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WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"
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Default WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

WAARGH Grumgutz vs. "Gifted" Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Hi All,
I bring another WAARGH Grumgutz, this one umm... without Grumgutz in it though. A fun, really crazy adventure that pits Big Mek Wingnut and the infamous Warphead "Big Louie" against the sneaky, magicky forces of the "Gifted" Tzeench Marines!

Picture Caption: Aww, we all love Spawn, don't we?

Do the Odd Couple manage to settle their differences while blowing up a lotta Spikey Boyz, or do things come apart faster than a Grot being tossed in the way of a Deffrolla?
Read on!


P.S. Apologies for the blurry pics, first time with the new phone-cam and all. Thanks for the support all! -BT

WAARGH Grumgutz Alternate 58 "More Dakka!!!"(1850pts): 81 Infantry, 3 Walkers, 3 Artillery, 2 Vehicles; 13 KPs
Big Mek Wingnut (Big Mek w/KFF)
Ex-Farseer Lorilune, AKA Big Louie (Weirdboy w/Warphead upgrade)
Tankbustasx10 w/Nob, Bosspole, Tankhammer, 2 Bombsquigs
Nobzx7 w/Dokta Chop, PKsx3, BCsx3, Kombi-Skorchasx2, WAARGH Banner, Bosspole (BW Ded. Transport)
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
Shootazx25 w/PK Nob, Rokkitsx2
The Flyboyz (Deffkoptasx2 w/TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw)
BigToof (DeffDread w/Skorchasx2, counts as Troop)
Killa Kansx2 w/Grotzookas
Da Big Red Cheez (BW w/Ram, RPJ, Killkannon)
Da Beast (BW w/Deffrolla, RPJ, Big Shoota; Ded Transport)
Runtherd Bogwog w/Kannonsx3

Tzeench "Gifted" Forces(1850pts): 32 Infantry, 2 Walkers, 3 Vehicles; 11 KPs
Chaos Sorcerer w/ Gift of Chaos, Warptime
Chaos Sorcerer w/ Gift of Chaos, Warptime
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Thousand Sonsx10 w/Asp Sorcerer w/Gift
Rhino w/Extra Armor
Rhino w/Extra Armor
Rhino w/Extra Armor
Defiler w/ extra CCW
Defiler w/ extra CCW

Big Mek Wingnut smirked, watching as his Meks finished up the final touches on the huge machine in front of him. Everything was perfect, if only the Boss was...
Heavy footsteps and a body odor that bordered on visceral assault heralded the arrival of Warlord Grumgutz Bitzgrabber. The surrounding Orks all stopped worked and looked over in awe. The huge Ork stomped over and snorted at the smirking Big Mek.
Wingnut nodded, "Boss. Glad you came by. Just finished it up, I did."
The Mek in the driver's seat gunned the massive engine, and the huge Battlewagon roared enough to nearly deafen the surrounding Grot oilers. Grumgutz glanced over at the huge black vehicle.
"Hur. Another Wagon. Dat's good."
Wingnut nodded furiously, "Yup, I's call it Da Beast. Made it black, so's we could tell it from da other one. Don't worry though, it's got red still. And we's put dem big Horns on it and all. Hadda use all o' da extra bitz on it and..."
Grumgutz sighed and snorted, "Right, well dat's all well and good. Now where's me Bike at?"
Suddenly, a bit of memory that had been hiding for it's own good rattled loose from the depths of the Big Mek's brain, and he glanced over at the empty corner that once held something. Something big. Something important. Something that may have accidently gotten torn to bits and made into something else...
"Uh, it's uh... almost done Boss. Gonna make it right nice and all. You, uh, won't even recognize it none."
The Warlord nodded, "Good, 'cause if it's not. We's gonna have words. Now take me Panzee out for a walk."
"You want me ta... what?"
Grumgutz snorted, "Louie's squackin' too much 'bout fings. I's don't wanna kill dat Warphead, but if it don't keep away from me, fer a while, I's probably gonna do it. Now go and take it for a walk. Ya kin try out yer big Wagon too."
The Warlord turned and walked away, leaving Wingnut to sweat. How was he gonna get outta this one?

"It's utterly preposterous."
Ex-Farseer Lorilune snorted, turning her nose up at the massive trundling Battlewagon.
"I have no intention of riding in that... thing. I want the red one."
Wingnut frowned. He didn't like da Panzee. Scratch that. He hated the Panzee so much, there was probably a Warp entity dedicated to his burning desire to see Big Louie turned inside out. Still, the Panzee could see the future, which was a handy talent. Especially when you need high quality scrap, engine bitz, and other know-wotz that weren't just lying around.
The Big Mek sighed, "Fine, fine. Youz can take Da Big Red Cheez. Just don't break it none. Now, you look inta da future and find what I's need?"
"Big Louie" pouted a bit and closed her eyes. Greenish energy flared around her as her Tankbuster bodyguards jumped for cover. She winced, pushing away the gout of volitile Orkish energy that threatened to explode her head. Although not a normal Farseer anymore, she was still able to catch glimpses of the future. As much as she hated Wingnut, the Big Mek was responsible for making her living quarters something resembling managable (with a working restroom that was free of Face-Biting Squigs) and he was sadly enough the best the Orks could come up with for intelligable conversation.
She winced again then paused. "Yes, yes, I think... Yes, there's something. It'll be a fight... This way... Soon."
Wingnut nodded, "Dat's good, and a fight too! You ain't half bad Louie." The large Ork slapped a massive grimey hand on the Warphead's shoulder, but pulled away when a stray lance of energy burned his hand.
Lorilune nodded, "Worry not Ork, a fight you will have. I guarantee you might not enjoy it though..."

Chaos Sorcerer Archon Spellweaver paused, watching the strange group of Orks zoom across the landscape. How had the Orks managed to find them? He snorted. No matter, he had spent years researching the Gift of Chaos, and had finally managed to exploit a recent rift in the Materium. Soon, these Orks too would know the wondrous glory of Tzeench.
Still, he pondered, he was outnumbered...
Smirking, he waved his hands, and a strange blue energy rolled over his forces. It solidified... and then Archon found himself looking at a copy of himself and his forces. The spell would not last long, he thought, but it would not take long to transform these blundering savages into something more... gifted...

Pre-Game Thoughts: Now this was an interesting one! My opponent, a long time Tzeench lover, came in and declared he was going to try a new list that had given him great success in a local tournament. However, as the only one available, he seemed less than enthused to try it against the Nob Bikers. So, I pulled out a list that had been sputtering around in my mind (that, and I wanted to use the Beast again after 'Ard Boyz), and the game was on... sans Nob Bikers...

Mission: Annihilation
Setup: Spearhead
Terrain: Ruins

Deployment: The terrain was fairly well scattered, however, it was notable that after a careful look, one quarter was notably absent of cover!
The Orks won the roll to go first, and gladly gave the CSM's the quarter sans cover. (Dat's strategical thinking in Deployment? Now I knew I was playing with a Mek in charge )

As usual, the Orks proceeded to cover their deployment zone, with the Lootas and Kannons in separate buildings, Wingnut and his Nobz in Da Beast at the left frontline adjacent to Lorilune (Big Louie) and her Tankbusters at the right frontline in Da Big Red Cheez.
BigToof was placed to the right of Da Big Red Cheez, nicely hidden behind a sturdy looking wall. The Kans were deployed to the left of Wingnut. The Flyboyz sat in the center-front between the two massive Battlewagons.
The remainder of the area of was packed to the gills with Shoota Boyz, with the Rokkits near the fore pointed decidedly in the approximate direction of the enemy.

Picture Caption: "How to Infuriate Deep Strikers through an ample use of Boyz" by Big Mek Wingnut

The Tzeench Marines looked at the total lack of cover... and the immense amount of Dakka... and decide to put everything in reserve! (Sneaky Tzeenchy bastards!)

Picture Caption: That's right nada, nothing, zilch. (sigh)

The CSMs fail to seize the initiative.

Big Mek Wingnut called for a halt. He looked around at the broken down city, but saw nothing. "Oi, Panzee, you sure dis is da place?"
Lorilune sighed, "Yes, oh great and powerful Leader. We are... what are you smiling about?"
Wingnut puffed up a bit, "Just glad you's is acknowlologickatin' who's da Boss is is all... er... at least 'til we gets back."
Lorilune's eyes rolled so far back into her head, she feared they might become stuck. She had forgotten how difficult it was to convey sarcasm with the Orks.
"Yes, yes, yes. Now just because nobody is here now does not mean that..."
A crackle in Wingnut's talk-box silenced the arguing duo. "Oi, Wingnut! Dis is da Flyboyz, we ain't seen nothin' yet but... oi, what's dat?"
Wingnut scanned the horizon and peered through his Lookin' Goggles. "It's Spikey Boyz it is. Now just sit back Panzee and let me do da..."
"Orks of WAARGH Grumgutz hear me!"
Wingnut looked over at the standing Warphead.
"The Forces of Chaos draw close! They seek to ensnare us by using our aggressive nature against us! We must show restraint and allow them to enter into our web, whereapon we will fall upon them with guile and cunning!"
Lorilune paused, then sighed as she saw the Orks muttering to each other and looking vastly confused.
Wingnut interrupted, "What da Warphead is tryin' ta say is dat we's gonna give 'em Dakka 'tils dey cry like Grotz and then we 's gonna krump 'em good!"
A massive roar filled the group, the Orks waving their weapons in a vast cheering wave.
Wingnut nodded to himself. Dat was a good speech... Now he hoped he could make it all work...

Turn 1: Orks
The Orks decide to spread out, the entirety of the army shifting to the left, spreading out across the long side of the board and moving a bit forward as well. The Koptas zoom around to the left as well...
Louie produces a not-too-helpful Frazzle...

Turn 1: CSM
With everything in reserve, the Tzeench Marines simply wait, choosing dice for the different unit's reserve rolls...

Orks: 0
CSM: 0

Turn 2: Orks
The Orks continue their green creep, now covering the majority of the long board and hunkering out to the middle of the board. Everyone waits expectantly for something to come out...
Louie produces an again not-too-helpful Warpath... (She must be getting anxious...)

Turn 2: CSM
The Rhinos with The Chaos Sorcerers and Thousand Sons arrive, as does one Defiler. The Rhinos move forward, one in the center, one to the right, and pop smoke.
The Defiler clambers into some cover and fires its Battle Cannon at the Kans, nicely hitting nothing.

Orks: 0
CSM: 0

Turn 3: Orks
The Orks move up a little bit, Wingnut not wanting to get too close... (after all, there's a lotta Dakka to be tried out here!)
However, Lorilune is quite fed up with the Ork's timidness at this point and pops out a "'Ere We Go!" (although more probably akin to "Given the timid, cowardly nature of my associate it falls to us to act decisively! To me my Tankbusters, we will be away! <Pause> That means we're teleporting over there, you idiots! <teleport sound&gt, nicely teleporting her into the CSM backfield, perfectly spaced with clear shooting lanes at the center Rhino and the Defiler (woot!). (See picture for her Cheeky Greatness landing just right on target )

Picture Caption: "Suck on that, Warp Spiders!"

Shooting is somewhat lackluster, as the Tankbusters' Bomb Squigs manage to blow up the center Rhino, and the right Rhino is shaken. The Defiler passes a truly sickening amount of cover saves (and a LOT of very sad 1's and 2's for penetrating shots) to come out unscathed.

Turn 3: CSM
Everyone else comes on board. The Obliterators land, firing up their multi-meltas and shoot at Da Beast, but their efforts are stymied by the KFF!
The last Rhino comes in, staying near the back of the board, just to the left of Lorilune, deploying their Thousand Sons. They shoot at the Tankbusters, wounding Louie, the Nob, and taking down three other Orks. Other shooting sees a Kannon downed and a shaken Kan, but not much else!
As an aside, the shaken Rhino moves in front of the central Defiler, getting ready...
Louie and her crew (with a slight application of the Bosspole), decide to stay!

Orks: 1
CSM: 0

Turn 4: Orks
After the example of utter futility that is Ork shooting, the Orks decide to do things the old-fashioned way: Krumpin'!
The Kans and BigToof move forward, and Da Beast rolls out, parking next to the left Rhino that had been shooting at Louie. The Nobz get out, ready to krump the Spikey Boyz.
The Flyboyz likewise park next to the left Rhino.
Everyone else stays where they are.
Dakka is marginally better this round, as the Orks manage to immobilize the center, mostly obscured Defiler, but somehow manage to completely miss the right Defiler (who was standing out in the open the WHOLE time...).
The Flyboyz fail to do much to the left Rhino (again having difficulty rolling more than a 2 on the damage charts...).
The center Rhino though, takes a horrid number of penetrating hits and glances and finally is persuaded to disgorge its occupants... right in the face of BigToof!
Assault is, as predictable, ugly.
The Nobz light up their Kombi-Skorchas and fell 5 of the marines! (Go Skorcha! I think I've found a new toy...) They then assault in and kill the remaining marines twice over.
The Kans shoot a bit at the clustered Obliterators, doing a wound. They then assault in and smash two of the monstrosities. The single remaining Obliterator only manages a glance (shaken) on one Kan, and is taken down due to no retreat wounds! The Kans consolidate in front of the non-engaged unit of Thousand Sons, making a generous screen for Big Louie.
BigToof steps into combat with a Thousand Sons unit, felling two. The Sorcerers (big and small) try to apply krak grenades to the Orky machine, but find it far harder than advertised...
And the Flyboyz zip into the Rhino, blowing it up... and wounding one of the Nobz and one of the Deffkoptas in the process (Ah, status quo for the greenskins right there...).
The Nobz consolidate closer to their ride, and the Flyboyz zip out of bolter range.

Turn 4: CMS
The immobilized Defiler Shoots at the Kans, but fails to score an accurate hit. The other, more mobile, Defiler fleets in and assaults the right-most mob! It kills four with a set of amazing rolls, and three more Orks fall when the Nob only manages a glance back (shaken again...)!
The last non-dead and non-engaged unit of Thousand Sons moves out and fires at Big Louie and her crew through the armpits of the Kans, but Lorilune summons all of her racially motivated powers of hitting the deck really fast, and none of the Orks are harmed!
Assault continues, as the PK Nob finally manages to climb up the mounting bodies of Shootaz and blows up the Defiler! Three orks are wounded in the shower of shrapnel, but ALL make their saves! (The CSM player just rolled his eyes at that one )
BigToof notices that one of the CSM's he's fighting has a fancier hat than the others and takes the time to squish the Sorcerer good. A few more Thousand Sons die to no retreat wounds.

Orks: 7
CSM: 0

Turn 5: Orks
The Nobz get back on board their Battlewagon, eager to do more krumpin', but Wingnut decides things are well in hand.
The Killkannon fires and takes off the Battle Cannon from the immobilized Defiler.
The somewhat battered Shoota mob aims carefully at the belabored Defiler and with a surprisingly accurate Rokkit does the big machine in!
Lorilune and her few remaining Tankbusters get off the floor
The Kans fly into combat with the non-engaged unit of Thousand Sons, krumping the Sorcerer.
BigToof smashes into the Thousand Sons again.
The remaining aspiring sorcerers try to play "pin the tail on the psychotically enraged metal machines of twirly death," but fail to stick a krak grenade on the Kans.

Turn 5: CMS and Turn 6 (both sides... yes, really)
The rest of the Ork army is just as enthused as the CSMs at watching who will fall first: the Thousand Sons or the Kans, and are happy to simply watch and see... (plus you know... Gift and all was still there).
Out of some need to kick a man when he's down (Gork approves!), the game continued to Turn 6 in which BigToof finally ran out of Thousand Sons first (no surprises there!), and the Kans left only the Aspiring Sorcerer alive.

Picture Caption: "I's finished mine first!"

Orks: 10
CSM: 0

Result: Ork Victory!

Post-Game Thoughts:
Wow, this was definetly a hot-and-cold type of match. When the Orks were on, they were red hot, but still couldn't shoot the broad side of the barn. As much as it is fun to shoot at things, it seems that Krumpin' will still be the way to go at the end.
Didn't even realize that I had the "kryptonite" of a Gift of Chaos list (i.e. Walkers) until I realized how much effort the CSM were putting into killing the Kans...
Still, a fun, if unfortunately sort of lopsided match. And everyone got a moment to shine, though some (Big Louie) less so than normal

Lorilune snorted, kicking away a Grot who was busy attempting to shine her boots. It would take her days to clean the mud out of her hair.
She heard footsteps, and saw Wingnut walking over.
"What, Ork? What could you possibly want? Here to rub salt into my wounds, traumatize my ego, otherwise try and break me down into a quivering mewing mass? Try. Please. Better than you have tried and many more will."
Wingnut raised a massive eyebrow. "Sorry, Panzee, didn't catch all dat. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget yer bitz."
Lorilune frowned in confusion, and then gasped when she saw her shining Soulstone in the massive Ork's hand.
She grabbed it, inspecting it for damage, before sighing in relief. Twisting the primitive string into a loop, she dropped it around her neck.
Lorilune then sighed, looked up, and frowned in confusion at the retreating Ork's back. "I suppose you aren't going to umm... demand thanks then?"
Wingnut turned, snorting, "I ain't got none of yer fancy words Panzee, just try not ta be on me bad side fer da rest of today."
Big Louie smiled, twirling a lock of her red hair. Maybe the Orks weren't so bad after all...
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Wow! Nicely done Bigtoof!

Great opening and ending stories, as always. ;D
If you're reading this then you've won the game. Congratulations, you're free!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Nice! Always enjoyed your Batreps with Louie in it. And I would really, really like to see what model and how you painted Louie; she's kinda blurred out :P Stupid Holofields!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Cheers for another great bat rep Bigtoof, and good to see Big Louie coming back.
I notice the cheez has lost it's deff rolla to da beast, is there a reason for this? Is it the same reason Grumgutz can't find his bike?
As always, great fluff and a nice battle, and as always, can't wait for the next one

Job's a good 'un!
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Wow! Thanks for all the replies. You know how to make a lad feel appreciated

On to C&C:

Thanks for the kind words, glad you're liking the stories! Best to have everyone be as fleshed out as possible, so the beating ups on the table make more sense!

Oh, I like Louie too, but she's so unstable (like this one) it's hard to use her effectively.
Sigh, women. (ducks incoming throwing objects).
I'll try to get a prettier pic of her later. She's not a GW model, I'll have to dig out where I got her from.

Cammerz, the main reason for all these changes are simply the wondrous Deffrolla/Killkannon sprue. Love it to pieces, but couldn't put the Deffrolla on the Cheez, as it was already made. So it went on the Beast.
Nobody wanted to play vs the Nob Bikerz lately (can't blame them you know), and I wanted to show people that Orks can still be decidedly dangerous without them. Plus I do like fielding Louie...
And in the end: Points. Wanted to "go large" with getting as many boys/units out as possible, see what makes the grade, then cut back. Really some surprises this time around too. Who would have thought that Deffkoptas would be so good and Louie err... well, she had problems that day...

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Another good one. Looks like you are painting much faster than I am. Which brings me to my next point, good to see some pictures. Next time just try to hold the camera steady while you take them, and use the macro (flower) setting when doing close ups. Also when you upload them on photobucket you can automatically resize them for forums, and then post the slightly larger pics so readers don't have to go to photobucket to see the zoomed in shots. Good to see you fighting again.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Great as always and what fun to read, Ork win again Yay! And piccys all good.
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Good to see you again!
Thanks for the advise with the camera. Really am not sure how these do-dads work, but I am making the best (slow) progress I can.
As for the painting, I am actually done with pretty much everything that I play with. Painted up Da Beast for 'Ard Boyz, but haven't done the Deffkoptas as well... I didn't put much salt in their worth honestly. But, if this is Wingnut's forces, I couldn't imagine him NOT having them.
Kind of surprising, as I've noticed that there is a shift to all mech, but I have this feeling I may be playing this list more often. It has a frightening amount of tank-busting ability, and nobody seems to know what/how to shoot at it properly.
Honestly, it's made the Tankbusters a priority target! (gasp and shockers)
Thanks again -BT

Actually, it was your (and others like you) suggestion (internet-based poking) that made me finally get off my old duff and start taking pics. It actuallly helps and it's fun to do. Just have to make them a bit nicer. Glad you're enjoying it!

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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Do you find the killkannon worth it? Was nice to see it was on the wagon with no one left in it . Glad your writing more of these Bigtoof, they're a weekly favorite! Is there any place to get a better look at your models?
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Default Re: WAARGH Grumgutz vs. Tzeench Marines (1850pts, 10/11) in "The Oddest Couple"

Warboss Vandersnag:
Oh absolutely the Killkannon is NOT worth it's points in terms of raw kills per game.
I never bought it thinking it would be.
The only thing it was bought for was to try and increase the threat value of Da Big Red Cheez.
After all, the enemy only has SO much anti-tank. Choosing between shooting at Da Beast (who has Wingnut with his KFF and SEVEN dead hard Nobz) and Da Cheez (who has umm... Big Louie and her Tankbusters), wouldn't usually be a question.
However, a HUGE kannon, and Louie and her krew "blowing their wad" by laying down massive amounts of Rokkits and Bomb Squigs makes people reconsider who to shoot at (especially those mechanized folks).
So in a way, yes the Killakannon is worth it, and umm... in a way no.
I'm pleased people seem so interested in my (admittingly modestly painted) models.
I'll try and take some with a steady hand so people can see better.
Also, I've been adding bits to my Wiki (under "view Armies") so people might be able to see a few synopsis of Grumgutz, Wingnut, Lorilune and the ladz.

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