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[PICS] Orks vs Imperial Guard - 1500 - Sept 23rd
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Default [PICS] Orks vs Imperial Guard - 1500 - Sept 23rd

First let me point out that the local players at my GW store are currently running a campaign game called Diplomacy with about 20+ players representing the various factions of 40k.

This is the starting map:

Blue - Imperium
Red - Chaos
Grey - Necrons
Sky Blue - Eldar
Yellow - Tau
Green - Orks
Purple - Tyranids

We are currently playing the second half of Day 1 battles with the current map looking like this:

So from now until the campaign ends my battle reports will be based on my battles in this campaign they will include the mission rules and my army list build for that specific battle and if possible my opponent's army list as well.


Planet Diplomacy in the 41th Millennium
This planet has recently unearthed some fabled xeno artifacts. It was a race to make landfall and capture the planet. The fleets of contesting races deployed their swiftest battle forces to the planet. Unfortunately, the planet soon was enveloped by a warpstorm cutting off further support from the orbital fleets. Luckily for those stranded, the forward bases have been set up and supplies are plenty… for now, anyways…
With the bases set up, each race now struggles to achieve dominance for the planet and the ultimate prize. With no clear superiority, temporary alliances will prove crucial in order for the final objective to be completed.
Aerial units are prohibited from taking the skies of the planet as a result of the warpstorm. The terrains on many part of the planet are rugged and hazardous. Some sections on the planet can only be traversed by specialized transport fleets due to its chemical oceans. Unfortunately, these transports cannot be operated deep inland. They must operate within these coastal region or open oceans.
Fortunately, there are portions of the planet where additional command centers can be setup for better coordination of the troops. Survey reports that there are roughly 34 suitable locations among 75 sectors. One could achieve total planetary superiority with control of 18 of these sectors.

Draw for drop sites randomly.

Drop Site-Alpha
Deploy Land forces at A-1 & A-2, Deploy Mobile forces at A-3
Drop Site-Beta
Deploy Land forces at B-4, Deploy Mobile forces at B-1 & B-5
Drop Site-Digamma
Deploy Land forces at F-1 & F-3, Deploy Mobile forces at F-2
Drop Site-Gamma
Deploy Land forces at G-1 & G-4, Deploy Mobile forces at G-5
Drop Site-Rho
Deploy Land forces at R-1 & R-4, Deploy Mobile forces at R-2 & R-6
Drop Site-Tau
Deploy Land forces at T-1 & T-3, Deploy Mobile forces at T-2

Imperials (Imperial Guards, SM, Witch Hunter, Sisters) vs Orks
• 2000 for Imperials Land force (Fast Attack Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
• 2000 for Orks Land force (Fast Attack Slots cost extra, see main campaign rules)
Limit on list: Max 1 Special Character
Mission: Capture and Control, per standard mission.
Condition: Normal, Imperials win tied VP in this mission.
Deployment: roll random
1 Dusk of War (same as Dawn of War, except Turn 1 is day, night fight starts Turn 2)
2-3 Pitched Battle
4-5 Spearhead
6 Dawn of War (only Turn 1 is night fight as day break)

Result: If Orks wins, Imperials are removed from the Sector and have to retreat to an adjacent sector. If Orks Ties or Loses, they retreat to the initial sector where the attack originated. If Imperials Win or Tie, they remain in their defending sector. If Imperials lose, they must retreat to an adjacent sector

My Army List


The ork mob stumbles across an Imperial settlement nearing nightfall, and they ready their troops to launch a massive Waagh!


The Guard spot the approaching Orks and readily let lose with fire from the Leman Russ, Command Squad and 2 Heavy Weapon squads.The orks suffer heavy damage to one of the Mobz however 3 other mobs spring forth along with some killa kans and a battlewagon to pay them humies back 10 fold!


As night falls the Guard lose sight of the enemy and find all their weapons hit nothing! The orks however have moved close enough to get a glimpse of their foes and attack the command squad led by Commander Yarrick! The battlewagon blasts away it's killkannon against a sniper squad dat made their way next to the bunker and splatters most of them.


The guard finally find some of their weapons in range of shooting and do so to reduce the size of the incoming mob on the left! However the ruined building proves more than enough cover and they emerge vastly unscathed!

The Orks find themselves close enough to hack and slash these humies good! and they do so with great pleasure. Comissar Yarrick takes on a very eager Nob and gets pounded to the ground to play possum until the next turn.


Unable to stop the orks from advancing the Guard do their best to disable the ones who've crossed over however their lasguns are of no use as they continue to get cornered and lose more squads. Commissar Yarrick makes a triumphant return as he stands up and rushes to join the closest Guard squad. The Orks aim to annihilate the humies here and now attacking every unit in range! The Killa Kans make the bunker explode damaging the Heavy Weapons team within.


To escape their impending demise the Guard try to barter with the frenzied Orks only to find them unwilling to accept any notion of Guard surrender. And with their strength they push towards annihlation until every last Guard unit has been completely wiped off.

Back to 40k.
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