot-slogging Grey Hunters were in the back, but close to the front spearhead, with a pack of Thunderwolves to their left. The last Grey Hunter Rhino went to the back of the board, intent on sweeping the right flank in a round-a-bout way, with the Wolf Lord and the final bunch of Thunderwolves with him.

Picture Caption: Thunder, Thunder, Thunderwolves HO!

Wingnut snarled as he watched "Big Louie" roll her Battlewagon around. The surrounding boyz ran around, not sure what was going on.
Wingnut yelled, "Oi! Louie! Whatcha doin? The fight's over here!"
Lorilune shouted back, "Yes, you imbicile, which is why MY unit with all RANGED support is going to fall back more! You don't need us here."
She swallowed a bit and looked at the huge incoming armada of Thunderwolves.
Wingnut snarled, "Hey, you gotta stay in position! It's too late ta..."

Olaf Ironfang, as if realizing the disarray in the Ork leadership swung his Thunder Hammer around his head and roared, "Now, my brethren! For Russ and the All Father!!"
The Space Wolves roared forward as one, howling, screaming and waving their weapons.

Wingnut and Lorilune heard the sudden yelling and looked at each other. The Orks around them were in disarray.
Then as one, the quarrelsome duo turned to each other and yelled, "This is all YOUR fault!!"

In game terms, the Orks are ready to get to fire out some Dakka when the sneaky fuzzy bastards steal the initiative! (I think I'm getting about a 33% intiative stolen ratio here...)

Turn 1: Space Wolves
All of the Wolves (save the Predator) roll forwards, the TWC and Lone Wolf running. The double Rhino spearhead move a bit forward, and all of Rhinos except the Rune Priest Rhino pop smoke. The Rune Priest casts Living Lightning and blows the CCW off of one of the Kans, and the Predator also fires at the Kans, but fails to penetrate the KFF.

Turn 1: Orks
Surprised that nothing is in flames or bleeding out on the ground, the Orks move cautiously forwards. The Deffkoptas zoom into position as does Da Big Red Cheez. After a bit of calculation, Wingnut realizes that the footslogging Grey Hunters are within Nob range, and decide (for better or worse) to take them down! Da Beast roars out, going 13" (RPJ!) and skids to a stop, nicely blocking both Rhinos and simultaneously throwing out the Nobz who look hungrily at the Grey Hunters.
Shooting is, as usual, specturally AWFUL. The Lootas, Kannons, Shootas, Deffkoptas, and even the Killkannon fail to destroy ANYTHING. The far right Rhino is shaken, but the other Rhinos seem to be made of Stealthed Super-Adamantium as every shot fails to penetrate (or is negated by smoke), and all of the glances do very little but shake the tanks.

Picture Caption: Facepalm doesn't seem enough at this point.

As if particuarally disgusted by the complete epic fail of the army, Big Louie teleports out and lands on the Predator! Luckily, she was placed back into the Warp, waiting for a later arrival (whew).

Thank Mork for assaults. The Deffkopta zips in and wrecks the center (non-Rune Priest) Rhino, and the Nobz (With only a little effort) decimate the Grey Hunters while taking a single loss and a few wounds. They consolidate closer to the Predator, but more importantly move close to the Rhinos as well (Boxing them in? Oh yes!)

Space Wolves: 0
Orks: 2

Turn 2: Space Wolves
The Wolves decide that yes, things must now die.
The Lone Wolf charges in, swinging his chainfist aggresively, but is gravely wounded by a Killa Kan's DCCW and then is STEPPED on (failed armor save!) by the unarmed Kan. The Lone Wolf goes to Wolfy heaven to see Pappa Russ, but umm... maybe he'll skip the story on HOW he got there. The Kans high-five each other, even though the Orks don't get a kill point for him (shrug).
The Rune Priest gets out of his Rhino and BARELY manages to squeeze all of his mates together next to the previously disembarked squad. The Predator shuffles a bit as well, trying to get lined up for future shots. The right Rhino moves forwards, disembarking it's crew while popping smoke, and the Thunderwolves both move forwards!
The Nobz then suffer an atrocious amount of shots (including the dreaded JotWW!), but end up losing only one Nob (that was to the Jaws), and gain a few wounds.
Sputtering a bit in frustration, the Wolf Lord pulls the handbrake on his Thunderwolf and does a 180, fleeting back and assaulting the Nobz, cutting them down with massive numbers of Rends before they can strike back (sniff).
As a side note, the Thunderwolves fleet in and tear apart the Deffkoptas.
Oh, and the disembarked Rhino squad fired at the right-most shootas killing... well... a lot of them. However, they killed enough to deny the Wolf Lord his charge (go Shooty wolves!).

Turn 2: Orks
Da Beast, surprised that it was nicely left alone, guns its engines and Deffrolls the Rhino in front of it, nicely wrecking the Tank! Da Big Red Cheez tries to move forward as well, but with another dose of epic fail, it gets stuck with a 1,1 (!) BigToof leaps out of cover, surprising the Wolf player, who had forgotten that he was there (go sneaky Dreads!), and gets ready to assault the recently disembarked squad coming down the right flank...
Shooting is substancially better, as Da Big Red Cheez looks down the board and notices the really, really tightly packed group of marines! It fires and lands DEAD ON. Four marines from each squad bite it, and the Kannons add some frag shots in as well. When the smoke clears, three marines from the non-Rune Priest squad are alive, and the RUne Priest has only four marines with him. The badly hurt squad (three marines) fails it's morale check and runs!
The Killa Kans, Lootas and Shootas do quite well with the Wolves and shoot the dickens out of them, leaving only two ThunderWolves with one wound each! BigToof gives Skorcha love to the Marines, but the Marines pass all of their saves. The really hurt shoota mob tries to help out 'Toof and KO a few Marines with their shootas.
Now on to assault!
The Kans roll in with the Shootas in tow and smash into the Thunderwolves. However, the Wolves clearly read the "How to Destroy Kans in Three Easy Steps" Manual and trash the Kans with three rends! The Shootas though, manage to pick up the slack and destroy the Thunderwolves. BigToof rolls into the Grey Hunters and kill a few. The Grey Hunters try to run, but are caught by the Dread (!) The GH are forced to stay, but lose no additional casualties, piling in around the big Dread.
Oh, and Louie decides to take a break in the Warp, and does not come in (perhaps she's painting her nails...)

Space Wolves: 3
Orks: 4

Turn 3: Space Wolves
Well, enough is enough, and the Wolf Lord decides he'll back a big unit and fleets towards BigToof!
The two really hurt Grey Hunter units try to find some cover, and the last Rhino pulls back.
Shooting is pretty quick, as the Predator fails to do any damage to Da Beast's side armor.
The WOlf Lord rolls in and deflects BigToof's attempts to hurt him, and trashes the big Dread with his Thunderhammer (sniff...)
The Grey Hunters stay buckled up close together and the Wolf Lord and his crew zoom forward, hugging a building and getting close to the Shootas...

Turn 3: Orks
Wingnut pauses for a moment, and realizes that the Predator is still a bit too close! Da Beast guns it's engines, rolls over the broken Rhino and Deffrolls the Predator! (woot! The Space Wolf player was a bit dismayed, as he thought he had distance, but... 13" is golden! Mork bless the RPJ!) The left (totally unhurt) Shootas move forward as well, getting within range of the Rune Priest and his marines.
The right shootas, realizing that they're wolf food no matter what, decide to shimmy over to the right, to let Da Big Red Cheez have a clear line of fire!
And fire it does!
Once again Da Cheez hits (with only a 1" (3"-2BS) deviation!) and roasts 7 Grey Hunters!
The Shootas take down one more leaving only two Grey hunters left.
Wingnut calls the WAARGH!, allowing the left shooters to fleet and get really, really close to the Rune Priest's unit.
And the Lootas take down the last Rhino meandering in the back...
Assault is fairly good, as the Shootas hit the Rune Priest's unit HARD, KO'ing ALL of the marines. The Rune Priest and his mates do hit back hard, taking down 6 orks. The Marines still win by one, but the Ork makes his No Retreat roll! (Yay!)
The belabored Shootas take down ONE marine, leaving a single marine!
And Louie STILL does not come back in (I think she's trying on hats or something in there...)

Space Wolves: 4
Orks: 7
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Turn 4: Space Wolves
With not too many units left, the Wolf Lord and his Calvery decide they need to save the Grey Hunters, and again pull a 180, plowing into the rear of the Shootas.
The Wolves kill a LOT of Shootas, but the Shootas manage to drag down the last Grey Hunter. The Shootas try to run, but the Wolf Lord catches them and the puppies get a green treat...
Meanwhile, the Rune Priest fries an Ork with his magic staff (oh ho ho), but is clipped in half by the PK! (No Invul save? Hot dog!... ouch, pun!)

Turn 4: Orks
Louie FINALLY gets done vogue-ing it up in the Warp and drops in on target, nicely in the Space Wolf backfield. The Tankbusters are dismayed that there are NO MORE TANKS, but are satisfied that at least there's these three Grey Hunters roaming about.
The last unit of Shootas look at the incoming WOlf Lord and crew... swallow hard... and then run into the Beast (Oh look, they're transport sized now! Thanks Rune Priest!). Wingnut yells at the driver, who backs up and gets to the other side of the board in a jiffy.
Shooting is rather nasty, as the Lootas and Kannons pound the stuffing out of the Wolves. After the fur flies, one TWC is down and all of the others are wounded. Da Big Red Cheez misses it's target (aww...)
Louie and her crew shrug, and fire their Rokkits at the Grey Hunters. All three hunters bite the dust, which was a bit surprising as they were in cover...

Picture Caption: This is my theory. Completely unfounded mind you.

Space Wolves: 5
Orks: 10

Turn 5: Space Wolves
With things completely out of control now, the Wolf Lord realizes he needs a LOT of cleaning up to do and fast, but then realizes something:

WOLVES CAN'T CLIMB TREES! (or buildings either)

The Thunderwolf Calvery snarl as they realize that there's no Wolf-Ramp and thus have to leave the Kannons unmolested.

However, Da Big Red Cheez is easy prety, and the Wolves take it, blasting apart the immobilized Battlewagon with ease.

Turn 5: Orks
The Lootas and Kannons are completely enthused that they are in the clear and fire out, taking down ALL BUT ONE of the Thunderwolves, including the Lord who takes a high velocity round to the head. Louie and her crew move a bit around, the Warphead brushing her hair and wondering what all the fuss was about...

Space Wolves: 6
Orks: 11

Dice=1, game ENDS (thankfully for that last Thunderwolf...)

Wingnut was mopping the sweat off of his brow when he saw Lorilune walk over. The Warphead was fixing her hair and looking entirely too well kept for the aftermath of a battle.
"Arrived just in the nick of time then?" she cooed. "It's a good thing that you didn't need me then, otherwise who knows what might have happened?"
Wingnut snarled, "Ok, ok you made yer point. Now let's go get them bitz."
Loriliune laughed a high-pitched tinkled laugh, "What? Those old things? You don't need them my dear colleague, after all we have a veritable panaply to choose from now..."
Wingnut looked around at the smashed tanks around him. As much as he hated to admit it, da Panzee was right. He paused as something was picking at the back of his mind. He felt like something was missing but he couldn't put his finger on it...

Grimtooth Ironfang snarled as he heard the huge bag open, and then saw the face of his strange captor. The Dreadnaught dropped something into the bag. The huge furry shape landed, but Grimtooth recognized it instantly. It was a Thunderwolf? What was it doing here? Before Grimtooth could say anything, the bag was shut again, dropping the pair into darkness.

BigToof nodded to himself, checking to make sure that the Meks had welded his arms on right this time. It was a bit of a hard fight, but now he had a new friend for Fuzgob. Mr. Fluffy, as he named the big puppy, would be a good friend for Fuzgob so that he wouldn't get lonely when the big Dread was away. BigToof nodded to himself. He was doin' a good job taking care of his pets. What could possibly go wrong?
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

BigToof nodded to himself. It was the best pet he ever had!!! Omg that was classic comady. The thing I really like about your reports is the great combat report and the great storys you come up with. BTW loving the pics, I hoped if i kept asking you would add pics. Oh how did the Battlewagon turn 5 get immobilized? Or did i miss that bit? If you said then sorry I forgot, reading to quick.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Thanks for the reply!
I try to keep the laffs going, but also provide a decent report as well.
Glad you like the pics. I hope they aren't too big. I'm still working on it...
Da Cheez got immobilized back in Turn 2 as it tried to bash through a bit of cover... even though it had a reinforced ram... But these things happen...

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

I hate that 1:36 time you get immobilized. Seems like every time I do it, my fanboats get stuck on a river or a pond too (my drivers must like fishing).

I haven't played the new space wolves yet, though I did play the old ones once. Shooting them is the way to go. Gotta love running over tanks with the deffrolla too.

Liked the motivational posters as well.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Great report again,
My GOD I love that dreadnought, he is amazing.
As usual, your fluff sets your reports a head above the rest and the fact that you won (again) is truly the icing on the cake
I wonder how Fuzzgob will get on with Mr Fluffy, remember, he was 1st put in that sack before the new edition so does he even know what his new friend is?

The wolf list looks interesting, lots of big puppies, what are your thoughts on it

Anyway, as I always say, this was great, I can't wait for the next one ;D
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Scoutfox & Cammerz:
Thanks for your replies!

Oh I hate that 1/36 probability, because it's happened three times that I can easily remember (and I haven't made 108 rolls mind you...).
Shooting the Space Wolves seems almost mandatory now, as they are pretty nasty in assault. Even the Grey Hunters get 4 attacks with counter-charge!
Deffrolling is so much fun. People for some reason never seem to expect it, even after I've done it a few times. I find that it's hard for a lot of people to judge that 13" in the heat of combat, especially since they're a bit worried about something else. Perhaps for that reason I like the Orks so much, as they're one of the few armies that can destroy units in the movement phase
I'm glad you like the motivational posters as well. I found them on the net (google images is a wonder!), and they just seemed to fit. Perhaps it's all this photobucket business...
Good to see you again!
When you fight the space puppies, let me know!

Haha, glad you like BigToof and his wacky antics.
The fact that the Marines put their best and most wise into their Dreads and the Orks put their slow learners into their Big Kans has always amused me
Thanks for the congrats on the win as well. It wasn't that easy, and I swore I was going to get creamed when the Wolves stole the initiative! But maybe it worked out better as I could Deffroll early?? Hard to say indeed...
Re: Mr. Fluffy... That's right, they didn't have TWC in the old codex... hmm... maybe they had them err... back in the old days... uh... well... or it's a retroactive change back to pre-Heresy uh... things... yeah... uh... maybe?
The TWC were a major concern, especially since everyone was comparing them to Nob Bikers in terms of deadly effectiveness. They were rumored to even be better! But... they're not.
In the end, they're still 3+ save 2 wound T5 monstrosities in assault, but they can't turbo-boost for saves, and they don't have FNP. Lootas and Kannons tear them apart, the Lootas for giving a LOT of wounds, and the Kannons for being AP3. A single good round of Loota fire will wound them all, and they really aren't that effective if you give them more gear (unlike Nob Bikers that get progressively more dangerous). Still, they are T5, so they're hard to insta-kill, and can have S10 attacks with PF or TH's, but really... do you need it? Also, no shooting! The wolves need fleet almost all the time, and I never got to see them shoot. The Dakkaguns of Warbikes have saved me so often, as have Kombi-Skorchas (oh so fun)...
In any case I digress, and thank you all for your comments!

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Hi BigToof, great to see you up against the new space wolves, its good to see what the fuss is all about through the eyes of an Ork

Love "the Scream" poster, its all so true ;D

Love the photos as well, although since you have been taking them I have yet to see the warboss in any shots, since his exploits are legend he needs to get an in action shot sometime soon.. yes?

Tactically, I haven't even read the SW codex so can't comment on anything there, but I have been wondering, you have 4 Rokkits in amongst the shoota boyz, been a feature of your army list for some time, but I never see them mentioned in the reports.. do they ever actually kill anything in a game?
I'm guessing they must, otherwise you probably wouldn't keep taking them, but I am curious as to their effectiveness?
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

Thanks for the reply!
I'm glad you agree with the assessment of Nob Bikers
Grumgutz has been in a few pics of the old games, but not in action.
What is rather hard is that most, if not all of the Ork action happens in one or two big assaults and it's hard to stop the action to take pics, especially when you're trying to keep track of so many things... I'll see what I can do though.
Hope you don't mind the antics of Wingnut and Lorilune though

The Shoota's Rokkits are hit and miss, but make them a credible threat against Beakies and transports. I put them in this list mostly because I wanted as much S8 thrown at the opponent as possible. They do work pretty well against the Wolves, as I always shot at them before assaulting when I could.
The loss of Combat Tactics did hurt the Wolves in a way, as I don't have to think about shooting them or not shooting them anymore, because there's no chance that they'll just dance out of range. I think the Wolves still benefit from ATSKNF, so I can't run them down or do anything too horrible, but it is a nice thing to not have to think about.
The Wolves seem less complex, but more hitty than normal marines, which is a good and a bad thing I suppose...

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs NEW Space Wolves (1850pts, 8/14) in "Space Puppies Exposed!"

I've had some people asking me about the new Thunderwolves and how they fare vs Nob Bikers, and well, it's actually quite interesting.

TWC are S5T5W2 calvery that are hard to insta-kill, but it can be done (S10 Dread weapons come to mind). However, they're quite nasty in assault and their rend rules make it hard for your average dread to assault them without taking walloping amounts of damage (with about 5-6 attacks each, they usually get at least a rend or two, which equal penetrating hits=ouch). However, they only have one special weapon standard, which makes it pretty interesting vs. Nob Bikers. Granted those 2-3 PF hits will wallop 2 or so Bikers, but if kitted well, the Nobs will be able to give their due back (make sure to fire at the Wolves before you rush in though!) I'd also recommend throwing in a Warboss, as his S10 attacks are really needed. You can FNP the majority of the non-rending, non-PF shots and then grind through the rest. However, you will take a lot of damage from that lone TH/PF, so be ready for it... (and for goodness sakes make sure the Boss isn't standing next to it...)
As for how to get the charge off on the big wolves, you'll have to be canny, as they have a nasty charge range. I'd recommend feeding them a "popcorn" unit, such as an empty vehicle or a unit that is going to die horribly anyway. They'll chew through it, no problem, but be open to a charge next turn.

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