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[PICS] Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009
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Default [PICS] Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009

Disclaimer: I am still not an expert with Vassal but hopefully it's getting better!
Disclaimer 2: I forgot to put the Devilfish on the pictures during turns 1 & 2, my apologies. For those of you who wonder, it was staying pretty far back, behind the wall in the center of my lines

.::. Battle Report Tau vs Orks: "Waaagh!!" .::.

Army Lists

Shas’o – Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod. Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’vre – Twin-linked Missile Pod, Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’ui – Twin-linked Flamers, Missile Pod
10 Kroot
10 Kroot
6 Firewarriors in
Warfish – Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Broadside - Team Leader, Advanced Stabilization System, Hard-wired Drone Controller with 1 Shield Drone

12 Lootas
11 Lootas
3 Trucks, each with
11 Boyz, including 1 Nob with Power Klaw
Big Mek with Power Klaw and Kustom Force Field
3 Kannons

We rolled for mission, getting "Seize Ground". Deployment was "Dawn of War". I won the roll for deployment, choosing the south side and opting to go first. He tried to seize initiative but failed.

Units starting on the battlefield:
Tau: Both units of Kroot
Orks: One Truck with a unit of Boyz

Three Objectives were placed, fairly central on the map. He won the roll for deploying first so he got to deploy two of them. I deployed one of mine fairly close to the Kroot on the Eastern flank. The battlefield looked like this:

Turn 1


Everything moved onto the table, mostly in the center. My Kroot started off with blasting at the Truck (in hindsight I should have let the Broadside go first) - managing to destroy it! The Truck did this special-orky-thingy and went 8" towards the Kroot-objective before blowing up. My units struggled to get LOS due to night-fighting but in total 7 boys died, leaving 4 alive, including the Nob.

In the assault phase my Shas'vre to the south-west failed his dangerous terrain test. Argh, that was annoying.


Everything moved onto the table, Loota squads in both corner-buildings, getting a nice 4+ cover save having run their way over difficult terrain. His Trucks both chose the same approach as the one he'd originally deployed. His remaining Boyz charged my Kroot who proceeded to kill everyone but the Nob who took down 2 in return. Passing his test, the assault continued...

Turn 2


With the Loota squad being fairly dangerous, even when I'm in cover, I carefully positioned the Kroot so that they couldn't be seen (all but one at least) at all in the building.

My Shas'vre killed a single Loota in the north-west corner while the rest of my force took down a truck (that cover save is really annoying!), killing 6 boys. I wanted to trap him with a tasty Shas'o target so I placed him in front of the Shas'ui with flamers and the Broadside. I figured, if I could get 15 Boyz right in front of me it was worth losing the Shas'o. Unfortunately, he had other plans...

In the assault phase my Kroot killed the Nob and consolidated 5" into the woods. This was a huge mistake, seeing as it would grant his biggest Boyz' squad access to cover AND getting closer to my lines - even ignoring the Shas'o and getting out of range of the flamer (if I were to take on the Mek at least).


His movement phase was fairly short, his remaining Truck moving towards the woods, disembarking the Boyz. In the shooting phase he declared waaagh! and all the Boyz ran towards me. One Loota squad targeted a Hammerhead, but failed to do anything due to a passed cover save. The other killed a single Kroot (the only visible one). Kannons shot at the same Hammerhead as well, it passed its cover save number 2.

His Big Mek and his Boyz charged my Shas'o who killed 2 of them, only to be beaten down by powerfists in return. At least the unit now only contained a Nob with 1 wound and the Big Mek. The Kroot killed 2 Boyz and were wiped out in return.

Turn 3


At this point I realized I could position the Shas'vre so he could target the Eastern Orks near my lines without being seen by the Lootas in the north-west corner. Rolling difficult terrain (to avoid a dangerous terrain test) I got the 3" I needed and position him to snipe the violent Orks running rampant in the midst of my lines.

I also realized that due to his tactics, all I needed to do was kill off his Troops and he couldn't win unless he could completely annihilate me. Although I felt that the battle wasn't going too well at this point I reasoned I stood a decent chance of wiping all his Boyz out - if either my Kroot or Fire Warriors could reach an objective and survive at the crucial moment, the game could very well be mine!

I killed off his Big Mek and the Nob along with 6 of the Boyz in the woods with the combined firepower of nearly everything I had on the board. Still, it wasn't enough, and I had forgotten to move one of my Hammerheads which would prove to be a fatal mistake.


He tank-shocked my Broadside with his remaining Truck. Thinking "great, a free shot!" I chose to stand my ground... Easily penetrating the Truck, I promptly rolled a '2' - meaning it didn't stop and reluctantly I removed my Broadside from the table. At least its Big Shoota was gone... In hindsight, I don't know if the Broadside would've made too much of a difference with the few remaining Boyz all staying in cover, however it probably wasn't worth it even with a ~60% chance to stop it.

His remaining Boyz charged my Hammerhead and his Nob easily killed it since I had forgotten to move it in my turn.

Turn 4


I had to get rid of those last Boyz in my lines! What I had left targeted them, except the Fire Warriors who were afraid of Loota fire (scoring was becoming increasingly important!) and chose to stay embarked. After the dust settled, he had his Nob remaining. Throwing caution to the wind I charged in with my flamer-Shas'ui, getting 2 wounds in assault (!!!) but his saves came up 2....6 - keeping him alive on one wound. He promptly killed my crisis suit in return with his Power Klaw and consolidated towards my Warfish.


Finally his shooting proved to be dangerous as he got 3 glancing hits on the remaining Hammerhead. It passed all 3 cover saves, making a total of 5/5 saves passed! His Nob stunned the Devilfish in assault. How I wish he'd have gotten "weapon destroyed" so I could disembark Fire Warriors on the objective next turn...

Turn 5


My Fire Warriors disembarked, ready to rapid-fire on the Nob. At this, they failed miserably, rolling only 4 hits and scoring only 1 wound, which is promptly saved by his behind-skimmer-so-your-fish-of-fury-isn't-really-that-good-cover-save. He was becoming a real thorn in my side!

My Hammerhead wrecked his Truck, which meant he could no longer win the game save for tabling me (highly unlikely).


His other squad targeted my Hammerhead, getting 2 hits. Again, I saved both (7/7 now!). His Nob proceeded to assault the Fire Warriors, who duly put a wound on him... Only for him to pass his 6+ save again!! In return, he missed with 3 of his attacks, the hitting one rolling a '1' to wound! A tie, and I was probably never gonna get to that objective.

Turn 6


The Kroot rolled a 2 and a 5 for their difficult terrain test, moving towards the Objective ready to grab it. The majority were still in cover by the building, which came in handy against the Lootas.

My hammerhead and Shas'vre targeted the Kannons, killing 4 crewmen. In the ongoing assault with my Fire Warriors I killed off the Nob and consolidated a mere 2" towards the objective.


His Kannons moved closer to the Objective while his Lootas targeted the Kroot. They killed off 3, forcing a morale test which I passed! His other Lootas targeted the Fire Warriors, killing 2 and also forcing a morale test, again which I passed!

Turn 7


With the Fire Warriors having a long way to go to the objective I was in need of some seriously amazing dice rolls to get them anywhere close. A difficult terrain test of 1 & 2 didn't want them going anywhere though.

My Kroot assaulted his Kannons while my Shas'vre was finally in range for his Airbursting Fragmentation Projector on the Lootas. Between him and the Hammerhead 4 Lootas bit the dust, relieving my Kroot of some of their fire. The Crisis suit then proceeded to use his jetpack move towards the Lootas - providing cover for the Kroot in case they'd win the assault!

In the assault phase the Kroot promptly wiped out the remaining members of the Kannon crew, and I could consolidate half of them behind my Shas'vre - meaning cover for the last shooting turn!


It was all up to how much damage his remaining Lootas could put on my Kroot. They all opened up, hitting with only 2, and only wounding 1! I promptly passed the save, meaning I won the game!


Another win for The Greater Good! For a while there I didn't think I could bring this one home, since his Lootas produced so much firepower! Even hitting on 5+ the sheer number of shots means it's a real pain - I couldn't move anything safely into their line of sight. Being Tau, this wasn't a good prospect.

However, I didn't doubt that I could annihilate his Troops, so at worst I was looking at a draw (reasoning that he couldn't table me). I think, in the end, what gave me the win was that I always had the objectives in mind and played accordingly. I did too many stupid mistakes which I will try to avoid in the future.

About the list - I feel I need more dakka. I'm considering replacing a suit or two with more dakkaoriented suits. I'm not sure whether to go for flamer/mp or bc/mp yet. I might playtest some more to see what I like. The rest is fine though I think, I really find 3 railguns to be good, especially when 2 can drop pieplates. As for the Troops - I think 3 squads is plenty and 2 squads of Kroot seem to work really well. In my opinion they are by far superior to Fire Warriors in every single way.

I don't know when I'm playing my next game nor what I'm up against but I'd like to play some horde again, like Tyranids/IG/Orks to get my dakka-config right. I'll probably post up another report again then, so stay tuned!


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Default Re: Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009

Good battle report again but aren't trukks opened top so wouldn't it have been immobilized rather then weapon destroyed?
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Default Re: Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009

Big update, more details and plenty of pictures!
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Default Re: [PICS] Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009 [BIG UPDATE]

Nice battle report. some of the pictures have the trukks showing off their rear armour to your gunline tho :P i doubt thats how they were positioned?

In addition about the incident where the one kroot being the only one your opponent could see, he may kill more models then he can see, ref. p.15 in the big book "shooting sequence step 2-atleast one target model must be in range of the weaponry of your firing models. ... Step 6-The target unit suffers casualties for any wounds that have not been saved"

good luck in your future battles. ramp up your force to 1500 and ill meet you with my deathguard too

Zombies make everything 20% better.
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Default Re: [PICS] Tau vs Orks :: 1000pts :: October 8th 2009 [BIG UPDATE]

Good report. It was definitely not looking good for you in the early turns but you kept yourself oriented on the goal and pushed through. That's the thing about players who aim to just table someone, IE: your opponent, and ignore objectives, it's just such a narrow minded approach to a game that it'll hurt you more often than help you.
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