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[PICS] 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars :: October 1st 2009
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Default [PICS] 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars :: October 1st 2009

My second game of 40k in quite a while!

.::. Battle Report Tau vs Black Templars: "For the Emperor!" .::.

Army Lists

Originally I had both the Shas'el and the Shas'ui crisis equipped like Fireknives but a friend gave me a head's up that this guy would probably field 2 LRC's so I changed it 15 minutes before the game - oh boy am I glad I did!

Shas’o – Cyclic Ion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod. Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’el – Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Targeting Array, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Shas’ui – Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Team Leader, Targeting Array, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
4 Stealthsuits
9 Firewarriors in
Warfish – Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Railhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker
Ionhead – Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod and Multi-tracker

Black Templars
2 Land Raider Crusaders
Each with 10 Marines - 5 Neophytes, 5 Initiates. Both squads had a power fist and a meltagun
1 Emperor's Champion


We rolled for mission, getting "Annihilation". Deployment was "Dawn of War". The battlefield looked like this (green circles are woods while black boxes were buildings):

He won the roll for deployment, but he let me choose side and get first turn. I chose the south side, deployed my Kroot in the woods with the Shas'o in the middle. I was hoping he would opt for one flank so I could reposition with my mobile firepower and gradually wear him down.

Units starting on battlefield:
Tau: Shas'o and Kroot
Black Templars: nothing - are you allowed to deploy nothing in Dawn of War?

As the mission was Annihilation, no objectives were placed.

Picture notes: My left Crisis is the Shas'el, the middle one is the Shas'o. That leaves the right one being my Shas'ui. The Sky Ray represents my Ionhead. My apologies for the small pictures in the first turns but since so little happened I doubt it makes a difference.

DISCLAIMER: This is the first time I use Vassal for making Battle Report pictures. Hopefully I will get better at it with time. The terrain is more or less how it looked, the buildings are by no means precise (especially since it's all based on loose drawings I made while we played) but should give a good idea of what it looked like.

Turn 1


I moved everything onto the board and towards the middle of the table, making sure I could flank one Landraider - focusing on one at a time. However I had to deploy my Shas'el in the south-west corner, there were 2 pretty obvious lines of approach and if I didn't cover the western approach I'd be in tough shape should he choose to deploy both there (seeing as neither fusions would be in range for many many turns).

Black Templars

He brought on both Land Raiders, popping smoke. According to him, this meant I could only get glancing hits because the codex hasn't been updated to 5th edition, however all such smoke launchers make the vehicle obscured according to the rulebook so I'm not too sure about this... Whatever, I didn't know him so I didn't want to argue. What are your thoughts on this?

Turn 2


Nothing was in range, save my hammerhead. It shook the right Land Raider - the penetration downgraded to glancing because of the smoke launchers. It's annoying not being able to touch them with the majority of my force...

Black Templars

His left Land Raider penetrated my Ionhead with his Multimelta and immobilized it.Note to self: skimmers moving over 6" count as obscured, I forgot my saving roll This wasn't too bad for me, seeing as it was in a perfect position to distract the oncoming troops and I wasn't expecting it to do too much in this matchup regardless.

Turn 3


I blew up the right Land Raider with my Railgun (the Helios XV8 failing to penetrate at 4" after hitting with his fusion blaster...), which was a major relief! 2 of his Marines died in the explosion. If both transports had gotten another turn I would've been in serious trouble. My combined Firepower - Stealthsuits, Shas'o, Ionhead, Kroot and Warfish saw the 8 marines bite the dust. It was close but just enough (I think he failed one more armour save than he had marines left or something like that)! 2 Kill points and one flank safe.

Black Templars

He immobilized my Railhead with his multimelta (gosh that is getting really annoying!). Note to self x2: The Railhead had moved over 6", thus being obscured. His Emperor's Champion shot my Shas'el and actually wounded him.
His troops squad blew up my immobilized Ionhead. In the assault phase my Shas'el was 5,5" away from the Champion - a difficult terrain test was rolled with 3 dice: 5...5...3! Phew! Close but no cigar.

Turn 4


I was able to move my Shas'el out of the Champion's range due to the structure of the building and still have a really good position to target his Land Raider from:

1 - Shas'el before the movement phase
2 - Shas'el after the movement phase
3 - Emperor's Champion
as you can see the stairs make it impossible for him to reach me in 1 turn (it was over 12" to move even without the difficult terrain tests)

At this point he was practically on top of me with his remaining Land Raider and its unit. Last turn he had disembarked both his Champion (who wounded my shas'el) and his squad. I landed my 'fish next to him and disembarked my warriors. My firepower took down 6 of his marines, leaving 4 alive. My Shas'el and the Railhead both fired at the remaining Land Raider - all they managed was a stunned (reduced to shaken due to extra armour) result. Sigh. Power of the Machine Spirit meant that he was again going to move his 12" and still fire his multimelta so no real effect from that shooting.

Black Templars

He took out my Fire Warriors with his 4 man strong templars squad, somehow losing one of them in the process. His remaining templars consolidated into the wreck of my Ionhead. His Champion embarked the Land Raider again as it was pointless chasing the Shas'el. The Land Raider moved towards my Hammerhead and shot its rear armour, shaking it.

Turn 5


I cleaned out his remaining Templars squad, an amazing amount of saves saw my entire firepower needed to clear his remaining 3 models. I forgot to shoot with my Shas'el fusion blaster, leaving the Land Raider on its own...

Black Templars

He ran his Land Raider towards my Kroot, disembarking his champion. His multimelta hit and penetrated the fish, destroying it... His Champion won vs the Kroot - 3 casualties vs 1 wound. He rolled a '1' for his initiative test. I promptly rolled a 1, and he killed my Kroot, granting him 4 KP vs 3.

Rolling for 6th turn with both fusion blaster and rail gun infront of his Land Raider, together with his champion left on one wound in the middle of my entire force, I rolled a 1 and the game ended. He won with 4 KP vs 3, his Champion left with 1 wound and his Land Raider poised to go down. Kind of annoying considering points-wise I killed over 600 points while he downed a mere 450.


Specific thoughts regarding the battle:
- In all the 3 turns I shot at the marines, my entire force was needed to weaken them. Even the Kroot downed a few. That being said, maybe I should've played more evasive, denying him VP's. This includes not disembarking the fire warriors, holding the Kroot in reserve, outflanking, so they could simply do "nothing" unless a particularly tasty situation arose. The suits were all good though, however IF he had fielded normal Land Raiders they would've been easy prey for his lascannons on numerous occasions - granting free Kill Points.

General thoughts regarding the battle:

- Stealthsuits are good to spam shots but they're fairly expensive seeing as they hardly get more than half the turns of effective shooting. This battle I had a lof of good dice rolls with them the few turns they got to shoot too, BS3 isn't all that great without markerlights. I'm considering replacing them.
- Fire Warriors are fairly useless apart from being scoring, I don't want big static elements so will probably drop them down to 6. Granted, while rapid firing they hurt but it's not worth it for so few turns (mostly 1, maybe 2 depending on the game).
- Ionhead proves to be fairly ineffective. Even against 3+ save there are so much cover out there that the railblast is just as good and the Ion Cannon has severe limitations against a lot of lists. S7 firepower can be gained through Crisis regardless so shouldn't be a problem dealing with light vehicles.
- Broadsides are definitely worth considering. However, their cost is rather prohibitive in 1000 pts I feel and they're fairly vulnerable (if he would've had normal Land Raiders they would be killed so fast). In 1500 pts though I think I will definitely see 2 of these with a couple of Shield Drones.

I hate dealing with one-trick-ponies like this but nevertheless I want to have a list that can, at least to a certain degree, cope with them. My panic-switch into helios saved my chances but really, had I not gotten a headsup it would've been a hopeless battle. As such I need to change my list. I need volume of shots combined with high strength shots and durability. At the moment there is too much fancy stuff around (Shas'o for example) and too much ineffectiveness.

As such I believe 2 min-sized squads of Kroot with a min-sized squad of Fire Warriors in Warfish will provide a sound base. Backed up by 2 Railheads the remaining points can be spent on volume of shots. Deathrain and Firestorm crisis with maybe a Helios commander should round it out nicely.

I'd love your input both on this battle, how I played it and how it went as well as thoughts on how my list and unit choices affected the outcome.


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Default Re: 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars

Great battle report again.
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Default Re: 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars

Nice one ;D I hate it when the game ends with you knowing you might've won next turn. But you played a solid game and only forgot to shoot something once (I can't even begin to count the number of times that happens to me :P)
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Default Re: 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars :: October 1st 2009 [BIG UPDATE]

Hey guys, this has been heavily updated with pictures and details! Enjoy

I'm sure you can understand my frustration at not getting a 6th turn when you look at the last picture...
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Default Re: 1000 pts Battle Report - Tau vs Black Templars :: October 1st 2009 [BIG UPDATE]

Great battle report mate.

To try to answer a couple of your questions.

Originally Posted by Olannon
are you allowed to deploy nothing in Dawn of War?
As far as I can read in the 5th edition rulebook, and from my gaming experiences, this is indeed a valid strategy in 5th edition. So no problem there

Originally Posted by Olannon
skimmers moving over 6" count as obscured, I forgot my saving roll
Don't beat yourself up mate, that rule is gone in 5th.

Although you should pummel yourself since you didn't buy a Dispruption pod. For the points it costs (check your Codex if you can't remember - it's very few ) to always (almost) have a 50% chance of avoiding something like that, it's almost a no-brainer to buy it every time on every thing you field

But great bat-rep and hope you have more luck next time - seems like that was all you needed to claim a victory.
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