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Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]
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Default Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

No gunshots, no explosions, nothing was going on. Meksnikk couldn’t even find the scent of battle while sniffing the air. “Dis sucks. Wez hasn’t found no one ta fight in a long time. I tink dis Waaagh were a lie. Finkaboy, Sparkles start portin stuff back onto da Kroozah, wez getting off dis rok to find some proppa crumpin.

“No prob boss”. Finkaboy went to turn on the teleporter that was linked to the Kroozer in orbit, while Sparkles wheeled off to find some boys and grots to start loading gear. For weeks since landing on Worlds End the Wamp Gataz had been unsuccessful in finding new armies to krump. There was a lot of hype on the talky talks about a massive Waaagh invading the system, but apprently it fizzled out like a flat squigbeer.

Meksnikk grabbed a few trukks worth of boyz to get the extra ammo from one of the buildings in town. As the trukks approached the ruined Imperial city Meksnikk felt something he hadn’t experienced in a while. Death was stalking the area, but he couldn’t find the source. He peered between the many buildings as the fan boat skimmed the planets surface, but couldn’t see anything.

They rounded corner, to see the lootas already busy taking all the ammunition out of the supply building. The vehicle mounted Evil Sunz were Aulma'd the lootas somehow got there before them dispite not having transports. The trukk came to a violent stop as Meksnikk’s driver jammed the brakes on to avoid wrecking it on some newly placed tank traps. Someone had surrounded the building with barricades corralling Meksnikk’s vehicles in a bunch. A flash of green light from across the town identified the culprit….tineads. “Follow me boyz, looks like wez gonna get one more fight in before we leave dis craphole.”

Mission: Cities of Death ~ Annihilation
Orks: Ammo Dump, sacred ground, infiltrate
Necrons: Power generator, demo charge, tank traps

Meksnikk: BC, Sh/Sk, AS, CB, EA
Snikrot with 2 burnas, and 7 boyz
Lootas X 10
Bloo Clovah PK, BP, BS with shootas X 11 in trukk with rokkit/ram
Snipah Snipah “same as above”
Grimmskimmah PK, BP with sluggas X 11 in trukk with rokkit/ram
Spidah Claw PK, BP with sluggas X 10 in trukk with rokkit/ram
Runtherd +10 grots
Buzzkopta and rokkitkopta
Stormboyz X 4, nob with PK, BP
Stormboyz X 4, nob with BC, BP

Necrons: From memory
Warriors X 12
Warriors X 12
Immortals X 10
Destroyers X 3
Destroyers X 3
Tomb Spiders X 9

Here is a picture before any units or the tank traps are placed. I was going to do a turn by turn with the pictures but the lighting was really bad and we were playing too slowly, so I only got a couple....sorry.

O: The lootas took the high ground in the ammo dump, with the koptas in front of their building. The left flank had the kans and stormboyz ready to move out, with the fast elements in the middle to support either flank. All the trukks were bunched up to the right, since there was only one small gap in the tank traps, and forced them to take the long way around.

You can see the tank traps (aegis line) place in a semi circle around my deployment zone. The only way through was near the bottom of the picture.

N: A warrior squad was in the water tower (which was the power station and planted with a demo charge). A destroyer squad was next to the tower with the Deceiver in the middle flanked by all the tomb spiders. The immortals were in the middle with the other destroyer squad on my left along with the other warrior squad. He knew I had Snikrot but didn’t change his deployment because of it.

Turn 1: Here wez come
O: The koptas scout turboboosted in front of the water tower ready to charge the warriors or destroyers (or hopefully both). The trukks revved up their fans and headed through the gap, while the kans squeezed through the barricades on the left. The lootas open up with an absurd amount of wounds on the warriors wounding 12 of them, but only two are taken down. The buzzkopta opened up with his big shoota and blasted one of the destroyers out of the sky and the pair charged the remaining two slicing them both in half and taking out their very nasty guns.

N: One warrior was able to self repair while the Deceiver and five tomb spiders silently marched towards the koptas and the other destroyer squad maneuvered to get line of sight to the kans. Both kopta pilots’ skin was melted away with gauss shots under the weight of dozens of shots from the water tower. The Deceiver stared at the PK stormboy nob and simply said, “flee”. The nob looked at him curiously and gave him an impolite gesture with his finger. The barricades near the kans took a fierce volley of fire when the destroyers showed their ineptitude at hitting large lumbering walkers. Each and every tomb spider created a small swarm of scarabs to protect them.

Turn 2: Time for some explosions
O: The grots came skulking out of the shadows and hide behind some tank traps. Rusty legs propelled the kans toward the wall of tomb spiders and the sound of their feet was drowned out by the engines of the trukks trying to reach the frontlines, and the stormboy rokkits who leapt behind the bastion. Again the lootas fired on the warriors who occupied the water tower, but only took the head off one. The kans targeted a tomb spider, but the shot was intercepted by the scarabs who disintegrated into metallic paste.

N: Everything moved down the center street closing the distance with the trukks. Meksnikk’s trukk exploded in a fiery green ball when the warriors leveled their guns at his rickety transport. Only one boy was killed in the crash though. A second trukk, Bloo Clovah’s, kareens into a ditch and four are killed in the explosion when the destroyers fired on them. Some immortal gauss shakes one of the kans as well. The Deceiver once again sought out the PK stormboy nob, but this time said, “leave this battlefield now or die a slow and painful death.” The nob again looked at him funny, and showed him what orks keep in their pants.

Turn 3: Time to shut you up
O: Snikrot and his commandos hopped out of the bushes to ambush the second warrior squad, and popped one in the face with a slugga round. One stormboy smashed into the bastion as both squads landed to pimp slap the Deceiver. All the trukk boyz rushed forward as fast as possible. The Deceiver’s smug look was wiped away when four deffgun rounds punched through his chest. The stormboyz ran in to finish off this supposed “god” as Meksnikk and Spidah Claw’s boyz climbed all over a tomb spider. Finally the warriors in the tower were met with choppas when Bloo Clovah’s boys rushed up the scaffolding. The warboss cuts the tomb spider in tiny pieces with his big choppa, and watched the Necron god fade into a sprit-like form and disengage the stormboyz. Bloo Clovah tripped and whiffed on his power claw attacks, but his boyz wounded four, though only actually hurt one. Two of his boyz are tossed off the tower and crush two more underneath. A flurry of his deadly blades and numerous choppas and burnas take out three warriors, but they hold position.

Snikrot taking on the warriors:

The fight on the other side of the board:

N: The destroyers hovered to block the kans from reaching the tomb spiders, who used their many legs to close in on the boyz. Scrap metal, ork bodies, and the head of a warrior fall from the sky when the power generator explodes; the timer finished on the demo charge which brought down the water tower. The Deceiver looks to the stormboy nob again, “Your simple mind must not be able to comprehend the danger your are in. Flee, you mindless creature. Your false gods will not protect you.” The nob, for a third time, started laughing and pointing at the god. The destroyers have more luck and shred one of the kans and take the dangerous dreadnought arm off the other. The immortals targeted Snipah Snipah’s trukk and blew off the rokkit mount, which hit the driver and stunned him. A tomb spider crushed two stormboys under its feet, its armor fending off their counterattack. On the other side of the field Snikrot and his kommandos finish off the warriors and head across the river to hit the immortals next.

Turn 4: Getting close
O: Both Grimmskimmah’s and Snipah Snipah’s trukks emptied themselves of boyz ready to finally fight. The immortals turn to see Snikrot casually walking up to them his blades at the ready. A tomb spider crossed the sights of the lootas, and was rearranged into smaller parts. The stormboys hack up another one too with big and small choppas. The two trukk mobs charged into the ruins of the water tower and cut down the warriors there, but the Deceiver faded out of the fight again. Snikrot and the remaining kan clashed with the immortals and destroyers, looking both units in combat as they trade casualties.

N: A few necron self repair and resume fighting in hand to hand. The Deceiver materialized once more and looked again at the pk stormboy nob, “My logic engines can’t compute the improbability of you remaining in this fight, so reason dictates that you and your retinue vacate the premises.” The nob had no idea what the hell it said, and just stood there dumbstruck. The Deceiver then charged Snipah Snipah’s boyz, and being the Blood Axe he is, pulled out and let his boyz get swept cause he knew the chicken god would be immune to shooting if surrounded by Orks.

Turn 5: Take dat you annoying god
O: Snipah Snipah’s plan worked as the ground shook when the lifeless body of the Deceiver riddled with deffgun rounds fell. With their leader dead and the few Necrons still operation now being assaulted on all sides the enemy phased out.

Result: Orks win ;D

Things I learned:
With their extra T6 wounds, tomb spiders are very resilient.

The pk stormboy nob is one brave mofo. He had to roll four leadership checks on the Deceiver’s fear power and passed every single one, with a roll 7 or under. He earned the name Bignutz.

If people don’t respect Snikrot, he will tear them a new one. He basically won me the game by taking out the second warrior squad and then tying up the immortals and destroyers while the boyz finished off the rest.

Tank traps can really screw my army in cities of death missions. If there wasn’t that one gap I would have lost all mobility.

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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Good Show with the Orks!
Glad to see the Necrons didn't give you too much trouble.
Personally don't like the Deciever that much. Been a bane of many of my games and well... haven't taken that C'Tan down... yet. Good to see you had much better of a go!
Snikrot is doing well in your hands as well, keep it up!
Question: What is Tank Traps (not familiar w/CoD)? Is it so bad that it kept you from going through them?

Best of luck,
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Now, this was a great game and I was surprised with the effectiveness of Tombspyders. However, I must inform you that a necron player can not take 9 of them. The heavy support choice is only for 1.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

@Bigtoof: Thanks, I actually don't think my boyz have lost to the tineads yet. The new tomb spyder army is a harder nut to crack though.
The Deceiver was tough to kill because I couldn't rely on power claws doing the job, and had to use shooting. Normally I'd ignore him, but my lootas had nothing better to shot at.
I love Snikrot. He rarely disappoints.
The tank traps are 6" long and you get D3+3 of them. They are impassible to all vehicles and offer a 5+ cover save to infantry. If my deployment zone was a bit smaller he could have totally boxed in my trukks. I could have given my kans wreckers, and they could have destroyed them, but it would have taken a while.

@WV: Thanks for the compliment. The tomb spyders are quite nasty when the player only spawns one scarab swarm. It keeps them both at T6, as opposed to T3 if you spawn a bunch. I don't have the codex, but I'm pretty sure that you can take 1-3 tomb spyder and they operate independently like sniper drone teams. I've seen quite a few lists drawn up this way, and some call it the spyder wall army. 40kenthusiast used to use it in tournaments.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Originally Posted by Warboss Vandersnag
Now, this was a great game and I was surprised with the effectiveness of Tombspyders. However, I must inform you that a necron player can not take 9 of them. The heavy support choice is only for 1.
I'm not a Necron player, but I'm looking at the Codex right now, and it says "Number: You may include 1-3 Tomb Spyders as a single Heavy Support choice. Tomb Spyders are deployed as a single unit but do not have to be placed together and operate as independent units during the game." It's not a 0-1 unit type, and there are 3 Heavy Support slots... How do you figure you can't use 9 if you pay the cost for them?

@ Scoutfox - Nice BatRep as usual, we really need to get together at some point and let your Boyz take on my bugs again.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Thanks Nez. Yes, we do need them to fight. Your hive fleet and my Waaagh have been gaining steam; its time the met again. I need to finish up some more conversions to try out on your bugs too.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

right right. My mistake. He can take 9.
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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Nice report ScoutFox. Couple thoughts:

-Sounds like those lootaz came up money for you. A very up and down unit choice, in my experience. Would you agree?

-A LOT of tomb spyders. I've never seen that before. A unique army.

-Be careful naming your nob BigNutz. In my experience, giving names like that always results in the name becoming ironic. My buddy's "Iron Trukk" is routinely aced on the first turn. ;D

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Default Re: Wamp Gataz Vs Necrons 1500 point COD game [08 Oct 09]

Thanks for the comments Droofus.

My lootas tend to do really well, if I can deploy them somewhere useful. Last game they kept an autocannon predator stunned for two rounds, then took out 9/10 tactical marines in one turn (lucky rolling caused 16W), then next turn took out the last guy, but I was really trying to kill Mephiston. I would never make a list without them. Plus they are one of the few squads I have fully painted. People are usually too worried about the trukks full of boyz headed their way to pay attention to the lootas. They are best in the first couple rounds though when no one is in close combat.

Yes, the tomb spyder spam army is unique. I think mostly because it costs so much. My buddies wife has no idea how much money these little models cost. He tried using his 4th edition armies, but they just get destroyed in close combat, with the negatives to leadership in 5th.

Bignutz did get run down the other day, but that's fine. Their names are earned when they do something cool. Bloo Clovah's boyz still don't pass all their armor saves, but he's never started with less than 11 boyz so they still want to follow him.

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