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more trek B5 wars conversion-new ships, more boom-with pics 09/26/09
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Default more trek B5 wars conversion-new ships, more boom-with pics 09/26/09

We did another ship order and we added some more players to our group.

One guy went all borg with a really nifty sphere and cube special pack. the cube comes with a light kit.

We didn't get alot of game time in with the borg since he had family responsibilities taking up most of the day. i did get the romulans into the mix and we learned how to use the cloak and cloak finding special rules.

The last game we did was a team battle and re recycled ships because people were trying out different things.

Since i was the lowest on points i took the brothers(reliant and the larger nebula class) and managed to keep them alive the entire game(barely for the reliant).

The rundown-
team 1
me-miranda/nebula class
klingons(ship 1) torath torpdeo cruiser
team 2
fed 1-prometheus
fed 2-achillies attack frigate(proxied by the intrepid class)

we rolled up random speeds and everybody was going about speed 6-7 except the achillies blazing in at a speed of 2 :lol:

The klingons and the fed 1 echanged some light torpedo fire before dodging behind asteroids. the achillies wasn't so lucky.

Its a great little ship and can do massive damage especially at short range with a mix of quad quantum torpedo phalanx's and pulse phasers, unfortunately it never got the chance. it poked it's head around the asteroids just as our entire force turned in. the klingons never got a chance to fire on it as my phaser fire cripled it and the reliants torpedos finished it off.

He recycled that ship as the warship voyager-random deployment and speed

His roll saw him blaze on aat an actually good speed of 11 and in the same general area as the combat.

The klingon player decided to cloak and make a bid to open the distance while i turned in and moved to engage the intrepid.

The prometheus went klingon hunting and destroyed him while he was still thinking he was cloaked. cloaking can be fun but also dangerous with no shields or EW if you get discovered.

When i swung around i opened up on the intrepid(warship voyager) i did some moderate damage but sincve it was so heavily armored i took the worst of the exchange. loosing the entire bow of the nebula.

The klingon player rolled in a new ship-a neg'var heavy cruiser(proxied as a vor-cha). he managed to come in right behind me.

Fed forces 1&2 linked up and came around the asteroids in line. i did a bit more damage to the intrepid and moved past him. the reliant got nuetered by the prometheus. loosing all his phasers and most of his forward structure.

As i passed the neg'var engaged the intrepid and neartly destroyed it. causing it to flee. a few parting shots from the prometheus crippled the reliant from the rear and it disengaged while it could still go to warp.

The neg'var with all it's weapons in recharge got hammered by the prometheus as it rounded the asteroids. forcing it to flee. the damaged nebula wisely went to warp as well rather than to tangle with an undamaged prometheus.

the fed team holds the field.
our team-vor-cha
thier team-achillies

heavy damage-
our team-
everything we had left
thier team-
warship voyager

P.S. the miranda is about the right scale to the nebula ;D
there is no such thing as overkill, just victory or defeat.
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