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1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09
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Kroot Warrior
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Default 1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09

I had the opportunity to throw down against a Chaos Marine player I've never played against, and if nothing else, it was educational.

My list:

Shas'el (117)
-[1 XV8 w/ Plasma, Missile, Shield, HW: Multi, Stims]

XV8 Team (138)
-[1 XV8 w/ TL: Plasma, Shield]
-[1 XV8 w/ TL: Missile, Shield]

XV15 Team (180)
-[3 XV15 w/ BC, DC + 1 MD]

Fire Warrior Team (190)
-[1 Shas'ui w/ PR, BK]
-[6 Shas'la w/ PR]
-[1 Devilfish w/ D-pod, Flechettes, Sensors]

Fire Warrior Team (190)
-[1 Shas'ui w/ PR, BK]
-[6 Shas'la w/ PR]
-[1 Devilfish w/ D-pod, Flechettes, Sensors]

Hammerhead (185)
-[Rail, SMS, D-pod, Multi, BSF. Tgt Lock]
His list (approximate):

-[1 Marine w/ Power Fist, Comb-melta]

Tactical squad
-[1 Sergeant w/ Lightning Claws, Icon, MB]
-[7 Marines w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW, MB's]
-[1 Marine w/ Plasma, MB]
-[1 Marine w/ *Weapon Unknown*, MB]

Tactical squad
-[1 Sergeant w/ Lightning Claws, MB]
-[7 Marines w/ Bolt Pistol, CCW, MB's]
-[1 Marine w/ Melta, MB]
-[1 Marine w/ Lascannon, MB]

Biker Squad
-[1 Sergeant w/ TL: Bolters]
-[2 Bikers w/ Plasma Guns]
-[1 Biker w/ TL: Bolters]

Obliterator Squad
-[3 Obliterators]
Mission: Capture and Control
Setup: Dawn of War
Mission Area Terrain Description: One large section of rock on my far left, one 3-story ruin in my middle, one large section of rock on my right, varying between 1" and 6" from my long table edge. The same for his board half, plus a bunker with no viewports and a single access point facing my deployment zone. Approximately three hedges 6" long and 1" tall scattered across the middle of the board.
Objective Placement: My objective was out in the open, as I had every intention of being able to lay waste to any models he placed on it. His objective was directly behind the small bunker in his deployment zone.

The Iron Warriors choose to go first and during his deployment places a single squad on top of the bunker. The second squad goes directly behind a single piece of hedges that leaves them approximately 17 inches from my building. He declares his bikers are driving on first turn and his oblits are deepstriking. I deploy one squad of Fire Warriors in my building on the second floor and the second squad of Fire Warriors on the rock to the left of my building, within an easy two turns of walking or a single move via Devilfish of my objective.

Turn One, CSM: The front tactical squad moved forward, taking a chance by leaving themselves out in the open. The bikers come on behind them, turbo-boosting 18" to get up behind the hedge the marines had been using. The tactical marines on his objective stayed put. His forward tactical squad failed their nightfight (snake eyes) while the rear tactical squad rolls boxcars and tries to plink a Fire Warrior with a lascannon, which he misses.

Turn One, Tau: I declared that everything else is going to walk on in my first turn during deployment, and I proceed to do so. It's at this point that his trash-talking suddenly doesn't seem like such a good idea. Now facing his forward tactical squad is my entire army, who then proceeds to reap a toll of a whopping three marines. Even after all three markerlights hit and provided a negation of nightfight to the far left Fire Warriors and a boost of BS to the other squad, along with a boost of BS to the XV8 squad with attached Shas'el. After a hellacious amount of hits, a single plasma shot wounds, while he makes a ridiculous number of saves. Alright, fair enough. Suits and a pair of drones jump out of obvious assault range, using the drones to block the shortest assault route.

Turn Two, CSM: The obliterators fail to come on. He rolls his tactical squad up to the front of my building and blasts off a few bolt pistol shots, doing nothing (1 wound, 1 armor save). His bikers push forward and manage to wound a Crisis Suit with their plasma. The tactical squad with lascannon misses, yet again. He rolls a six on his difficult terrain to assault, and my Fire Warriors manage to kill a whopping nothing. None of them are hurt by regular marines, but the Sergeant and Lord between them mange to kill all seven. They then proceed to consolidate into the lower floor with a roll of five, and decide to wait until the Oblits show up. I'm more than happy to let them chill in the building, as it gives me time to deal with the bikers.

Turn Two, Tau: Without Nightfight, my options are much better. Some general moving around, but most of it is to let me get better shots at his bikers while at the same time ensuring he's going to need a six to get out of the building in range to assault anything other than a pair of drones and their owning Devilfish. A wave of fire later, the bikers are gone, and he's cussing up a storm, dropping F-bombs and griping about how he should've taken his Havocs (sp?). And going on, and going on, and going on until the end of the game. At least, when he's not calling me a coward for jumping away from his lord and bragging about how he beat down my Fire Warriors. I look him straight in the eye and say "What do you want me to do, stand there and let you hit me? Of course I'm going F-ing shoot you." That managed to shut him up for about two minutes. And then I dropped a submunition on his tactical squad on top of the bunker and killed three of'em. Cue another explosion of profanity.

Turn Three, CSM: The oblits fail to come in yet again, and now he's whining and griping about that. His forward tactical squad elected to remain in the building and try to weather the storm. His rear tactical squad shot at the Hammerhead with the lascannon and missed, yet again. Insert tirade about how his F-ing bikes were worthless and he should've taken his Havocs. Insert me not saying I don't care and not listening. I was starting to get fed up.

Turn Three, Tau: I re-deploy my forces, lining up to try and knock out the squad in the building. Two markerlights later, and he's got a coversave of 6+. I then proceed to unleash all sorts of nastiness his way, minus the submunition from the hammerhead, though the smart missiles give it a go. After the smoke clears, the lord and the sergeant are all that's left, and I'm silently cursing the fact that I couldn't kill the darned things. My submunition more than makes up for it, however, by killing all but the sergeant and a single marine with bolt pistol and CCW. I use my jump pack move to set it up so that there was 3.5" between a drone and my Devilfish, as his squad sergeant was mounted on an XV8-sized base, which meant he shouldn't have been able to squeeze through.

Turn Four, CSM: The oblits finally show up, and use the Icon on the sergeant of his forward tactical squad to deepstrike just on the edge of the building, out of difficult terrain so that he wasn't taking the DT test. He then moves his lord and sergeant up to within a few inches of my XV8 squad (with commander still attached). After a withering hail of plasma gun (not cannon) fire, he manages to take down my own plasma rifle suit and put a wound on my missile pod suit. The squad holds with my Shas'el's leadership of nine, and he proceeds to try to assault through the gap in between my drones and my Devilfish. Cue five minute argument, with me showing him in the book, and several people from a couple of other games trying to beat it through his thick skull that you can't assault a unit and move within an inch of a separate enemy unit. It finally came down to a dice-off just to keep the game moving. I lost, and he proceeded to wipe my XV8's off the board, leaving me with a pair of Devilfish, four drones, a squad of fire warriors and my stealth team to remove his Lord and Sergeant off my

Turn Four, Tau: After shooting nearly everything but the remaining Fire Warriors at them, his obliterators are still standing. My Fire Warriors and their Devilfish proceed to unload on the Lord and Sergeant, gunning them down in a wave of pulse fire. I then proceed to assault the oblits with a pair of drones and my stealths, thinking that surely, surely I could get at least one wound. Nope. He then proceeds to turn and around squish one drone. One. Count'em...one. And, losing combat by one wound, both the stealths and the feisty little drone pass their leadership checks. Works for me.

Turn Five, CSM: The last two marines in his rear-guard disembark from the bunker and run around to the far side of it, forcing me to use Smart Missiles. With nothing else to do, we go to Assault, and his oblits take lose a wound while doing three in return. I fail both morale checks and the suits (minus marker drones) and single drone run off the board. Of course, now they're standing in the open in front of the remaining portions of my army.

Turn Five, Tau: Making my biggest mistake of the game, I leave my Fire Warriors where they are, thinking I should have enough distance, and probably another turn to put myself on my objective. I unleash all hell on the oblits, doing one more wound. He now has three wounds total remaining on the squad. Taking the chance, I assault the oblits with my last remaining drones. Three hits. Three wounds. And (drumroll, please): One. One. One. The oblits go down in the last turn to assault. From drones. He rolls the dice for end game. One. Game over. I measure the distance between my Fire Warriors and my objective. Three inches, and an eighth. I sigh in frustration as I realize it's a draw. He's outside of claiming range of his objective from trying to hide from my hammerhead, and I'm out of range from my objective by a lousy eighth of an inch. Sonuva$#&*@&^.

I grin and shake his hand, promising myself I'll never play the griping little jerk again. I had to correct him multiple times during the game on rules, as I found out in turn four that he not only didn't have the BRB, he hadn't read it. I've seen this guy at other places around town, for about a year and a half now. Fifth edition has been around for how long now? C'mon, man. I watched him (watched him) pick up a dice that bounced off a rock and call it cocked, re-rolling it before I could say anything. By the time he pulled that little shenanigan, I was tired of his bull in general and let it slide. He had two models left on the board, and while he was bragging about fighting me to a draw, pretty much everyone in the room that had watched a part of the game told him they were going to consider it a Tau victory because he had a whopping two models left on the board. Yeah, they told him that to his face.

Regardless, I learned a few things about the Chaos Space Marines (they die just as fast as regular marines ) and in the process found yet another person I don't like playing. Minus the shenanigans, I enjoyed the game, it was a decent exercise in tactical flexibility, and I was able to use my mobility, drones and markerlights to good effect. I'm still feeling my way into using the markerlights in specific, but so far, I think the Stealth Marker Team is the way to go, at least for me.

Thanks for reading.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09

Great battle report, good job surviving the warp based profanity.
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Default Re: 1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09

At least you learned something from a game with a total tool. Keep it up, and you'll find someone fun to game with and give us more battreps.
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Default Re: 1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09

Not all chaos players are jerks! He sounds like a bit of a tool and as a chaos played myself his strategy is kinda confusing, chaos need to get into combat. if you dont then you are dead. simple as that. hence why I hate hammerheads. =D
good work beating his vulgar mouth down though.
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Default Re: 1000pts Tau vs Iron Warriors (CSM), 10/09/09

Hehehehe very good report, that got that jerk talking >
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