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Infinity-multiple batreps, many pictures 10/10/09
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Default Infinity-multiple batreps, many pictures 10/10/09

Whee- i love this game! we got more terrain done, adding an aircraft parts facility

an overview of the table we set up-
.above ground-

.The underground-
we designated the green roofed building to be the main entrance correspoding to the larger of the square rooms. doors on both sides and a stairway down to the next level, which also went doen a hall or seperate set of stairs to the bottom thirsd level.

The rounded end of the hall on the far side of the map went up to a manhole in the middle of the scrap yard for a 3rd entrance.

My opponant finally got his nomads in- here is all his minis for 2 variant lists and his paint scheme finsihed on one of them.-

So much happens in infinity games i will try and keep it all straight.
i will start by saying both games were epic anf fantastic battles that could have easily gone either way.

Game 1
.points 300
.objectives 4

Haqqislam spcial tactical swat unit "titan" recieves a scramble alert-nomad mercenaries have penetrated our sector on an apparent raiding mission. 4 Key points to defend, halt nomad incursion: extreme force sanctioned.

My army-
.Djanbazan LT
.Djanbazan doctor
.Jannisare HMG
.Jannisare doctor/AP rifle
.Azra'il fuerbach
.Mugahriba TAG MHMG/HGL

6 orders in my pool.

His list as far as i can remember-
.Zoe and pi-well(always)
.Repeater drone
.merc doctor avenciea
.X2 zondbots
.mobile brigada X2 with HMG
.intruder LT
.paratrooper panzerfaust/rifle

9 orders in his pool

We decide to roll setup and first turn seperately-
i loose setup and deply first with TAG in reserve and win roll for turn 1...

And so it begins-
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Infinity-multiple batreps, many pictures 10/10/09

My TAG takes an overwatch position as my first strike team(djan doc and azra'il) moves into the ground floor.

TAG: sir i got a lone enemy service bot up here on the watertower-
LT: roger that, bit odd for a bot to be lurking about by himself saturation fire the area just for safe measure.
TAG: copy that, fire for effect HGL away.

The shot is clean...

New enemy contact, sniper on the roof,

a burst of HMG fire silences the threat.

the bot ducks for cover before it can be broughyt down.

zone clear for now.

Azra'il: door is open were inside. standby positions

Nomad turn-
after loosing his sniper he acts a bit more cautious. careful movment into the manhole with a few units and sneaking the lone remote into the factor to snag the objective inside.

He brings in his airborne guy-
and easily opens up all his doors but runs out of orders before he can get to the second objective so he goes to supression fire.

My turn-
The underground:

Djan doc: i have point, looks clear, did you hear that on the other side of the door? i think we have company.
Azra'il: get clear and cover my backside.

Meanwhile outside.....
TAG: man it is so quiet out here.....

Azra'il. next corner, contact...&%$#!!! panzer faust! whew that was close nailed him, target down.(he rolled a 1 i got a 2&3 on the face off roll)
man i love this gun.

Azra'il: target secured
LT: copy, meet up near the entrance for hand off, i am moving in.

Nomad turn-
He moves easily down the long corridor for the bottom most objective.

He easily moves in and gets the objective and starts setting up an ambush postion if i should happen to come down the stairs to floor 3from the next room over.

My 2 djans and azra'il move into the next floor (2) set up defensive positions and secure the data in the room.

Nomad turn-
he starts an organised fall back to get his second held objective clear.

Azra'il: this looks like a false wall, hidden passageway sir
LT: go, slow them down while we get set.

Azra'il: on it sir. i got contact, just a bot, it's down.
I have new contacts, multiple targets...#$%@!

LT: repeat your last......(static)

Nomad turn-
he moved his HMG into postion and after a brief firefight puts the azra'il down. picks his objective back up and KOs the unconcious Azra'il.

LT: looks like the azra'il is down, doc see what you can do, slow them down.

TAG standby for cover fire o nthe manhole exit, jann HMG get you can over there and support the TAG.

TAG: ready
Jann: on my way sir
djan doc: i have a clear passage here, setting up a suppression zone.
I got movement!

Nomads turn-
He moves up his HMG and duels with the djan but the Djan can see in the dark and after several succesive crits and wounds the HMG goes down(i rolled like 7 crit rolls this game ) the rest of his force underground sees the HMG drop and decides to caustiously move past the corridor and set up a suppression of thier own.

Djan doc: scratch one nomad...new contact, scratch another. looks like we got the boss man himself LT down.

New contact, damn another HMG, i hit him but he is still up.....%#$@!

LT: Doc you still with us?...(static). Ok people we got a situation 2 men down, kill anything that comes out of that hole.

Nomads turn. he moves his HMG and pi-well clear of the hole but the HMG takes an ARO hit and goes down.

Jann: nailed one of them sir but i think another got clear.

He grabs the objective with pi-well, moves cautiously but realises he has to make a break for it.

Thinking the range and the ODD will keep him save he sprints for the edge of the zone. the TAG spots him. it's a long shot 5s or less to hit.

ARO dice rolls a 5!!!! natural crit! Pi-well goes down

TAG: nailed him sir, looks like the mercs are bugging out.

LT: copy that, well done. looks like they only got away with one target. stay on overwatch while we clear the area. jann doc get down here and see what you can do, recover the cubes if you can, i'd hate to loose such good men.
Jan doc: yes sir, on my way down.

after action:

.Djan doc-KIA cube recovered
.Azra'il KIA-no cube


Victory for haqqislam.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Infinity-multiple batreps, many pictures 10/10/09

Game 2
4 but only one is the actual objective.
each objective is given a hidden number (placed by an independant observer)

a D3 is rolled and the #2 objective is the only one that matters...if we can find it.

My army-
yu-jing/ariadna mercs
.Van zant LT/AP rifle
.Para commando HMG
.Para commando medic
.Scout-AP sniper
.Tank hunter-auto cannon
.husong remote-HMG/360 visor/total reaction

7 orders in my pool

His list
.Zoe & pi-well
.sputnik X2
.zondbot X2
.rifle zond
.missile zond
.HMG to trooper
9 orders in his pool

I loose set up and first turn rolls.

He moves a sputnik up to try and discover my sniper. ARO drops the sputnik, he moves a zondbot up and repairs it. they shoot it out again and the sniper goes down.

He moves in via the manhole entrance, my team sits tight and waits for Van zant.

My turn-
van zant drops in, he's already lost a sniper and is not about to fall behind. moving into the bulding he discovers the first objective and finds it to be the wrong data stream....moving on.

meanwhile above ground the Guijia and remote hold down the fort.

His turn he moves in to check an objective-nothing there either.

My turn again-
My TAG tries a gutsy move, target in the open, he comes under HMG fire as a TO unit opens up on him. he fires back a couple times but the target is to hard to hit and he just goes to check his prize.

Bingo #2 located. TAG falls back, but not enougbh to get clear.

Nomads turn- he abandons the underground and moves to cut off the tag. his sputnik moves up and fires the fuerbach on the TAG. i fail to get clear and get damaged. we try it again and the TAG goes down a mere 7" from victory.

Van zant moves quickly to circle artound back while he sends the HMG forward to supress the enemy. the tank hunter stays hidden.

After a brief firefight the para commando HMG goes down.

Nomad turn-
he moves his second sputnik out to shoot a marker near the objective, this is what the tank hunter has been waiting for. he comes out of hidding and rolls a crit hit with his autocannon. dropping the sputnik before it can fire.

The nomads are frantic(and the player to) as they see voctory slipping away. the objective is right there in the open but it is covered in a deadly crossfire.
he flanks right with a remote and moves up other units.

My turn again-
Van zant gets into position. my HMG remote moves back to get a bead on his last spoutnik covering the objective. it's a hard shot but i take it and kil the sputnik. with the way clear Van zant grabs teh objective and sprints out of the zone giving the fallback order. mission accomplished.

After action.
My losses-
.HMG para commando
.Scout sniper

Nomad losses-
X2 sputniks

Loosing a TAG was a high price to pay but the mission was a success-

Victory for my MERC unit...by the skin of my teeth.
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Infinity-multiple batreps, many pictures 10/10/09

Thanks for the BatRep! It's interesting to see how much this mimics Necromunda in some ways.

I watched a few games in person and I can definitely ay the ability to move/take cover or something like that when getting shot at (IIRC, it was only something like a 3" move) seemed like an excellent idea.

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