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Infinity overload-one day, multiple games-many pics 09/26/09
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Default Infinity overload-one day, multiple games-many pics 09/26/09

I finally got around to filling out my ariadna force.
i decided to run them as mercenaries since i already had some models from other factions i wasn't using. i also switched out and used the haqqislam swat team a bit to.

The araidan list-
300/300pt 6.5/7 swc
.Van zant lt.
.para-commando HMG
.para commando paramedic
.scout sniper
.tank hunter auto cannon
.husong remote HMG
.guijia TAG-multi HMG/HGL

The haqqislam list-
294/300 pts 6/6 swc
.djanbazan LT
.djanbazan doctor
.jannisare HMG
.jannisare doctor
.mughariba TAG-HMG/HGL

My opponant was trying out several nomads lists, before he decides on which one to buy.
the main one was this. his second list had more drones and hacking and less HI. he ended up proxing everything with 40K minis

300pt 6swc
Mobile Brigada Lt
Mobile Brigada HMG
Intruder HMG
Intruser HMG
Tomcat D.E.P
Avicenna Doc w/ 2 Zond Bots
Zoe & Pi Well
Transductor Zond
Transductor Zond

I got my hands on a deal for a bunch of dwarven forge terrain. we decided to do a bit more of a dramatic game. we set up an "outside" table usinfg store terrain, some terrain i had and a couple large sections he was building.

The catherdral on the table was the entrance point to the other table-the underground catacombs. we ended up changin the terrain around after the first game to make it a bit more balanced and interesting. adding more objectives and doors to open(since i could not seem to open a darn thing :P ) along with some different above ground terrain.

I might add i have a newfound respect and hatred for zoe and pi-well that ODF is a pain.

Game 1
special rules-
.every unit had a portable personal hacking device at no cost for use on the objectives only. 2 objectives in the catacombs had to be hacked with civilian grade (-3 BTS), if you were not a natural hacker that jumped to military grade(-6 BTS)
.the entire catacomb section was considered low light

Van zant used his airborne infiltration to easily get into the catacombs undeteced while the nomads came in the other end.

We had a bit of a shootout outside. i lost the remote and the TAG after a protracted battle with mobile brigada and intruders.

The reall fun began downstairs. van zant kicked away on the first door failing 3 PH checks in a row(my luck for the game i couldn't roll below like a 17 to open a door). meanwhile the nomads just merily passed every check they needed to open doors on the first try. we figured they brought flashlights and could see the door handles.

vanzant finally got inside and fumbled with his hacking device...silly box with wires. it tookmost of my orders to succeed in the hack and score one point for our side. the nomads easily got thier hack off and exited out the other side in short order giving us a tie game.

Next up-game 2
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Default Re: Infinity overload-one day, multiple games-many pics 09/26/09

Game 2
He went with more of a hacking list. i kept my aridana force onthe table. we kept the personal hacking device rule but added extra rooms, more doors and 3 objectives, one was hackable the other 2 had to be carried out. we also switched up the above ground terrain a bit

Initially he was going to set up a large portion of his force out in the ruins on the other side of the cathedral thingin they were out of LOF. i reminded him i had a HGL and he quickly moved everything into/behind cover......except his missile zond. he forgot about it and left it on the roof of the large building in his zone.

Not looking forward to AP/EXP shots i got van zant into the underground again and started HGLing the remote to death. i managed to zero it and in his turn he tried to get a zond bot up to it but my husong dropped it the moment it showed it's dome with an ARO. i finshed it off in my next turn. the tank huner moved up and got into a shootout with an intruder...i hit first but he made all 3 saves and then dropped me in the next shot with an ARO.

He used 3 of his sputnik hacking probes to get at my TAG. i destroyed 2 of them and fortunately he kept failing his hack tests. teh 3rd one finally got me after he dropped my remote. he took control and moved my guija out and engaged the scout dropping him to zero and then made the TAG stand there as he shot the heck out of it.

With the above ground battle all but over we focused on the catacombs.
once again van zant was breaking off his ankles trying to open doors. although he found the secret passage with no problems. i got to the main chamber first. it became something of a mexican stand off. both the HMG para and vanzant went to supression fire while the medic wednt to try and open doors i got one open when the nomads burst into the room. van zant dropped the first intruder, the HMG got the first sputnik. the second one moved up and won the apposed roll wounding the HMG 2 times, i made my saves but failed my guts roll and moved out of LOF.

This put the medic out in the open with his **** in the breeze, he tried to dodge the spitfire but failed his PH roll...by 1 >_< he took multiple hits and went down. with the medic out i lost my other unconcious units forcing me to hit flee value and leave the table. ......so close and so far away, he was close to hitting his flee value to. damn you pi-well

Next-game 3
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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Join Date: Jan 2008
Location: yelm wa. USA
Posts: 760
Default Re: Infinity overload-one day, multiple games-many pics 09/26/09

Game 3
not as many pics this time around-

I ran my haqqislam force for this one. Van zant was getting tired after busting in all those doors.

we added on additoonal objective above ground that had to be carried and the same 3 in the catacombs

He went back to his HI list for this one.

I went for a quick score, rushing my TAG forward through the supply yard and snagging an objective. after moving my azrail and djan doc up the the catacombs. he got a repeater close to my TAG and tried the hacking thing again, and failed horribly again. i came out of it stunned. i reset and moved the TAG to my back field out of LOF with an objective.
After that brife exchange and some ARO fire from my jann team holed up in the center building it went into the underground.

HI were slow going but they managed to get the doors open faster, i snuck in through the hidden entrance again and got into a classic matrix style gunbattle between the pillars. with his intruders. he got ther first and managed to get 2 objectives out of the room. but with the azrail and djan right behind him we had to spend a couple turns on the shootout. he made his saves like a champ and finally dropped the azra'il. the djan managed to only be in LOF with one intruder and also went down, only to get back up again.....and again...and again, man i love regen!, unfiortunately he went down a 4th time and ii finally failed a regen roll. with his back clear he started moving his objecvtives away.

After loosing contact with his strike team the djan LT jumped into action. moving to cut off his retreating units. his airborn unit tried to get in behind the djan but the jann doc saw him and dropped him with an ARO AP rifle shot.

The LT moved up and managed to drop 1 of 2 of his objective carriers which happened to be his LT. the other got away. after making a new LT the follwoing turn, one of his mobile brigada(IIRC) stepped out and dueld with the djan. he finally put down the djan after taking a crit himself and had enough orders left to get the objective off the table. to add insult to injury the LT made his regen roll the next turn as victory faded into the distance. i could have went for the tie and moved my forces into the catacombs but the 2 intruders still down there would have likely hacked the last objective before i could get to them. so we called the game there.

Once again very, very good game and very close.

Thanks for viewing
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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